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Open Mike 16/06/2018

Written By: - Date published: 10:24 am, June 16th, 2018 - 72 comments
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72 comments on “Open Mike 16/06/2018 ”

  1. AsleepWhileWalking 1

    We’re back!

  2. Enough is Enough 2

    Where is everyone today?

  3. lprent 3

    Shifted servers to (hopefully) lose those nasty outages that happened while I was cooking in Singapore for the last couple of months.

    Still tuning up the performance.

    • Enough is Enough 3.1

      Good work lprent

      Thanks for keeping the machine running

    • lprent 3.2

      * Still have the search to do.
      * The caching isn’t too good right now – using way too little RAM.
      * the opcache doesn’t seem to be working

      But I’m going to nurse my jetlag right now

      • lprent 3.2.1

        Looks like a problem in the mobile version as well.

      • adam 3.2.2

        You looking after you lprent, is more important than than those other tasks.

        I’m pretty sure, we will all survive if you take some time to look after yourself.

      • The Chairman 3.2.3

        Don’t know if others are also having this problem but replies hasn’t been working for me for sometime now.

        • lprent

          In mobile or desktop?
          Which operating system and browser?

          What does it so?

          • The Chairman

            Desktop. Windows 10. Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

            Only Comments and Opinions are showing.

            • lprent

              Ummm. Don’t have win10 handy at present. I pulled the VM HDD off the system to get this up and running again. Need to raid the cable supplies for a USB 3.0 type B (the over/under one) so I can run that drive in a USB cloner device.

              So is it that the reply button isn’t working /showing. Or is it that the replies to comments aren’t visible?

              • One Anonymous Bloke

                Replies to comments aren’t visible in the usual column between “comments” and “opinions”. Also having to enter handle and email address for every comment.

                Win 8.1, Chrome Version 67.0.3396.87.

                Thanks for all the effort you put in 🙂

              • The Chairman

                For me, it’s the reply button that isn’t showing.

        • ropata

          Same here, also have to enter my details into the form every time I make a comment. I’m guessing cookies are not handled properly

          Chrome on MacOS

  4. cleangreen 4

    Hi folks hope all is well with you all.

    The Greens are using electric trucks as a way to move freight???


    They must say it is only for “local pickup suburban trucks as long range trucks are not available and tyres cause massive air pollution and cancer from tyre ingredients used in tyres such as 1,3, butadience and styrene.

    Rail is the only land transport answer here, as rail can be converted to electric locomotion and also uses only steel wheels not tyres.

    So the greens need to revise their sole reliance on using electric trucks for all land transport.and use electric locomotives instead, – wrong move James sorry there.

    I will be raising this with them at the meeting they have invited us all to “have your say” so we will.

    • alwyn 4.1

      You, or the Greens, say that “long range trucks are not available”.
      It may be worse than that. Studies of Tesla plans for long range trucks suggest that without some completely new battery technology they may never be available.

      A study of the planned Tesla truck suggests that
      “To cover 600 miles without stopping to charge, the truck would need a 14 ton battery. A 900-mile battery would weigh about 22 tons. Based on current prices, those packs would cost between $290,000 and $450,000. A comparable diesel rig costs about $120,000, all-in.”
      and then, based on US rules, proposes that the cargo capacity would be much less than current vehicles..
      “Considering the heft of the battery pack, plus things like the cab, trailer, and wheels, the researchers figure a 600-mile-ready Tesla truck could carry just nine tons of cargo. That’s two-thirds the current average payload of 16 tons”
      Electric vehicles will no doubt provide acceptable ranges for cars, and short range trucks. I can’t see long range electric trucks for decades until a new battery technology may be developed.

      • Ad 4.1.1

        Best go for electric trains for most of journey, with more but fewer warehouses in regional centres for smaller short-capacity electric trucks form there.

        Thank God rail in Australasia and globally is going so strong at the right time.

        • alwyn

          For the life of me I cannot understand what you mean when you say
          “with more but fewer warehouses “.
          What are you trying to say?

          • Ad

            “…more but smaller…”

            We are about to see these forces hit real hard and fast once the petrol taxes come in. Everything but everything will increase, unless it’s fully electrified.

            A good trial run before carbon itself gets taxes with the Greens impending legislation.

            • WILD KATIPO

              alwyn the trucker.

              Bad news , eh?

            • Bewildered

              More smaller warehouses, thus increased frequency of deliveries, increased inventory and complexity of managing multiple stock locations, loss of economies of scale and scope across labour, facilities and freight increasing firms costs and working / fixed capital, all equals higher prices for consumers with any green benifits debatable. Highlights the problem with most green ideas, feel good, virtue signalling but never really worked through re unintended consequences

            • alwyn

              Thank you. Now I understand.
              If Electric vehicles catch on in a big way they are going to be taxed anyway,
              It doesn’t matter very much when there is only a small fraction of 1% of the vehicles on the road are electrical but what is going to happen when electric, and probably AV, cars take over in a big way and there may be 50% electric cars?
              They will have to be taxed unless you plan to finance roads out of general taxes.

    • David Mac 4.2

      cleangreen you’ve spoken about the alleged carcinogenic properties of truck tyre dust a number of times. I’ve spent an afternoon at a burn-out pad, how long do you give me?

      Surely if the minute particles of truck tyre dust that get carried into my lungs were going to kill me, these kind of antics would be illegal. Lynchy does such a good job and he doesn’t even win!

  5. Ugh ! … just woke up and groggy , and having a stiff coffee,… spent my time last night reading and watching vids about the Battle of the Solent… the one where King Henry’s flagship the Mary Rose sank . Love anything historical like that.

    • ropata 5.1

      ??! Crikey I thought I was bad, slept in til 10 😛

      • WILD KATIPO 5.1.1

        Nah , I get on a roll and its like a good book you cant put down… plus always been a Morepork… so was well suited to night security. A real documentary history freak 🙂

        • patricia bremner

          Same Wild Katipo, quite often realise I’m commenting at 1am or later!!

        • gsays

          Same for me in regards to a good book.
          I have been pigging out on Simon Winchester: Surgeon of Crowthorne, Pacific etc
          As for fiction half way through David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.
          I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  6. adam 6

    If you need a laugh.

  7. Kat 7

    And so the “Winter of Winston” is about to begin………..
    John Key tells Winston to stop “barking at the press”….
    Audrey Young writes “Ardern will forgive Peters anything, even the unforgivable”…
    A National MP has joked “We don’t want it so chaotic they are desperate to get Jacinda back. We want a medium level of dysfunction”………..

    The National opposition are clearly in turmoil as the PM is about to starve them of media oxygen and with Winston being in charge. Most interesting and very likely entertaining political times ahead. The Beehive is a reality show in more ways than one.

    • The Winter of Winston.

      Finally , some sunshine to bring to bear into the dark corners of Nationals dank corners…

      Let the show commence !!!

    • DH 7.2

      Interesting the Herald editor sees fit to make an opinion piece headline news on their online edition. What’s newsworthy about a Herald staffer having an opinion?

      It’s not boding well for Luigis turn at the wheel is it. I fear we might see a big surge in the Winston baiting & taunting from the feckless media. The egos need feeding.

      • WILD KATIPO 7.2.1

        There’s no such thing as ‘Winston baiting’…

        That is food and sustenance to Mr Winston Peters.

        Probably why he has had such a long and illustrious career and his detractors haven’t…


  8. marty mars 8

    funny – Alice Snedden Te Reo Māori


  9. patricia bremner 9

    Thanks Marty, a lovely nostalgia trip on the side bar as well !
    Sheik of scrubby creek and Old farts in caravan parks.

  10. Graeme 10

    The Hooter putting the spin on some uncomfortable truths coming out of the Winston Peters super leak case (but not really succeeding)


    “Tolley and Bennett adamantly deny they misused the information given to them, which would make them better people than I am.

    Were I a minister given such information about an opponent during an election campaign, I would leak it immediately. Any fault in this affair ultimately lies with obsequious bureaucrats not campaign-obsessed politicians.”

    Sorry Mathew, but I find your hypocrisy to be just as galling as your utterly twisted moral compass. If it wrong for the bureaucrat to pass on un-necessary information to the minister (seemingly because the minister might misuse it), then it’s twice as wrong for the minister to then misuse that information. All you have done here is lay wide open the moral failings of the past National government.

    • Matters not.

      What was done was a breach of privacy and thus illegal.

      Mr Peters will be having a field day, and what Hooten says amounts to nothing.

      • Graeme 10.1.1

        “Mr Peters will be having a field day”

        Yep….this is going to get really entertaining, although probably not for the respondents. Can see a few careers shredded here and probably not Mr Peters’

        • WILD KATIPO

          Yes ,… and Hootens ACT – like bemoaning of tax payers footing the bill:

          … ” His way will cost the taxpayer more but is a small price to pay if it stops the passing of tax, welfare, police, health, education or other personal information to the Beehive and limits the “no surprises” rule to the purpose originally intended”…

          Really adds up to a ‘ small price to pay’ in lieu of lack of an adequate anti Crime and Corruption Commission such as the state of Queensland has , – and if this is the price we pay for tolerating this sort of behavior then that is also on our collective tax paying heads.

          Hooten has no leg to stand on. But to his credit, at least he did soften his stance as the above paragraph demonstrates.

          As so he should have.

  11. Now I also recall Rodney Hide was undergoing some pretty unfair goings on I think it was with state surveillance issues a few years ago. It was quite incredulous and came at a time when he was forced to resign from ACT apparently,… he even wrote on the Daily Blog and we were very supportive of him. And I say that because these sorts of things are inclusive , – not exclusive to any citizen of any particular political stripe.

    The law is there for a reason,… and is only contested when that law is shown to be either unfair or unworkable.

  12. Timeforacupoftea 14

    I wrote a comment yesterday and it posted before I finished.
    Sounds like Winston and his best man Shane Jones the massive tree hoax planter has put a virus in the standard.org.nz

    • More like a pissed off remnant employee of the GSCB that got their fingers slapped when Key bailed after Trump got in, Pike River became too hot , Operation Burnham rose to public notice , and he got booed off stage at the Big Gay Out and the Rugby League… oh ,… and the Tax haven fiasco , Panama Papers and … do we really have to go on and on?…

  13. Jenny 15

    Government declines application to mine conservation land at Te Kuha


    Talk about glaring ommission

    “Climate Change”*

    Is the two words completely missing from this news report. Climate change is the real reason that no new coal mine should ever be permitted in this country or anywhere else on the planet.

    *(Climate change ignoring has now become a high art)

  14. Ffloyd 16

    So every day Mikes Mutterings come out with a new mutter of the day. Does anybody even read the mutterer. I see his topic of the day in passing but never feel the need to actually read the latest mutter. Comes to the crunch his mutter doesn’t matter

  15. Jenny 17

    The country where it is illegal to mention climate change.*

    Most of land which the company seeks to mine is within the Westport Water Conservation Reserve vested in, and managed by, the Buller District Council. The Council is the decision-maker for mining access to that area.

    Press Release: New Zealand Government – 16 June, 2018

    *ie. where it counts most.

    Under a 2004 amendment to the RMA, it is illegal to raise climate change as an objection to coal mines or any other industry in local council planning consent hearings in New Zealand.

    • AsleepWhileWalking 17.1

      Omg I did not know that. That is nuts.

    • Robert Guyton 17.2

      The councils are bound to disregard climate change as a factor in their decision-making, accepting as they do that the Government will make all decisions with regard climate change, however, councils have to take into account the effects of climate change wherever their responsibilities apply. Even so, the general public can still demand that councils act responsibly with regard climate change and councillors themselves can harp. It’s all useful pressure. The pressure point would be insurance. There is also a signed accord by mayors and chairs about climate change and the councils’ intentions, so that can be used to encourage behaviours.

    • saveNZ 17.3

      Shocking. ‘Clean, green, NZ’ what a lie. The RMA needs to be modernised to reflect modern environmental and sustainable rules and have long term social and environmental good at it’s centre.

      • Robert Guyton 17.3.1

        The National (ex) Government took away the power of councils to make decisions using climate change as a reason. They didn’t want such things as oil and gas drilling, farming and transport affected by pesky local councils making decisions that might threaten those leviathans.

        • Jenny

          Resource Management (Energy and Climate Change) Amendment Act 2004

          The purpose of this Act is to amend the principal Act—

          (a)to make explicit provision for all persons exercising functions and powers under the principal Act to have particular regard to—

          (i)the efficiency of the end use of energy; and

          (ii)the effects of climate change; and

          (iii)the benefits to be derived from the use and development of renewable energy; and

          (b)to require local authorities—

          (i)to plan for the effects of climate change; but

          (ii)not to consider the effects on climate change of discharges into air of greenhouse gases.*


          *My emphasis.

          This last clause has been used by fossil fuel industry lawyers at Council Resource Consent Tribunal Hearings to get the court to strike out all evidence relating to the detrimental effects of climate change that arise from the granting of consents for new coal mines fossil fueled power stations, etc.

          This ban on hearing climate change evidence in planning consent hearings, has been upheld by the Supreme court who ruled against Forest and Bird and Greenpeace who sought to have this ban overturned, in relation to the coal mining of the Denniston Plateau by Australian owned Bathurst Resources Ltd.

  16. dv 18


    MPI’s Geoff Gwyn said this had been made more difficult by a lack of co-operation from farmers.

    “After 10 months we’ve not had one scenario, and many of these names are in the public domain, who have come to us and said ‘oh by the way I got animals from a property down south’.

    “We have even gone out down in Invercargill and put advertisements in the newspaper with the farmer’s consent and people are not coming forward and saying I traded with them.”

    I think that ONLY farms that can show NAIT records of stock transfer should be taxpayer compensated.

  17. eco maori 19

    The sandflys tried there jam the breaks on there car in a dangerous part of the road with no logical reason for doing that last nite lucky Eco Maori always has a guard up Muppets . What I want to know is why is this story always getting the title changed and been around for weeks here the link below.


    I know why Its storys like this that the some in the media keep alive that affect tangata whenua mana in a negative way there are many out there.?????????? ka kite ano

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