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Open Mike 18/04/2018

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, April 18th, 2018 - 114 comments
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114 comments on “Open Mike 18/04/2018”

  1. AsleepWhileWalking 1

    You can be proud of your PM – Angela Merkel


    • Sanctuary 1.1

      Let me see… How can the Herald spin that…



    • Chris T 1.2

      Pretty patronising to be fair

      • savenz 1.2.1

        “Ms Merkel was asked about how the meeting had gone, which Ms Ardern translated.

        “They want to know if you found me likeable”.

        “Time flew and it was nice,” Ms Merkel replied.

        “It was very interesting and fun. So you can be proud of your Prime Minister. If you want to write this down for the New Zealand press. This will be the headline in the morning papers I trust.”

        Yep, like a dog wanting a pat, panting for a trade agreement and agreeing to tow the line of foreign policy.

        Since Helen Clark, NZ has lost a lot of credibility under John Key and I’m not sure questions like that, send the right message! Helen Clark could at least negotiate an agreement rather than signing anything away in NZ after a golf game and a photo op.

        Oh well, at least the EU have some standards in their trade agreements not the race to the gutter under the US ones.

        • red-blooded

          Hey, it’s not like this was the only question that was asked and answered. And Ardern might not have said what you’d like her to about the attack on Syria, but she also hasn’t said what was expected or wanted by the attackers and their supporters.

          So far Ardern’s trip to Europe seems to be going very well. She’s laying the basis for a trade agreement that NZ has wanted for a long time, and she’s made it clear that any agreement would include clauses on workers’ rights, environmental protection and climate change. That seems like pretty good news to me.

        • Gabby

          ‘This will be the headline in the morning papers I trust.’

          Merky does sarky.

        • Sabine

          that is a bit harsh your translation.

          J.A: they want to know if you found me likeable.

          Mutti der Nation : Ach so 🙂 …. very german, like oh dear or my oh my, then Merkel’s answer.

          “Does that not show that we go along well that it was ‘wunderbar’, the time flew (the actual word used is ‘verflossen’ – more like drowned away – and we had a good meeting, it was highly interesting. It was ‘fun’ – es hat spass gemacht, it was highly enjoyable.
          And you can be proud of your Prime Minister(in) – she used the female version – if you want to write that for the NZ press. That will surely be the headline tomorrow.

          it is often said that us germans are really good with light bulbs but have a hard time with humor.
          I sense the same can be said of certain Kiwis that have to find fault for faults sake.

          Mrs. Merkel – die Mutter der Nation – congratulated NZ to Jacinda Ardern and at the same time complemented Jacinda Ardern. Now we might disagree with the politics and policies coming from the Labour Government, but i think we can agree that Mrs. Merkel is a seasoned politician, head of state and something akin to a role model for a young women like Jacinda Ardern who has a rank that few women on this planet have. And in this case the old women – Mutti – made a compliment to put the young women at ease and i guess to make her feel welcome. And she did it in a very german way. German jokes are not easily translated and the joke lies in this ,……Did we no show how well we went along? Is the highlight of german joking.

    • Anne 1.3

      I haven’t seen Angela Merkel look so animated as she did with Jacinda Ardern. They obviously hit it off.

      Merkel is a powerful lady . Very good sign for NZ.

      Edit: @ savenz.
      From what I could tell it was the journos who were asking Merkel about whether Jacinda was likeable. Jacinda was merely clarifying the question for Merkel. There’s no reason to read anything more into it than that.

      • savenz 1.3.1

        @ Anne, No I agree it was the journalists asking the question, but maybe Jacinda didn’t need to translate it… Would Helen Clark have asked Merkle if she was likeable?

        I think Jacinda’s been great for Labour and NZ, but worried that she’s falling into the same traps that has kept Labour unpopular and the globalist strategy escalated by John Key but now voter’s are now seeing the effects of and not exactly happy about them aka congestion, pollution, low wages, mouldy hospitals etc. They turned to a new government for a reason, they want change. Not more of the same.

        And also agree that Germany and NZ being friends (whatever that means) is a good thing. But also think that too many of the world leaders are so busy meeting and greeting each other, they lose touch, bad and unfair things start happening domestically but they don’t have the time to concentrate on that, and then elections happen and they are surprised at the results when a much more right wing government is elected by the people, who surprise surprise use ‘foreign warfare’ to keep the domestic news out of the headlines (which only makes it invisible not solving the problem).

        One day we will wake up and the power balance that had been towards democracy is over, because those once powerful countries are now internal cluster fucks that don’t function anymore because the leaders were figure heads having dinners and photo opportunities while a cohesive and robust and well thought out strategy was absent and their transport doesn’t work, their health doesn’t work, their jobs are poorly paid and people are not happy with government’s priorities.

        • Anne

          …also think that too many of the world leaders are so busy meeting and greeting each other, they lose touch,…

          It does seem like that sometimes but its what the media like to report on because it’s sexier [in coverage terms] than the serious side of running a country. I think the leaders are more than capable of doing both.

          • savenz

            It’s not fake news though Anne, it really is happening…

            Only a few days ago “Auckland Mayor Phil Goff leaves this weekend for Hong Kong, a springboard into the mainland China market.”


            Now he’s back, a quick visit into Middlemore to use the health system and then fronting a budget demanding more money from ratepayers that he seems to have little interest in more like the offshore bigger businesses he seems to have more in common with, and no doubt back off somewhere else on an all expenses paid trip.

            Meanwhile AD below seems not so much interested in Phil’s recovery but more that he’s well enough to be the ‘Labour’ figure head in the budget that Auckland rate payers will be forced to pay for.

            That’s the society we have become.

            As for Jacinda, not sure but was it the Pacific she’s just been in, a meeting with the queen, Merkel, next Chogm and god knows what after that.

            You used to have a foreign minister that did all that and the PM kept an eye on the homefront and only did very few selected overseas visits.

        • Gabby

          Clarky would have told Merky she was likeable.

          • savenz

            Clark would have left the journalist asking the question with a flea in his/her ear.

  2. Sacha 2

    Nat sycophant Audrey Young reckons the govt are scared of Soimon Bridges: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/politics/news/article.cfm?c_id=280&objectid=12034427

    • Sanctuary 2.1

      I do wonder who the Herald thinks will actually pay for that drivel when it goes behind a premium pay wall. Can’t come soon enough, IMHO.

      • ScottGN 2.1.1

        I think they have serious doubts that anyone will which is why they keep putting it off.

        • Draco T Bastard

          I keep wondering if they get enough clicks to warrant keeping the place going.

      • AB 2.1.2

        Yep – would be good to see its demise and death if it was foolish enough to implement a paywall.
        I quite like the idea of Roughan and OSullivan having to go out and literally scrub the toilets of the rich to make a crust – rather than just metaphorically, as they do now.

      • Draco T Bastard 2.1.3


      • veutoviper 2.1.4

        Agree 97%. Why 97%? Because there are a couple of Herald journalists I do still have respect for and want to read *- David Fisher, Matt Nippert, and Kirsty Johnston.

        Oh – and Rachel Stewart and Lizzy Marvelly.

        So make that 95%.

        * But not enough to pay.

        • Sanctuary

          The thing is, you can’t ask people to pay for deliberately offensive clickbait “opinion” that is sourced from radio shock jocks and “quality analysis” content that is going to be largely an utterly predictable diet of boilerplate horse race political journalism, pro-business orthodoxy and facile common sense presented as great insight.

          You need to bite the bullet and pay for the creation of content people will want to pay for before you set up a paywall.

          • veutoviper

            Exactly but they seem to (half) believe that there is a market for that, which there probably is amongst a certain sector. But I say “half” because they keep talking about this paywall, but have not yet had the guts to test it.

    • Puckish Rogue 2.2

      ‘Emissaries from the Beehive were dispatched to the Press Gallery to reinforce the point that not only that the gap between Ardern and Bridges 27 points, but that former leader Bill English had done way better against Ardern at the start of this year.

      Not only that, they had further ammo targeting Bridges, who took over from English almost eight weeks ago: Bridges’ debut rating of 10 per cent compared poorly to John Key’s first rating as National Party leader at 27 per cent in 2006, and Jacinda Ardern’s first rating as Labour leader in at 26 per cent in 2017.

      Labour’s home-grown leadership losers were not spared from the campaign to reinforce the apparently hopeless case of Simon Bridges – he had done even worse on debut than David Cunliffe, David Shearer and Andrew Little – historic data helpfully produced by Labour showed.

      Acting Prime Minister Kelvin Davis was similarly briefed for his media messaging on Tuesday – comparing Bridges’ debut to Ardern’s.

      Davis went more personal, saying Bridges own ego would have placed him a lot higher than 10 per cent. Bridges should be disappointed and embarrassed, Davis told Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking.’

      Nope, can’t think of any reason the Herald might come to that conclusion but in my opinion a government should always try to take out the opposition leader

      Goff, Cunliffe, Shearer and Little were all targeted by National (mind you they had a lot of help from Labour in that regards) so Labour trying to discredit Bridges is only natural

      • alwyn 2.2.1

        I had a look at how Clark and Key rated as preferred PM at the same stage in their premierships.
        Clark was at 48%. Key was at 55%.
        Ardern’s 37% looks rather puny doesn’t it?
        As far as Kelvin Davis’ opinion goes I think he would feature in the “who” category if anyone was asked about his ranking.
        I was surprised to find he was still around. Is he really the best that the Labour Party can manage as their deputy? Still he makes Curran look smart by comparison.

        • Puckish Rogue

          ” Is he really the best that the Labour Party can manage as their deputy? ”

          Best or most compliant…

        • AB

          Davis along with Willie Jackson was an important strategist in planning the demise of the Maori Party. Which was the 2nd most important factor (after Arderns likeability) in the defeat of National. So it’s very pleasing (poetic justice even) that someone whose abilities you despise is one of the main causes of your dismal whining and misplaced grief.

        • red-blooded

          These two had been leaders of their respective parties for considerably longer, and both led governments that were more clearly dominated by one central party. Ardern is doing very well as leader.

        • swordfish


          I had a look at how Clark and Key rated as preferred PM at the same stage in their premierships.

          Clark was at 48%. Key was at 55%.

          Ardern’s 37% looks rather puny doesn’t it


          (1) Key was on 51% … not 55%

          (2) Ardern’s trajectory as Preferred PM has largely mirrored Clark’s.

          Eg in the late Feb 2000 polls, Clark rated 36% (TV3 CM Research) and 43% (One News Colmar Brunton) as Preferred PM … while in the Jan-Feb 2018 polls, Ardern scored 38% (Newshub Reid Research). and 41% (One News Colmar Brunton).

          It’s true that Clark then hit 48% in the Colmar Brunton … but you don’t mention the little fact that this represented her absolute apex of popularity during her first two years as PM … and that she immediately began a steep decline … mid 30s before the middle of 2000, down around 30% in the second half of the year.

          (3) We’ve had 14 Prime Ministers since regular polling commenced in 1969: and Ardern is already out-rating 10 of her 13 immediate predecessors. Only Muldoon, Clark and Key were more popular (and with Muldoon, this was only in the relatively brief period when he reached his apex … he was rarely above early 30s most of the time).

          (4) Bridges’ début is surprisingly poor … even dear old Bill English enjoyed a higher initial Preferred PM rating in 2001, before going on to take the Nats to that historic defeat in 02.

          • alwyn

            I chose the nearest Colmar/Brunton numbers that were available to the time period corresponding to this poll.
            What happened to Clark after that date is irrelevant. How can we possibly know what will happen to Ardern’s numbers in the future? If you can tell me please apply your skill to telling me what the Lotto numbers for Saturday are.
            I’ll take your word for Key being on 51%, Graphical results were readily available but finding tabular results with exact dates was surprisingly hard.

        • Baba Yaga

          I’m surprised Davis is out of witness protection.

          • Puckish Rogue

            Probably just reading from a script 🙂

            • Baba Yaga

              Yes, just like half the Labour caucus! Although Twyford went off script this week talking about PPP’s! He’ll no doubt get a phone call from someone.

      • Sacha 2.2.2

        in 2.2, you might need to be clearer about what you are quoting from Audrey’s fair hand and which words are yours.

        • Keepcalmcarryon

          It’s not coincidence it’s hard to tell the authors words from a hard right political poster eh

    • Ffloyd 2.3

      How come there is no longer a place for comments to opinion pieces any more?

    • mauī 2.4

      lol that photo.

    • Tamati Tautuhi 2.5

      …..slimein britches ?

  3. Ad 3

    Sure hope Mayor Phil Goff recovers quickly in hospital with the angioplasty.

    This is the first time since WW2 that Auckland and central government budgets (+fuel tax) have been aligned, and also their transport and housing strategies have been aligned.

    Goff has got to be there to land this LTP budget.

  4. savenz 4

    Patrick Gower: EQC blowout “just like leaky homes”


    I heard that after the Earthquake many tradies went down to Christchurch to get work, but it was taking so long for the insurance ‘assessments’ to take place that they could not afford to stay down there ‘waiting and waiting’ for the insurance to sign off so they could start. After months and months of delays they went back home.

    Then there was the big ‘immigration’ drive a year later with CHCH being the buzz word, that segued into filling up Auckland with people to pushing up house prices to make people feel rich and get the Natz reelected with the fantasy ‘rockstar economy’.

    The whole Chch rebuild was a clusterfuck micromanaged by the National government and it put local tradies out of business while creating the events leading to the complete screw up that Auckland has become today with congestion, mouldy hospitals and more taxes (for those that live here of course, don’t want to tax tourists or non residents!) while now the remedial work in CHCH is not up to standard and has to be re done.

    Note to government – maybe actually make industry train tradies who live in NZ in the community they work in and can actually be accountable – likewise our insurance companies who use delay to reduce the payments. Having 10 subcontractors and assessors does not generally produce a quality result because a build is only as good as the weakest link.

    Some people still do not have their house rebuilt after 7 years!


    • tc 4.1

      Not to bad a comparison from Panic pants Paddy there as leaky homes is 100% nationals also.

      • Keepcalmcarryon 4.1.1

        That EQC story needs to be explained in terms relative to Auckland latte prices, how many tunnels, yachting villages or light rail networks it equates to in order to matter politically unfortunately.
        It should result in Gerry’s enormous head on a platter but won’t.

  5. Sanctuary 5

    Our MSM’s “gotcha” style obsession with demanding the government tow the line on any and all actions taken by the USA and it’s incessant attempts to foot trip the government is doing my head in.

    These dumb fucks in the media whined like little bitches when National party ministers refused anything but the most patsy of interviews and the National government did everything in it’s power to hide or not collect any data that the media could use to trip them up. But seeing how the MSM behaves with ministers who turn up and minister who release information, who in their right mind would blame Labour if they decided to adopt the same attitude to the media as National did?

    I mean, who the fuck made the NZ MSM guardians of a knee jerk rightwing establishment foreign policy?

  6. Carolyn_Nth 6

    Going to a funeral today for a work colleague who was one of the pedestrians killed (>a href=”https://www.greaterauckland.org.nz/2018/04/18/guest-post-aucklands-road-safety-crisis/#pq=OkcawK”>as mentioned in this GreaterAuckland Post today) on Auckland’s roads last week.

    Many in my work place were in shock last week at the news. And very traumatic for the family.

    The post says:

    Open road speeds are going up annually by 1%. For every 1% increase in speed there is a 4% increase in fatalities (corridors make up 4% of the network but 30% of fatalities and serious injuries)

    • veutoviper 6.1

      My condolences to you and your work colleagues and the family/whanau, Carolyn Nth.

      My internet security or something would not let me into the greater auckland site but I had noticed the media reports of the obviously lovely woman/partner/mother who was killed on the North Shore and presume this was your work colleague; and of the two pedestrians killed in Papatoetoe at the weekend. So sad for these lives to be cut short in an instance by driver speed/carelessness.



      This article from last August caught my eye as it also provides the horrifying statistic that pedestrian deaths increased last year by 75%. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11909394

      But today for you is focusing on your colleague and her life. Kia kaha.

      • Carolyn_Nth 6.1.1

        Thanks, veuto.

        It was a very well attended funeral. The main church area was full with people standing at the back and the side, and others standing outside in the lobby. Our colleague had an enthusiasm for life, her family, her job (a vocation for her) and community service. She touched many lives, and their were many tributes celebrating the various areas of a very full life.

        But the enthusiasm for life was still there when she died way before her time. She had much more to contribute.

        So, a sad day.

        • veutoviper

          Lots of respect and hugs to you, and the whanau, CN. Again , thinking of you and thanks for coming back to me – I appreciate it. Sleep well. Again, kia kaha.

          I am not Maori but I am a NZer/pakeha (refuse to call myself a European etc; genes – Glaswegian meets true Cockney part-Jew) and I love and respect this country and its whakapapa and kaupapa beyond all else.

          PS, I forgot to mention Female – and Leo. LOL.

  7. savenz 7

    Good article by Mike Lee on the Auckland airport screw up, it’s pretty obvious to everyone that there should be a heavy rail line and apparently quicker and cheaper but as usual AT have their own ideas and analysis….

    “However these carefully laid plans, as so often happens (Auckland has a history of this), were overturned by AT bureaucrats claiming a tram travelling from the CBD to the airport via Dominion Road despite stopping at 20 tram stops and numerous intersections while keeping to a 50 kph speed limit would get to the airport within one minute of an electric train travelling up to 110 kph. In late 2016 following the election of Phil Goff, the favoured Onehunga – Mangere rail corridor was deliberately blocked by AT when it demolished the Neilson Street overbridge immediately to the south of the Onehunga train station, placing the road straight across the rail corridor.”

    In short a big reason that Auckland is such a screw up, is Auckland Transport who have been enabled to exist in their own peculiar silo that delivers an appalling service and appalling ideas! They can’t even organise a well thought through cycle land in Westmere for Pete’s sake, let alone a train!


    • Sanctuary 7.1

      Mike Lee hasn’t got a clue. For starters, if you could me in the direction of any AT train that goes 110km/h I’d be startled.

      Perhaps you need to acquaint yourself with some of the stuff on greaterauckland about this, for example:




      • savenz 7.1.1

        Sanctuary, if you could point me to a well functioning train under AT I’d be startled too. But that’s not the point.

        As for greater Auckland, it’s a blog that got taken over by AT and council money.

        It’s just another pretence that there are independent voices out there.

        • Sacha

          Let’s see evidence to support your claim about Greater Auckland.

          • savenz

            Pretty sure it was found that Patrick Reynold’s was paid $41,000 for art purchased by Auckland Transport who was a prominent blogger on the site supporting the councils views and also wanted an unpaid seat at the AT board that Phil Goff supported while taking off official and democratically elected council representation of the AT board.


            (could the clusterfuck get any weirder)

            • Sacha

              Reynolds was paid that over many years in his own right as a professional photographer. Mayor Goff decided to remove Councillors from sitting on both Council and CCO Boards to clarify accountability and he got enough support from Councillors to do that.

              Nothing to do with Greater Auckland in either case.

              • savenz

                Most people would think a $41k payments is not really independent thinking or is considered a conflict of interest. Of course now post Key, anything goes.

                • Sacha

                  You said “As for greater Auckland, it’s a blog that got taken over by AT and council money.”

                  Still not hearing evidence. Are you saying that paying one member of a collective for completely separate work over a period of many years is enough to persuade that whole group of people to take a particular editorial angle?

                  Not everyone in this world is a scoundrel and most have a higher price than you seem to expect.

                  • savenz

                    most have a higher price than you seem to expect… not in our low wage economy, most officials seem to be keen to sell us out for a decent meal and a plane ticket overseas, of course the $41k is the only payment that people have noticed… but I’d say it’s not so much payment it’s the insidious nature of keeping any different opinion from being voiced about transport that concerns me the most about AT and the council.

                    It’s a few people orchestrating and influencing an agenda, that if you haven’t noticed has NOT delivered competent transport outcomes in this city.

                    The evidence is before you, our transport is expensive and doesn’t work well. So anyone who pretends they have done a good job and defend them and wants more of the same problems, are just enablers who are actually part of the problem.

                    • Molly

                      “it’s the insidious nature of keeping any different opinion from being voiced about transport that concerns me the most about AT and the council. “
                      Having heard Reynolds and Matt L speak, I have the same concerns. Reynolds proudly stated that they take care to personally frame issues to ensure that all questions lead to their conclusions. Not to allow open discussion. If you frame the problem in a specific way, only discuss limited options, then it is very difficult for other voices or perspectives to be heard.

                      With good intent, the focus of GA is on problems that exist within their knowledge or areas of interest, which limits the even-handedness of the site in terms of giving voice or priorities to the many areas that they don’t cover. GA also has gained a large following, and have established a working relationship with AT and Council that gives them a significant influence. One that is not tempered by deliberately balancing their views with that of other areas, or demographics.

                      It is not that GA is bad. It is that the limitations of using this as the primary resource for all things transport in Auckland, should be recognised and countered for.

                    • savenz

                      @Thanks Molly.

                      There seems to be a basic lack of understanding that having different ideas in the boardroom or around the table on issues is actually valuable to solve problems.

                      But in the council people like Mike Lee are undermined because they question the official conclusions.

                      Often indépendant thinkers are not liked and ridiculed by the status quo.

                      The guy (John Houbolt) that had the idea of the technology to get US to the moon was undermined by NASA and thought to be a trouble maker.

                      The guy (Alan Turing) that helped win the 2nd world war by inventing the enigma machine was prosecuted by the UK government for being gay.

                      There are lots of people around who have different ideas, and to advance you need to have some sort of openness to listen.

                      The problem in Auckland, is that nobody will listen to any difference of opinion or range of ideas and actively try to attack anyone who voices alternatives even if they are a democratically elected councillor (who Spinoff among other’s actively tried to eradicate in the elections).

                      Mike Lee may not be perfect, but at least he’s not a clone and Auckland would have been better off with him and Christine Fletcher on the board. That’s left and right satisfied for a start.

            • Draco T Bastard

              Yeah, your ‘pretty sure’ is proof that you have NFI WTF you’re talking about.

    • Ad 7.2

      Funny how all Mike Lee’s preferences are from the age of steam – what a true boilermaker he is.

      Mike Lee is not arguing against light rail to the airport. He is arguing for the heavy rail link from Puhinui first. That’s all that it amounts to: prioritisation.

      Design from Onehunga to the airport has been underway for years, and included the specific widening of the bridge and widening of George Bolt Memorial. The corridor is ready to go.

      He doesn’t have the ability to understand that some light rail vehicles can actually go direct to routes, while others do all stops – just like buses do.

      There are a series of announcements from Phil Twyford coming up in which works for both light rail to the airport and light rail up SH16 will be accelerated. It’s going to be as big a deal for Auckland as Sir John Allum agreeing to the motorway system in the 1950s.

      There will also be announcements in the future about value capture.

      Mike needs to stop quibbling, accept that Auckland and Wellington are in alignment for the first time ever, and let the Minister get on with it.

      • savenz 7.2.1

        We hear the talk AD, pay the cash, but still no public transport and more people come. A bit like building all these affordable houses, we all hear how it was gonna happen, now not so much.

        Alignment does not bring public transport. All they have aligned to do, is bleed more money out of people. The transport we are still waiting for.

        • Ad

          Pop on up to Auckland.
          City Rail Link is under construction now.
          Bus routes have been completely redesigned.
          Bus priority lanes continue to be rolled out.
          Cycling has gone through the roof.

          The most recent results from a decade of rebuilding Auckland’s transport are here:


          • savenz

            under construction.. your comic touches continue to inspire. Maybe a job telling the homeless that their houses are on their way in a decade or two and the cheque is in the mail from Fletchers…

      • Tamati Tautuhi 7.2.2

        Light rail along Dominion Rd and over the Mangere Bridge will be an absolute cock up the place is at a stand still even now ?

        • Ad

          On Dominion Road, wait until they strip out every single parking space.
          And wait until they take out all the buses, replacing them with light rail.
          There’s plenty of space in that corridor to be played with.

          On Mangere, the lanes are already provided for in the existing corridor.
          One exception to that being the bridge over the Manukau. There’s more detail on GreaterAuckland posts about light rail. The design and feasibility is reasonably advanced, and is now being led within NZTA.

          • savenz

            The design and feasibility is reasonably advanced… oh I love how paper is now the new transport to yee hah about! Close your eyes and smell the design and feasibility study commuters! Bet it works a treat if you live in Wellington.

  8. savenz 8

    I love this idea of 40 million passengers getting from Auckland airport via tram, who would have thought up this brilliant plan! sarcasm.

    Must be the same person that decided that a family of 4 pay $34 to go 14km on the bus and take approximately 8 times longer than by car aka 1.5 hours or not having a public transport system of any description in many parts of the super city while taking 1.34m per year in Auckland rates for their efforts!

    • Ad 8.1

      How well are the working people of Onehunga and Mangere and Favona served for public transport frequency compared to the citizens of New Lynn and Otahuhu and Panmure?

      GreaterAuckland has done a number of posts on precisely this issue and why light rail is superior.

      This is the plan that’s coming.

      • savenz 8.1.1

        you should be a comedian AD,

        “This is the plan that’s coming”

        • Ad

          You have absolutely no idea about public transport in Auckland and should stop opening your keyboard about it when your ignorance is so stark.

          Take an hour or two and you can learn about the pt programmes through both http://www.at.govt.nz and http://www.greaterauckland.org.nz

          • joe90

            savenz’s a fucking expert on everything, don’t ya know.

            • savenz

              Well I do know the difference between a piece of paper and an actual bus/train/ferry to catch and I can read a rates bill to work out where the majority of Auckland Transport funding comes from. For 30 years we hear this stuff about our amazing public transport on it’s way… still waiting.

      • OncewasTim 8.1.2

        Genuine question. Just how ‘great’ do they see ‘Greater Auckland’?
        Great enough to understand that it is the interbational gateway to most of the North Island?

        • Ad

          Why don’t you pop over and ask them – their dialogue is pretty open when you join in.

  9. savenz 9

    And don’t think the ferry services will save us!

    Northcote Point ferry the most cancelled public transport service in Auckland


  10. Agora 10

    We hear little about Jaish-al-Islam, accused of using gas in Aleppo against Kurds in 2016


    They had largely lost the area before allegations were made of use of toxic substances.


  11. Morrissey 11

    Imagine if the Democrats had taken this guy in 2000,
    instead of selecting dull Al and warmonger Joe….


  12. prickles 12

    Very wise words from Donna Kerridge about Maori health – and the health of all kiwis. I don’t know anywhere near enough about Rongoa Maori but what I do know is that it makes a lot more sense than the over-prescription of drugs and surgery.

    Just thought this article needed to be read by many and couldn’t think of where else to share it. Perhaps I should say “where better to share it.”


  13. OncewasTim 13

    What’s the difference between the dawn raids in the ’70’s and the ‘visits’ of 2017 & 18?

    • Draco T Bastard 13.1

      Why, in your opinion, are over-stayers not criminals?

      • OnceWasTIm 13.1.1

        I’m not suggesting they aren’t @ Draco.
        It’s more to do with the manner in which people are treated, whatever their circumstance

        • Draco T Bastard

          Then how are you suggesting that police/immigration find them?

          • OncewasTim

            You still don’t get it do you! When I get near a better device, we’ll have a discussion. Right now I’m witnessing something like it’s a macho man Julie Christie reality TV show.
            Hopefully I’ll be able to ask you what is the best way of reducing immigrant numbers.
            Is it by penalising the perpetrators of various shit education scams and work schemes….or is it better to penalise their victims?
            Then of course there’s the whole issue of launderd big money and Thiel-like bolt holes – all part of the cistern that needs a bloody big flush.

            • OncewasTim

              Actually @Draco, you’re actually quite the binary-thinking authoritarian the more I see SOME of your comments. For me, quite a disappointment. Immediately I posed the Q above, you’ve lept to asking another of me.

              I’m likely to disingage before too long in the hope others might have a go at answering without baggage.
              Btw….I know you’re utterly gorgeous

  14. mauī 14

    The unintended consequences when you play round with another’s language and use it to your own advantage.

    “‘The name of a beer produced on Waiheke Island is coming under pressure for its links to a 19th-century Ngapuhi chief.

    Ngapuhi elder David Rankin told Newstalk ZB that Heke beer, produced by Waiheke Brewing Company, took the name of his ancestor Hone Heke.”


  15. Puckish Rogue 15


    Transport Minister Phil Twyford said today the Government was “open for business” for private investors for transport, urban development and housing.

    “When we’re talking about light rail and rapid transit my expectation is that it’s likely that some of those big projects will be done in collaboration with private sector through PPP (public private partnership) models.”

    Yes….this is how it begins Phil….yesss….good, very good, its always difficult the first time but then it becomes so much easier…and theres so many more projects that need help…


    • savenz 15.1

      That must be why the UK has abandoned PPP model for the tubes after massive problems and costs when it tried them.

      No wonder we need the fuel tax, someones got to prop up offshore private enterprise with a profit margin and as many people on the teat as possible.

  16. Tamati Tautuhi 16

    John Key and the Hobbit’s Super City has been a raging success it has even brought traffic to a stand still.

    Somehow I don’t think either of these two clowns understood the words “town planning” ?

  17. Cemetery Jones 17

    This didn’t take long.


    Trump scandals just get funnier by the moment.

  18. joe90 18

    Some of the wingnuts are a little exercised.


    Establishment of IGIS Reference Group

    16/04/2018 2:00pm

    The Inspector-General has today announced the establishment of a Reference Group. The Group brings together a broad range of individuals and groups, all of whom have specific expertise and experience that in one way or another touches on the work of the Inspector-General’s office. The first meeting of the Reference Group was held last week in Wellington.


    The members of the Inspector-General’s Reference Group are:

    Ben Creet – Issues Manager, Internet NZ

    Professor Rouben Azizian – Director, Centre for Defence and Security Studies, Massey University

    Dr Nicole Moreham – Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington

    Dr Paul Buchanan – Director, 36th Parallel Assessments

    David Fisher – Journalist, New Zealand Herald

    John Ip – Senior Lecturer, Assistant Dean (Academic), Faculty of Law, University of Auckland

    Nicky Hager – Journalist, Author

    Thomas Beagle – Chairperson, NZ Council for Civil Liberties

    Treasa Dunworth – Associate Professor, Public International Law, University of Auckland

    Suzanne Snively – Chair, Transparency International

    Deborah Manning – Barrister


  19. The Am Show jerry brown is ———- they did not have to bale out bills m8 south Canterbury finance to the tune of $2 billion they just had the obligation to fix those poor people houses in Christ Church right and properly .
    T J Perenara is right in what he has tweeted people with high profiles have to realize that there words can hurt affect a lot of good people and Pacific and Maori people are the most vulnerable .
    We would not have those problems in Christ Church if we built our society using the principals of sustainability mokopunas at the forefront of our plan and those houses would never have been built on old swamp land the filters of out enviroment .or built on some hills like in Tauranga some places should be left to mother nature and enhanced to help mother nature . Duncan we need to work with Papatuanuku .
    OUR new leader is doing a fine job on her trip to Europe she is wooing them all Ka pai
    Ka kite ano P.S Mark and Amanda it good to see Mark thinking about his mokopunas I got a few Amanda alot of times you give your children advice and they don’t take it you just have to wait and say I told you so Mark S congratulations to you for your mokopunas Mark you have to pay Google to wipe your internet history

    • eco maori 19.1

      Newshub well there you go Andrew Little has achieved the first step in the pike river coal mine debacle left behind by shonkys government the whano will be much happier .
      I think the noodle should keep out to the Gay peoples debacle . You will work out who I am referring to. Michael Jones has it right he is intelligent and humane not like some people.
      I use Emojes Eco Maori favorite is the smiley face with the Halo my mokopunas loved the move Emojes will become the universal written language culture can read .
      Penny Bright is a Mana Wahine I support her cause for transparency of all public agency’s I hope she does not have cancer. P.S the sandflys keep trying to get people to tell me false stories lies I pick up there lies within a couple of minutes lol. Ana to kai Ka kite ano

      • eco maori 19.1.1

        The Crowd Goes Wild Mulls Rodger is going to look hard case in a tutu when he dances in Danceing with the Stars I say he will be a bit like me no swing my childern and wife laugh there asses off when I have had a couple of refreshments and try to dance .
        Brad Shields is right he has to look after his and his familys future first and for-most
        as know one else will Just like James Lowe he looks happy in Leinster. Leinster my son in laws fathers favorite soccer team.
        James what happened you pulled a calf mussel cut it out those ——- moves A you will have to retire those jandals and wear some flash shoes lol
        Ka kite ano

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    Rt Hon Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon Megan Woods, Minister of Research, Science and Innovation Hon Dr David Clark, Minister of Health Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters, Research, Science and Innovation Minister Megan Woods,  and Health Minister David Clark today announced a COVID-19 vaccine strategy, ...
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  • Attributable to the Rt Hon Winston Peters
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    Forestry Minister Shane Jones has introduced a Bill to Parliament that he says will "force more transparency, integrity and respect" for the domestic wood-processing sector through the registration of log traders and practice standards. The Forests (Regulation of Log Traders and Forestry Advisers) Amendment Bill had its first reading in ...
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  • Green MP joins international call to cancel developing countries’ debt
    Green MP Golriz Ghahraman is joining over 300 lawmakers from around the world in calling on the big banks and the IMF to forgive the debt of developing countries, in the wake of the COVID crisis. ...
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  • Ministerial Diary April 2020
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 hours ago
  • Govt extends support schemes for businesses
    Extra 40,000 businesses to be eligible for wage subsidy extension Small business cashflow support application period extended The Government is today announcing further support for businesses that continue to be affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, as the broader economy becomes one of the most open in the world following ...
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  • Five new Super Hercules to join Air Force fleet
    The Coalition Government has confirmed five Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 Super Hercules transport aircraft will be purchased to replace the existing fleet, Defence Minister Ron Mark announced today.  “Last year, Cabinet selected these aircraft as the preferred option to replace the current Hercules fleet. Procurement of the Super Hercules has been ...
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  • New public housing sets standard for future
    New public housing that will save tenants money in energy bills, and provide warmer, healthier and more comfortable homes, is setting the standard for the Government’s future public housing programme, Housing Minister Megan Woods said. Dr Woods opened the new Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities complex, which has a ...
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    7 hours ago
  • Wairarapa Moana seeks international recognition as vital wetland
    The Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage is celebrating World Environment Day with an announcement of a major step towards Wairarapa Moana being recognised as an internationally significant wetland. “Wairarapa Moana is an ecosystem of 10,000 hectares of wetland and open water that provides a home for indigenous fish, birds and ...
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  • First Police wing to complete training post lockdown
    A new-look Police graduation ceremony to take account of COVID19 health rules has marked the completion of training for 57 new constables. Police Minister Stuart Nash attended this afternoon's ceremony, where officers of Recruit Wing 337 were formally sworn in at the Royal New Zealand Police College without the normal support of ...
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  • Government makes further inroads on predatory lenders
    Mobile traders and truck shops must adhere to responsible lending requirements Interest rate cap on high-cost loans Lenders prohibited from offering further credit to an applicant who has taken two high-cost loans in the past 90 days The Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Kris Faafoi, has signalled an end ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • New survey shows wage subsidy a “lifeline” for businesses, saved jobs
    94% of firms say wage subsidy had positive impact on cashflow 62% of firms say support helped to manage non-wage costs like rent A survey of business that have received the Government’s wage subsidy show it has played a significant role in saving jobs, and freed up cash flow to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
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  • Tax changes support economic recovery
    New legislation introduced to Parliament today will support growth and assist businesses on the road to economic recovery, said Revenue Minister Stuart Nash. “The Taxation (Annual Rates for 2020-21, Feasibility Expenditure, and Remedial Matters) Bill proposes that businesses can get tax deductions for ‘feasibility expenditure’ on new investments,” said Mr ...
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  • $4.6 million financial relief for professional sports
    Sport and Recreation Minister Grant Robertson has welcomed the first release of funds from the $265 million Sport Recovery Package announced as part of Budget 2020. Sport NZ has announced that $4.6 million in funding will go to the Wellington Phoenix, NZ Warriors, Super Rugby teams and the ANZ Premiership ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • Critical support for strategic tourism assets
    An iconic New Zealand tourism attraction and the country’s 31 Regional Tourism Organisations are the first recipients of support from the $400 million Tourism Sector Recovery Plan, to help position the sector for recovery from COVID-19, Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis announced today. The plan includes a Strategic Tourism Assets Protection ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • Supporting Kiwi businesses to resolve commercial rent disputes
    The Government will legislate to ensure businesses that suffered as a result of the COVID-19 response will get help to resolve disputes over commercial rent issues, Justice Minister Andrew Little announced today. A temporary amendment to the Property Law Act will insert a clause in commercial leases requiring a fair ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • Prompt payments to SMEs even more urgent
    The Minister for Small Business says new data from Xero highlights the urgency of prompt payment practices to small and medium enterprises as we move into economic recovery. Last month Government ministers wrote to significant private enterprises and the banking industry to request they join efforts by government agencies to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Free period products in schools to combat poverty
    Young people in Waikato will be the first to have free access to period products in schools in another step to support children and young people in poverty,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.  During term 3, the Ministry of Education will begin providing free period products to schools following the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Response to charges in New Plymouth
    The Minister of Police Stuart Nash has issued the following statement in response to charges filed against three Police officers this morning in the New Plymouth District Court. “Any incident involving a loss of life in Police custody is taken very seriously. The charges today reflect the gravity of the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Govt boosts innovation, R&D for economic rebuild
    $196 million for Crown Research Institutes $150 million for R&D loan scheme $33 million for Māori research and development opportunities $12 million for the Nationally Significant Collections and Databases $10 million to help maintain in-house capability at Callaghan Innovation New Zealand’s entrepreneurs, innovators and crown researchers will benefit from a ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Temporary changes to NCEA and University Entrance this year
    Further temporary changes to NCEA and University Entrance (UE) will support senior secondary school students whose teaching and learning have been disrupted by COVID-19. “The wellbeing of students and teachers is a priority. As we are all aware, COVID-19 has created massive disruption to the school system, and the Government ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Extended terms for the directors of the Racing Industry Transition Agency
    Minister for Racing Winston Peters today announced that the terms for the directors of the Racing Industry Transition Agency (RITA) have been extended to 30 June 2021. Due to the COVID-19 crisis the transition period has been extended to ensure that the Racing Industry Bill can complete its progress through ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Healthy Homes Standards statement of compliance deadline extended
    The deadline for landlords to include detailed information in their tenancy agreements about how their property meets the Healthy Homes Standards, so tenants can see the home they are renting is compliant, has been extended from 1 July 2020 to 1 December 2020.  The Healthy Homes Standards became law on 1 July 2019. The Standards are ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission board appointments announced
    Justice Minister Andrew Little today announced details of further appointments to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. “I am pleased to announce Paula Rose QSO OStJ as Deputy Chief Commissioner for a term of five years commencing on 15 June 2020,” said Andrew Little. “I am also pleased to announce the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Release of initial list of supported training to aid COVID-19 recovery
    The Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF) will pay costs of learners of all ages to undertake vocational education and training The fund will target support for areas of study and training that will give learners better employment prospects as New Zealand recovers from COVID-19 Apprentices working in all industries ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Emission trading reforms another step to meeting climate targets
    The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) will finally start to cut New Zealand’s greenhouse gas pollution as it was originally intended to, because of changes announced today by the Minister for Climate Change, James Shaw. The changes include a limit on the total emissions allowed within the ETS, rules to ensure ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Queen’s Birthday Honours highlights Pacific leadership capability in Aotearoa
    Minister for Pacific Peoples Aupito William Sio says the Queen’s Birthday 2020 Honours List provides an abundance of examples that Pacific people’s leadership capability is unquestionable in Aotearoa. “The work and the individuals we acknowledge this year highlights the kind of visionary examples and dedicated community leadership that we need ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Govt backing horticulture to succeed
    The Government is backing a new $27 million project aimed at boosting sustainable horticulture production and New Zealand’s COVID-19 recovery efforts, says Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor. “Our horticulture sector has long been one of New Zealand’s export star performers, contributing around $6 billion a year to our economy. During and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Applications open for forestry scholarships
    Applications have opened for 2021 Ngā Karahipi Uru Rākau – Forestry Scholarships, which will support more Māori and women to pursue careers in forestry science, says Forestry Minister Shane Jones. “I’m delighted Te Uru Rākau is offering Ngā Karahipi Uru Rākau – Forestry Scholarships for the third year running. These ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Excellent service to nature recognised
    The Queen’s Birthday 2020 Honours List once again highlights the dedication by many to looking after our native plants and wildlife, including incredible work to restore the populations of critically endangered birds says Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage. Anne Richardson of Hororata has been made an Officer of the New ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Wetlands and waterways gain from 1BT funding
    The Government will invest $10 million from the One Billion Trees Fund for large-scale planting to provide jobs in communities and improve the environment, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor and Forestry Minister Shane Jones have announced. New, more flexible funding criteria for applications will help up to 10 catchment groups plant ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • New fund for women now open
    Organisations that support women are invited to apply to a new $1,000,000 fund as part of the Government’s COVID-19 response. “We know women, and organisations that support women, have been affected by COVID-19. This new money will ensure funding for groups that support women and women’s rights,” said Minister for ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Govt supports King Country farmers to lift freshwater quality
    Healthier waterways are front and centre in a new project involving more than 300 King Country sheep, beef and dairy farmers. The Government is investing $844,000 in King Country River Care, a group that helps farmers to lift freshwater quality and farming practice, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor announced today. “Yesterday ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Libraries to help with jobs and community recovery
    A major funding package for libraries will allow them to play a far greater role in supporting their communities and people seeking jobs as part of the economic recovery from COVID-19. “Budget 2020 contains over $60 million of funding to protect library services and to protect jobs,” says Internal Affairs ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Support for arts and music sector recovery
    A jobseekers programme for the creative sector and four new funds have been set up by the Government to help our arts and music industry recover from the blow of COVID-19. Thousands of jobs will be supported through today’s $175 million package in a crucial economic boost to support the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Legislative changes to support the wellbeing of veterans and their families
    Minister for Veterans Ron Mark has welcomed the First Reading of a Bill that will make legislative changes to further improve the veterans’ support system.  The Veterans’ Support Amendment Bill No 2, which will amend the Veterans’ Support Act 2014, passed First Reading today. The bill addresses a number of ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Christ Church Cathedral – Order in Council
    Views sought on Order in Council to help fast track the reinstatement of the Christ Church Cathedral  The Associate Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration, Hon Poto Williams, will be seeking public written comment, following Cabinet approving the drafting of an Order in Council aimed at fast-tracking the reinstatement of the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • New Zealanders’ human rights better protected in new Bill
    The law setting out New Zealanders’ basic civil and human rights is today one step towards being strengthened following the first reading of a Bill that requires Parliament to take action if a court says a statute undermines those rights. At present, a senior court can issue a ‘declaration of ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Deep concern at Hong Kong national security legislation
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters today reiterated the deep concern of the New Zealand Government following confirmation by China’s National People’s Congress of national security legislation relating to Hong Kong. “New Zealand shares the international community’s significant and long-standing stake in Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability,” Mr Peters said. “New Zealand ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Government invests in New Zealand’s cultural recovery
    Thousands of artists and creatives at hundreds of cultural and heritage organisations have been given much-needed support to recover from the impact of COVID-19, Prime Minister and Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Jacinda Ardern announced today. “The cultural sector was amongst the worst hit by the global pandemic,” Jacinda ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Better protection for New Zealand assets during COVID-19 crisis
    Key New Zealand assets will be better protected from being sold to overseas owners in a way contrary to the national interest, with the passage of the Overseas Investment (Urgent Measures) Bill. The Bill, which passed its third reading in Parliament today, also cuts unnecessary red tape to help attract ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Cleaning up our rivers and lakes
    Setting higher health standards at swimming spots Requiring urban waterways to be cleaned up and new protections for urban streams Putting controls on higher-risk farm practices such as winter grazing and feed lots Setting stricter controls on nitrogen pollution and new bottom lines on other measures of waterway health Ensuring ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Record year for diversity on Govt boards
    The Government is on the verge of reaching its target of state sector boards and committees made up of at least 50 percent women, says Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter and Minister for Ethnic Communities Jenny Salesa. For the first time, the Government stocktake measures the number of Māori, ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • New appointments to the Commerce Commission
    The Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister and Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media Minister, Kris Faafoi, has today announced the appointment of Tristan Gilbertson as the new Telecommunications Commissioner and member of the Commerce Commission. “Mr Gilbertson has considerable experience in the telecommunications industry and a strong reputation amongst his peers,” ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago