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11 comments on “Open Mike 25/08/2018”

  1. Herodotus 1

    The ownership of water, why can we not let the status quo remain, BUT have a duty or other form of levy on exporting water ?
    Then nz gets to cash in on the “free” water yet no one owns it.

    • Grey Area 1.1

      Why can’t we have a moratorium on all water extraction for bottling and export until the wider issues are sorted. It’s not like we’re benefitting much from letting mostly foreigners take often our best water and exporting it for profit.

      • millsy 1.1.1

        Whatever we do, let us not make the same mistake with our water as we did with our other resources, which is hand them over to overseas money merchants and pay through the nose for them.

      • Janet 1.1.2

        Moratorium ? Yes we must stop and really have a discussion about our water; the discussion we should have had before any water was sold off-shore.
        The discussion should start with, should any water leave our shores considering that our land, ecology and climate are the result of the amount of water that falls upon our land?
        The discussion must ask; should finite petroleum reserves be wasted on exporting water to very populated unsustainable countries of the world?

    • AsleepWhileWalking 1.2

      I like both ideas.

      Whatever we for we need to stop giving our resources away and make changes for water laws a top priority.

  2. Jilly Bee 2

    I had my usual sleep in on a Saturday morning and was catching up with Open Mike at about 9 am (with my morning cup of tea in bed), which had no comments, which I thought was pretty unusual and I initially thought that my phone must have been faulty or something similar or all the usual commenters were having a sleep in too. I then went on to read Lizzy Marvelly’s post in the N Z Herald this morning about the several trolls who comment on her posts – probably when they end up on Facebook. I have often thought about why people feel the need to make such comments on various blogs and opinion pieces – a lot of them totally pathetic and sometimes pretty disgusting – and most of them done anonymously. The Stuff pieces seem to attract the very worst of nasty comments. Why do they do this – is it some sort of perverted gratification for sounding off well knowing that they won’t be found out or are they a cabal of remunerated followers of a particular political party or parties. It seems pretty obvious that there is a fair proportion of the population who think like this which does disturb me and they are directing their invective at our present Government, or people who are thinking outside the box – ie not heterosexual or Anglo Saxon or who have a different opinion to their closed political or linear thinking. As I have reached my 3 score years and 10, plus 4 I can possibly be accused of being an ancient fuddy-duddy but I definitely still have my wits about me and do enjoy reading various blogs and comments on political events. I simply wish people would take the time to think before becoming keyboard warriors and what effect it has on people who share their thoughts in the media. I’m certainly not against robust debate but abuse is not playing fair.

  3. eco maori 4

    some Eco Maori music

  4. eco maori 5

    Good morning The hui Mihi these people who denie racism in Aotearoa don’t want to face reality because they sit at the top of there ladders of life that this system has dished up for them as well as being national supporter’s .
    Locking OUR young men up in vast number’s has a few side effects like diluting the tangata whenua culture ie OUR wahine end up in relationship ships with non Maori
    also with the stigerma and the hype around anything bad about Maori is haled throught a microphone this putt’s our Maori wahine off maori men there are a lot of good maori men it’s just that we are carrying around the tar and feathers that this system has plastered on Maori Eco Maori see this every day Ka kite ano

  5. eco maori 6

    Condolences to Senator John McCain family Im sure he was a good man .
    Here we have some one with vested interest I.E to sell his farming methods franchise .
    My point is his system’s of farming will require many more labour units to produce the same amount of production as conventional Dairy farm’s and what do we know there is already a labour shortage in Aotearoa at the minute.
    So I say disregard this man’s story because it is not logical at all link below ka kite ano

  6. eco maori 7

    Good evening Newshub That drought in Australier look’s like a mean one .
    Ka pai TJ that jersey gift to OUR Prime Minister was cool you will be able to see that the common people are much more happier under her leadership.
    Congradulation’s to Rose Matafeo for her wins Best comedy show at Edinburgh comedy festival .
    Many thanks from the business that are going plastic straw free or looking to get rid of the plastic waste ka pai .
    Hawaii having a bad run from Papatuanuku condolences to te tangata whenua of Hawaii I think they have it harder than Maori Kia kaha .
    Good win from the Black Ferns wahaine Rugby Ka pai Ka kite ano

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