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18 comments on “Open mike 17/04/2010”

  1. RedLogix 1

    Apparently there is no letter ‘c’ in the Icelandic language, and when the London banks demanded Iceland send the ‘cash’…..

  2. ianmac 2

    Very clever RedLogix. 🙂

  3. Armchair Critic 3

    Just found this, on why mining in national parks is a bad idea.

  4. Armchair Critic 4

    No edit yet, LP?

    • lprent 4.1

      Nope. Just moving everything and getting the server tuned was enough. Just got back up…

      Still have to put limitIPconn into place and then I’ll run a test on the cache issue to see if I reconfigured it out. And Lyn has determined that we are going to see a Crazyheart this evening..

      Probably tomorrow would be my bet.

    • lprent 4.2

      Edit should have been on for most of the afternoon. I turned the caching off instead as that appears to be where the real issue is.

      • Armchair Critic 4.2.1

        Looks good.

        • lprent

          Yeah. I’m using krellm to remotely pickup the CPU stats from the new server. It looks like we have the excessive CPU killed at the new server even though I’ve removed the page caching.

          Just been setting it up to work from the MAC address of my iPhone so I can pick it up from work tomorrow and monitor when the load goes up. But I don’t anticipate any problems.

          Still have the contact and contribute forms to do, and then the site is fully functional again.

  5. Marty G 5

    From the Dom

    “The 225-kilowatt experimental turbine…, which had performed “remarkably well” and is one of the most effective of its kind in the world produces 14.2 gigawatts an hour, or enough to power about 80 homes. ”

    Is this the quality our newspapers are reduced to? A 225 kilowatt turbine produces, at most, 225 kilowatts an hour. A gigawatt hour is a million kilowatt hours. The turbine does not produce 14 gigawatts an hour, that’s more than is produced in the entire country.

    I would guess that the reporter was told the turbine has produced 14.3 gigawatt hours of power in its lifetime and got confused.

    I remember a time when newspapers were meant to inform readers, not the other way around.

    captcha: brand

    • Draco T Bastard 5.1

      After reading that article there’s only one option – fix the friggen thing already.

  6. prism 6

    If wanting to understand more about the machinations of the market and the USA here’s a good link – the term ‘naked short selling’ comes with much scary but vital information for us all.

    • Bored 6.1

      Would that more people read their history and not economics to find out what really goes on. Galbraiths writings on the history of capitalism are worth a delve, they are funny as but more importantly he does not use smokescreen terminology and insider language. Every larceny descibed on your link has been done before, and will be done in the future with minor variations, and Galbraith shows how they work. The question becomes, is the capitalist system criminal? Or is it just manned by criminals? Or both?

      • Draco T Bastard 6.1.1

        is the capitalist system criminal? Or is it just manned by criminals? Or both?

        I’m gonna go with both.

  7. NickS 7

    Ouch, but I can’t help but wonder if this is driven by the high costs of veges in the supermarkets, along with the increase in unemployment etc creating a much stronger market for these stolen veges…

  8. prism 8

    Listening to Jim Bolger talking recently I became quite nostalgic. How does that little ditty go “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. He sounds so much better than today’s main dish on National’s menu. However he wasn’t both big and fast moving like Jenny and had to hop it. He had wasted potential .

    • ianmac 8.1

      You’re right but at least he is still contributing to NZ. I wonder if his having been posted to Washington in the 90’s (?) created a slow shift of USA towards NZ?

  9. Jum 9

    Please tell me what Nick Smith said tonight about that wonderful ex councillor who is withholding her rate payment because the gummint stole her democratic rights in replacing a duly elected council with Commissioners.

    We should all be ashamed that it took someone like her to make a stand on our behalf to be treated with respect. Yet Nick Smith talked about some “old …. …….”

    If we don’t act upon this we deserve all we get. It’s no use waxing lyrical about how awful this gummint is and how its gutting our democracy if we as a nation can’t stand right beside this woman and support her stand. I’m in. There are ways of not paying rates that won’t lose us our property but will still make this gummint and its moneymen understand we have had enough.

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