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45 comments on “Open Mike 20/11/2016”

  1. Ad 1

    Awesome All Blacks game this morning.

    Barrett, Retallic, Smith, Whitlock, Perenara all standouts.

    Ireland had all breakdown wins, but never crossed our line. Top stuff.

    • chris73 1.1

      I was watching this with Irish commentary and you’d have through every tackle the All Blacks made was targeting the head, the All Blacks were camped in the Irish back line and that the Irsih were paragons of utmost virtue…I thought the aussies commentary was bad but the Irish commentary was something, it was like we were watching a different game

      • Ad 1.1.1

        NS Sky commentary was pretty honest about our territorial disadvantage.

        We took the very few opportunities we had, despite overwhelming Irish advantage. Mark of a champion team.

        • Red

          Agree Ireland should be kicking themselves Th y won every stat barring the scoreboard, no point dominating if you don’t score. can you imagine ABs having 78pc poseesion and not winning let alone not scoring a try

    • Bill 2.1

      Yup. Linked off to something the other day where Key was quoted as saying, that since the US always got more out of these deals that they gave, that he would remind Trump of what was to be gained.

      And since Trump has said he’s out to protect US workers (whatever that actually means in Trump’s world), I’d expect John to throw the last shirt off the last person’s back to get pen to paper.

      Life under a bus. The new New Zealand norm.

      • Garibaldi 2.1.1

        Yes , Wall St hasn’t finished with John yet.

      • The Chairman 2.1.2

        Yes, that’s right Bill.

        I see they have also thrown out the suggestion of getting China and or Russia on board to compel Trump to join in.

    • Olwyn 2.2

      John Key looks to be betting on the “market” trumping Trump.
      “One option is that the other 11 countries hold hands and after two year ratification period we sign up to TPP in the form its currently in …in principle if the other 11 countries want to hold hands then we can do that…“The second option is somewhere along the line there is some cosmetic change to TPP that allows Donald Trump as President to say: ‘look it was a horrible deal before but because of these changes now it’s a good one and I’ll sign up to it.’ A name change or something, something different.”

      Since Trump’s election, leaders in other places are either trying to work out where the real power will now lie, or nailing their colours to the mast, or both. Key’s colours are definitely those of the neoliberal globalist team, and he also appears to think they will retain their power. The second option oozes with casual contempt – all that’s needed is the right sort of cover-story and expedience will rule, so he reckons.

  2. The Chairman 3

    Timeline of the 7.8 quake and response reveals plenty of room for improvement

  3. Penny Bright 4

    Seen this?

    Grannies for Peace ‘Make Tea…Not War’ picnic

    Friday, 18 November 2016, 2:02 pm
    Press Release: Grannies for Peace


    Grannies for Peace -Make Tea…Not War’ picnic is to be held this Sunday 20th November.

    From 1.00pm-2.00pm at The Cloud, Queen’s Wharf, Auckland Waterfront, while the NZ Navy’s 75th birthday open day is taking place.

    We will be assembling in the seated picnic area outside the Ferry terminal next to the Pou (Maori totem poles).

    A real Granny? A pretend Granny? A Tranny Granny, Granny’s little helper or a bearded Granny?

    Grannies and friends will be dressed up in pink and flowery Granny -type finery to send a colourful, peaceful message to the Government that we don’t want foreign warships visiting our peaceful waters, or Arms Fairs in our lovely City of Peace!

    Grannies will be joined for a sing song of our favourite peace songs led by the ‘Ukes Not Nukes” band at 1.30pm.

    Prize for the best dressed granny – A month’s supply ofMetamucil!

    Why Grannies?

    Grannies are the nurturers, the protectors of children and life.

    Grannies are the women who stayed behind during the war and kept the home-fires burning and picked up the pieces after.

    They know the harsh realities of war.

    Our Grannies are also the ones who fought hard for a nuclear free New Zealand.

    New Zealand is proud of its absolutely peaceful stance that has inspired the whole world, and because of this we have no enemies

    Let’s keep it like that.

    Let’s promote a peaceful future for NZ!

    This week the NZ government has committed $20 million more to military spending.

    Meanwhile poverty and homelessness are increasing.

    Aligning with war-loving nuclear nations compromises us and makes us a target.

    We can’t work towards peace and war at the same time.

    And there is more than one way to resolve conflict.

    Let’s work towards peace.

    Teach our children communication rather than conflict.

    Offer them fun, not guns.

    Get with the programme!

    Get Grannies for Peace on the job!

    Forge Swords into Ploughshares and Guns into Zimmer frames!

    Grannies for Peace is proudly supported by:

    Auckland Quakers
    The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, (WILPF)
    Auckland Peace Action
    The Peace Foundation

    [post up now, thanks – weka]

    • Bill 4.1

      🙂 That’s what I call protest. Fun, imaginative and pointed.

    • chris73 4.2

      You could also have a protest down in Kaikoura to protest the American, Australian, Canadian and NZ warships down there as well 🙂

      • Garibaldi 4.2.1

        Might as well ,they’re all part of the One World “axis of evil”

      • james 4.2.2

        Yep indeed – here are people trying to help Kiwis – lets protest them.


        • adam

          james what a awful response, full of spite and spin. You took no time to read what was originally posted, which shows.

          • Clump_AKA Sam

            Protest for protest sake is no protest at all. Mobilising people in efforts of solidarity is not to tear down, it’s to create productivity

            • adam

              Says the free market guru who can’t even use language out side the small ideological world they occupy.

              • Clump_AKA Sam

                I’m not scratching my eyes out about I know you are but what am I’s. Kiwis have to be shown how to take advantage of protest properly. That should be your only concern

                • adam

                  What are you even trying to say Clump_AKA Sam?

                  That don’t protest, unless everything is perfect? Are you saying that a peace movement is wrong? That arguing against death and mass slaughter is wrong? That protesting against the state sponsored murder of men, women and children by a military industry complex whose only true motivation is money, is wrong?

                  Were are the protest you have organised Clump_AKA Sam? The actions that have worked perfectly Clump_AKA Sam?

                  A few examples would be nice, as for ‘that should be your only concern’ – it seems I’m not as narrow minded as you.

                  • Clump_AKA Sam

                    Yeah. Don’t protest unless everything is perfect would be a good start. I’d suggest youtubing occupy Wall Street or BLM to see what there doing and incorporating the things learnt. Expanding beyond corporate issues and organising other lesser known activities.

                    You need to start contributing more than butt hurt to the conversation

                    • adam

                      You seem way out of touch with reality on this Clump_AKA Sam, or you are displaying a utter lack of any understanding of history. Occupy was very far from perfect. The Alabama bus protest were very far from perfect, the anti war movement in the 60’s, the anti-nuclear movement was a shambles, the anti-apartheid movement barely held itself together (all the time having to confront it’s own internal racism), and the Polynesian Panthers formed in the front room of burnt out rental.

                      All worked, all did wonderful things in a environment far, far, from perfect. The Grannies for Peace is a wonderful protest. The Quakers have been doing the anti-war thing in New Zealand for over a 100 years, by the way. You are way off the mark to define the world of activism in such a small way. Way off the mark.

                    • Clump_AKA Sam

                      If you want to continue then chuck me a private message. Mods don’t need the work

                    • adam

                      What work, keep it civil and everything is fine. Heated is fine too, just don’t abuse people. Here try this when you want to write something really nasty.


                      It helps. Thank John Oliver for that one. Chucky, red, BM, and PR have all had me scream into the void. Not you though Clamp_AKA Sam.

                      It’s a board, thrash things out. One thing that separated open politics and democracy, from totalitarianism and obedience is discussion. And being OK with disagreeing.

                    • weka

                      I haven’t followed this conversation. I find Sam interesting in that I haven’t figured him out yet and he’s not trotting out the same boring lines as BM, PR etc which are all stale as fuck now. We say we need new RWNJs, and I don’t know if Sam is a RWNJ, but personally I think the difference is refreshing.

                      Adam, I agree that it’s ok for things to get heated, things are very stressful right now. I’d just like to see less name calling and more substance. That’s without a mod hat on. If Sam’s comments are winding you up, and you don’t want to debate them, we could always use other space here to talk about the things that really matter.

                    • adam

                      Weka nah he does not wind me up. Just pointing out the inconsistency in arguments, and flaws of using the language of liberalism. Also my radar goes off when anyone talks like they speak ‘the truth’.

  4. greywarshark 5

    I throw the name Richard Alley in to the memory pool. I heard him talking while doing something else, he was on youtube, and presenting some good and accessible info. I think it was on ecology the sea etc and note him worth listening to. I think he is Dr or Prof.

  5. Wellington needs to take its time fixing its buildings. Hastily reopening buildings that were not structurally sound cost Christchurch dearly on 22 February 2011.

  6. Cinny 7

    A bullshit puff piece in the Herald, claiming that outgoing PM Key took on Mark Zuckerberg.

    However it appears that the media have not contacted Zuckerberg for comment, or to hear his version of events.

    Meanwhile the outgoing PM’s conversation claims makes one feel that people in glass houses etc. How are the super fund payments going? Are our tax laws nice and tidy here, Panama Papers springs to mind. Exploiting loop holes?

    Do you think the public will buy your claims? No no son, no they won’t, your days are numbered boy.

  7. Cinny 8

    “Ministry of Education has proposed new routes for the free buses used by two-thirds of the school’s 198 pupils.

    But a computer algorithm that’s meant to find the optimal route based on students’ home addresses has produced routes that are undriveable, says Woodley.”–some-new-routes-are-undrivable-one-crosses-a-stream-with-no-bridge

    Did the Ministry consult an algorithm instead of parents to discover the best route? Cause that’s really gonna work in the constantly changing rural landscape.
    Oh the stupid it really hurts.

    Here’s an idea.. ask the parents and take it from there. A bit like asking the teachers first for their ideas etc before coming up with education changes. Hekias stupid cost cutting ideas due to such lowly budget offered to our education facilities, children have never been a blue party priority.

    And once again whom really suffers with these new changes, the kids. Tired kids will not be able to learn, giving them a huge disadvantage before they even walk through the gate.

  8. adam 9

    If you missed this, I hope it helps. Clarke and Dawe.

  9. adam 10

    weka, can we talk about the appoint of Rep. Mike Pompeo to the head of the CIA and the other odd appointment which trump is making in open mike, or should hold off till monday and another post USA post. Because I agree arguing over the election is tiresome, the problem now is the appointment of cabinet and other high post withing the US government – is worrisome.

    • weka 10.1

      Is there a reason you can’t do that in the existing post?

      • adam 10.1.1

        I did, just wondering when we can talk about this stuff on open mike again? I suppose.

        • weka

          It came up the other day and some people were saying it was good to have it still free of those convos. I’m in two minds. It’s a hard thing to give up, having the aggro-free space in particular. But eventually it’s going to have to happen.

          • weka

            Just had a look, 79 comments in 2 quiet days, some thoughtful debate. How about I bump the thread up every day or two so it’s higher on the FP? It can sit above OM, but will still drop below the new posts for the day.

            • Andre

              For what it’s worth, I still appreciate having a separate election post. Most of what I put up would feel like spamming OM, same for the stuff other people put up that I end up following. And given the tone of discussion around US election issues is likely to deteriorate in a day or two…

  10. greywarshark 11

    Is there a search window on here now? There used to be one for looking up anyone including ones self and now I don’t see it at the top. I found it handy.

  11. weka 12

    [In order to keep Open Mike and Daily Review free for other conversations, please put all discussion, comments, link postings etc about the US election under one of the posts about the Election – weka]

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