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Open mike 24/08/2022

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, August 24th, 2022 - 90 comments
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90 comments on “Open mike 24/08/2022 ”

  1. PsyclingLeft.Always 1

    Aug 23, 2022 2:11 PM

    RNZ Live

    The leader of the anti-government protest, Brian Tamaki, says many South Islanders could not attend because ferries have been cancelled.

    The Interislander says urgent mechanical repairs were needed on one of the ship's ventilation systems.

    Tamaki has baselessly accused the Transport Minister Michael Wood of making that decision.

    A spokesperson for Michael Wood said the minister denied any allegations that he interfered with the ferries.


    Brian Tamaki has announced a new umbrella political party called "Freedoms NZ".

    In an address at today's anti-Government protest at Parliament in Wellington, Tamaki said three parties had joined the new party – The New Nation Party, Vision NZ and the Outdoors and Freedom Party. One of the parties was based in London and two had signed a memorandum of understanding.

    Sue Grey, a self-employed lawyer from Nelson and co-leader of the NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party, moved to Tauranga for the byelection where she came fourth with 1030 votes.

    It started out as the NZ Outdoors Party, but changed its name in April this year to the NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party after becoming active during the nationwide lockdown.

    Supporters of the party have claimed the September 11 attacks were a false flag operation, promoted flat earth theories and denounced "mind control" and 5G technology.


    Bishop Tamaki, the nuts…. Nut . Would be totally laughable..if it weren't for the faith his nutty followers have . Maybe sad? (albeit in a worrying way : (

    • joe90 1.1


    • Jenny how to get there 1.2

      To isolate the Far Right, It is my opinion to silence the voices of the far right, who make a play of the failings of the Left to take on the wealthy and privileged to protect the wealthy and privileged, our Labour government need to start acting more like the Michael Savage socialist administration than like the David Lange neo-liberal administration.

      One of the best summations of the motives and tactics of the far right that I have ever read was posted on facebook yesterday by Henry G Laws of Antifa Aotearoa

      …..The fascist strategy is to deceive people into thinking that the neoliberal policies that trouble them are leftist policies. They are not. The far right then pretend to be rebels against capitalism, while in fact standing for an even more extreme and brutal form of capitalism. The roots of modern fascism lie with the tyrannies of colonialism, with the horrors of racist, white supremacism, with the brutalities of patriarchy, and with capitalist exploitation….

      • Jenny how to get there 1.2.1


        Kids in Cars

        TVNZ breakfast: @1:18:10 minutes

        Matty: How concerned are you about the amount of kids living in cars right now?

        Luxon: Well I am really concerned about that. Essentially just saying kind words, and saying you care isn't actually cutting it and isn't getting results. And the government, now needs to take action…..


        Why doesn't the PM call Luxon's bluff and end homelessness? Why won't the government take action by freeing up the 40,000 empty homes locked up by property investors and speculators just in Auckland alone.

        What Auckland’s ‘ghost homes’ could do for the housing crisis

        There are about 40,000 'ghost houses' in Auckland. Cat MacLennan asks if a tax on these empty homes could help house homeless people and low-income workers.

        Tall white rose bushes line both sides of the path leading to the front door of the immaculate-looking villa. There are curtains at the windows and no signs of neglect or decay.

        Yet this expensive, inner-city home is one of Tāmaki Makaurau’s “ghost houses” – properties left empty long-term at a time when the country has a housing crisis. No one has lived there for years and a neighbour is paid to maintain the garden, while the owners wait for capital gains to accumulate to the point at which they plan to sell.

        According to the 2018 Census, there are approximately 40,000 empty private homes in Auckland. That is 7.3 percent of the total, up from 6.6 percent in the previous Census in 2013. And Auckland is not the only place in Aotearoa with vacant homes at a time when accommodation is expensive and in short supply. There are ghost homes in other cities, in towns and in rural areas……

        Cat MacLennan is a barrister, journalist, and media commentator


        Let's isolate the Right.

        If the Prime Minister called Luxon's bluff. The Right would be exposed as hypocrites. As the leader of New Zealand's biggest right wing political party, Christopher Luxon would be among the first ranks of right wingers to scream bloody blue murder about the property rights of wealthy privileged owners of multiple houses

        Why won't the PM call Luxon's bluff?

        Is the PM in agreement with Luxon about protecting capital gains profits of fortunate property speculators, than protecting the health and welfare of unfortunate homeless children?

        Our Labour government need to start acting more like the Michael Savage socialist administration than like the David Lange neo-liberal administration.

        Fine the owners of empty houses till they either sell them, rent them, or live in them.

  2. Ad 2

    Somehow Christ Trotter makes Labour kicking Dr Sharma out to be about suppression of all ideological difference between National and Labour:

    Bowalley Road: Politics Barren Of Principle.

    "…allowing factions to form within parties, or, worse still, encouraging genuine ideological differences to develop between parties, would only result in such factions being replicated in the general population. And a general population engaged in genuine debate between factions and/or parties capable of making a real difference to the direction of economic and social policy would place the whole, over-arching ideological infrastructure of neoliberalism in the gravest peril."


    – Re-nationalisation of all NZ health. Not National.

    – Largest-ever NZ expenditure on infrastructure. Not National

    – Nationalisation of all trades and non-university training. Not National

    – Full re-regulation of drinking water and water price. Not National.

    – Comprehensive climate mitigation plan. Not National.

    – Largest increases in welfare and subsidies in several decades.Not National.

    – Deep partnership with Maori over water, stripping it from local government. Not National.

    – Over $20b in wage subsidies enabling year on year 3% headline unemployment. Not National.

    – Buyback of Kiwibank into direct Crown control. Not National.

    – Supported NZSuperFund to get to $58 billion. Not National.

    – New public holiday respecting Maori tikanga. Not National.

    – Massively brought prison numbers down and dumped the 3 Strikes law. Not National.

    Irrespective of actual policy delivery, there's plenty of ideological difference between Labour and National.

    • solkta 2.1

      – Comprehensive climate mitigation plan. Not Labour.

    • Sanctuary 2.2

      How to write a Chris Trotter op-ed:

      <straw man, preferably involving much demonstration of your ability to be to popular history what James Burke was to popular science>

      <tut tut at the general decline of modern NZ>

      <tenuously link the above to>

      <fret about the rise of Maori/condemn something he doesn't like as culture war on the shy Tory majority and express a wish that Annie Crummer was still Queen of the charts>

      <Mention life was better in Dunedin in 1981>

      <Darkly suggest that the reactionary Pakeha Lumpenproletariat is simmering, ready to explode at the touch paper of said Maori/culture war rise at their expense>

      <blame the Greens/Labour/Auckland liberals/deep state>

      <end on a lamentation of despair>

      • PsyclingLeft.Always 2.2.1

        <end on a lamentation of despair>

        lol….so true : )

      • Incognito 2.2.2

        < use big archaic words and concepts to show (off) intellectual rigor and prowess >

      • Bearded Git 2.2.3


        Can you please amend to work in his obsession with the fall of unions (which to be fair he is absolutely right about) and his inability to come to terms with the rise of the Green movement

        • Visubversa

          Spot on – but don't forget a little whinge about how they don't invite him to sing "Solidarity Forever" at Labour Party conferences any more!

        • PsyclingLeft.Always

          his inability to come to terms with the rise of the Green movement

          Yea…I've never got that? Anyone know the sad….(and I mean Chris Trotter SAD : ) reason ?

      • Ad 2.2.4



        Add obscure Greek historical analogy to scold us on the loss of British intellectual perfection heritage

      • Patricia Bremner 2.2.5

        yes So true Good belly laugh here.!!

      • AB 2.2.6

        <tenuously link the above two>

        Yes – that's it. The yoking together of two unrelated things to support some pre-existing disposition or thought.

        But personally, I'm more upset when he publishes his own bad verse. It's a temptation that has to be resisted, and most likely a sign of decline when you don't.

    • Jimmy 2.3

      It's amusing watching you all turn and attack one of your own if he dares to criticize the current government.. Trotter is hardly a hard right winger.


      • joe90 2.3.1

        Chester Borrows.


      • Ad 2.3.2

        It's called discourse you moron.

        Precisely what Trotter seeks.

      • observer 2.3.3

        I love how Jimmy provides a Wikipedia link! Thanks, we could never have remembered a guy who's been doing political commentary non-stop since Seddon was PM.

      • Bearded Git 2.3.4

        Unlike Luxon who is, Jimmy.

        Very interesting and scary that Luxon is willing to govern with the help of Tamaki's new Freedoms Party. (see Observer below)

      • Sanctuary 2.3.5

        Well, have you read the comments sections on the TDB lately? it is pretty clear what sort of audience that site attracts these days. Mostly toxic people attracted onto the last train to Loserville. Bradbury and Trotter certainly imagine themselves as left wing – they constantly appropriate the rhetoric of the left and instantly and repetitively parade their credentials to anyone unfortunate enough to sit next to them on the bus – but ideologically they long ago set sail with the populist right. They spend their whole time obsessed with culture wars whilst clothing their repetitive, self righteous, and pompous dirges in the language of class. I find it particularly irksome and very wearisome that Bradbury's in particular is a one trick pony whose main shtick is to associate anyone who has achieved anything with a Trumpian monolithic "elite" and rail against them. They deserve all the mocking they get.

        • DB Brown

          Hear hear.

          Their output is drivel. Transparent to me. Unfortunately people still send me their opinions as if they have any weight at all.

        • Visubversa

          I think the only time I comment is when they have posted the same boring crap for 3 days in a row.

        • mickysavage

          Yep I can't understand the guests they invite onto their social media shows …

    • DS 2.4

      "Nationalisation" refers to bringing privately-owned assets into public ownership. The DHBs and polytechnics weren't private, so what Labour was doing there was Centralisation, not Nationalisation. It is quite an important distinction (the last genuine Nationalisation being Kiwirail at the end of the Clark Government. This lot wouldn't know Nationalisation if the ghost of Clement Attlee wafted into the Beehive and started whacking them with a stick).

    • alwyn 2.5

      Do you really want to promote the first item as something to be applauded?

      When you say "Re-nationalisation of all NZ health. Not National." do you mean that that is a good thing? If so are you seriously proposing that having the waiting lists for surgery in the BOP double in a year is a good thing and that the Government is to be applauded?


      What would you regard as being a "bad thing"?

  3. observer 3

    On Morning Report, Luxon is asked repeatedly if he will rule out any kind of National deal with the Brian Tamaki blackshirts.

    He doesn't.

    This from a man who in his maiden speech defended his faith by citing William Wilberforce, Kate Sheppard and Martin Luther King. He's not being asked to take a courageous stand and change history, he's being asked to do the most obvious, simple, decent thing, at no political cost – and it's too much for him.

    • PsyclingLeft.Always 3.1

      This from a man who in his maiden speech defended his faith by citing William Wilberforce, Kate Sheppard and Martin Luther King.

      Well…certainly an Interesting mix ! It was probably a Google Recommend… or maybe a Readers Digest recommend for ex CEO's entering Politics..who want to "appear" to be honourable.

      Oh, and like the Brian Tamaki blackshirts. Apt !

    • Incognito 3.2

      Luxon/National wants votes, whatever it costs, and donations, whatever it takes.

      • observer 3.2.1

        Sure, but this doesn't gain him any votes. I doubt the big donors want to hear that waffle either.

        It makes no political sense whatsoever. Key and Bridges made a calculation on Peters, and it was at least debatable whether it was the right one. NZF were in the mix. Whereas Tamaki has zero chance, and if Luxon doesn't grasp that then his political judgement is woeful.

        • Incognito

          Big donors to National, you mean? Why would they care? They support National.

          National wants votes from Tamaki disciples and affiliates, that’s not vote-sharing let alone making a political deal to form a government.

          • observer


            He does headlines because he can't get votes. 1000 is a lot of marchers, it's nothing in the ballot box.

    • Bearded Git 3.3

      Tamaki has been clever here. I have been saying to friends for months that if someone sets up a party with "freedom" in the title it will pull votes in.

      The Tamaki “Freedoms Party” could well get close to 5%.

      I predict Luxon will never rule out working with them-which may mean they get even more votes.

      • observer 3.3.1

        No offence, but you're dreaming.

        Last night, only hours after Tamaki made his announcement, Sue Grey was attacking him on social media. A "freedoms/populist/right wing" party could indeed get up towards 5%, but a Tamaki party is a dead brand. They are two totally different things.

        • DB Brown

          Yep apparently Brian's been big-noting himself without consulting with the rest of them. He's announced prematurely and there's a bit of a mess:

          • PsyclingLeft.Always

            Two other parties were in talks, he said, before challenging others, including the New Conservatives and Winston Peters’ NZ First to get on board. He went on to encourage “Dr Sharma Drama”, now an independent MP, to “give me a call”.

            Tamaki’s lengthy address to the crowd included verbal attacks on politicians, a denouncement of the charges against him and a lament to the demise of various values such as freedom, being able to leave your door unlocked and Waikato Draught.


            Well this is all looking great : ) And seriously how could any reasonable Person… not lament the demise of the "various values" I mean cmon…it wuz Waikato Draught !.

            • Mac1

              Waikato draught? That's the craft beer drinkers vote gone. Tamaki is in the hands of the corporate beer barons!

              Or does he have a sense of humour? You can't see the twinkle in his eyes behind the dark glasses……..

              • PsyclingLeft.Always

                lol. But I do think Bish Bri is pretty much a nonlol person. And behind the dark glasses….to actually look into his eyes..might be disquieting. Or not : )

          • observer

            (to DBB)

            Exactly. Nobody knows who the other parties' leaders are, whereas 99% of NZ knows Pope Brian.

            His ego means he gets all the media coverage, and that kills their chances.

          • Ad

            Splitter! Capitalist-roader! Trotskyite!

            But for the language and symbols we might want to watch out for, see:

            Microsoft Word – Facebook Report 2 27Mar MWJER.docx (radicalrightanalysis.com)

        • Bearded Git

          Observer-yes given other posts today I think I am probably wrong here re Tamaki.

          Though the point still holds that a non-Tamaki party/umbrella group of parties with "freedom" in the name could well poll 5% and it appears that Luxon is willing to govern with the help of these weirdos.

    • Barfly 3.4

      The 'eftpostle' appears to be suffering from from premature exaltation – he should see a doctor about that.cheeky

    • Nic the NZer 3.5

      Just waiting for Tamaki to jump the gun and announce National will be joining his party umbrella now. He can just wait a week or two (so as not to annoy everybody) and then say how Chris likes the freedom he stands for (from the podium on Parliament steps) and then its a done deal (with nothing formal involved of course). And voila, Tamaki now leading National.

  4. joe90 4

    Under no shit, Sherlock….


  5. Adrian 5

    Those disparate all-fit-in-an-old-back-country-dunny tragics will all end up knifing each other well before any vote is held. The major problem is that the parties all contain more individuals who think that it is they who should be leading the the whole deluded mess

    Freedom to Tithe to Brian is hardy a vote catcher,

  6. ianmac 6

    Not sure of the accuracy but it seems that Trump cannot find an attorney to state his case re the FBI raid on his house, so he is prosecuting it himself. If so, that would be weird.

  7. Anker 7


    Sydney woman is suing her psychiatrist for allowing her to fully transition. She has lot her breast s and her womb.

    we have been saying this stuff for months/years. Only to be shut down, cancelled, called transphobes, bigots.

  8. Poission 8

    The Great fraud of Europe exposed as butterflies and rainbows are cancelled

    As the Belgian PM said yesterday The next “5 to 10 winters will be difficult” for Europe,as business model (based on cheap Russian gas) falls apart and interest rates start to explore 1970's levels.

    • Robert Guyton 9.1

      Thanks, Anne – a good read.

    • Mac1 9.2

      "In his sermon to protesters in Wellington on Tuesday he suggested the government was responsible for cancelling ferry trips from Picton to prevent people attending the rally. This is obviously untrue."

      Shades (heh!) of Winston Peters claiming the grounding of the ferry in QC Sound.

      "Never lie!" I was told in a political briefing. "You will be found out!"

  9. arkie 10

    Rightly bashing National for their benefit sanction proposal, the Labour government could well look at the fairness of their own policy:

    The Labour Government has cut the benefits of around 4000 sick, injured or disabled jobseekers in the last five years because they weren't preparing to return to work fast enough.

    Sepuloni said the Government only sanctions people if medical advice shows they are fit to return to work.


  10. logie97 11

    Making Kiwibank stronger and meaningful.

    At the moment schools receive their government funding and put it into Aussie banks.

    What say schools were required to put all of there operational accounts through Kiwibank. (They can leave their fundraiser/PTA profits in the Aussie banks).

    And then why stop at schools. Mmmm hospitals, police, councils – progressively move them all across.

    Just saying.

    • Nic the NZer 11.1

      My google search for 'nz school bank account choices' indicated schools have discretion of who to bank with.

      Unless Kiwibank is offering a particularly low fee package is it really helping schools to limit their choice? If it is a low fee package, well the profit rate on a customer who doesn't use credit facilities will be low anyway.

      • logie97 11.1.1

        I understand schools raise loans all the time for projects.

        And why give any profits to an Aussie bank when Kiwibank would benefit


        • Nic the NZer

          1) This may not be net profitable for Kiwibank. Banks sometimes offer such deposit accounts as loss leaders anyway. Are Kiwibank going to be required to undercut something which is already a loss leader?

          2) I don't think we need to be operating public schools in ways which are obtaining economic policy benefits. What are the public education benefits of this policy?

    • Jimmy 11.2

      I think the government (and IRD) should shift their banking to Kiwi bank. Why do they use Westpac?

      • Nic the NZer 11.2.1

        There is a govt contract with Westpac. This could be changed after that gets re-tendered.

        Under the contract the govt (and IRD) accounts are kept strictly separate to Westpac account (at the RBNZ). Westpac operates the infrastructure around that so providing the banking services (credit and debit cards, bank accounts) needed to facilitate the public service being able to make payments. Since the public service tends to operate in surplus this activity is not very profitable for Westpac and probably most of the profit is due to direct payments agreed under the govt banking contract.

        The contract was originally awarded to Westpac because they had a strong ability to provide this payment infrastructure to the scale required by the public service. Kiwibank may be up to scratch there now, it didn't even exist when the first such contract was tendered.

  11. Ad 12

    According to Kiwibank today, the New Zealand housing shortage will disappear inside 12 months, and there will be a 13% average house price fall.

    Kiwibank says NZ housing shortage to 'disappear' over next 12 months | interest.co.nz

    If this really happens in time for the election, what Labour can reasonably claim is their success will be closely scrutinised. And will be something of a policy miracle.

  12. IMHO Seymour is a prick!

    Just watched the welcome for the new Speaker-elect. He (Seymour) couldn't resist a dig at the outgoing speaker – quite inappropriately so!

    I note also that the new speaker closed down Sharma when he strayed way off topic – cries of bullying in the wings??

  13. DB Brown 14

    Here's an amazing and amusing bit of footage as MAGA munter Laura Loomer (who lost today, yay) tries to yell over the house but is drowned out by Republican politician (and auctioneer) Bill Long.

    You'd think it's dubbed till you see him doing it.

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  • Government sets out next steps for on-farm sequestration strategy
    Government to work with primary sector on developing a sequestration strategy Government confirms today it will bring all scientifically robust forms of sequestration into the Emissions Trading Scheme, starting from 2025. This will be done at full value, rather than at a discount, so farmers can realise the true potential ...
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    4 days ago
  • Prime Minister concludes bilateral talks with Finnish PM
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin have concluded their first in person bilateral meeting in Auckland this morning. The Prime Ministers reiterated how their respective countries shared similar values and reflected on ways to further strengthen the relationship between New Zealand and Finland. “New Zealand and Finland ...
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    4 days ago
  • Plan to boost value & lift sustainability of NZ forestry sector
    Sector ITP to grow domestic processing and low-carbon wood products Grow the wood processing sector by 3.5 million cubic metres (25%) by 2030 Grow export earnings from value-added wood products by $600 million by 2040 Increase the use of domestic timber in construction by 25% by 2030 The Forestry and ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government supports more energy-saving projects to help more Kiwis save money
    17 community energy-saving education projects share $1.7 million Builds on success of previous Government projects that have supported more than 13,000 households and 440 energy education events with more than 80,000 LEDs distributed Helping households to reduce their energy bills and make their homes warmer and more energy-efficient, is the ...
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    4 days ago
  • Govt funds new 80-bed mental health unit for Canterbury
    The Government has granted final approval for a new 80-bed acute mental health facility at the Hillmorton Hospital campus, Health Minister Andrew Little says. “This is the second stage of Hillmorton’s major infrastructure redevelopment programme and is one of the largest investments ever made in New Zealand’s mental health infrastructure ...
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    4 days ago
  • Māori education momentum rolls on with new wharekura
    A new Year 1-13 wharekura will extend Māori Medium Education into Porirua West from 2027, Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis announced today. “The establishment of Te Kākā Kura o Ngāti Toa Rangatira will over time provide a local option for up to 200 tamariki and rangatahi on the western side ...
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    4 days ago
  • Easing administrative burden on farmers through new integrated farm planning projects
    37 new investments to simplify planning and reduce paperwork for farmers and growers Targeted projects for Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, Manawatū-Whanganui, West Coast, Canterbury, and Otago Resources, a digital wallet and template tools to help farmers develop and integrate their farm planning. The Government is ...
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    5 days ago
  • New Commerce Commission Chair appointed
    Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Dr David Clark has today announced the appointment of Dr John Small as the new Chair of the Commerce Commission. “Dr Small has made a valuable contribution to a broad range of the Commission’s work in his roles as associate member and member, which he ...
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    5 days ago
  • Realising housing dreams for the Kāpiti Coast
    Much needed public housing is on the way for the Kāpiti Coast thanks to the Government’s purchase of a large vacant plot of land at 59-69 Raumati Road in Raumati Beach. “This purchase will ultimately mean more families have a place to call home and demonstrates our commitment to resolving ...
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    5 days ago
  • Decarbonisation industry milestone reached in Timaru
    A pioneering boiler conversion project is now up and ready to go, using woodchips to make potato chips, while slashing emissions. “McCain’s newly converted coal boiler will reduce CO2 emissions at its Timaru factory by 95% and is an excellent example of the great climate gains we can achieve through ...
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    5 days ago
  • Fiftieth Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations With China
    Chinese Embassy Reception Te Papa, Wellington   Tēnā koutou katoa, Da jia hao Let me first acknowledge Ambassador Wang Xiaolong, thank you for the invitation this evening, it is a pleasure to be here. I would also like to acknowledge current and former Parliamentary colleagues, as well as members of ...
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    6 days ago
  • Govt keeps AM on the air in Northland
    Minister of Broadcasting and Media Willie Jackson and Minister for Emergency Management Kieran McAnulty today announced a $1.48 million package to fund the repair and replacement of three transmission masts in Northland to ensure AM radio can stay on air in the region. “This funding will secure the reinstatement of ...
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    6 days ago
  • Multi million dollar package to tackle retail crime and reoffending
    A multi million dollar package to tackle retail crime and reoffending is the most significant crime prevention financial package in recent memory  New fog cannon subsidy scheme set up. Government to provide $4000 for all small shops and dairies in New Zealand who want a fog cannon installed, with shops ...
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    6 days ago
  • Funding boost to support NZ’s game development industry
    New Zealand’s game developers will receive an immediate funding boost to help support the growth of local studios beyond the current Dunedin centre. “New Zealand’s game development sector has been rapidly growing. The latest data from the New Zealand Game Developers Association shows the total revenue for the industry is ...
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    6 days ago
  • A new strategy for Pacific housing
    New and existing housing initiatives are being brought together to improve home ownership for Pacific people said Minister for Pacific Peoples, Aupito William Sio. Fale mo Aiga: Pacific Housing Strategy and Action Plan 2030, launched today, is the Government’s targeted response to the housing challenges faced by Pacific Aotearoa. Minister ...
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    6 days ago
  • Government takes action on pay parity for healthcare workers
    Thousands of frontline community health workers – including nurses in aged-care facilities - are in for a pay rise as the Labour Government takes action on pay parity in the health sector. “I’m pleased to announce that Cabinet has agreed to on-going funding of $200 million a year so that ...
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    6 days ago
  • World’s first algae-based local anaesthetic another step closer to reality
    A partnership between the Government and the Cawthron Institute has delivered a breakthrough in the production of a potent microalgal ingredient for the world’s first algae-based pain medication, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor announced.  “Scientists at Cawthron Institute in Nelson have developed a reliable and commercially scalable method for producing neosaxitoxin, ...
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    1 week ago