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258 comments on “Open mike 16/10/2013”

  1. so..the mayor has had an affair..

    ..could someone remind me..

    ..why i should care..?

    phillip ure..

    • tinfoilhat 1.1

      I don’t know why have you chosen to post about it ?

      • phillip ure 1.1.1

        um..!..tinfoil..yr sentence can be read with two meanings.. u plse clarify..?

        ..phillip ure..

        • tinfoilhat

          I don’t know why you personally should care ?

          I only know why I personally care as I reflected on whether it would have made a difference to who I voted for if they had been found to have behaved in this manner … and it would have.

    • The Al1en 1.2

      You don’t have to care, but the mayor of AK can’t be trusted or taken as a man of his word, which may or may not be of some importance to voters in his electorate.

      • Colonial Viper 1.2.1

        “You don’t have to care, but the mayor of AK can’t be trusted or taken as a man of his word”

        In that case, thank grod I’m not married to him.

        • The Al1en

          I’d have his balls in a jar and a lawyer drawing up the papers.

          • Colonial Viper

            Take a European leaf mate, this shit happens, it happens A LOT, and spouses need to figure out together what they want to do next and if its worth continuing.

            • Chooky

              CV +1…and they don’t need the interference of 1) the Moral Majority( outmoded Christian fascists) or 2)prissy frustrated Catholics( you know that hypocritical Church of sexist Papists and perverts with a direct line to God)..or 3)wannabe Mana Party Mayors like John Minto, who would never get in as Mayor anyway, and who does a better hatchet job on Brown on National radio than the vested interests and right wingers who set Brown up in the first place)

              Brown should stay…and he should be judged on what he has done as a Mayor for Auckland ( He was elected in with a huge majority …remember).

              His family should stick together, if that is their will…and not let the ‘moral’ mud -slingers cause a family tragedy.

              The Europeans are far more sophisticated then the Americans on this…We live in New Zealand not USA….let us make up our own minds and give Brown a chance…( and btw…who would replace him?)

              • Rosie

                Exactly CV and Chooky. It’s interesting that we come over all uppity on the moral high ground and recover some long lost religious type outrage about Len Brown having an affair when we can turn a blind eye to the immorality of say, the way beneficiaries have been treated under the Bennett regime.

                If this had happened to a poli in France, no body would have raised an eyebrow, but as it happens you could have mistaken Cameron Slater for some hick being interviewed for Fox news, if last nights new was anything to go by. This is Little America now, so maybe we take on their fake morals too, and this is reflected in the media coverage this situation is receiving. Or maybe NZer’s are so small minded that they want to be scandalised by something like this.Either way, it’s hardly news worthy.

                His affair is for him and his family to deal with. It’s nobody’s business but theirs. The only time you need to be concerned about affairs is if and when it happens to you.

        • Ennui

          CV, this “grod” entity of whom you speak…….does he too whip into other mens “virgin” wifes in order to start a religion? Was he watching Len? Who can we trust?

      • phillip ure 1.2.2

        “..a man of his word..”

        um..!..reality-check here for you..

        ..he is a his very nature..etc..

        ..i fucken what..?

        ..i cd criticise brown all day long..for his incrementalist-approach to the urgencies we confront..

        ..i just don’t see what this (moralistic) fuss is all about..

        ..i people really believe what politicians say to them..?

        ..i know i fucken don’t..

        ..phillip ure..

        • The Al1en

          He’s a politician, what a cop out argument.
          Used on here last night a few times excusing his deceit.

          There’s nothing moralistic about it. It is about politicians being trusted.
          You don’t need that from your pollies, okay, good on ya.

          • phillip ure

            perhaps you could define for us allen..

            ..just how/where browns’ affair..

            ..has any impact on his abilities to do his job..?

   are you not outing yrslf as a moralistic-bluestocking..?

            ..and as a comparison-marker..

   wd you rate yr outrage over banks’ dodgy-dealings around political-donations..?


            ..phillip ure..

            • The Al1en

              No, you’re his defender, you tell us how a man who lies to his wife for two years can keep a level of trust amongst the wider community in the job of mayor and all it entails?

              Re Banks: Fuck off and do your research.

              • David H

                “Re Banks: Fuck off and do your research”

                Why so nasty ? He only asked for you to rate your outrage level.

              • so..allen..u r all 4 politicians being totally open about their sex-lives..?

       far do you take it..?

                ..should brown interrupt press-conferences on confess to present reporters..

                ..that while in the shower that morning..

                ..he committed infidelity with his hand..?

                ..(and in this case – it is a multi-faceted/nuanced exhortation..

                ..but..get a bloody grip..!

                ..and re yr banks-reaction..?


       untoward penises to be seen

                phillip ure..

                • The Al1en

                  Here’s the thing. If Len has nicked some money from the public purse, even a hundred dollars, he’s be gone before breakfast because the ‘trust’ would be gone forever. Of that we must all agree, regardless of how one eyed we are being for the team.

                  Interesting then that a two year deceit is viewed as less bothersome by an elected official as pinching a hundy.

                  • McFlock

                    If an elected official misappropriates funds, trust is not involved.

                    It is professional misconduct and should be detected by standard accounting practises, and directly affects the organisation’s ability and reputation for being able to fulfil its role.

                    Sticking your dick in a consenting adult might be shit for your personal life, but it is not misconduct and does not affect the organisation’s ability to fulfil its role.

                    • Rogue Trooper

                      What A Great Cuntry?

                    • the Al1en

                      It’s all about trust and now Len doesn’t have any.
                      Defend him, mitigate and minimise if you must, but it won’t change a thing.

                      ps You can always have a mini stalk-a-thon until you think you;ve won, but I’m at work til later, so don’t be offended if I don’t come rushing in with a snap back 😉

                    • McFlock

                      Why is being an elected official “all about trust”?

                      If they don’t do the job, they get overruled by their colleagues. If they do really badly, they get voted out. Simple. Don’t project more onto the relationship than actually exists. Like ’em, then vote for ’em. Don’t like ’em, don’t vote for ’em.

                      ps: I get to work with a broadband connection, lucky me 😉

                • Chooky

                  phillip ure….lol

            • David H

              I don’t have any outrage.

              I don’t care if Lenny has been dipping his wick all over town. What I WOULD care about is, has it impacted on his ability to do his job ? A: NO

              And the only drawback is he will waste a lot of time talking to the deaf and blind idiots that are our MSM.

              • Tracey

                I dunno, that’s alot of time he could have been spending working for auckland or with his family, or are we only talking a couple of minutes each time.

                • Chooky

                  @ Tracey…what you call a “quickie”…Bill Clinton specialised in them…..provides stress relief on the job!

                  ( But politicians should beware!….especially Left politicians….Somehow they always seem more vulnerable….and the Right always seems better able to shrug the scandals off or sweep them under the carpet….Maybe the difference is that the Left does not have the equivalent of the ruthless hunters and scandal mongers like Slater et al))

                • greywarbler

                  It is important that politicians don’t get fat and have heart disease and die before their time like Norm Kirk. Brown was actually using his time well – working out in a very effective and satisfactory way. Getting sweaty and relieving tension at the same time.

                  Thinking about working more efficiently, ways of multi-tasking – I’ve forgotten how many minutes it has been calculated that we spend waiting at traffic lights in our lifetime. Time which could be used for neck massage relieving stress and preparing for the next round of talks with central government partners.

                  And while driving to and from work, he could probably run through all the points he wants to make on the agenda for both the morning’s and afternoon’s meetings. I understand that some of those beamers in Wellington have massage units built in to the seats – so many ways of enhancing sharpness of mind and work effectiveness.

          • AsleepWhileWalking

            Sex is only a small part of being trustworthy. It’s naive to expect complete morality from any human being. If you want to continue expecting that from your pollies…

            • The Al1en

              Yeah, the same he’s a politician cop out.
              NZ, you can do a lot better.

            • Tracey

              Some people will always wonder if someone can lie to their wife and others around them for 2 years, what else do they lie about. If we dont expect higher standards from our pollies we will continue to get lower standards.

              CV and I have disagreed on this before, and will again I am sure.

              Mission accomplished though, Banks is off the front pages.

              • Colonial Viper

                Shall we have a clean out of Parliament then? Both National and Labour MPs have had extramarital affairs. And they run the whole country!!!

                No, this is a very bad US politics road to go down, there are zero redeeming features to it.

                I understand your view point, but down this road lies madness.

                • Tracey

                  “Both National and Labour MPs have had extramarital affairs. And they run the whole country!!!”

                  Could go a long way to explain the current state of “affairs” in this country… a country shaped by self centred people lacking self discipline and ethics. 😉

                  Yesterday Slater acted as a mirror.

                  Let’s agree to disagree fella?

              • The Al1en

                Tracey: On the money as I see it.

                • Chooky

                  @ Tracey @ The Allen….Lets just get the Catholic Church to run the country ….. as they used to do during the Inquisition….they are celibate and they dont have extramarital affairs do they?!….

                  • The Al1en

                    I’m not a god squad kind of man, so the pious angle is wasted on me.

                    I’m coming at it straight from political perception not the immaculate conception. I’m not part of any moral minority and have no vested interest, I don’t even live in Auckland so have no voter rights or sensibilities to be offended or cajoled.

                    Should Brown resign and there be a new ballot, for me, yes and yes.
                    I neither care if you agree or disagree, if trust your pollies or not, or even if you appease and excuse the mayor of the countries largest city having a secret two year long affair, each to their own and all that, but it does show a real lack of judgement on his part, and an insight into his character that isn’t pleasant to see in anyone.

                    Whether trust is transitive or not, his lack of respect for his family probably is, especially as far as the wider community is concerned. Unscientific as they are, all the web polls I’ve seen so far seem to support this theory.

                    • Chooky

                      @The Allen…Loosen up!!!! ….ok you wouldnt do it….I wouldnt do it….lots of people wouldn’t do it……( not on the job and not in that way…we would be too cautious, or have too much loyalty, or be too sensible, or have too much self control)…..But does that make us better people?…Would that make us better Mayors?.

                      ….no one is perfect….and there are far worse things…what he did was consensual and it sounds like he was ‘set up’ ….. and he never had any intention of leaving his wife…he broke it off!

                      The issue is was he a good Mayor?…an overwhelming number of voters said “YES” ……just leave it at that….otherwise it becomes a moral witch hunt…and it wont do his family any good

                    • fender

                      Al1en, How do you know the Browns don’t have an open marriage, and all he’s done that requires an apology is not having told his wife earlier, or carried it on too long?

                      Should he still resign?

                    • The Al1en

                      To be fair they said yes without knowing he was a love cheat.

                    • The Al1en

                      Judging by the tv interview I’d guess no to the notion of open marriage, but hope that poor lady doesn’t read these pages if not, it would just compound her hurt. Last night there were comments like she might have had an affair herself :rolledeyessofartheycamebacktheotherway:

                    • fender

                      They’re not eyes….they’re little lights that blink…

                    • Rogue Trooper

                      Meaney O’Br1an

                    • The Al1en

                      They’re not rose tinted, that’s for sure 😉

              • Chris

                “Mission accomplished though, Banks is off the front pages.” Tracey

                precisely .

          • muzza

            TA – Politicians can’t be trusted, wake up, it’s not new, what are you on about!

            This is how the system works, its arms up backs, and threats, plain and simple!

            The fact that the system has turned on one of it “brothers” is interesting though!

            • The Al1en

              Indeed, and when they’re caught out they should go.

              • Treetop

                Allen, had Brown denied the affair he would be run out of office not because of having the affair but because of lying about it.

                Brown needs to stay to fight the dirty tricks because this is what is behind the affair coming out. Any dirty tricks on Browns part e.g. were he involved in any intimidating or harrassing txts I would throw him to the wolves because I would find this to be unacceptable from an elected mayor.

                It is not illegal to have an affair, neither is it illegal to deny having had an affair.

                I get it when you say that being able to trust an elected high profile politician is important to you. It comes down to the individual person on what breaches the trust for them. For some it is an affair when married, for others it is denying the affair, for others it would be being involved in intimidating or harrassing txts (the latter is unproven to date).

                I do not like double standards e.g. two years ago a security guard who worked for the council got sacked because of having sex on council premises. However there was not a dirty tricks brigade behind the secuirty guards job.

                Brown having sex on council premises maybe an employment issue and he has himself to blame. When it comes to the dirty tricks brigade they never play fair because it is about a grab for power and innocent people get hurt and you never know how or who they are.

          • McFlock

            It’s not a cop out argument.

            Trust has nothing to do with being a representative.

            Look, I used to be responsible for securing items of value. A shit system would have relied on me being trustworthy. As it was, trust never came into it because the system was designed with checks, balances and audit trails. Not only did I behave properly in my role, I was seen to behave properly in my role. Have I always behaved properly in my personal life? No. But the systems in that job were set up to make it very difficult for me to behave improperly, even if I had wanted to.

            Democracy has councillors, legal frameworks, and voters who can challenge the mayor if he behaves improperly in his role (not mentioning the 4th estate as it’s been on holiday for the last decade or two).

            Trying to discern professional integrity from someone’s personal life is unreliable at best, and an excuse for fetishistic voyeurism and public harassment at its worst.

      • weka 1.2.3

        “but the mayor of AK can’t be trusted or taken as a man of his word, which may or may not be of some importance to voters in his electorate.”

        Trust isn’t transitive. Being untrustworthy in one’s marriage doesn’t mean that one is untrustworthy in one’s job. One of course can be untrustworthy in both, but they’re not necessarily related in the way you imply.

        • Ennui

          Aha Weka, the good old selective morality argument…we can compartmentalize? Of course my mother told me tales of leopards and spots, and she is a very wise woman. And some prior seer asked those without sin to throw the first stone. I suppose if we are all sinners the question becomes “do we genuinely seek redemption?”

          • Rogue Trooper

            well, if you watch a mechanic rebuild enough engines, in time, you’ll know where the starter goes. 😀

          • weka

            “Aha Weka, the good old selective morality argument”

            No, that is a different thing. The issue was whether someone was trustworthy, not whether they were moral or not.

            Google “trust is not transitive”, read the article on airplane pilots, and come back and tell me if when you fly in a plane you want the pilot to be someone who doesn’t cheat on their spouse, or someone who is very good at flying planes safely, and whether those two things are related.

            • Ennui

              I always trust the pilot, regardless of his/her morals….killing yourself is fairly self selective, the passengers don’t really come into the equation.

              • weka

                And yet we know that there are pilots that drink and fly for instance, so their sense of self-preservation is not really the issue.

                • Ennui

                  Do we know? I don’t or I would not fly. It is going to look really good as I burst into the cockpit prior to take off to demand an answer though.

                  • Rogue Trooper

                    wearing a towel.

                  • weka

                    Perhaps you could tell me what you are on about? I replied to someone else about trust not being transitive. You brought up selective moralilty, but haven’t clarified why.

            • The Al1en

              That’s okay, I’m not suggesting you’re not allowed to trust Len any more, just saying I don’t because he’s proven to be very untrustworthy over a sustained period.

              In politics that’s poison.

              • Treetop

                That’s fine because that is how you feel and only you get to speak for you.

              • Ennui

                Leopard spots and personal choice!

              • ScottGN

                How has Len proven to be untrustworthy over a sustained period? Were questions over this affair put to him during the campaign? Did he mislead us about that? Has he lied to Aucklanders at any point about this affair? The fact is (to paraphrase Simon) you didn’t trust him from the start. And if it’s poison in politics you’re after well the ashen face of Key at his stand-up today might be a good place to look.

                • weka


                  Or to put it another way, if trust were transitive, then someone lying at work would mean their spouse could no longer trust them in their marriage. Doesn’t make sense though, does it.

    • vto 1.3

      because our leaders are people to look up to?

      because our leaders represent the very best of humankind?

      because he is Christian, or some other religion with rules about fidelity?

      because if he is subject to the whims of the devil then how can we trust him to do the right thing for the community?

      none of the above?

      you shouldn’t care at all and most people don’t. Because most political leaders are very very average people who do the same things as the rest of us and have no more brains or pieces of wisdom in their heads about anything at all.

      that is why you shouldn’t care

    • northshoreguynz 1.4

      One of the real issues here is that now ALL politicians personal lives could be up for severe scrutiny. As a country do we really want to go down that “News of the Screws” road? My guess is that a lot of people in positions of power will be somewhat apprehensive over the latest turn of events. To quote Henry KIssinger, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” Slater has opened a Pandora’s Box here.

      • Tigger 1.4.1

        Agreed. I could personally out ‘dirt ‘ on three National MPs. With a little effort I could get affidavits on their extramarital affairs/sexploits. It’s a small country we live in and secrets are hard to keep.

        • Tracey

          get your affidavits, have them delivered by a process server to Slater and see if he publishes them… when he doesn’t, make the story about him, not the MPs.

      • Tracey 1.4.2

        So strange from the side that abhors politics of personality, negative tactics and smears.

    • AsleepWhileWalking 1.5

      From my point of view the worst part of this was his choice of skanky partner. Rating your lover 4/10 when it was your own choice to stay with them for two years. Ugghers. Signing a sworn affidavit that crassly describes sexual acts that, if we are honest, go on in offices all over the country.
      I wonder how much of this was threatened by her during the campaign just to put pressure on Len Brown – and didn’t he cope well! I think she is the real issue here and I really hope the media look very closely into her background. No doubt a trail of pissed off ex-lovers are just dying to talk about how the bitch manipulated them.

      • Colonial Viper 1.5.1

        That language is unnecessary mate. My sense is she is going to end up thoroughly screwed by her right wing “friends” and is as much a victim of WO. Her campaign manager described her as “ambitious”. However her ethnic community cred is now fucked, and if she is unelectable by her own base, sayonara to any political career.

        • andy (the other one)

          This Young lady has not thought through her dealings with the Family Slater. Her google history is forever tainted.

          The Herald already has a couple of old articles about her wanting a Dragon baby, and in light of current events its all a bit creepy for her.

          Not much career prospects at all I am afraid.

          • Tracey

            not the same scrutiny for slater… and then there’s Slater taking “credit” for stephen cook’s work? No one comes out of this smelling of roses…



            Herald online has nothing noticeable of a man who holds the balance of power in NZ in Court for a serious allegation of undermining the rules of democracy….

        • Tracey


          She says she wasnt politically motivated but I am unsure what other motivation she had unless she is angry and bitter at it ending? She mentioned his catholicism but didnt let this stop her screwing him for two years. I agree if she had really wanted to hurt him she would have released BEFORE the election, but thenit wouldn’t have saved Banks further publicity.

          Jabba the Whale on TV didnt do himself any favours, imo, he looked like Jabba the Hut, salivating over the salacious gossip he tried to seriously look like was in the interests of the country. While giddingly lapped up by his followers I am not sure everyday NZers would see him as some kind of champion of truth.

          Did he give Len 24-48 hours to break it to his family before he published? He could still have had his scoop but preserved some aspect of the innocent’s pain.

          It all gets very murky once you know Jabba’s father ran the campaign for Palino.

          While she is not an innocent victim (such as Mrs brown and the kids) she will be feeling like one this morning I sispect.

      • Murray Olsen 1.5.2

        Seeing she hangs around with right wingers, 4/10 was probably a significant improvement. I heard from the voices in my head that her combined score for Slater, Lusk and Simon Bridges didn’t even manage to beat Lenny boy all on his own.

    • vto 1.6

      You should care because people love to project themselves onto other people and situations. They like to see our political leaders as people with higher standards, greater character, finer wisdom, superior understanding. They need to do this to make them feel better. People need leaders.

      You should care because this affair shatters that projection by people. It shows how exposed humanity is to itself. That there are no great defenders of some higher order. There is just us. You should care because such disillusionment is not good for society – we need higher beings and Len and lady have shown that they do not exist (in any useful number)

      That is why you should care.

      • Colonial Viper 1.6.1

        Politicians as paragons? I don’t think that’s the consensus view, somehow.

        • vto

          Quite, but my point was that humans are herd animals and need leaders. Currently, society’s leaders tend to be the political kind, for better or worse. P Ure should care because this type of act is an attack at this base human requirement for upstanding leadership. Nothing to do with caring for Len or lady, it is about caring for the requirements for good human existence, one of which is good leadership, even if it is a front.

          • bad12

            vto, can you point out any decision, any negative effect on the management of Auckland as a city that Len’s little dalliance has caused, were the cities secrets revealed in the ‘pillow talk’, one section of Auckland society favored over other’s because of Lens wayward ways???,

            If there were NO negative effects n the functioning of the Mayoralty i find what are in essence the private lives of politicians as big a yawn as their sexuality…

            • vto

              You’re quite right bad12 but I think you miss the point that people imo need leaders, whether it is in transiting across the Serengeti, inside the Vatican or playing a team sport. As I said, even if it is a front, people still need leaders. Humans need their leaders to be stronger, faster, wiserer, clevererer, someone to look up to.

              The issue is that when a leader lets a people down it is a dint in the side of the community.

              This is the case (whether it should be or not). This is why P Ure should care.

          • phillip ure

            @ vto..

   yr ‘leaders’ contention..

            ..we don’t need ‘leaders’..

            ..we need good ideas..and people with the skills to implement them..

            ..yr whole ‘leader’-thesis is misguided..a fantasy..

            ..all ‘leaders’ are also humans..with the faults/flaws shared by most..

            ..and..all politicians lie to attain office..

            ..and just one example is both brown..and the ‘green’ mayor of wellington..

            ..who..before their initial election-victory..

            ..both promised to help the homeless..if elected..

            ..both have done just the opposite..

            ..introducing legislation to remove the beggars/homeless from the city centres..

            ..personally..i find that promise-breaking/persecution of the weakest..

            ..far more fucken obscene..

            ..than silly old man brown having a bit on the

            ..phillip ure..

            • vto

              People know this about their leaders and happily turn a blind eye to their averageness unless it is shoved in their face like this.

              People know this but that is immaterial to humanity’s requirement for leadership. imo.

      • muzza 1.6.2

        People do not need “leaders”.

        This is a nonsense which has been “learnt”, it is not the case, even less so these days\.

        What people need, is not own up and accept that they are already a leader, of themselves, because like heck anyone else is going to look out for you, we all know that.

        I’m not advocating every man/woman for themselves, but there is nothing higher than man/woman in this earth, so stop searching for something/someone to look up to, admire, or follow!

        So no, we should not care about it, its par for the course we have all been put on, and Len has walked straight into the oldest trick in the book!

        • vto

          Do you really think so muzza? I would have thought that just about all of human history indicates that leadership is always at the forefront.

          Sure, people are their own sovereign entities but the idea that there is no inbuilt requirement for leadership just seems off the planet….

    • Tim 1.7

      you shouldn’t. I don’t even care if he owns a Harley Davidson.

  2. tho’..i am enjoying the humour..

    ..that rightwing business-trout on tvone breakfast..

    ..has her knickers knotted up to her neck..

    ..over this one..

    ..wholesale corporate/elite-looting..?

    ..said ‘expert’ is far more relaxed/loose-knickered over/about that one..

    ..i think it has something to do with her bowing to the demands of the ‘acceptable-gatekeeper’ role she so hungers for..

    (and..heh..!..the female co-compere…stretched/strove for a suitable simile/metaphor..

    ..and the only (ever-so-tenuous)penis-connection she could come up with..

    ..was andrew williams peeing on a tree..(heh..!)

    ..utter dumbness…as cheap entertainment..

    ..phillip ure..

  3. miravox 3

    Looks like John Boehner just scuttled another plan to end the U.S. stand-off.

    A visibly angry Chuck Schumer, the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate, summarized the mood when he said John Boehner had killed the momentum that had gathered behind their bipartisan deal.

    “We’re at the 11th hour. The train to avoid default was smoothly heading down the tracks and picking up speed, and at the last minute, speaker Boehner decides to throw a log on those tracks. Enough already.”

    “I am so disappointed. I am not disappointed in my Senate Republican colleagues. I think many of them understand the danger and want to help.”

    Now, that’s a dangerous game.

  4. BM 4

    If one of the Auckland city council managers got caught rooting some woman in the Ngati Whatua room would he still have a job.

    Or do different rules apply to the Mayor, is he untouchable?,
    Does he have some sort of employment contract? or can he do fairly much what ever he wants as long as he doesn’t break the law?

    • Ant 4.1

      Common sense would tell you the mayor is an elected official, so most likely there are different employment rules and they are accountable to different people.

      • Colonial Viper 4.1.1

        “Common sense”? Remember who you are replying to here.

      • Tracey 4.1.2

        IF he was in her direct employment line, line manager etc then yes, it would be an employment issue, particularly if he threatened her or advanced her career. No evidence of that so far.

        Those work places where I have been aware of an affair (married person/s with someone other than partner/spouse) it has always been hierarchical not on the same level. It causes HUGE problems employment wise. Staff morale plummets, especially if lower ranked one throws weight around, awkwardness of staff social functions when partners are present.

        So, BM if Mark Thingy (Ford??) was having an affair with someone immediately below him in line management and it was impacting staff, yup I would call for resignation,

        • BM

          So, apart from the voters the mayor answers to no one.

          He can do whatever he wants along as he doesn’t do anything bad enough to be imprisoned?

          Apart from voting once every three years there’s no way you can get rid of the mayor if he doesn’t want to leave?

          • felix

            Bloody democracy, who needs it eh?

          • miravox

            Maybe you could get him on misusing council resources for personal gain?


          • karol

            Interesting thing. Stuff currently has a vote on it. I usually think Stuff’s unscientific polls lean to the right/conservative side pf politics. I was expecting to find a massive vote for Brown resigning. Instead, the vote is slightly in favour of Brown not resigning – by just over 50%.

            And, as an Auckland voter, who voted for Brown, I want my vote to stand. There is no way I want one of the SleazeOil benefactors on the right to take office.

            Now can we get back to the really pressing issues local and government politicians should be dealing with?

          • Tracey

            Kind of like a PM who either has alzheimers or is a liar. He gets to stay too.

    • The Murphey 4.2

      Q: Who is John Dragecivich?


      Q: Why does Auckland Council condone/endorse bullying?


      Q: Does corporate council or the elected members have a “no affairs” policy, or a “no affairs” code of conduct?


      • Tracey 4.2.1

        Good questions. You wont get them answered while media is focused on “sex and the super city” headlining.

      • Murray Olsen 4.2.2

        I think Dragecivich might be the idiot I came across in 1987 out at Waitemata City when I was looking for information about council building codes. He was extremely rude, an absolute prick, and refused to answer any questions. He told me about four times to get back to school teaching, but scuttled back into his office when I told him I hadn’t been teaching at all, but had been in prison for criminal assault (I hadn’t. I have no convictions for violent offences.) The photo could well be him, thirty years on. Such was the disfunctionality of the Waitemata Council with Shadbolt as Mayor. If the stories about his mayoral antics ever came out, they’d make Brown look like a choirboy, but Invercargill seem to like him as Mayor. Just like Auckland, it’s not WhaleSpew Blubber Boy who gets to choose. Thank god and all her angels.

  5. karol 6

    I was just looking at yesterday’s site stats. So with the whole trooling frenzy over Len as a result of sleazeoil and his sewer rats, it would perhaps be understandable that TS had an unusually high number of hits. But most surprisingly hits for “Angry Simon Implodes on Campbell Live” seemed to have gone through the roof, in contrast with the number of hits posts usually get in a day.

    So, I guess there’s more online interest in the implosion of Nat Crosby Textor failure Simon Bridges, than in sleazoil and his sewer rats’ smear campaign?

  6. Rogue Trooper 7

    Brian Edwards attempts to limit Bridges damage after storm

    • fender 7.1

      What a load of shit Edwards, stay away from Boag…she’s rubbing off on you old boy.

    • Ennui 7.2

      I think Simon had watched Shonkey v Campbell and thought he could do the same volume voice over trick his master uses….Campbo learnt from Shonkers technique…never fight the next war with the last ones tactics, the enemy learns quickly how to counter.



    The Graham McCready vs John Banks case is waiting for the Judges’s decision today Wednesday 16 October 2013 at 2.15pm, in the Auckland District Court, as to whether or not it will go to trial.

    What came out loud and clear in Court yesterday, was that John Banks DID know that the donations from Kim Dotcom and Sky City were NOT anonymous. But because he had (lawfully???) delegated the responsibility of compiling his candidate’s returns (including donations) to a third party, who purportedly DIDN’T know the donations from Kim Dotcom and Sky City were NOT anonymous, they were recorded as such.

    If this third party was not present at the meetings with Kim Dotcom and Sky City, at which it was clear these donations were NOT anonymous, then how was it correct for him to record these donations as anonymous?

    It was stated in Court that it was effectively the ‘custom and practice’ in the 2010 and previous John Banks Mayoral campaigns to deliberately keep financial details, particularly about donations, separate from the Mayoral candidate.

    So how could John Banks, in all honesty, ask this third party who had prepared his candidate’s returns if the information was true and correct, before signing them, if the knowledge of the John Banks as Mayoral candidate, and this third party were not one and the same regarding donations?

    What dodgy ‘sleight of hand’ is being perpetrated here, by the (now) Leader of the ACT Party – the Party which supposedly upholds the principles of both ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘one law for all’?

    How can ANY candidate for public office, sign their candidate’s returns without first PERSONALLY double-checking that the information is correct???

    In my considered opinion as someone who was a Mayoral candidate both in 2010 (and 2013), this case SHOULD go to trial.


    Today – fellow Public Watchdog / Judicial Whistle blower Vince Siemer is in the Auckland HIGH Court (Waterloo Quadrant) , where at 10am he will be cross-examining Detective SuperIntendent Lovelock over his role in organising the Police raid/invasion of the Siemer’s home in February 2008 where they took heaps of stuff (unlawful search and seizure) and still have not returned some of it. It’s a BIG deal and Vince deserves support! So folks – if you can come to the High Court today at 10am I think you will find this VERY interesting!


    Good on you Vince Siemer!

    Good on Graham McCready!


    Penny Bright

    Her Warship 😉

    • karol 9.1

      Thanks, Penny. I will be interested in the outcome. Justice may not be served, as it may rest on some fine legal point.

      • Tracey 9.1.1

        Have a read of the first decision that got the case this far. The Judge shrugged off, pretty easily, some of Bank’s legal teams arguments.

      • Draco T Bastard 9.1.2

        It’s not a “fine legal point” but a huge fucken loophole (Talking about Banks).

  8. ak 10

    So even at the far ends of the earth the global Tea Party agenda is reduced to smearing filth. Desperation, you see. A black president, a socialist pope – neck minnit even all-powerful Granny is reduced to publishing pictures of Len’s daughters.
    Carry on, chaps. Your thirty-year hiatus is closing. Back in the sewer, old boy.

  9. Tracey 11

    King Kong posted from Koru International lounge yesterday and then today this headline caught my eye

    “Rat family found living on plane”


  10. Morrissey 12

    On-air display of dumb insolence by Jim Mora’s producer.
    But who can blame her?

    The Panel, Radio NZ National, Tuesday 15 October 2013
    Jim Mora, Graham Bell, Mai Chen

    JIM MORA: We’ll be discussing these sensational revelations about Len Brown after 4 o’clock, but first Jessica Maddock is here, with what the WOOOOOORLD is talking about!
    JESSICA MADDOCK: Well first up is a plan to deliver books in Australia by drone!
    JIM MORA: Ha ha ha ha ha!
    MAI CHEN: What if they run out of batteries?
    GRAHAM BELL: Ho ho ho ho ho!
    JESSICA MADDOCK: Two kilos, I think, is the most they can carry.
    MORA: [urgently] Can they carry two kilograms?!?!!??

    …..Significant pause……

    JESSICA MADDOCK: [significant pause] Mmmmm.
    MORA: Mmm-kay. What else?
    JESSICA MADDOCK: Well, a study shows that when you watch advertisements on TV when you are eating something, you subconsciously mouth the brand names.
    GRAHAM BELL: Ho ho ho!
    MAI CHEN: I believe it!
    MORA: Hang on! So when you watch TV and eat you are subconsciously mouthing the brand names?

    …..Significant pause……

    MORA: Mmmmm.
    MORA: What else have you got for us?
    JESSICA MADDOCK: Well, a study shows that children who go to bed earlier behave better.
    MAI CHEN: You reckon?
    GRAHAM BELL: Ho ho ho!
    MORA: Okay, so it’s like a scientific confirmation of conventional wisdom isn’t it.

    ….. Extended silence……

    JESSICA MADDOCK: Well, another study shows that using plastic items, like water-bottles, can lead to miscarriages!
    MAI CHEN: Good grief!
    JESSICA MADDOCK: And it can also lead to a decrease in male fertility!
    GRAHAM BELL: Ho ho ho!
    MORA: Okay, we’ve got thirty seconds. Anything else?
    JESSICA MADDOCK: Well, there is this item is about the rediscovery of seventeenth century beauty practices. For example, the use of tobacco ash will whiten your teeth.
    MORA: Tobacco ash?


    MORA: Tobacco ash will whiten your teeth?
    JESSICA MADDOCK: Mmmm, hmmmm.

    Thankfully for Jim Mora, the news rescues him from any more dumb insolence by his producer. This writer missed the rest of the program. Perhaps it improved….

    • Lanthanide 12.1

      Morrissey, do you have any actual consistent or objective measurement for what constitutes a “significant pause” or “extended silence” compared to “pause” or “silence”?

      • weka 12.1.1

        I take it that’s a rhetorical question.

      • felix 12.1.2

        As far as I can tell he doesn’t even distinguish between ‘devastatingly pregnant pause’ and the ordinary ending of one sentence followed by the beginning of another.

        • Rogue Trooper


          • miravox

            Pfft that made me laugh…

          • ianmac

            Hey Rogue. I believe that you would equal the Guiness Book of World Records which claimed that a letter exchange between two angry writers had the shortest well thought out response.
            The second to last letter had nothing on the page but “!”
            The last letter had nothing on it but “.”
            Well done that man!

            • Rogue Trooper

              you are very kind, and it’s a bit of an off day. No rhyme or reason, (well, that would not be entirely true at all)., however, it’s getting better. An excellent therapeutic intervention in my opinion, gardening, so I’ve put in some Kamo Kamo plants, which are generally very productive, and you can koha them around joint.

      • Morrissey 12.1.3

        Morrissey, do you have any actual consistent or objective measurement for what constitutes a “significant pause” or “extended silence” compared to “pause” or “silence”?

        Come on Lanthanide, both you and I are perfectly aware of what constitutes an awkward, pregnant or extended silence, and all the other points on the continuum. I wouldn’t like to attempt to chart them scientifically, of course, but they are real, and undeniable.

        • Ennui

          Carry on Morrissey, you make me laugh whether it is accurate or not. You get the gist right most of the time so regardless of the criticism around here I will treat it as Gonzo, and something slightly more amusing than the dry balls stone faces comments.

        • Rogue Trooper

          phenomenally so.

    • Te Reo Putake 12.2

      “JESSICA MADDOCK: Well, a study shows that when you watch advertisements on TV when you are eating something, you subconsciously mouth the brand names.
      GRAHAM BELL: Ho ho ho!
      MAI CHEN: I believe it!
      MORA: Hang on! So when you watch TV and eat you are subconsciously mouthing the brand names?”

      Moz, you’ve got this arsebackwards. Maddock correctly said that the study shows that eating in the cinema STOPS people subconsiously mouthing the brand names. Presumably she was quoting the Guardian article, or one of many other news reports on the finding:

      Your misunderstanding/mishearing of what Maddock said also means that the words you attribute to Bell, Chen and Mora were not actually spoken by them. And what they did discuss was the exact opposite of what you claim.

      As I suggested the other day, if you listen to the show a second time, you are far less likely to get things like this wrong.

      • felix 12.2.1

        No, TRP. Morrissey’s transcript, as always, is accurate.

        The only grey areas are what was said, who said what, how they said it and what they meant.

        • Morrissey

          The only grey areas are what was said, who said what, how they said it and what they meant.

          You’re quibbling over exact details. Yes, I made a mistake as to the actual findings of a no-account study in the Grauniad, but I got the dynamics of that dreadful conversation just right. As you would know if you had listened to the show.

          • McFlock

            lol – quibbling exact details like the diametric opposite of what they actually said.

            • Morrissey

              lol –

              Word of advice, my friend: avoid such puerile antics. It makes you look like a teenager—and not a very bright one.

              quibbling exact details like the diametric opposite of what they actually said.

              As I’ve already pointed out, the substance of my post was about the vacuity and foolishness of the chit-chat infesting our public radio. The actual details of the trivial subject being discussed are not really important. You know that, of course, perfectly well.

              • McFlock

                I’m not you’re friend, buddy.

                Given that you’ve previously argued that your “transcripts” are “pretty close to word-perfect”, arguing that the details of what was said (like whether they said something completely different) makes you a fucking joke.

                • Morrissey

                  I’m not you’re [sic] friend, buddy.

                  We’re all friends around here, buddy. Except for Brett Dale.

                  Given that you’ve previously argued that your “transcripts” are “pretty close to word-perfect”….

                  They pretty much are. That’s not an “argument”, that’s a fact. And you know it.

                  ….arguing that the details of what was said (like whether they said something completely different)

                  What they said was not the point. How they reacted to one another—-especially the way Jessica Maddock reacted to Jim Mora—-was the point.

                  …makes you a fucking joke.

                  Ha! A little bit of swearing just to intimidate, huh? I’m sure that works for you in real life situations, but here in cyberspace it only makes you look foolish.

                  • McFlock

                    Given that you’ve previously argued that your “transcripts” are “pretty close to word-perfect”….

                    They pretty much are. That’s not an “argument”, that’s a fact. And you know it.

                    … except when they say the exact opposite of what actually took place.

                    What they said was not the point.

                    Well, then. It doesn’t matter that your transcripts are grossly inaccurate.

                    • Morrissey

                      … except when they say the exact opposite of what actually took place.

                      I have explained with perfect clarity what the point of my post was. It was to highlight the vacuity of that fifteen minutes of excruciatingly poor quality radio chit-chat. Your quibbles about my slip-up over an incidental detail are utterly spurious.

                      Of course, that suits your purpose perfectly well: after all, your aim is not serious discussion, but to assail my integrity. Are you Whaleoil? You certainly write like him.

                      It doesn’t matter that your transcripts are grossly inaccurate.

                      Another wild, swingeing statement by you. My transcripts are pretty much on the money always, and you know it. You are going after me (ineptly) not because you are worried about anything that happened on that awful radio show yesterday, but because I have in the past targeted dishonest people and corrupt organisations that you have, foolishly, chosen to parrot.

                    • McFlock

                      My transcripts are pretty much on the money always, and you know it.

                      Bullshit. They’re bunk.

                      You are going after me (ineptly) not because you are worried about anything that happened on that awful radio show yesterday, but because I have in the past targeted dishonest people and corrupt organisations that you have, foolishly, chosen to parrot.

                      Bullshit. You’re making shit up (again). I’d quite like your transcripts if they were accurate, or satire, but they can’t be both. You’re ego’s writing cheques that your recollection can’t cash.

                      See, I had to transcribe some quotes from an interview today. It was easy: I pressed “play” for a few words, then “pause”, wrote it down, replayed that section to make sure I was word perfect in something other than my imagination. It transcribing is how you get your rocks off, it’s not that difficult.

                    • sockpuppet

                      Your are all either mischievous or mistaken.

                      Morrissey’s renditions are always accurate and telling representations, he is truly a Shakespeare of our times.

                    • Morrissey

                      Your [sic] are all either mischievous or mistaken.

                      “All”? In case you haven’t noticed, a small clique of my ideological enemies are following a strategy of quibbling about nothing of consequence, in order to attack my credibility. Fortunately, I can simply cite my substantial body of work on the internet, both here and elsewhere, and am happy to put my credibility up against that of people who parrot the lies of people and organisations that have been shown repeatedly to be dishonest and even fraudulent.

                      Morrissey’s renditions are always accurate and telling representations, he is truly a Shakespeare of our times.

                      Thanks for that!

          • felix

            “As you would know if you had listened to the show.”

            No need to, I can just read your transcript and imagine the opposite.

            • Morrissey

              I can just read your transcript and imagine the opposite.

              As we saw last year with your strident and unashamed support for the most obviously nonsensical and bizarre official lies, you are adept at imagining the very opposite of reality to be the truth.

        • greywarbler

          The only grey areas are what was said, who said what, how they said it and what they meant.
          You’re quibbling over exact details.

          So there.
          When this ends I’ll know the Meaning of Lif.

          • Ennui

            Life, say what you will about it you cant like it…..I think that is what marvin said but hell it is a bit hazy, many years since. Still thats what he meant.

            • greywarbler

              You mean Marvin the Paranoid Android. He really doesn’t want to know because he knows that if he ever does find out he will be even feel more depressed.

      • Morrissey 12.2.2

        Moz, you’ve got this arsebackwards. Maddock correctly said that the study shows that eating in the cinema STOPS people subconsiously mouthing the brand names. Presumably she was quoting the Guardian article, or one of many other news reports on the finding:

        Thanks for that, my eagle-eyed, bat-eared friend. Accuracy, that’s the thing! I’ve GOT to up my game!

        Your misunderstanding/mishearing of what Maddock said also means that the words you attribute to Bell, Chen and Mora were not actually spoken by them. And what they did discuss was the exact opposite of what you claim.

        The point of my post, and I’m sure you realise this as well as anybody, was not to critique another vacuous study published in the ever-vacuous Grauniad, but to highlight the vacuous nature of the chit-chat that has been allowed to take over National Radio. Yes, as you so helpfully point out, I did get the earth-shatteringly important findings of that study “arsebackwards”, but that was not really significant. What is significant is: (a) the faux jollity of Graham Bell, (b) the obvious boredom of Mai Chen, who must have been wondering (yet again) why the hell she bothers with this program, (c) just how incredibly vacuous and annoying Jim Mora is, and (d) the contemptuous silences and curt replies by Jessica Maddock.

        • Te Reo Putake

          ” … another vacuous study published in the ever-vacuous Grauniad …”

          If you can’t even read what I wrote, what’s the point of you? I said it was in the Guardian and many other news sites. Which google will confirm. It’s not the Guardian’s study, it’s peer reviewed research from academics at Cologne university and it has major implications for advertising on both the big screen and the one your reading this on.

          Y’know, it’d be great if you could just say, ‘cheers, I got that wrong’ instead of offering vacuous piffle to try and excuse yourself instead.

          Indeed, Moz, you are the Jim Mora of the interwebs.

          • Morrissey

            Y’know, it’d be great if you could just say, ‘cheers, I got that wrong’

            Errrr, that’s exactly what I did do.

            ….instead of offering vacuous piffle to try and excuse yourself instead.

            I explained the purpose of my post, and you understand it perfectly well, of course. Instead of acknowledging that, you instead focus on a minor failure to get all the details correct. It’s like picking holes in Citizen Kane because Welles used stock footage in some of the scenes with less than due care and attention.

            Indeed, Moz, you are the Jim Mora of the interwebs.

            I’ll take that as a compliment.

            • McFlock

              Holy fuck, did you just compare yourself to Orson Welles???


              • Morrissey

                Holy fuck, did you just compare yourself to Orson Welles???


                Well, he had his failures too, don’t forget. I myself have never been so down and out that I have been reduced to providing a voiceover for something as dire as the Future Shock movie.

                • McFlock

                  Ya reckon. You’d be delusional to even set it as a distant aspiration.

                  • Morrissey

                    At one stage about ten months ago, I was banned from Whaleoil, Brian Edwards and The Standard, all at the same time. But I tell ya now, my friend, despite such low-points, I can say with hand on heart that I’ve never been as desperate as this….

                    • Morrissey

                      second verse, same as the first

                      Another lame failure to respond. You’re not looking too convincing, buddy.

                    • McFlock

                      I’m not your buddy, guy.

                      And the response was simply exactly the same as the previous response.

                      Orson Welles could have advertised vibrators in supermarket ads while wearing a leapordskin onesy, it still wouldn’t excuse the pure-distilled narcissism that let you compare yourself with him.

                    • Morrissey

                      Orson Welles could have advertised vibrators in supermarket ads while wearing a leapordskin [sic] onesy, it still wouldn’t excuse the pure-distilled narcissism that let you compare yourself with him.

                      Ha! “Narcissism” is clearly the Word of the Day….

                      Open mike 16/10/2013

  11. Rogue Trooper 14

    More irrelevance from Key (Armstrong, not so much just recently).

    • karol 14.1

      Hmmm… interesting. Armstrong no longer the total Key Shill.

      • Rogue Trooper 14.1.1

        been a couple along those lines recently. maybe some Integrity , as opposed to Despair

        • Rosie

          Integrity Vs. Despair. The senior developmental life span stage? Generativity Vs. Stagnation me.

          • Rogue Trooper

            anyway, Holy Shamoly, Queensland’s Plan For Bikie Prisons

            so grateful to live in quiet, provincial New Zealand.(although, there is representation here, The ‘A’ Team , can be quite serious stuff, and people know people…), and, Napier has elected the Mayor they suit.

            • Sanctuary

              Napier has elected a mayor with a mandate to oppose being tied to the corpse 20km away on the Heretaunga plains with every tool available. As a born and bred Napier boy from a well-established family, all I can say that is a good fight! If National plans a forced amalgamation of Napier and Hastings, they can kiss goodbye to the Napier electorate for two generations… Perhaps that is why Tremain is bailing?

              • Rogue Trooper

                it doesn’t bother me, I have heard Bill Dalton on Bay FM, so I understand. I’m not sure what Labour’s policy is on these amalgamations (not being a rate-payer, apologies). Maybe someone can enlighten us (slow day today). You are correct however, there is significant feeling in letters and op-eds to HBT (which I no longer read much).
                You may be aware, I grew up in the ‘nui, yet was quite socially mobile for many years, so met families with mates and daughters, students at Lindisfarne,, St John’s etc. Briefly dated, and remained friends with, the Dux of Sacred Heart.
                It appears the Growers Action Group candidates have been elected to the HBRC, so that’s gonna be interesting. Personally, I support water collection, but not the RWSS.

          • ghostrider888

            how a stage is negotiated influences subsequent stage outcomes. much is determined, hence I’m on the cusp and always ready to return.whoooooo, glad that ride is over. Cups of
            Tea all round. Choysa round.

  12. Rogue Trooper 15

    What Does Fran Have To Say?
    on China.What Liu Chang (Xinhua) had to say, and then a bit more. Trend you see, renminbi. 😀

  13. McFlock 18

    Apologies if someone mentioned this already and I missed it through all the panty-sniffing about sex lives above:

    Groser admits MPI underresourced.
    Who knew – apparently if you gut a public service of its staff, it might not be able to handle individual or multiple crises when they eventually arise.

    • miravox 18.1

      Funny, the Dept of Education has said the same thing about their privacy lapse. It all got a bit busy and not enough people to handle the detail.

      Back office people – what are they for, huh?

    • richard 18.2

      Even more telling is that it is Groser making the call on MPI staff resources.

      It looks like Nathan Guy has been put in a box and told to shut-up.

      • Rogue Trooper 18.2.1

        that would be an advantageous strategy. Maybe the National Party is finding that the “types of material we want”, are not the materials they need, Hence , Minister for A Lot, S. Joyce.

    • greywarbler 18.3

      That’s why we elect Political Supermen with Big Muscles and Very Little Brain. Pooh to you they say to every disaster in Their Way.

  14. Sosoo 19

    Oh please. It’s laugh material and not much more.

    Reminds me of that scene with the mayor in The Wire. Someone should mail Len the DVDs.

    [lprent: the more that this thread proceeds, the more that it seems to me that it should be in OpenMike as being unrelated to the topic of the post. ]

  15. Morrissey 20

    …..ACT ONE….

    Esquire’s Coffee Shop, Lorne Street. In one corner, a television shows Jeremy Kyle, a segment called “Is my porn addict husband a cheat?” At a corner table beneath the television set, a furtive couple lurks in the shadows; the man is moustachioed and wears a fedora tilted low over his head, his overcoat collar pulled up to further hide his face.

    YOUNG WOMAN: Shall I play mother? Milk — and sugar?

    MAN: Thank you. [looks around nervously] You know what’s happened, don’t you?

    ….[TELEVISION: “It’s an addiction. I need to get help for it.”]….

    YOUNG WOMAN: Yes. Yes I do. You’ve been reduced to wearing a false moustache and a fedora.

    MAN: No, no, no. What’s happened is: I’ve fallen in love with you.

    YOUNG WOMAN: [rolls eyes heavenward] Yes, I know.

    MAN: Tell me honestly — please tell me honestly — what I believe is true.

    YOUNG WOMAN: What do you believe?

    MAN: That it’s the same with you. That you’ve fallen in love, too.

    ….[TELEVISION: Jeremy Kyle: “Are you going to pass the lie-detector test?”]….

    YOUNG WOMAN: It – it sounds so silly.

    MAN: Why?

    YOUNG WOMAN: I know you so little.

    ….TELEVISION: “If you fail this lie-detector, she says she’s gone. Are you gonna pass?”….

    MAN: It is true, though, isn’t it?

    YOUNG WOMAN: Yes, it’s true.

    MAN: [relieved] Oh, B____.

    YOUNG WOMAN: No, L__, please. Please. We must be sensible. Please help me to be sensible. We must forget we’ve said what we’ve said and done what we’ve done. Done in the Ng_t_ Wh_t__ Room.

    MAN: [nostalgically/lasciviously] And the L_ngh_m. And the H_lt_n. And Sk_ C_t_.

    YOUNG WOMAN: [shuddering] Urrrrrrgghhh! Oh God! I feel like Monica Lewinsky! I want OUT of this NOW!

    MAN: Not yet. Not quite yet.

    ….TELEVISION: “We asked, Did you steal the money from your mother’s stockings on Christmas Eve?”….

    YOUNG WOMAN: But we must. Don’t you see? Because the security guards know! They’ve known about the pair of us ever sin—–

    …..[Suddenly she sits up and waves. A bulky, oily, menacing male figure approaches]…..

    MAN: Oh FUCK! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! It’s C_m_r_n fucking Sl_t_r ! Do you fucking KNOW him?

    YOUNG WOMAN: Of course! He’s an old N_t__n_l Party friend! Just pull your fedora down a bit further. He’ll NEVER suspect it’s you.

    MAN: [whimpering and cowering in terror] I’m fucking DOOMED!

    [The YOUNG WOMAN turns to the interloper and beams a warm smile]

    YOUNG WOMAN: Hey, C_m_r_n! How are you? Have you met my friend, errrrr, uhhhh, “Neil”?

    …..SOUNDTRACK: Ominous music plays…..


  16. NickS 21

    Short version – invasion of yuppies + the continuation of Thatcher’s attack on social housing is pricing people on low incomes out of London, including Brixton, which is probably going to erode a good deal of local culture.

  17. gobsmacked 22

    This just in … John BANKS to stand trial.

    Huge story (sorry, panty sniffers, this is about fraud, things that really matter) …

    Tick tock tick tock!

    • Ennui 23.1

      Banksie versus Len for Auckland heavyweight “most trustworthy person” title…..come on McF, show us your hand. Tell us the difference as you see it.

      • McFlock 23.1.1

        Seriously, you can’t see the differences? Circumstances might change, but at the moment:

        The possibility of up to two years in prison. Brown NO Banks YES

        The fact that it was allegedly done so people would not know when he was acting in a conflict of interest (all that “I’ll be able to help you” crap he bailed on). Brown NO Banks YES

        The fact that the allegations pertain directly to his duties as a public representative, such as filling in declarations truthfully. Brown NO Banks YES

        • The Al1en

          I agree with post 22.1.1

          • fender

            “I agree with post 22.1.1”

            Are you sure? There isn’t one….yet….shall I put one there ? What about: The Al1en is spacejunk 😀

            • Rogue Trooper

              ackshully, when The Al1en posted that, there was the corresponding post 22.1.1, I scrolled up, still, Believe It Or Not.

        • Ennui

          Q: Seagoon, which way is South America?
          A: It all depends where you are standing!

          Yes I can see this from a number of places. And it all has the same leopard spots despite the different silhouettes. Do I trust Banks not to be criminal? Certainly not! Do I trust Brown to be honest and honorable? Ask his wife.

          So to cut to the chase: why defend Brown and attack Banks on trustworthiness? And remember we are debating trustworthiness, not any particular deed criminal or personal. I would suggest that you are being decidedly partisan which is fine by me. You have valid reasons for not trusting Banks….might you not agree I have valid reasons for not trusting Brown?

          • greywarbler

            Only if you are a sexy woman Ennui. I think gender would indicate the ratio of trustworthiness.

          • McFlock

            I’m attacking neither on trustworthiness.

            My criteria for attack are whether they performed their official functions to the required standard.

            Brown has.

            The main issue of Banks’ professional performance (signing declarations truthfully) is now set to be evaluated in a trial.

          • McFlock

            ps: nice Goon Show line 🙂

    • Ennui 24.1

      That good old “internationally experienced high flying CEO” (and associated multi-million $ package) bit….I feel a little botulism coming on. I need an …

  18. Puckish Rogue 25

    Just for people who might be interested:

    Harvards report on schools provides food for thought

  19. Morrissey 26

    Compassionless people lecture about lack of empathy

    The Panel, Radio NZ National, Wednesday 16 October 2013
    Jim Mora, Steve McCabe, Gordon McLauchlan

    JIM MORA: It’s quarter to four: time for Susan Baldacci and what the WOOOOOOORLD’s talking about!
    SUSAN BALDACCI: Well, first up is this modern phenomenon of giving children names that can contribute to them becoming narcissists.
    JIM MORA: Oh yes? Ha ha ha ha!
    SUSAN BALDACCI: Jean Twenge, psychologist and co-author of The Narcissism Epidemic, notes that a remarkable number of people have turned naming their babies into opportunities to show off — a sign of our culture’s increasing vanity.
    GORDON McLAUCHLAN: [sagely] Ha ha ha ha!
    STEVE McCABE: [thoughtfully] Hmmmmmm….
    SUSAN BALDACCI: Yes, there is an ever increasing incidence of names such as Messiah, King, Prince, Greatness. There are even sixteen girls called Beautifull—with two Ls.
    JIM MORA: You’d have to be beautiful, with a name like that!
    SUSAN BALDACCI: Well it reflects a growing narcissism in society. You know, a lack of feeling, a lack of empathy for the suffering of others….

    At that point, I was simply unable to continue listening to the idle chatter any longer. I’m sure I was not the only one to pick up on the exquisite, canting hypocrisy of Ms. Baldacci’s words. Messrs McCabe and McLauchlan were too polite to mention it, but Susan Baldacci and Jim Mora are the last people in the country who should be pontificating about a lack of empathy for the suffering of others….

    Open mike 14/06/2013

    Open mike 15/06/2013

    Open mike 26/06/2013

    Open mike 28/06/2013

    Open mike 18/07/2013

    • felix 26.1

      Hi Morrissey.

      Before I listen to the segment tonight, is your transcript “near word-perfect” or just “accurate”?

      Or is it one of the ones where the actual words don’t matter at all?

      • Te Reo Putake 26.1.1

        It doesn’t matter. It’s the vibe, your honour. Mabo, etc.

        • sockpuppet

          Oh look the tr0lls are out stalking Morrissey again, a more hapless pair of wannabees the blogosphere has never seen.

          • muzza

            Socko – Well put.

            Felix let’s himself down, and gives himself away by lowering to such puerile comments, which if truth be known, I find some of the cats comments to be entertaining and witty, so clearly a level of intelligence there, cross pollinated with something slightly unsavory!

            TRP – The follower, easily lead, also a handbag thrower!

            Rule Qatar!

            • Rogue Trooper

              Dr Strangelove I presume 😀

            • Te Reo Putake

              How’s project Onan coming on Muz? And pointing out that Morassey regularly makes stuff up is not stalking, it’s a public service. The irony is that he accuses others, but can’t see the mote in his own eye.

              • muzza

                Public Service – Um, yeah ok Mr Plod!

                I prefer Mozzas commentary over your so called public service announcements, all day ref

                That’s not to say you don’t make some witty comments from time to time, you do, they don’t go unappreciated, but the above ain’t one of them, IMO.

              • Morrissey

                How’s project Onan coming on Muz?

                Ha ha ha ha ha! How will Muzza recover from THAT one?

                And pointing out that Morassey

                “Morassey”. Oh I see what you’re doing there!

                ….regularly makes stuff up is not stalking, it’s a public service.

                I make up nothing in my transcripts. I don’t get them word-perfect all the way through because, sadly, I have never learned shorthand beyond a rudimentary few dozen words. But I make up nothing. You are the one who has made nonsensical claims, like claiming that the cuddly liberal icon Chris Trotter did not embark on a pompous and windy defence of Deep South lynch law.

            • Rogue Trooper

              Time to saddle up and roam wide. Adios.

          • felix

            “Oh look the tr0lls are out stalking Morrissey again, a more hapless pair of wannabees the blogosphere has never seen.”

            I don’t give a damn about Morrissey and I don’t imagine TRP does either. We do both share this habit of mocking obvious bullshit though, and it does tend to annoy the feeble.

            • Morrissey

              I don’t give a damn about Morrissey and I don’t imagine TRP does either.

              Now that must be about the funniest dishonest statement made in this country in the last 24 hours. It’s possibly even more funnier and dishonest than either the Prime Minister’s assertion that “John Banks is a thoroughly credible and trustworthy individual” or John Boscawen’s solemn pronouncement that the ACT party was in great shape.

              We do both share this habit of mocking obvious bullshit though, and it does tend to annoy the feeble.

              You are not “mocking bullshit” at all; the pair of you have shown yourselves to be assiduous recyclers of the most malicious black propaganda; if we were able to send you back to a more suitable milieu for your talents, we’d zap you back fifty years to Red China, where you could enthusiastically denounce dissenters and truth-tellers and ridicule satirists to your dark hearts’ content.

              • Te Reo Putake

                “dissenters and truth-tellers and ridicule satirists”

                You’re none of those things, Moz. You’re just someone with comprehension difficulties who thinks making things up and attributing them to others is acceptable. On the upside, your intellectual laziness is matched by your pomposity and self delusion.

                • Morrissey

                  You’re none of those things, Moz.

                  Oh really? Could you explain why I’m not a satirist? Maybe you missed this little gem from yesterday….

                  Open mike 16/10/2013

                  ….or this little pearler from the more distant past….

                  ….or THIS one….

                  …and don’t forget THIS one….

                  Open mike 04/08/2013

                  your intellectual laziness is matched by your pomposity and self delusion.

                  “Pomposity”? On the part of this writer?!?!???!??

                  • Te Reo Putake

                    I’m too bored with you to bothered with your linkwankery. Though still waiting for you to show where I defended Trotter as you allege.

                    • Morrissey

                      ….still waiting for you to show where I defended Trotter as you allege.

                      On July 19th I transcribed Trotter’s grandiloquent declamation on behalf of the Florida jury in the Trayvon Martin travesty. I might have omitted his windy “ummms” and “ahhhs”, but I got the pretentious and intellectually vacant tone of Trotter’s bloviating just right.

                      Instead of chiding me for minor inaccuracies, which would have been a reasonable and fair thing to do, you foolishly claimed I had made it all up…..

                      Open mike 19/07/2013

                    • Te Reo Putake

                      Link fail. Show me where I defended Trotter.

                    • Morrissey

                      You claimed I made it up that Trotter had said that. I did not make any of it up, and you knew I did not.

                      Here is your claim, and my refutation of that claim….

                      Open mike 19/07/2013

                    • Te Reo Putake

                      Link fail. Show me where I defend Trotter.

                      edit: here’s your made up claim again:

                      “…like claiming that the cuddly liberal icon Chris Trotter did not embark on a pompous and windy defence of Deep South lynch law.”

                    • Morrissey

                      Link fail. Show me where I defend Trotter.

                      You said I made it up. That implies Trotter did not defend that lynch mob. He did, in the most pretentious manner possible.

                      edit: here’s your made up claim again:

                      There you go again! I made up nothing. There are (necessarily) some ellipses and some accidental transpositions of vacuous laughter. I made up nothing, and you know I did not. You are acting just like you did when you were parroting the most scurrilous official lies against Julian Assange last year, i.e., you’re prepared to say anything at all. That’s a very unwise course to embark on, my friend, and one you would be well advised to reconsider.

                      “…like claiming that the cuddly liberal icon Chris Trotter did not embark on a pompous and windy defence of Deep South lynch law.”

                      That’s exactly what he did, as you know.

                    • felix

                      Another day, another crock of lies from Morrissey.

                      You’ve still not quoted this supposed “defence of Deep South lynch law” that you made up.

                      And if you didn’t make it up, you’d be able to quote it.

                      But you did.

                      So you won’t.

                    • McFlock

                      Just to recap, the closest I could find was this bit of The Panel 18 July, from 6’14”.

                      “…like claiming that the cuddly liberal icon Chris Trotter did not embark on a pompous and windy defence of Deep South lynch law.”

                      That’s exactly what he did, as you know.

                      This, as best as I can transcribe, it what trotter said in relation to Zimmerman’s juror’s lives being forever changed:

                      T: Yes, and I can’t help thinking that the system we have here which really protects jurors [um] from the attentions of the news media, and in fact as far as I know prohibits jurors from discussing [ah] any case that they have judged, I think that’s by far th-the most sensible approach to take. The idea that having delivered their collective verdict they come out as individuals and muddy the waters in the way that this person has, I mean especially in a case as controversial as this

                      N: and as fraught as this

                      T: yeah I I I think it’s most unfortunate

                      N: Were you surprised that only three of the jurors were said to have thought that this man was not guilty?
                      [1 second pause]
                      T: Oh, I think you have to be in the courtroom, in the jury box to judge any case. Ah, I think the information people don’t have, even if the news media is covering a trial, y’know, to the very best of it’s ability is so huge that that you really should trust jurors, I think – even in this case it would seem that the tragedy, ah notwithstanding, y’know, there were, um, items of evidence which would raise reasonable doubt I think in most people’s minds
                      [1-2 second pause before N starts a standard bridge to the next topic

                      Whether that counts as a ” pompous and windy defence of Deep South lynch law”, I’ll let others decide.

                      But unless Mozz has a link to a different piece that he was actually transcribing, it’s interesting to compare it with Moz’ near-word-perfect, extremely accurate transcription:

                      CHRIS TROTTER: [very slowly, mustering all the pomp and gravitas he can] I think all this talk about the jury is most unfortunate. You have, even in this case I think, to trust the jury. In any trial, there are always items of evidence that we do not know about, even in this case I think.

                      ….[Long, extremely uncomfortable pause]….

                      NOELLE McCARTHY: [doggedly positive] One thing the whole world is talking about, Zoe Ferguson, is the royal birth!

                    • Well I think your snookered there Morrissey. Why not just say it is satire I don’t get why you are holding so tightly to this word perfect get the feel transcript stuff – heads up – no one cares – haven’t you seen the positive comments about your satire – that is your skill – so just say it and then all this would be over.

                    • Te Reo Putake

                      Still waiting to see where I defend Trotter, Moz. Have a think about what I said about Trotter and let me know whether that’s a defence or an attack.

                      “You actually let people like Trotter off the hook by making up quotes, when the real words he used should be damning him.”

                      Should be damning him.

                      Does that sound like I was defending Trotter? Nooooo, just the opposite, you goose! I actually had some small sympathy for your position, though not in the weird way you expressed it today (Deep South make excellent ice cream btw).

                      I thought Trotter missed the point that day. On the evidence, I think you miss the point every day.

                    • Morrissey

                      Thanks for transcribing that, McFlock. I can see that I missed a lot, and you have a valid point in disagreeing with my interpretation of Trotter’s comments. I did render his words a little more pointedly than they actually were. However, I think that even when you compare my admittedly imperfect rush “transcript” to your word-perfect transcript, I have captured the essential pomposity of his speaking style and the gist of his admonition to the lesser mortals in the studio to respect that outrageous verdict in Florida. Trotter was speaking slowly and sententiously, as if he was defending the Western system of justice; what he was actually doing was defending a grievous miscarriage of justice. His suggestion that there were “items of evidence which would raise reasonable doubt I think in most people’s minds” was not backed up at all, and disappointingly, Noelle McCarthy failed to demand he did so.

                      You are right to time the silences; they’re not as long as I recalled them in my mind, but they are significant nonetheless. Noelle McCarthy was, I believe, genuinely lost for words after listening to that. So was I.

                    • McFlock

                      oh fuck off.
                      So let’s say you “captured” trotter’s pompousness (personally, I think you overstated it). That means that you are (at best) a dadaesque caricaturist of discourse.

                      So are all the claims as to near word perfect accuracy simply self-delusion, or are you trying to mimic Sacha baron Cohen’s immersion satire?

  20. greywarbler 29

    Someone from a wealthy country chooses to sail somewhere in a yacht for fun and adventure. It goes missing and any country nearby is asked to conduct searches for it.

    Tongan fishermen getting food or money for their families drift for a month or die, refugees from hard regimes, or cruel ones, or wars, or starvation are going into the water probably every day in their efforts to find land and a living and instead find dying.

    Probably because of the actions of the forces from the country the yacht came from. Who gets looked for and cared about?

  21. ScottGN 30

    Has Tim Groser gone rogue on his own government? His comments around the under-preparedness of MPI and its subsequent reactions to all the recent food safety crises we’ve had are quite extraordinary.

  22. If y’all can get past the Auckland mayor letting it all hang out something which in Europe people more or less expect their politicians and “leaders” to do with all of them being Apha personalities and all here is what else those same people do behind the scenes and that pesonally has me way more worried that an alpha male midlife crisis: Jason Burmas from Loose Change shines a light in the shade where the cockroaches of Bilderberg reside. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Shade, enjoy!

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  • Speaker: Disability and the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse
    The Royal Commission on abuse in care is very significant for the disability community. For many decades last century, thousands of disabled children, and adults who managed to survive, were locked away from families and communities. This was not for anything they had done, but for the perceived threat their ...
    5 days ago
  • Spain is not a democracy
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    5 days ago
  • UK Conservatives hate democracy
    With an unfair voting system, uneven electorates and an un-elected upper house, the UK's "democracy" is barely worthy of the name. But now the government wants to make it worse:The government has been accused of suppressing voters’ rights with the potential disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of people after plans ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • What is wrong with our building industry?
    Back in the 90's and early 2000's, the building industry was building leaky homes which should never have been granted consent. Now it turns out they've been building dodgy office blocks as well:New imaging technology has revealed hundreds of major buildings nationwide have defective or missing concrete or reinforcing steel. ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • Local bodies
    Local body election results were released over the weekend, to joy or despair depending on where you live. In Auckland, Phil Goff trounced John Tamihere, who is muttering darkly about running for Parliament again (but which party would want him?) Wellington is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weta Workshop, except ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
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  • A future of government
      How could government evolve over the next decades? Reports of democracy’s imminent demise are greatly exaggerated.  However, satisfaction with political systems in many countries is low, so there is much to do for governments of all political stripes to improve relevance and trust. Digital technologies are seen as one ...
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  • Speaker: Catalonia, interrupted
    Two years have now gone by since the Friday afternoon when my university-student son and I headed out of our Barcelona flat to a nearby primary school, designated as a polling station for the vote that was to be held the following Sunday: the referendum on Catalonia’s independence from Spain ...
    1 week ago
  • Sage Decisions Unwisely Over-Ruled.
    Overruled: The joint decision of Finance Minister, Grant Robertson (Labour) and his Associate Minister, David Parker (Labour) arguably the two most powerful ministers in Jacinda Ardern’s government, to grant OceanaGold the consents which Land Information Minister, Eugenie Sage (Greens) had earlier denied them, offers bitter proof of how hard fighting ...
    1 week ago
  • Government may ban voting in effort to get more people to do it
    More than double the number of people who will vote in this year’s local body elections have tried marijuana or urinated somewhere they shouldn’t have. As local elections look set for the lowest turnout in decades, with many regions falling well short of 40%, the Government is exploring a number ...
    The CivilianBy admin
    1 week ago
  • Woman: Deleted.
    A Statement on Abortion Law Reform by the Council of Disobedient Women   On the eve of bringing an end to antiquated, anti-women abortion laws Green MP Jan Logie intends to write women out of the Bill. With a stroke of the pen, the woke are aiming for total erasure ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    1 week ago
  • The Hollowest of Men Ride Again… SURPRISE!
    Musings continue apace about “the experienced businessman!” soon to be taking up a National Party MP position. Or to be more accurate, being parachuted into a seat to shut down their former MP Jamie-Lee Ross, who despite his own shortcomings shed at least some more light on the inner workings ...
    exhALANtBy exhalantblog
    1 week ago
  • Barbaric
    The Ugandan government wants to murder gay people:Uganda has announced plans to impose the death penalty on homosexuals. The bill, colloquially known as “Kill the Gays” in Uganda, was nullified five years ago on a technicality, but the government said on Thursday it plans to resurrect it within weeks. The ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Fighting Monsters.
    Freedom Of Speech? The Säuberung (cleansing by fire) was the work of the German Student Union which, on 10 May 1933, under the watchful eye of the Nazi Reichminister for Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, consigned 25,000 books to the flames in a ritual exorcism of “un-German thought”. According to the logic of the ...
    1 week ago
  • The next wave of kaupapa Māori politics: its constitutional, it must be.
      “There can be no such thing as kaupapa Māori political parties or politics in Aotearoa” (Willie Jackson, Labour Party (2017). Māori TV, General/List Election Special) I begin with that claim because at the time, I was confounded at first that it fell out of Willie Jackson’s mouth, and then ...
    EllipsisterBy Ellipsister
    1 week ago
  • Night lights of NZ from orbit
    New Zealand has prided itself for decades with regard to its lack of pollution, and all will be aware that the ‘100% Pure New Zealand‘ meme is under threat through land, water and air pollution of various causes. There is another type of contamination that the country also faces: light ...
    SciBlogsBy Duncan Steel
    1 week ago
  • Reporters deliver uplifting news to fleeing Japanese residents: they won’t miss any rugby
    New Zealand’s media is doing its part in Japan, reassuring those in the path of the storm that they won’t miss any rugby while away from their flooded homes. New Zealand sports reporters stationed in Japan for the Rugby World Cup have had the rare and heartwarming opportunity to inform ...
    The CivilianBy admin
    1 week ago
  • Government in contentious discussions about whether to put surplus on red or black
    Regional Development Minister Shane Jones is the only Cabinet member in favour of putting it all on green. As Finance Minister Grant Robertson finds himself with an enormous $7.5 billion surplus, the Government has begun intense, at times contentious conversations about whether to put the money on red or black at ...
    The CivilianBy admin
    1 week ago
  • Jordanian teachers’ successful strike has lessons for here
    by Susanne Kemp At the start of September close to 100,000 school teachers went on strike in Jordan.  They demanded a 50% pay rise.  A pay rise actually agreed to by the regime back in 2014. In early October, however, in the face of government repression and threats, the teachers’ ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    1 week ago
  • Why some people still think climate change isn’t real
    Climate Explained is a collaboration between The Conversation, Stuff and the New Zealand Science Media Centre to answer your questions about climate change. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, please send it to Why do people still think climate change isn’t real? David ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    1 week ago
  • The SIS unlawfully spied on Nicky Hager
    Back in 2011, journalist Nicky Hager published Other People's Wars, an expose on NZDF's activities over the previous decade of the "war on terror". NZDF didn't like this, and especially didn't like the fact that it was base don leaks from their own. So, they had the SIS investigate him ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • October 2019 – Newsletter ...
    Closing the GapBy Tracey Sharp
    1 week ago
  • And they wonder why we think they’re environmental vandals…
    The Zero Carbon Bill is due back from select committee in two weeks, and will likely pass its final stages in November. So naturally, farmers are planning a hate-march against it. But they're not just demanding lower methane targets so they can keep on destroying the planet; they're also demanding ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Climate Change: Paying the price in California
    Last year, California burned. This year, to stop it happening again (or rather, to stop themselves from being found liable if it happens again), Pacific Gas and Electric is cutting power to half the state for a week:Schools are closed. Traffic lights down. Tunnels dark. Businesses unopened. Hospitals running on ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Let’s Hear It For Up-Close-And-Personal, Hard-Copy Democracy!
    The Best Way: Missing from the on-line voting debate is any reference to the voting system that produces turn-out figures ranging from 77 to 93 percent of registered voters. The voting system used to collect and count the votes cast in our parliamentary elections. The system that involves citizens making ...
    1 week ago
  • 10/10: World Day Against the Death Penalty
    Today, October 10, is the world day against the death penalty. Out of 195 UN member states, 84 still permit capital punishment. Today is the day we work to change that. This year's theme is children. Having a parent sentenced to death or executed causes long-term trauma and stigmatization which ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Talking Freer Lives: a Marxist gender-critical perspective from Australia
    Among the great new bunch of political friends we have been making recently is the excellent Australian-based Marxist gender-critical site, Freer Lives.  So we asked the comrade who set up that blog to write something for Redline on the blog, himself, his analysis of the rise of gender politics and ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    1 week ago
  • Government spin accepted by union leadership
    by Don Franks  The Auckland City Mission is struggling with a 40 percent increase in demand for food parcels this year. A total of 23,020 were needed by June. Last month Missioner Chris Farrelly told the Herald the “cupboards are bare” and without an emergency food drive, he can’t see ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    1 week ago
  • Forbidden Thoughts
    by The Council of Disobedient Women   Massey Wellington Student Association had a sit-in today. Imagine a sit-in. On a campus. Against a women’s rights meeting. Did the ’60s really happen or did we fucking dream it? They gathered in the student square, an echo chamber. Sitting on soft pillows ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    1 week ago
  • Much love to my loyal Ukrainian readership
    For some reasons, my post about the mystery message from inside the Downing Street bunker seemed to catch people's attention.  Quite a lot of hits from NZ (unsurprisingly) and the USA (a bit more puzzlingly, but hi there, USAians!!) and 76 views from the Ukraine.I've celebrated my Ukrainian readers in ...
    1 week ago
  • Another day of bonkers GNUmours (again, sorry)
    First, almost a score of Labour MPs seem to have sent a letter to the EU basically begging them to accept a deal - any deal - just so Britain can get the Heck on with Brexiting instead of being trapped in limbo:
    To avoid no deal, deliver on the ...
    1 week ago
  • Labour vs working class immigrants – again!
    by Phil Duncan In 2016 the National-led government suspended the Parent Visa Category, through which migrants were able to bring their parents into New Zealand.  Since then over 5,700 people have been in immigration limbo, stuck on the visa wait list. Labour is now bringing back the scheme.  Well, sort ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    2 weeks ago
  • Speak Up for Women press statement: on Massey University and Feminism 2020
    The following was released yesterday (Tues, October 8) by the women’s liberation organisation Speak Up for Women. On 23 September Speak Up For Women announced that we would be holding an event at the Massey University Theaterette in Wellington. The event is called Feminism 2020. The intention of the event ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    2 weeks ago
  • Farmers support dirty rivers
    The government is currently consulting on plans to improve freshwater quality. So naturally, farmers oppose it:South Taranaki farmers are preparing to fight proposed national freshwater changes that some fear will bankrupt them. The Government's proposed National Environment Standard on Freshwater Management, released in September, rated the Waingongoro River as one ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • No-one cares about local government
    Yesterday was the last day for (reliably) posting your vote away in local body elections. Turnouts are mostly much lower than the equivalent time last year (Palmerston North is down 2.3%), and so naturally people are pushing their online-voting snake oil again. Because the online census worked so well, lets ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • The political ghosts of eugenics may matter more than the genetic
    This essay, on the political legacy of the eugenics movement, by Kenan Malik was originally published in the Observer on 6 October 2019, under the headline ‘The spirit of eugenics is still with us, as immigrants know to their cost’. Birth control. Intelligence tests. Town planning. Immigration controls. It’s striking how ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    2 weeks ago
  • “Surplus” again
    Another year, and the government has announced another enormous government "surplus". And just like last year, its nothing of the sort. When we have people homeless and sick and hungry, when we have schools and hospitals still falling down, when we have underpaid public servants and infrastucture unmaintained or unbuilt, ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Inside the Downing Street bunker
    James Forsyth at The Spectator (I know, I know) has tapped one of his contacts inside Number Ten for an insight into the Johnson administration's thinking and strategy.It is fascinating, unsettling and quite, quite mad.  Some key points:Negotiations have stalled and the Johnson administration are keen to blame the EU: ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Taking Control Of The Nation’s Story.
    Fatal Contact: With the arrival of captain James Cook in October 1769, the islands of what would become New Zealand ceased to be the preserve of Polynesian navigators and settlers and became a part of both the world’s map and the world’s history.THE MAORI NATIONALIST assault upon the historical meaning ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Are GNUs extinct?
    Another round of tactical talks about forming a Government of National Unity have come to nothing with the Liberal Democrats still refusing countenance putting Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street:Opposition talks on Monday made little headway over when to try and vote down Boris Johnson's government and who might succeed him as ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Labour chickens out again
    When the government was elected, it promised to lead the way on electric vehicles, and specifically to make the government vehicle fleet emissions-free where-practicable by 2025.They lied:There are 15,473 vehicles in the government fleet and only 78 are electric. When the coalition Government came into power in late 2017, the ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • Transgender extremism, violence at work against feminist meeting at British Labour Party conference
    by Nick Rogers The debate around the meaning of sex and gender made an appearance at this year’s British Labour Party conference in Brighton. Women’s Place UK – an organisation that questions the demand that biological males who self-identify as woman should have access to women’s spaces, to all-women shortlists, ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    2 weeks ago
  • Rebelling in Wellington
    Yesterday I went down to Wellington to participate in the Extinction Rebellion protest. Its part of the latest global wave of XR actions, with actions happening all over the world. Some of those protests are massively disruptive: in Canada, XR is blocking major bridges, stopping people from getting to work. ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago

  • Methane reducing cattle feed one step closer
    The Government today announced its support for a project that could substantially reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions from cattle. The announcement was made as part of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s and Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor’s visit to Nelson’s Cawthron Aquaculture Park. The Cawthron Institute will receive $100,000 from the Government’s ...
    2 days ago
  • Bill to refresh superannuation system passes first reading
    Social Development Minister Carmel Sepuloni has welcomed the first reading of the New Zealand Superannuation and Veteran’s Pension Legislation Amendment Bill. “Every New Zealander has a stake in New Zealand Superannuation and Veteran’s Pension,” says Carmel Sepuloni. “They are our most common form of social assistance – nearly 800,000 New ...
    2 days ago
  • Government announces next steps in fight against measles
    Babies in Auckland aged six months and over can receive a free vaccination and children will all have access to vaccines, Associate Minister of Health Julie Anne Genter announced today at Papatoetoe High School.   The move comes as part of Government efforts to step up the fight against measles. ...
    2 days ago
  • Speech to the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, Pacific Futures: Connections, Identity...
    ***Check against delivery*** Good morning. It is a pleasure to be here, and to have the honour of opening this important conference on behalf of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs. Let us take the opportunity to acknowledge all the people who have helped make today possible, including our special ...
    2 days ago
  • Police trial new response to high risk events
    Police Minister Stuart Nash says the safety of frontline officers and members of the public will be the focus of a new trial of specialist Police response teams in three of our largest urban centres. Police have this morning released details of an initiative to be trialled in Counties Manukau, ...
    2 days ago
  • New awards celebrate fisheries sustainability
    The Minister of Fisheries is calling for entries for a new public award to celebrate innovation in our seafood sector. “I have established the Seafood Sustainability Awards to recognise and celebrate those throughout industry, tangata whenua and communities who demonstrate outstanding dedication and innovation towards the sustainability of New Zealand’s ...
    2 days ago
  • More progress for women and we can do more
    Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter welcomes leaders in the private sector taking action on closing their gender pay gaps to ensure a fairer workplace for all New Zealanders. Ms Genter today launched a new report, Addressing the gender pay gap and driving women’s representation in senior leadership, from the Champions for ...
    2 days ago
  • Proposals to curb environmental damage help our coasts and the oceans
    Government Ministers today welcomed the release of a marine environment report highlighting the four key issues affecting our oceans, estuaries and coastlines.  The release underlines the importance of government proposals to combat climate pollution, ensure clean freshwater, protect biodiversity, make land use more sustainable, and reduce waste and plastic.    Environment ...
    3 days ago
  • New mental health facility for Waikato
    The Government has approved funding for a new acute mental health facility for Waikato which will provide better care and support to people with mental health and addiction issues. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Health Minister Dr David Clark announced the $100 million project to replace the aging Henry Rongomau ...
    3 days ago
  • 500 new te reo Māori champions in our classrooms
    The Government is making progress on its goal to integrate te reo Māori into education by 2025, with over 500 teachers and support staff already graduating from Te Ahu o te Reo Māori,  Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis announced today. Kelvin Davis made the announcement at an awards ceremony in Waikanae today, for ...
    3 days ago
  • Minister James Shaw welcomes 2018 Census first release
    Statistics Minister James Shaw has welcomed the first release of 2018 Census data. The first release of data today, 23 September, includes key data on population, regional growth, the number of homes and the size of different ethnic groups in New Zealand. Data from the 2018 Census will support the ...
    3 days ago
  • Driving transparency, ethics and accountability in government use of algorithms
    Minister for Statistics James Shaw today announced a public consultation on a proposed algorithm charter for government agencies. The charter has been developed by the Government Chief Data Steward in response to growing calls for more transparency in government use of data. Computer algorithms – procedures or formulas for solving ...
    3 days ago
  • New Zealand and the Netherlands working together on climate change
    Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor, Climate Change Minister James Shaw and visiting Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte co-hosted a business roundtable in Auckland this morning focused on working together to address climate change.  “The Netherlands is an important partner for New Zealand. We share a strong agricultural history. Sustainable agribusiness and ...
    3 days ago
  • Protecting fairness for workers and businesses
    The Government is taking action to build an inclusive economy where more of us receive our fair share at work and businesses can compete on great products and services, not undercutting wages and conditions, Immigration and Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says. Two consultations launched today seek feedback ...
    3 days ago
  • Indigenous Freshwater Fish Bill Passes
    The future for New Zealand’s threatened indigenous freshwater fish looks brighter with the passing of the Conservation (Indigenous Freshwater Fish) Amendment Bill in Parliament today said Minister of Conservation, Eugenie Sage. “Until now, our freshwater fish legislation has been 20 years out of date. We have lacked effective tools to ...
    3 days ago
  • Kiwis to take part in world’s biggest earthquake drill
    At 1.30pm tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of Kiwis will join about 65 million people around the globe in ShakeOut, the world’s biggest earthquake drill. The annual drill is to remind people of the right action to take during an earthquake which is to Drop, Cover, Hold, and to practise their ...
    4 days ago
  • Rising wages and low inflation supporting Kiwis
    Kiwis are benefiting from higher wage growth and low inflation under the Coalition Government. Stats NZ data out today shows the rise in the cost of living remains low, as annual Consumers Price Index (CPI) inflation fell to 1.5% in September from 1.7% in June. “The low inflation comes as ...
    4 days ago
  • NZ economy strong amid global headwinds
    New Zealand’s economic strength and resilience has been recognised in a major update on the state of the global economy. The IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook released overnight shows a reduced global growth forecast over the next two years as issues like the US-China trade war and Brexit take hold. ...
    4 days ago
  • Keeping New Zealanders safer with better counter-terrorism laws
    Justice Minister Andrew Little has today introduced a new Bill to prevent terrorism and support the de-radicalisation of New Zealanders returning from overseas. The Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill gives the New Zealand Police the ability to apply to the High Court to impose control orders on New Zealanders who ...
    4 days ago
  • Improved succession and dispute resolution core of Ture Whenua changes
    A Bill that proposes targeted changes to simplify the processes for Māori land owners when engaging with the Māori Land Court has had its First Reading today. “The approach taken by the Government is to ensure that the protection of Māori land remains a priority as we seek to improve ...
    4 days ago
  • Speech to CTU Biennial Conference
    Let me first thank all the new unionists and members in the room. There is nothing more important to improving people’s working lives than people making the decision to care, to get on board and help, to take up the reins and get involved. Congratulations to you. You bring the ...
    4 days ago
  • Minister ensures continued Whenuapai flight operations
    Minister of Defence Ron Mark has signed a certificate exempting the activity of engine testing at Whenuapai Airbase from the Resource Management Act 1991. The Act gives the Minister of Defence the power to exempt activities for the purposes of national security.  The certificate will mean the recent Environment Court ...
    4 days ago
  • NZ joins Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action
    Finance Minister Grant Robertson has announced New Zealand will join the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action while attending APEC meetings in Chile. The objective of the 39 member Coalition is to share information and promote action to tackle climate change. It was formed in April this year, in ...
    4 days ago
  • Feedback Sought – Section 71 – Lyttelton Parking
    Feedback sought– Lyttelton commercial zone parking  The Associate Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration, Poto Williams, is seeking feedback on a proposal to remove on-site car parking requirements for new developments in the Lyttelton commercial zone.  The proposal, by Christchurch City Council, asks that powers under section 71 of the Greater ...
    5 days ago
  • Feedback Sought – Section 71 – Hagley Oval
    Hon Minister Poto Williams Associate Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration   MEDIA STATEMENT       Tuesday 15 October 2019 Feedback sought – Hagley Oval The Associate Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration, Poto Williams, is seeking feedback on a proposal about Hagley Oval. The proposal was developed by Regenerate Christchurch ...
    5 days ago
  • CTU speech – DPM
    Ladies and gentlemen, NZCTU President Richard Wagstaff, members of respective unions – thank you for the invitation to speak to you today. This might be preaching to the choir, but the importance of trade unions in New Zealand’s historical arch is difficult to understate. And it is my belief that ...
    5 days ago
  • Police Association Annual Conference
    "Let’s start by acknowledging that it has been a huge year. " Police Association Annual Conference James Cook Grand Chancellor Hotel Wellington Nau mai, haere mai. Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, ka nui te mihi, ki a koutou katoa. President of the Police Association, Chris Cahill; Members of the Association and ...
    5 days ago
  • New Zealand announces a further P-3 deployment in support of UN sanctions
    Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters and Minister of Defence Ron Mark have announced the New Zealand Government’s decision to again deploy a Royal New Zealand Air Force P-3K2 (P-3) maritime patrol aircraft to support the implementation of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions imposing sanctions against North Korea. New ...
    5 days ago
  • New Zealand deeply concerned at developments in north-east Syria
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters says New Zealand continues to have serious concerns for peace and stability in north-east Syria. “Recent reports that hundreds of ISIS-affiliated families have fled from a camp are deeply concerning from a humanitarian and security perspective”, Mr Peters says. “While we acknowledge Turkey’s domestic security ...
    5 days ago
  • Government on high alert for stink bugs
    Biosecurity Minister Damien O’Connor is warning travelling Kiwis to be vigilant as the high-season for the crop-eating brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) is under way. “We’re on high alert to stop BMSB arriving in NZ. The high season runs until April 30 and we’ve strengthened our measures to stop stink ...
    5 days ago
  • Better protections for students in halls of residence
    The Government is moving swiftly to change the law to improve the welfare and pastoral care of students living in university halls of residence and other tertiary hostels. Cabinet has agreed to several changes, including creating a new mandatory Code of Practice that sets out the duty of pastoral care ...
    6 days ago
  • New trapping guide for community and expert trappers alike
    The Minister for Conservation Eugenie Sage has launched a new comprehensive trapping guide for community trappers to help them protect our native birds, plants and other wildlife, at Zealandia in Wellington today. ‘A practical guide to trapping’, has been developed by the Department of Conservation (DOC), and was launched during ...
    6 days ago
  • Widening Access to Contraceptives Welcomed
    Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter welcomes PHARMAC’s move to improve access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARCs). PHARMAC has today announced it will fund the full cost of Mirena and Jaydess for anyone seeking long term contraception, lifting previous restrictions on access to Mirena. “I welcome women having greater choices ...
    6 days ago
  • Major upgrade for Taranaki Base Hospital
    The Government has approved the next stage of a major redevelopment of Taranaki Base Hospital, which will deliver new and improved facilities for patients. Health Minister Dr David Clark has announced details of a $300 million dollar project to build a new East Wing at the New Plymouth hospital. It ...
    7 days ago
  • Extra support for rural families
    Extra funding will allow Rural Support Trusts to help farming families, says Minister for Rural Communities and Agriculture Damien O’Connor. “I know that rural families are worried about some of the challenges facing them, including the ongoing uncertainty created by the Mycoplasma bovis outbreak. “Those concerns sit alongside ongoing worries ...
    1 week ago
  • Howard Leaque Beekeeper programme graduation
    Thank you for the opportunity to be here to present certificates to the 16 graduates who have completed a beekeeping course delivered by the Howard League.  Let us start by acknowledging Auckland Prison’s Deputy Prison Director Tom Sherlock, and Acting Assistant Regional Commissioner of Corrections Northern Region Scott Walker - ...
    1 week ago
  • Finance Minister to attend APEC meetings
    Finance Minister Grant Robertson leaves this weekend to attend the APEC Finance Ministers meeting in Santiago, Chile. Discussions between APEC Finance Ministers at the meeting will include the effects of the current global economic uncertainty, risks for APEC economies and sustainable development of the region. While at APEC Grant Robertson ...
    1 week ago
  • Pacific languages are a source of strength, they ground us and build confidence
    The Minister for Pacific Peoples Aupito William Sio says for Pacific people, language can be a source of strength. It can help ground us and give us confidence. When we speak them, our languages provide us with an immediate and intimate access to our identity and our story - and ...
    1 week ago
  • Major boost to support disabled people in sport and recreation
    The Coalition Government has announced an action plan to improve the wellbeing of disabled New Zealanders by addressing inequalities in play, active recreation and sport. The initiative includes training to develop a workforce that understands the needs of children and young people with a range of impairments, advocacy for fit ...
    1 week ago
  • More prefab homes to be built as red tape cut
    The construction sector is being freed up to allow more homes to be built more quickly as the Government cuts through some of the red tape of the Building Act.  “Every New Zealander deserves a warm, dry, safe home and old inefficiencies in the Building Act make building slow and ...
    1 week ago