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19 comments on “Open mike 21/07/2010”

  1. Carol 1

    An email from my union says there are the following proposed changes to the Emploment Relatiosn Act that I had not heard before:

    *Employers will be able to communicate directly with workers during bargaining and at settlement.
    The union says that ATM, som such commuunication is possible but the proposed changes open possibilities for employers to misuse power, intimidate subtley workers, and undermine employer-employee relations.

    * A number of the rules around personal grievances are being changed to simplify procedure.
    The union says there is no problem here that needs fixing. They say only a small number of girevances cases are taken by employees because the process is very stressful. Where processes have been criticised, it is usually the employer who is being criticised for being unfair in the way they have carried out procedures.

    * Changes to the Holiday Act (which includes the proposalm to be able to cash in holidays) includes: Employers and employees will be able to agree to transfer the observance of public holidays to another (identified) working day.”The union says this may seem like a good idea to many employees. However, it will be the employer who decides when an employee can take a public holiday.
    So, IMO, that must mean that it will mean that the employer will be able to tell a worker to work on the ACTUAL public holiday, and that they can have another day as their paid day off.

    I have found this outline of the proposed changes. It goes into more detail than the email from my union. But I guess my union has identitfied the most problematic proposed changes for workers.:

    • jcuknz 1.1

      All my working life my employer could roster me on to work on a public holiday along with which days I got off and for me to have particular days off was by negotiation … things must have badly gone wrong since I left the workforce twenty years ago … from the little I know of the current system my impression is that the unions and government have fouled up the pretty sensible arrangements I worked under. I feel sorry for the current workforce what with that and the lack of security in employment.

      • Carol 1.1.1

        I believe the current law (from 2003) is that an employee is entitled to a paid day off if they would normally work on the day the public holiday falls. The employer can only expect an employee to work on that day if it is part of a collective agreement. And then I think they must pay time & a half.

        When can an employee be required to work on a public holiday

        An employer may require an employee to work on a public holiday when:

        * the public holiday falls on a day the employee would otherwise have worked, and
        * the employee’s employment agreement specifies that the employee may be required to work on the holiday.

  2. News that “Australian company AWE is about to drill a well close to the Marlborough Sounds” is a worry for me. “Environmental group Greenpeace said the plan to drill close to D’Urville Island was “quite alarming” after one of the worst oil spills in history at a BP well in the Gulf of Mexico.”

    Yes it is a worry – this area is very precious and should not be put at risk for a few dollars. But don’t worry the aussies drillers are onto it,
    “We will do everything in our powers to make sure we don’t have any adverse reactions there,” AWE corporate development manager Garry Marsden said yesterday .”we are conscious we are in a very environmentally sensitive area there,” he said.”

    This oil well is just so wrong.

  3. ZombieBusiness 3

    Police are reluctant to use a gun! The introduction of Tasers will not
    only see an increase of legal assaults on the public by the Police but
    comparable increases of illegal use of Tasers by Police on the Public.
    The debate by the media has consistently ignored the odious point
    that Tasers are mostly non-lethal and so will be used more frequently.
    There is no good reason for Tasers, Police should always be reluctant
    to use force.

  4. ak 4

    More of our “best and brightest” leaving biketrack paradise I see from the latest numbers…..I thought Beaky and the Bland were going to stop this?

    • Lanthanide 4.1

      The only thing that is going to really stop the ‘brain drain’ across the ditch is higher wages in NZ. Although Bland and Beaky like to talk this up, they have no real intention of following through on anything apart from tax cuts (which rewards the richest the most).

      • prism 4.1.1

        Yes I don’t think that the electorate understands the thinking behind the catching up with Oz avowed by the pollies. It’s just a pretty rainbow for us kiddies to dance towards as we look for the mythical pot of gold.

        Why we are far from understanding is firstly, we assume they mean most of us. They don’t – we need to be a low-waged long-hours economy to enable the country to function because of the way the economy has been shaped.
        Second – the times we did come close to Australian earnings were when the stars were in the right alignment. You can study your horoscopes till the cows come home looking for a repeat.
        Third – there is generally a parallel in NZ stats to Australian income and wealth progress stats, but NZ stays at a lower level, and rarely, at exceptional times that prove the rule, do the lines close.

        So don’t hold your breath waiting and hoping for better times, move to Oz and try for yourself, or forget about Oz wage advantages. We should get on with grappling to gain understanding of our country and aim to influence better policies that strike the right amount of co-operation, ethical standards, pragmatism, intransigence, chutzpah, wily self-interest and smart innovation with the rest of the world. It’s all needed now right here not under the seductive rainbow.

        • Bored

          Hi Prism, this is sadly redolent of the outpouring of green grass syndrome I listened to last night. Driving back from Taupo in the dark of the night, pressing the radio dials I heard the MOST truly excremental talkback show ever. Madame Woodham and the redneck rabble all complaining about the cost of living in NZ, and how Aussie was better. It was at that moment a lady returned from years in NSW called in and mentioned costs they have in NSW such as real estate stamp duties, higher health costs etc, and it all fell into place. The good lady in question put the whole debate to bed by moving the topic onto comparative issues such as community, politeness etc praising her homecoming Dunedin experience. And on that high note before Kerry could debase the story I turned it off.

          • prism

            Yay Bored – It is good to hear what the talking heads are saying. Knowledge is strength I have heard. God give me strength. And you can hear useful information from callers with personal experience if the broadcaster allows them to talk.

            I avoid like the plague such people as Kerry Woodham, Paul Holmes, Henry etc. I would like Jim Mora to have a wider number of such RWNJs on his show (than he already has) so I get a sneak preview into what is passing through their minds. Seems to be a convenient settling place for the flies each day at 4pm, mixed with a few active minds.

            • Bored

              Ah the dung hill that the fornicating flies of NZ retreat to at 4pm….

  5. Kerry 5

    I’m rather amused at the apparent leftist plot to remove Sideshow Bob as mayor of Christchurch.

    Personally I couldn’t in good faith bring myself to vote for either Anderton or Parker

  6. Carol 6

    An announcment due in the next hour about a step towards public-private partnership school. Press conference called for midday by English & Tolley:

  7. Selwyn Hammond 7

    Any inside word on the changes at headquarters announced in the Dominion today?
    LABOUR SHAKES UP ITS SPIN DOCTORS A shake-up in Labour leader Phil Goff’s office will see chief press secretary Gordon Jon Thompson promoted to the vacant position of chief of staff – a title previously held under Helen Clark by Heather Simpson, or H2 as she was known. (Which presumably makes Mr Thompson G2.) Mr Goff said Mr Thompson would co-ordinate the policy, communications, administration and media teams, be responsible for strategic and tactical planning, and ensure that leadership decisions are implemented. Press secretary Kris Faafoi is seen as the frontrunner as chief spin doctor

    • sarah carter 7.1

      I don’t know the individuals but having a chief of staff has to be a good development

    • prism 8.1

      RL Shocking. Do you remember Biafra decades ago. Same ribs showing then. I guess they call New York the Dupli City. I’ve sent it to someone wealthy I know. I should be looking for a charity organising food. It should be one of the UN agencies as its the sort of problem that they should be at least coordinating help for.

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