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19 comments on “Open mike 17/08/2016”

  1. Paul 1

    A third of Auckland homes now over $1m

    Homes under the $600,000 limit have plunged from 78 per cent of all Auckland homes in July 2009 to 21 per cent last month, while those over $1 million have soared from 5 per cent to 31 per cent.

    • Cinny 1.1

      Wow, here in Nelson/Tasman the local paper are doing a huge feature on the housing crisis, Nick Smith will be spewing. I could make more money than a salary by flicking our house. Maybe real estate is a better choice than working for sunshine wages around here? Nah I love where I live, don’t matter if the house is worth more or less, however tempting a $100k cash profit would be for 2 years doing nothing but a bit of gardening around the property.

      PS Nick Smith… election next year… expect me.. public need to know the real story and not the crap you spin them on the street corner at election time. I’ll be so ready for you.–close-to-home

  2. Cinny 2

    Lisa Carrington, congrats on your gold, you have the most incredible arms ever. An inspiring Kayaker you are.

    • whateva next? 4.1

      This sums up anti corbyn hysteria nicely

    • mosa 4.2

      Thanks for the link SAVE.
      Corbyn on the train reminds me of the fictional socialist Labour leader Perkins in the UK drama “A Very British Coup” made in 1987.
      When asked by a reporter why he was travelling economy class on the train he replied “You meet a better class of person this way ” wouldnt you agree ?
      He portrayed what real socialist leaders were made of and a real peoples hero and he WON a general election and implemented his policies.

  3. Lanthanide 5

    Stolen from facebook:

    A leader of one of the two major political parties who says and does stupid things and then claims he was misinterpreted, who has the organisational skills of Mr Bean, who became head of his party against the wishes of most of its elected representatives, and who is going to take his party down to yuuge defeat in the next general election because, whatever they try, these elected officials can’t get rid of him, since his die-hard supporters are impervious to evidence of how much of a loser he is regarded by the voters who determine which party ends up in control of government.

    Ladies and gentlemen: Donald J. ( = Jeremy Corbyn) Trump

  4. Leftie 6

    Labour spells out spying bottom lines

    12:58 PM Tuesday Aug 16, 2016

    Labour leader Andrew Little says he wants the Greens and New Zealand First to be represented on the powerful Intelligence and Security Committee.

    He also says ministers with any responsibility for spying agencies should not chair the committee, and suggested he could head the panel.

    Parliament will this week debate major reforms to spying legislation.

    Labour will support the bill at the first hurdle but wants some changes if it is to support it further.

    In particular, the party wants a narrower definition of “national security” in the bill, restrictions on the immunity given to spies, and greater protection for private information.

    Little also said this morning that he wanted any political party with more than two MPs to be represented on the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), which has oversight of New Zealand’s spying agencies and operations.

    A review by Sir Michael Cullen and Dame Patsy Reddy which led to the reforms recommended an expansion of the committee from five to seven MPs.

    Little said he wanted two spots on the committee for Labour, one for the Greens and one for New Zealand First – meaning the committee would be expanded to nine members.

    The committee should also be headed by an MP who was not responsible for spies, he said, noting that similar committees overseas had been led by an Opposition MP.

    Prime Minister John Key currently heads the committee.

    Key said today that the five-person panel had worked “really well” but he was open to a seven-person committee.

    However, he questioned whether the Greens would be a constructive member.

    “I think the question ultimately for the Labour Party, if they want to put the Greens on the committee, is do the Greens actually believe in the agencies?

    “Because if you’re just philosophically opposed, that’s a legitimate position for a political party to hold, but you’re not a very constructive member of the ISC.”

    Key said the committee’s business was highly confidential, but did not go as far as saying the Greens could not be trusted.

    It was important that the ISC engaged in useful discussion and not political debate, he said.

    The makeup of the committee has led to tension between Labour and Greens in the past.

    In the last Parliamentary term, Labour gave one of its positions to former Green co-leader Russel Norman.

    After the election, Labour chose to give his spot to David Shearer, saying it needed someone with relevant skills and experience.

    The Greens said at the time that Labour had broken the law by failing to consult with other Opposition parties on its selection.

    <a href="

    • Chuck 6.1

      “The committee should also be headed by an MP who was not responsible for spies, he said, noting that similar committees overseas had been led by an Opposition MP.”

      That’s a lie by Andrew Little. UK / US / Canada are not headed by opposition MP’s for example.

      • McFlock 6.1.1

        Did he say every similar committee overseas has never been led by a government MP? No?

        Maybe you should ask him which examples he had in mind before calling him a liar. Just a thought.

  5. rhinocrates 7

    Trump’s new campaign manager. Well, he’s sure experienced in chrome-plating turds. Lobbied for dictators, arms dealers, warlords. With people like this, once you try defend his appointment by playing the moral equivalence card, all you do is admit that your side is as bad as say your opponent is.

  6. Leftie 8

    Worth the watch. Waatea 5th Estate – the legal action against state housing privatisation

    <a href="

    • mosa 8.1

      Spot on Leftie Waatea is prime time viewing in our house at 7pm.
      Great news about the legal action being taken against the privatisation (Legal theft) of state houses by these hideous scumbags.
      Surprisingly no in depth coverage of this issue except by Bomber Bradbury.

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