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34 comments on “Open Mike 22/04/2017”

  1. AsleepWhileWalking 1

    This is interesting only because Ole Dammegard predicted the next false flag attack to be NYC. He predicts staged “terrorist” events by looking for clues in the previous attack, which last time was a picture of the Statue of Liberty on a bus.

    Aside from the clues laid out beforehand, he says these things are clues to a false flag

    – some kind of drill just before the attack. Ole says they use this time to stage the event take video and pictures which are later distributed as proof the attack occurred

    – pictures of shoes that have been removed

    • Stunned mullet 1.1

      What ? I always thought it was the reverse vampires in cahoots with the sauger people that would launch the next false flag in my garden shed.

      • McFlock 1.1.1

        Quite funny though – security and emergency services run an exercise based on real-world threats, one of those threats eventuates, and the similarity between the exercise and the event reassures the weirdos that the security and emergency services actually created the event.

        • One Two

          Mullet has captured your attention on a few occasions, which given the sorry state of SM’s comments, should be a signal for you to ponder ‘why’

          Simple to understand that you view yourself as above ‘conspiracies’…as if you understand all apects at play in this world

          You don’t, which makes the scared, and transparent comments as laughable as an athiests…because they don’t know, either!

          • McFlock

            Well, you’re wrong about how I view myself, but I do view you as a pretentious piece of cat vomit.

  2. Adrian Thornton 2

    Great news …Len McCluskey re-elected as Unite union general secretary

    Corbyn 2017.

  3. UncookedSelachimorpha 3

    Yet another “chronic shortage” of workers that needs government intervention to solve:

    Weird how labour shortages always need state intervention (e.g. subsidise or manipulate the market to keep wages down) instead of simply letting market forces push wages up to get more workers.

    Anything else – and the “Market” is sacrosanct and cannot be touched!

    • So, what we’ve got to show for 30 years spent wrecking the railway system is not enough truck drivers to wreck our roads to the extent required. Three cheers for good governance!

      • BM 3.1.1

        We went from Hamilton to Tauranga yesterday, fucking hell I’ve never seen so many trucks in my life.

        Going down the Kaimais with these big rigs roaring past you only a couple of feet away is quite nerve racking.

        Pokey winding two-lane roads really aren’t suitable for heavy trucking, that stuff should be moved by railway.

    • John up North 3.2

      Roll out paddy gower (sub caps deliberate cause he’s a tool) won’t call him a journalist cause he’s done fuck all with regard to researching this employer and the wages + conditions he subjects his workers to.

      Well know x mayor of Whangarei that somehow, I’m not sure how, just happened to do very well in business when he had his boots on that particular desk. Typical small town story, farmers, truckies, business “leaders” all driving the council bus exactly where “they” wanted.

      Not a mention of the whole bullshit line about beneficiaries all smoking pot either! Yep, blaze a blunt before the interview, fail the drug test, straight back to winz and life of leisure on the couch………sweet!

      • UncookedSelachimorpha 3.2.1

        Yep, your link is another of the disgusting worker / beneficiary bashing articles in the popular media – and why the journalists NEVER ask about the wages and conditions on offer, I’ll never know.

    • Graeme 3.3

      And this is the top related story on RNZ site'dangerous'-alternative-highway-union

      I hear similar stories about the roads in the lower South Island too, particularly Queenstown – Christchurch. So how much of this “problem” is due to growth in freight volumes, or long term workers saying “bugger this” due to burnout, poor wages and dangerous conditions.

      As an aside, a truck on the road is a workplace, so the road must also be a workplace. The mad acts you see every day wouldn’t be in a contained workplace, so how does this square with the driver’s and employer’s responsibilities to provide and operate a safe workplace?

      • Ad 3.3.1

        If it’s that big a stress, why isn’t sea freight more viable between Wellington and Christchurch?

        • Graeme

          No roll on /off facilities at Lyttelton. I gather they became redundant when Rangitira went in 60’s. Rail, then road from Picton was more economic until it couldn’t happen.

          But the stress isn’t just Picton – Christchurch, it’s all around the country, as in BM’s comment at 3.1.1 If you think it’s bad in a car, try it in a truck that’s a metre wider and uses all the lane on corners.

  4. Looking up, looking out, looking back – what do we see? The way forward. The truth of “walk backwards to the future’.

    I have loved the Cassini mission

  5. Cinny 5

    Last night I helped out at a function where Jacinda Ardern spoke, what a fantastic evening.

    She spoke for some time, a wonderfully engaging woman, blew me away how interested the audience was. Occasionally if a person speaks for some time the audience becomes disinterested or restless, this did not happen. Instead everyone listening appeared to be completely immersed in her words, no one was shuffling in their seats.
    When a speaker is passionate and has a genuine love and understanding of the subject matter, they draw in the entire audience, her passion and motivation is for the well being of our people, our country. Respect 😀

    I believe Jacinda Ardern will be one of the most loved and respected politicians NZ has ever seen.

  6. Andre 6

    That infamous 90s “this is your brain on drugs” commercial, redone to reflect reality.

  7. Andre 7

    The Chump’s Supreme Court pick gets his first vote – and uses it to help keep the US in the dark ages. Arkansas’ assembly line executions can go ahead.

    • ianmac 7.1

      Wonder if Gorsuch would be willing to attend an execution in the room with the victim after spending some time with the victim to find out if he is a real person.

  8. adam 8

    Well desperate times for the Tory’s and their lackeys.

    The central leader is running with the Hosking’s piece about how kiwis deserve a tax cut.

    Sheesh Mike, what we really deserve is a functioning democracy, without cupidity ruling the roost. But then again, Hosking love money so much – he’d sell his soul if he could.

    • Incognito 8.1

      Narcissists generally have a complex relationship with money; for them money is a substitute for love & attention. It’s not about money, it’s about Mike. DJT is another textbook example.

    • Tamati Tautuhi 8.2

      Hosking is a John Key clone and has a severe affection with money.

    • tc 8.3

      Hoskins is a national shill mourning the departure of their shonky demogouge.

  9. ianmac 9

    Has the Scoop ‘Opening The Election’ Video” been aired here?

    A down to earth with an angry Mike Joy 5minutes and with Nicky Hager 4minutes is pretty chilling. Makes my old self angry as well!

    No fluff. No spin. Just the harsh reality.

  10. joe90 10

    You from here?


    Go fuck y’all own shit!

    1. What black/brown folks did Antifa consult before they decided to destroy shit?2. Did white dude really try to lecture him about racism?— Black Aziz Ansari 👏 (@Freeyourmindkid) April 21, 2017

  11. Ian 11

    The climate is allways changing.
    How taxing cow’s belching Will change the climate for the better is fantasyland.

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