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Open mike 24/06/2013

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, June 24th, 2013 - 123 comments
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123 comments on “Open mike 24/06/2013 ”

  1. ak 1

    “Me being the kind of diligent person I am, I’m kind of disturbed today to think back that of all the things I could have grabbed in my 30 seconds I grabbed my Cabinet papers. I seriously did,”

    Yes, we’re all kind of disturbed, darling. Even the non-diligent among us. Seriously.

  2. lprent 2

    Locked up the system in the database backup at 0300 last night. Odd since it hasn’t done that since I turned it on a week ago and there have been no changes. Seems like fragility in the new system is in the database. Had two overnight failures in two separate backup systems

    Time to muse about how to make it more robust.

    • Rosetinted 2.1

      Thanks for telling us about system problems you have to cope with. Most of us have no idea that there is this constant correcting and resetting to keep the blog operating well.

    • ghostrider888 2.2

      send me the backup file 😀

      • Te Reo Putake 2.2.1

        Or just use the GCSB/NSA back ups.

        • Colonial Viper

          Dude! That’s it! The NSA GCHQ GCSB conglomerate can become the biggest provider of cloud storage in the world! I mean, they already are, but now they can beat Kim Dotcom at his own game!

  3. Jenny Kirk 3

    More intervention into local issues coming from the Govt – this time it looks like they want to stop local
    GE rules/regulations from being tougher ! Northland people have just finished making submissions to the Northland regional plan asking for a precautionary statement to go into it about GE / GMOs, and it now looks like the Govt will stymie these sorts of attempts !

    This is in this morning’s Herald –

    “Government appears likely to block attempts by councils to set stricter rules on genetically modified organisms which are designed to increase protection for food-producing regions and vineyards.

    Environment Minister Amy Adams said she was concerned about councils’ plans to place bans on the release of GM materials into the environment and limits on outdoor trials of new organisms in their regions.

    Some North Island councils were planning to write higher standards into their planning documents because it felt central Government’s rules did not provide enough protection from potential hazards or the costs to councils of any GM-related effects.”


    • vto 3.1

      Amy Adams and her government are of an out-of-date ilk…

      They are the same people who cut all the kauri.
      They are the same people who slaughtered all the seals.
      They are the same people who took all the whales.
      They are the same people who turned all the rivers to shit.
      They are the same people who took all the hoki.
      They are the same people who gave us 245T, DDT, and who keep giving us 1080.
      They are the same people who gave us asbestos and formaledhyde.

      They will push GE food until the day when it too gets added to the above list.

      This is their mindset. This is their history.

      • gsays 3.1.1

        when will they realise that you can’t eat money?

        • Rosetinted

          Now you are onto something there. Making edible fake notes would be an interesting novelty – perhaps out of potatoes which I think can form a plastic like material. What fun to use a $1,000 bill to light a cigar or to set birthday candles alight. And there’s more… Brighter minds than mine could brain storm on this.

          • Colonial Viper

            Community currency systems often implement a system of demurrage – the value of the notes expires over time.

            This encourages people to spend the money into circulation constantly instead of trying to hoard it.

            Once the notes have “expired” in value, it would be handy if they could be used as a snack, or as garden fertiliser.

            • Rosetinted

              Yes I have heard about these community currencies. I like the idea of having to earn and then spend but it has to be accepted community wide. And workers and business have to agree that a set amount of pay and turnover will be allocated for the local currency. If it was open to the possibility of certain people saving for a larger item to be bought largely with local currency, that would be good too, and their earnings would not then lose value but have to be earned and spent within a set time. It is very hard to successfully operate just on local currency without any national currency.

              This would not be unlike FlyBuys but on a limited area local basis with a minimum of say 70% of businesses willing to co-operate with it. And they would need to accept say a minimum of 60% local currency to 40% national – but this would be on larger purchases. Smaller purchases would have the reverse perhaps. And businesses could offer things on special for more local currency if they were clearing old stock etc.

              For tax purposes – I don’t know. Usually government regards such currency as token government notes. So would GST have to be paid, income tax, company tax? It could be allowed from a company point of view partly as contribution to a local economy, and that this would be a positive move to assist the whole economy.

              I like your idea of eating out of date money. Or being able to compost it. The great train robbery in Brit was I think of a whole lot of defunct notes being taken away for destruction. How much better to go to compost – though they will have to be environmentally sound! Anway what do you think of my idea of having fake money? Crazy, eh! If it looked like our own money too much it would end up being passed as counterfeit notes to busy or naive shop assistants. It would never be allowed. But what about a real fantasy NZ Aotearoa environmentally decorated dollar? Now maybe there is something there. Or be decorated with our latest heroes and achievers.

          • ghostrider888

            cheaper than Zig-Zags.Then there is always the cob-pipe… Reviving the lost art of manliness 😎

        • ghostrider888

          the ‘black potato’ economy is thriving around here; some of us soon to be serving customers through the UF portal.

      • marty mars 3.1.2

        yes – they are us.

  4. Rosetinted 5

    Beggers on the street, there is discussion of punishing illegal street ‘placements’ by fines of up to $20,000. The thinking behind this is that there are other elements behind these beggars, and Auckland authorities are trying to reach the back people. But this sort of draconian approach is likely to become used widely, and hurt already hurting people more.

    Businesses shouldn’t have to put up with beggers outside their doors all the time. But they perhaps could give people an hour’s grace and then have the right to call police to remove them from the street. Both beggers and businesses have problems that need to be managed fairly.

    Also buskers should have rights, even those without permits. They are people showing initiative and bringing music to us, in varying levels of ability. The same as my above suggestion could apply – an hour and then got to go. If the shop agrees to longer then that would be up to the parties involved.

  5. Colonial Viper 6

    Snowden left HK last night, with the blessing of the HK Government. Have a read of the official press release from HK authorities. It’s fascinating. The Americans are not happy.


    • Arfamo 6.1

      Good to see the HK govt explaining the US provided insufficient info to hold him and asking for clarification re reports of the US hacking their systems.

      • weka 6.1.1


        Not sure about zerohedge’s slant that HK are ‘defying’ the US. Aren’t they just following due process? Is not doing what the US want when it is illegal now ‘defying’ them?

        • Colonial Viper

          Well, to not issue a provisional warrant based on a prima facie valid request from the USA, then use some unfulfilled technicalities as a further excuse, then allow Snowden to board an international flight when his US passport was cancelled by the State Dept days ago…yeah it’s pretty much giving the fingers to the USA.

          Best was a statement I saw from the central govt in Beijing…something along the lines of “Beijing respects the independence and rule of law in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region under the one country two systems arrangement. Meanwhile we are seeking clarifications from the US regarding claims of hacking of Chinese citizens communications.”

          Put another way…the decision to let Snowden board the flight and go was almost certainly run from Beijing.

    • karol 6.2

      I always thought the talk of Iceland was a diversion for what Snowden was really planning.

    • Veutoviper 6.3

      Thanks for that link, CV. I was wondering where I could read the actual HKG government press release.

      The Stuff report this morning was surprisingly accurate re the HKG goverment position vis a vis the extradition request being incomplete and their request to the US re alleged hacking of HKG communications.

      Here is the Stuff report – updated since I read it earlier.


      I liked this bit in the update.

      “After the announcement Saturday of the extradition request, an Obama administration official told USA TODAY that Hong Kong risked harming relations with the two sides if it did not comply with its legal obligations. Regina Ip, a legislator and Cabinet member in Hong Kong, said, “I don’t think we need to be concerned about any consequences.”

      It will be interesting to see where Snowden ends up and also interesting that Snowden is/was apparently accompanied by a Wikileaks advisor.

      • karol 6.3.1

        The Al Jazeera TV news report this morning said the role of China/Hong kong and Russia in Snowden’s latest move, shows the limits of US power in some Eastern countries.

        • One Anonymous Knucklehead

          …and the choice of Venezuela shows the limits of US power in South America.

          • karol

            I thought the choice was Ecuador?

          • Veutoviper

            “the choice of Venezuala…”

            It does not appear certain that his final destination is Venezuala – Ecuador appears to also be a strong possibility.

            • Colonial Viper

              A deliberate game to keep the punters guessing. Meanwhile someone on the ‘net described Edward Snowden’s leaving HK as a PRISMBREAK

              I lol’d

              Personally I think Snowden should stay in Russia for a bit. It’ll be far harder for certain people to “reach out and touch him” there, rather than say Venezuela or Ecuador.

              • Veutoviper

                Love it! And I agree it is a deliberate guessing game.

                • Anne

                  The interesting thing about all this: how will it play out in NZ? I refer to the bill before parliament granting extensions to our intelligence agencies’ ability to spy on NZers.

                  The life and times of Edward Snowden being played out on the world stage as it is, will surely make it harder for the NAct government to get away with introducing their own anti-democratic surveillance measures. Designed (perhaps) to keep an eye on their political opponents under the guise of suspect subversive activities?

                  Cold War paranoia rides again.

                  • Veutoviper

                    It seems that Dunne may well hold the casting vote – and he has not made up his mind and will not do so until the Bill is reported back, according to RNZ National Midday news.


                    • Colonial Viper

                      Also be aware that Regina IP was Secretary for Security for the HK govt for several years.

                    • Pascal's bookie

                      Bet you we won’t hear what Dunne’s position is untill after we know what NZF’s is.

                      And then once we already know wether the bill will pass or not, we’ll hear a highly principled statement from Dunne, one way or another, in fairly short order.

                    • Veutoviper

                      Thanks for that information re Regina Ip, CV.

                      PB – you could well be right. The Select Committee has to report back by 26 July, so we only have a month to find out. In the meantime, more and more people/organisations are coming out against the Bill – eg today the Law Commission. And the Snowden revelations could not have come at a better time. Imagine if they had come after the Bill had passed.

                    • Janice

                      It will also depend on whether the speaker lets Dunne keep the money. If he does and Dunne votes for the bill then it will appear that he has been bought. If the money isn’t forthcoming and Dunne doesn’t vote for the bill it will look like the blackmail didn’t work.

                    • ghostrider888

                      according to RNZ 5 O’clock news, neither Dunne, or NZ1, support GCSB spying on NZers

                    • Colonial Viper

                      The brilliant thing is, that the NSA or the GCHQ can spy on NZers on behalf of the GCSB, and simply share the results.

                      GCSB hands squeeky clean all the way.

              • Veutoviper

                I just found this statement by Wikileaks on KDC’s Twitter stream (its a great source of information).


                It would seem Ecuador is the likely destination, according to this statement.

                • Colonial Viper

                  One other thing. With their real time interception of internet messaging and content, the US government can now analyse where the breadth of opinion lies on any given topical or policy subject of the day, any politician or any government, anywhere in the world.

                  There are political and electorate management implications here which are astounding.

      • ghostrider888 6.3.2

        Cuba was suggested in one article.

        • ghostrider888

          quoted in The Washington Post;
          “Decision on leaker’s asylum claims has to do with freedom and global security”
          -Ecuadorean Official, from Hanoi, Vietnam.

    • AmaKiwi 6.4

      @ CV. Your link to “www.zerohedge” is a delight.

      HK’s official reply to the USA is as close as diplomatic communiques get to saying, “F*ck you, you sleazy b*stards.”

    • Murray Olsen 6.5

      Moscow is possibly the best place for him. I doubt if the seppos can hit him with a drone there, and they’d need to be very careful about sending in an assassination of hit team. While Moscow is not the most respecting of human rights themselves, they may at least be able to prevent his extrajudicial murder.

      • Colonial Viper 6.5.1

        Absolutely. I can see very few countries being able to prevent an extrajudicial murder or rendition of Snowden. Iceland, Ecuador or Venezuela? No they couldn’t, at least not for long. Russia it is.

    • ghostrider888 7.1

      that is a very well-written and moving description of the real lived-experience of poverty beatie; poverty that is blowing through the country as the winter chill through the cracks and crevices surrounding ageing, parting, doors and windows.

    • Bill 7.2

      Excellent piece. And before any mis-anthropic knuckle-head reads that link and then spouts on about how people in that situation could have gone to WINZ or some charitable org instead of signing up to loans…well, maybe they could have. But the end result would be very much the same.

      Relying on welfare entitlements in this country in and of itself constitutes and creates the emergency. And it doesn’t end with careful budgeting or any suchlike. Rather the level of the emergency increases with time as inadequate welfare payments are eventually required to service ‘one off’ outgoings beyond those of the week to week living expenses that they fail to cover in the first place.

      • ghostrider888 7.2.1

        after reaching a regulated quota of grants from WINZ, applicants are required to complete tasks:
        Task I : complete and present a weekly budget for consideration.(sensible).
        Task II: reveiw budget for where any savings can be made.
        In my personal circumstances I explained that I have to do Task I every week, as a matter of course, else no replacement clothing, household consumables or plants for the garden.
        Regarding Task II, I explained that as I am already left with no money from Friday until the following weeks football 😉 it was not possible for me to make any further savings. (grapes are food, don’t you know).
        Anyway, the good Lord has smiled, and bestowed a further blessing, soo, accounts are picking up which permits the backlog of neglected purchases to be addressed.

        Disclaimer: in the interests of balance, WINZ can fund NEW (new I tells ya’) washing machines, for which, in the winter-time, I am very grateful.
        so “We’re gonna hang out the washing on the Seigfried Line, wearing a great big 🙂

        • Carla

          Thank you for your comments on my blog i really appreciate them, its a harsh reality for many.

          What i want to try and show is A) how it really is, how hard it is to get the support and help needed to move out of the situations and also away from the incredibly harsh criticisms, stigma, stereotypes and prejudice that comes with the territory (so to speak) and B) how to try and make the most of the world we have, the situations we are in, learn the basics, teach the basics, and teach those who want to learn how to cope financially and mentally with the situations they find themselves in.

          when you are mentally exhausted and emotionally spent, its natural to give up. it takes a lot of fight, and sometimes without the support you get sick of fighting, the tide is against you, you just start floating with the current instead. and thats not good for anyone but the sharks.

        • beatie

          Another sadistic little detail. Before they will grant a (recoverable) loan, they insist that you approach your bank for a personal loan.

          • Carla

            they have told a friend of mine to go to Instant Finance because they dont look to closely at bad debt, they just have everything (car, furniture) as collateral instead. 29% interest.

            to help pay a powerbill. to help fix a car. not to go out and piss it all up against the wall, not to buy tvs and video games. but to have power and transport.

            i saw red. hugely. its not fair.

            Also people are being turned away for an emergency food grant if they havent seen a budget advice service first. the same budget advice services that the govt has cut funding to and more and more often its the government agency that is overloading their services.

            it instills a huge fear of asking for help, because every approach has a rejection. its awful. but there are wonderful charities and organisations around that do help.

  6. Winston Smith 8


    Its getting better for NZ…but I expect Shearer will have a cunning plan up his sleeve to counter this

    • Draco T Bastard 8.1

      Not with National at the helm. In that case it will be getting better for a few and worse for pretty much everyone else.

  7. Veutoviper 9

    A case has started in the High Court in Auckland this morning involving the mother of an adult son with Downs syndrome taking a case against the MoH for their refusal to pay her for her care. Ms Spence has called the government a dictatorship for the recent passing of legislation denying her and others payment and also the right to seek judicial review.

    Luckily her case had been filed prior to the passing of this legislation, according to the Herald article.


    Best wishes to her.

    • Te Reo Putake 10.1

      What’s your point?

      • Bill 10.1.1

        What’s yours TRP?

        Y’know, I might not buy into what muzza links to here at ts, but this is ‘Open mike’. The other day you responded to a host of his comments with the same ‘What’s your point?’ line. Which in itself seems to have no point beyond (perhaps) seeking to intimidate, embarrass and, what? Lead to muzza no longer commenting at ts?

        If your comment has an argument that is pertinent to his links/comments, then I’d love to hear what it is. Otherwise it’s just annoying harassment/bullying. And that’s crap. You don’t appreciate muzza’s contributions? Ignore them.

        • Te Reo Putake

          Bollox, Bill. Most contributers here have the decency and respect to add a line or two to give some context to their links. Muzza, being a pompous know it all git, doesn’t think we’re worth that much consideration. It’s all part of his glorious social experiment and a form of trolling.

          • ghostrider888

            ah yes, had forgotten (and forgiven) that experiment. How’s the write-up of the results and discussion of implications for further research going muzza 😉

          • muzza

            Holster that anger, Hoss!

            You don’t get get decide my intent, nor should you project your own, fear laden bias in my direction, that’s not necessary.

            Given the musings I usually put with links here, which often get met with your limited imagination in response, why would I care to do anything other than post a link, at times!

            In reality, you do not care if I posted accompanying text or not, you proved that yesterday with your, what’s your point broken record, your attempted deflection is hanging out, in broad daylight!

            No, no, this is your own personal problem, try articulating, it could assist witht the underlying anger!

            • Te Reo Putake

              Muzza, I’m picking that the reason you put up links without explanation is that when you do try and explain you end up looking like a doofus. The one yesterday was a feeble attempt to derail the post and deserved all it got. And you can bet if you continue t 🙄 ing like that I’ll respond. But to acknowlege Bill’s sensible comment below, I may refrain from ‘what’s your point’. After all, it’s pretty widely accepted your contributions are pointless.

              • Murray Olsen

                As far as I can make out, Muzza’s point is that rainmaking of one sort of another has been happening since 1902 and is part of a secret global weather engineering program with includes chemtrails HAARP, and more sophisticated methods.
                I know that several technological types have put forward plans to geo engineer the planet, usually to ameliorate the effects of global warming. Most experiments have been on a very small local scale and are either locally dangerous or not particularly successful. Various UN bodies have looked at some of these and seem to have ruled them out as impractical.
                What we can, and need to do, is cut back drastically on our filling the atmosphere with CO2 and methane. This requires a new economical model which puts people first, perhaps even a smaller number of people than we have on the planet at present. The solutions are both technical and political and I sincerely hope we have not left them too late.
                Muzza doesn’t tend to explain any of this, merely giving a few links without context, so that asking what his point is seems a valid approach.
                For myself, I doubt if geo engineering is at the moment either part of the solution or the problem. It may be in the future if we let technocrats take over without any wider political solutions. The situation is extremely urgent and all solutions should be examined, but some should be examined more thoroughly than others.

              • muzza

                Voice, why are you still pretending to be in my head, sheesh bro, learn the lesson, and stop! Keep picking your nose, you might even pick a winner someday! I’m not even going to bother giving you an explanation about why it was link only, although you have shown a lack of ability in the *guess work* department, even still I won’t make changes, not on your account, even though I know, I will drag you out every time I post such material!

                Derail posts, feeble, deserved all it got (go re-read the thread, it, you’re dreaming) nah, that was your personal bias showing through again using a weak parrot impersonation, which for the same reason, continued again, today!

                I will continue posting links (most often with text attached), and you are free to say what you want, such as it is on Open Mike.

                One more thing, I’ve told you before, to ONLY, speak for yourself, as the use of terms such as *widely accepted* etc, as if you represent anyone else here., is foolish!

                @ Murray Olsen – Nice to read that you’re catching up, your comment was interesting, I enjoyed reading your opinion.

                Something you do miss though, is that I completely understand the needs for a new model, and almost always, post links with context or comment, you know this because some of them have been in your direction, most recently about 2-3 weeks ago, in case you’ve forgotten.

                For mine, I think you’re thoughts re, scale/success of GE, while good to see, are naïve/biased, as you seem to not factor in the essence of the very model that you state requires a remake, yet you feel the technology types, which have put forward such plan, are

                A: Not already testing the tech out – (many of my links show its already happening, not to mention the history of testing on humans, the planet etc)
                B: Care what the UN etc think, (why would they give a toss what the UN thinks, its not like the UN is not a rogue organization, masquerading (poorly) as altruistic)
                C: Would not be looking for a return from any R&D costs, sunk into such projects(assuming they’re private enterprises)

                My point, Murray. is, as you point out that weather modification, has been going on for 100+ years, and call it was you like, seeding etc, its all modification/GE! If it got started 100 years ago, then imagine what is possible today, shit is it that difficult to imagine, given the pace at which the global mess has accelerated!

                These companies/entities who develop such tech, need to test it, and what better, than to test *live* hey, just like the Nukes which they detonated in our sky, why are you so confident , the same science type, are not simply up to it again, using different methods!

                Is it because you regard science as *infallible*, because its *your line of business*, Murray?

                I also have made no statement about any *secret programmes*, such comments are made up by the likes of yourself, and TRP etc, transparently projecting your inner fears, about the fellow colleagues, the *scientists*, and related industry, that have done SO-MUCH-DAMAGE, to our planet, and its support mechanisms!

          • Bill

            True that most contributers supply a few lines of context to any links they give. Also true that quite a few (annoyingly imo) don’t. But I haven’t, and don’t particularily want to see streams of ‘What’s your point?’ comments below such comments. Thing is, responses like that just augment the troll like nature of the original comment, whether or not trolling, rather than laziness, was the motivation behind the original comment.

  8. Veutoviper 11

    For those of you that have not caught up with this incredibly funny re the GCSB that popped up over the weekend.

    It appears that the version of the GCSB Bill now on the GCSB website was downloaded from the Daily Blog – and not the official Parliament site.

    Selwyn Manning explains … The comments are worth a read and laugh also.


    • Anne 11.1

      I do realise The Daily Blog is a most excellent source of information and analysis, but I never realised the GCSB had become so dependent on us as a source of official information.

      Thanks Vv for the best laugh of the day.

  9. AmaKiwi 12

    Back to Jenny Kirk’s opening thread.

    The NZ Herald ran a headline, “Government a Dictatorship.”


    Jenny’s example of overriding local GM regulations is another example of dictatorship as are endless recent examples we could site.

    The MSM may be waking up.

  10. Don’t be under any illusions that the racist types who hate Māori and dress it up as 1law4all are spending buckets of money to get the result they want regarding the constitutional review. They dress their groups in bullshit names like – The Independent Constitutional Review and New Zealand Centre for Political Research – does that technique ring any bells for anyone?


    • ghostrider888 13.1

      Muriel Newman’s oily rag chokes me up, makes me feel ill; their advertisement was in the local community newspaper, so I read it, and then felt angry. I have known only too many people who think like them; not so many in recent years. 😎

      • marty mars 13.1.1

        I seem to have come across a few like them recently ghost – they made me ill too.

        • ghostrider888

          locally, it is like a Tale of Two Cities, geographically, and socio-economically (intersected strongly by ethnicity) and I have had this perception confirmed, by of all people, white-middle-class professionals. The attitudes generally are hidden in peer discourse, and behind closed curtains, but are fully revealed in texts and letters to the editor of the provincial daily. The editor here is either reluctant, or unable, to see his own bias (guess from which formerly apartheid country he originates?) and the same import effect has infiltrated local boards and so on. Regarding the recent HDC round of community grants, the wonderful initiatives of Henare O’Keefe were put on the back foot while grants went to Horse of The Year, the Rose Gardens etc. Very sad reliving the report as I write. Just blatent racism and preferential attention to the booming whites (generalization).

  11. Draco T Bastard 14

    Universal Public Credit Public Policy Submission – Final Update

    The fact that money is only a system of accounting entries becomes a serious problem when the economy is managed to make the inflation of financial assets its defining purpose and a few individuals are allowed to game the system to enrich themselves free from the exertions of contributing to the production of real wealth.

    Long but well worth the read.

  12. geoff 15

    Hekia Parata on Maori TV just now.
    Has she had a tracheotomy in the past? Looks like that sort of a scar on her throat.

    • handle 15.1

      They had to insert the control chip somewhere.

    • felix 15.2

      If I recall correctly she did have a tracheotomy earlier this year.

      Apparently John Key had told her to keep her mouth shut and she couldn’t figure out how to breathe.

  13. ghostrider888 16

    Here is some classic cryptic Winston Peters to decipher, or leave ’til another day…
    “cultural fellow travellers who pollute the landscape and demand the rest of the country pay for their civic amenities” or some-such similar gibberish.

  14. ghostrider888 17

    to follow up, “with the explosion of China’s middle classes in the next 20 years, investment in education and tourism offers opportunities for Australia (and NZ), countries where natural advantages for such future Chinese demands may not apply”…
    -“London is closer to Beijing than Sydney”. 😉

  15. Pascal's bookie 18

    Hey Jenny, if you’re about could you please tell me who the good guys are in this story. I’n all confused:


    I’m sure it’s all very simple really, and we should just pledge support to whoever we think the good guys are.

  16. Morrissey 19

    “I’ll just, errrr, go with the flow…”
    Lazy John Barnett’s failure to perform

    The Panel, Radio NZ National, Monday 24 June 2013
    Jim Mora, John Barnett, Irene Gardiner

    Twenty minutes to five on an overcast winter’s afternoon. An undistinguished and largely unmemorable edition of Jim Mora’s chat show is tediously winding to an end….

    JIM MORA: Okay, it’s time for the Soap Box, that part of the programme where we find out what our Panelists have been thinking about. Irene, what’s been on your mind?

    Irene Gardiner talks about what’s on her excellent website, New Zealand On Screen. It’s quite interesting, but this is what she always does; she seems to have never developed any thoughtful views or original insights about any other topic.

    JIM MORA: Okay, thanks for that Irene. John Barnett, what have you got for us today?

    JOHN BARNETT: Oh I haven’t been thinking about anything much at all. I’ll just, errrr, go with the flow, I think.

    JIM MORA: [long pause] Okayyyyy….

    A few years ago, David Cohen was sued by Television New Zealand and had to pay back his appearance fee when it became clear that he had not done any of the reading he was supposed to do before coming on a book discussion show to talk about a book he had not read. Will John Barnett have to hand back his appearance fee after this display of indolence?

    • felix 19.1


      Anyway the entire show should be abandoned on the grounds that it’s pants.

      • Morrissey 19.1.1

        …the entire show should be abandoned on the grounds that it’s pants.

        That’s what happens when they get rid of all the interesting contributors. Whither Gordon Campbell? Whither Bomber Bradbury? Whither Te Reo Putake? (Shurely shome mishtake?)

        • Tim

          I think I’m going to have to stop referring to Jim Mora as “the nicest man on Earth” too, after having read somewhere that Michael Palin is sometimes referred to as “Britain’s nicest man”.
          The guy (Jum) is becoming an absolute dip and way, way past his used-by date.
          I keep wondering what the fcuk gives at RNZ sometimes – weekday afternoons are now a no-go zone for me, lest I be accused of masochism.
          Jim would be better sticking to worthwhile TV (a la a recently screened programme on the English language as spoken by Koiwois).
          A couple of years ago, the guy responded to an email of mine – assuring me they were going to give his programme a bit of a shake-up. I gave up waiting.
          It’s bubblegum for the ears, (otherwise known as acoustic pus). Sometimes I wonder whether he’s trying to be the metro-sexual Aunt Daisy. Shunt the fcuker off to ZB and make us all happy. Squeeky Fromme-Gardner and Barnacle Barnett would be right at home as well!

  17. FYI

    24 June 2013

    ‘Open Letter’ from Auckland Mayoral candidate Penny Bright to Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse:

    “Are you a genuine community advocate or corporate /property developer MOUTH PIECE?”

    Dear Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse,

    In the 2010 Auckland Council election, you stood as an ‘Independent’, and quoted the following glowing endorsement from Sir Ron Carter, about your ‘commitment and ability to look after business interests’ :


    Commercial Activities

    I think the endorsement of my campaign for Auckland Council by Sir Ron Carter speaks volumes about my commitment and ability to look after business interests. Ron says “Our city needs Councillors who will apply their knowledge and experience for the good of all. A great Council team will be built from those who respect and commit to each other. Penny’s wisdom and consensus style will help create a Council for all Aucklanders. We need her on our Council.”

    Who is Sir Ron Carter:

    In 2010 – Sir Ron Carter was the Chair of the Committee for Auckland:


    Session 1, July 20th – Why? – What’s the case for creating a super city? Why do we need to change regional governance structures to do so?


    Peter Salmon, Chairman of the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance,
    Bob Harvey, Waitakere City Mayor, and
    Sir Ron Carter, Committee for Auckland Chairman.

    Who are the Committee for Auckland:


    “Our vision: Auckland as a global city.

    In 2013 we will be an influential voice for all of Auckland, creating cross-sectoral solutions to the city’s issues and

    Focusing on a future beyond the electoral cycle helping New Zealand’s only world-ranked city to achieve its potential for the region and the country

    The Committee for Auckland (CFA) has played a prominent role in galvanising positive change for our city. Our members are all specialists in the city’s issues and fervent advocates for its success.
    Having contributed significantly to the new shape of Auckland as one city, 2013 is the platform for a re-focused Committee to drive the agenda for Auckland as a world leading destination as well as the welcoming gateway to New Zealand.”

    Membership of the Committee for Auckland:


    “Membership to the Committee for Auckland is by invitation.
    Members meet quarterly and are invited to be involved in those aspects of the work programme that interest them.

    Members are Chairs of Boards, Directors and Chief Executives

    Corporate Membership annual fee $10,000. ……”

    The current list of members of the Committee for Auckland:


    (It is interesting to note how members of this VERY powerful private lobby group are intertwined with Auckland Council and Auckland Council ‘Council Controlled Organisations’ (CCOs).

    For starters……………

    Brett O’Riley Chief Executive Officer ATEED

    Robert Domm Chief Executive Officer Regional Facilities Auckland

    Mark Ford Chief Executive Officer Watercare

    John Dalzell Chief Executive Officer Waterfront Auckland

    Also, how the Committee for Auckland includes key members of the NZ Property Council and property developers, such as:

    Connal Townsend National Director Property Council of NZ

    Evan Davies Chief Executive Officer Todd Property Ltd

    On the face of it, Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, your range of ‘community credentials’ appears impressive:


    About Penny Hulse

    Penny has strong links with her community and cares passionately about the Auckland region.

    Her community involvement includes Patron of Waitakere Special Olympics, Community Waitakere Charitable Trust, Henderson Riding for the Disabled, The Trust Waitakere Brass Band, Northern Football Association, Trustee of Swanson Railway Station Trust, Waitakere Anti Violence Essential Services and former Director of EECA Board.

    Penny’s special areas of interest are Climate Change, Sustainable City Development, Environmental Advocacy, Community Development and Youth. …………”

    However, the reality, in my considered opinion, is that you cannot work simultaneously both for the community (the ‘99%’ ), and corporations/property developers (the ‘1%’).

    It is my intention as a 2013 Auckland Mayoral candidate to continue to ‘blow the whistle’, against the the ‘corrupt corporate coup’ which set up the Auckland ‘Supercity’, and those who are serving the interests of the ‘1%’.

    In my considered opinion, Auckland Council Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, you are NOT a genuine community advocate – you are in fact, a corporate /property developer MOUTH PIECE, working for the ‘1%’.

    No disrespect – but I shall ‘call it as I see it’.
    (I don’t expect you to like it).

    So be it.

    Yours sincerely

    Penny Bright
    ‘Anti-corruption / anti-privatisation’ campaigner
    2013 Auckland Mayoral candidate
    (For more evidence linking the Committee for Auckland with Auckland Council :


    • muzza 20.1

      I agree with that !

      The Super City, was formed for the following reasons.

      1: To gain control the peoples assets.
      2: To centrally control the governance structure of AKL – See point1
      3: To ensure that NZ, via AKL, is tied into the *next system*. (control the largest center of economic/human activity, control the country)

      Has anyone even seen the bill leeft behind by the ATA, and still being paid for many years come?

      No, and you never will either, and when the assets are stripped, because AKL goes broke, which 99.9% certainty, will happen, all will become clear, just what the agenda was/is for this country!

  18. South African president to have press conference at 7pm. 🙁

  19. North 22


    Frank Macskasy – brilliant !

    Sad for NZ. Rankin (recommends Weetbix even for t……s), Pastor (under the blankets with botox) Hannah Tamaki, and that other boring prick. And they’re meant to be knowledgable leaders of our community. For Christ’s Sake. The narcissistic, megalomaniac, not too bright, lunatics, are in charge of the asylum !

  20. Edited, she has now deleted her tweet.

  21. Rosetinted 25

    I’ve been watcing some of The Wire showing conditions and a sort of life in black poor housing areas and thought about another black tv series which was made in the 70’s – I think it was Good Times. But according to a commentator it didn’t come near to showing the reality of life for black young people. Though actors and others connected with The Wire say that it’s too true.

    For those interested in the need for more multi unit housing in Auckland there are things to steer clear from. There’s a whole lot of links on google about Chicago and others.
    Put in search line in google –
    1 tv series on housing projects and poverty chicago housing projects
    2 housing projects and poverty

    The Chicago one, which seems to be a major example that seemed to have been unsuccessful.

    and some personal anecdotes about how it was for some residents.

  22. Rosetinted 26

    I messed up a bit – correct link for the Chicago Cabrini-Green project is

  23. Tim 27

    I sense, no WAIT! …. I feel it in my bones…. I sense some new legislation coming on.
    (They could call it the Greg O’Connor Bill):

  24. Draco T Bastard 28

    Short-sighted NZ government software buying

    At the time New Zealand developers faced two problems.

    *) A perception among government buyers overseas-made software is always better than NZ-made software.
    *) Government buyers would choose fully integrated products and not put their own systems together.

    Now, as Pullar-Strecker points out, local developers have to contend with large-scale purchasing geared towards dealing with multinationals and huge corporations not small entrepreneurial companies.

    It’s yet another reason New Zealand government needs a technology supremo to oversee all aspects of technology policy.

    It’s the BS that seems to be endemic to NZ that stuff made overseas is inherently better than that made here. It’s a belief that, IMO, holds NZ back from its full potential.

    • Rosetinted 28.1

      I have just heard in an interview on Radionz that Crown Lynn resorted to using British marks on their china wares around 1951 to enable them to sell to NZs who had a bias against buying our own goods – considered inferior.

      2013 – Computer programs designed in NZ have to be sold to an overseas company so that NZs will then consider buying them, from the overarching glamour of a large overseas entity – same software though but considered inferior. As you showed in your link on NZ government software buying.
      And using overseas currency of which we have none. So actually borrowing, increasing our current account deficit, our national debt.

      And all the time government telling us that we have to raise productivity as a key to firing the economy! This from the sort of people who came up with the name for a failed rocket attempt – ‘Government servant (Won’t work – you can’t fire it). So wise, so all-knowing, such people who are sure that they can do much better than government controlled systems. True, better for themselves.

      Please correct anything I have said that’s not true!

      Interesting that a number of National Party stars, Jenny Shipley and Ruth Richardson come to mind, have gone into businesses involved with China. Perhaps NZ is too small a fish to bother with when large benefits can be reaped elsewhere. Perhaps we are just a stone base to set a ladder on to climb to dizzy heights in the high-flying and affluent international business world. That attitude would explain much of the observed neglect of the country and its interests by right-wingers.

      • Rosetinted 28.1.1

        Just a note I’m in moderation for my comment above from 12 pm. Don’t know why I don’t think I’ve used bad words, or Godwin’s law, though I did mention a couple of RWNJs who used to be National MPs.

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  • Jump in apprentice and trainee numbers
    The number of New Zealanders taking up apprenticeships has increased nearly 50 percent, and the number of female apprentices has more than doubled. This comes as a Government campaign to raise the profile of vocational education and training (VET) begins. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Education Minister Chris Hipkins announced ...
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  • ReBuilding Nations Symposium 2020 (Infrastructure NZ Conference opening session)
    Tena koutou katoa and thank you for the opportunity to be with you today. Can I acknowledge Ngarimu Blair, Ngati Whatua, and Mayor Phil Goff for the welcome. Before I start with my substantive comments, I do want to acknowledge the hard work it has taken by everyone to ensure ...
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  • New Zealand's biosecurity champions honoured
    Biosecurity Minister Damien O’Connor has paid tribute to the winners of the 2020 New Zealand Biosecurity Awards. “These are the people and organisations who go above and beyond to protect Aotearoa from pests and disease to ensure our unique way of life is sustained for future generations,” Damien O’Connor says. ...
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  • Tourism Industry Aotearoa Conference
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  • Masks to be worn on Auckland public transport and all domestic flights
    Masks will need to be worn on all public transport in Auckland and in and out of Auckland and on domestic flights throughout the country from this Thursday, Minister for COVID-19 Response Chris Hipkins said today. “I will be issuing an Order under the COVID-19 Response Act requiring the wearing ...
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  • New Zealand signs Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
    Increase to New Zealand’s GDP by around $2 billion each year Increase opportunities for NZ exporters to access regional markets Cuts red tape and offers one set of trade rules across the Asia Pacific region New government procurement, competition policy and electronic commerce offers NZ exporters increased business opportunities Prime ...
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  • Minister acknowledges students as exams begin
    Education Minister Chris Hipkins has recognised the extraordinary challenges students have faced this year, ahead of NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship exams which begin on Monday. “I want to congratulate students for their hard work during a year of unprecedented disruption, and I wish students all the best as ...
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  • Prime Minister meets with key ASEAN and East Asia Summit partners
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today attended the ASEAN-New Zealand Commemorative Summit and discussed with Leaders a range of shared challenges facing the Indo-Pacific region, including: The ongoing management of the COVID-19 pandemic; The importance of working collectively to accelerate economic recovery; and Exploring further opportunities for partners to work more ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Veterans Affairs Summit held in Korea
    A Ministerial Summit on Veterans’ Affairs was held in the Republic of Korea this week. Ministers with veteran responsibilities were invited from all 22 countries that had been part of the United Nations Forces during the Korean War (1950 – 1953). The Summit marked the 70th anniversary of the outbreak ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • Clear direction set for the education system, skills prioritised
    The Government has released a set of priorities for early learning through to tertiary education and lifelong learning to build a stronger, fairer education system that delivers for all New Zealanders. “The election delivered a clear mandate from New Zealanders to accelerate our plan to reduce inequalities and make more ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago