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Open mike 26/01/2011

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, January 26th, 2011 - 89 comments
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89 comments on “Open mike 26/01/2011”

  1. IrishBill 1

    I see Watkins and Kay have moved to identify the big issues in the wake of Goff’s tax announcement:


    • Marty G 1.1

      seen the herald yet? there’s no article on goff’s speech itself. But there’s one about the man having a dye-job.

      Looks like we’ve got a few political journos applying for jobs as Women’s Weekly.

    • millsy 1.2

      From complaining about Helen’s dress sense and (lack of) femininity, to Phil Goff’s hair colour, the NZ press seems to have it in for Labour politicians appearences.

  2. orange whip? 2

    Not that it should matter, but the correct answer to “have you dyed your hair?” is “yep, now about this unemployment…”

    Does Goff has ANYONE advising him?

    How the hell am I supposed to vote for him if he can’t give a straight answer to THAT?

    • Blighty 2.1

      yeah it was disappointing that he just didn’t say what you suggest.

    • luva 2.2

      I agree, why try spinning something that doesn’t need to be spun.

      So rather than comparing policies today the media will be comparing before and after shots of Goff.

    • big bruv 2.3

      Yes he does, he has a fearless and independent ex journalist called Fran advising him.

      Well…Fran is Micky’s idea of independent anyway.

  3. Key and Blinglish were on morning report this morning decrying labour’s tax plans on the basis they were unaffordable. I was waiting for the killer question from the interviewers but it never came.

    The killer question would be along the lines of “but your tax cuts were not affordable either. They were underfunded by a billion dollars for the first year and they relied on heroic growth predictions to be revenue neutral going on into the future”.

    The next point should have been that Labour are prepared to borrow for tax cuts for the poor and National to give tax cuts for the rich.

    Oh for a left wing version of Sean Plunkett …

    • big bruv 3.1

      So you want the entire NZ media to have a screaming left wing bias Micky?

      I take it that if you have the chance you will pass a law that makes speaking out against Labour a crime…..oh hang on, think you might have already tried that.

      Seriously, does it not highlight the insane situation of the government owning any media organisation?

      The media should be free to take any angle they want, the government (or the tax payer) has no place being in business.

      • mickysavage 3.1.1

        So you want the entire NZ media to have a screaming left wing bias Micky?

        Actually a bit of balance would be good. The media should be independent and ask the hard questions of all sides.

        I was at Goff’s meeting yesterday. The hall was jam packed and his speech was exceptionally well received. I am finding it difficult to reconcile what happened with what the media are saying. All the media seem to be doing is buying into the lines they are being fed by Key.

        And Blinglish lied this morning when he talked about tax increases for the middle class. This was definately excluded and the middle class will be getting a tax cut. He was not brought to task on this.

        All I am asking BB is for the tough questions to be asked and ALL of our politicians being brought to task.

        • luva

          Questions like, “how are we going to pay for this $10 dollar a week tax cut”, would be a good start

        • Olwyn

          I saw this right wing bias go up a notch or two in 2008, and it has not changed since. Sean Plunkett was the exception – whatever his political leanings, he did seem to remember that his job was in journalism, not PR. This morning’s headlines suggest a continued resolve to deprive Labour of oxygen and retain control of the narrative. How I long for the day that this kind of journalism loses all credibility, and is left bleating excitedly into an empty room.

      • south paw 3.1.2

        The media play a central part in a democracy, it should not be dominated by business. Right now we live in a Murdochracy = trashy tabloid ‘news’, with HOT gossip!

        Julian Assange is an illustrative example of what happens if you have some real news to report.

      • Draco T Bastard 3.1.3

        Well, I for one, want the MSM to report reality rather than the RWNJ delusion.

        • Colonial Viper

          Does anyone here have first hand (or second hand) information on whether or not the GAG machine QLD is said to have requested back has been removed from the mine? Or is it still there and operational?

    • Draco T Bastard 3.2

      As it’s the RWNJ capitalists that own the MSM you won’t get one. The information coming from there is biased in favour of the right to keep people misinformed.

      • mickysavage 3.2.1

        Compare the Herald’s treatment of Goff’s and Key’s speeches.

        – article on speech
        – two critiques of tax plan by right wing commentators
        – issue raised about whether or not he dyes his hair
        – headlines “First $5k tax free under Labour”, “Goff goes for broke with no-tax proposal” and “Goff goes over to the dark side”

        – video of Key’s criticism of Goff’s speech
        – speech reported in full
        – headline “Key set to boost nation’s savings” and “Key slams Labour’s tax plans”

        Can anyone see a slightly unbalanced treatment of the two speeches?

    • Vicky32 3.3

      Although encouragingly, I did see John Campbell asking those sort of questions on Campbell Live tonight… Amazing and what a pleasure!

  4. big bruv 4

    Ha ha….Watkins hits the nail on the head, Labour and Goff have become totally irrelevant to the people of NZ.

    • orange whip? 4.1

      Well they’re certainly relevant to you big bruv, you spend most of your days writing about them.

      Why do you hate lesbians?

    • Draco T Bastard 4.2

      No BB, Labour have actually managed to become more relevant but the MSM have failed to report that. Instead they’re reporting what you want to hear rather than the facts.

  5. Bored 5

    From todays Herald on the Botany national selection…..

    Right-leaning political commentator Matthew Hooton this week said he believedit was a two-horse race between Ms Barry, 51, and Mr Ross, 25.

    Hooton said on Radio NZ that Mr Ross had the advantage of being young and could bring voters to National who may not have voted for them before.

    The triumph of image over substance?

  6. Hilary 6

    There have been a lot of rich white men putting down this policy in the media (and a right wing PR woman having a go at Phil Goff’s hair on the front page of the Dompost). But where are those voices from the NZ majority earning under $30,000, and that numerous group in the $12,000 to $15,000 bracket (such as superannuitants)? Haven’t heard them yet.

    • prism 6.1

      Ag Concern has this to say about superannuation –
      New Zealand Superannuation has increased by $4.80 – $6.60 per person per week. This gives an income of around $13,000 – $17,000 per person (after tax) annually.
      For some older people, this isn’t enough to cover even a basic standard of living.

      Present superannuation rates (note that there is a single rate for one half of a married couple that is lower than others).
      Single (living alone) $333.75 $17,355
      Single (sharing) $307.67 $15,999
      Married, civil union or de facto couple
      (both partners qualify) $511.06 $26,575
      ($13,288 each)
      Married, civil union or de facto couple
      (one partner qualifies)* $485.70 $25,256
      ($12,628 each)
      sorted websit4e

  7. M 7

    I don’t know if anyone has seen the History Channel programme ‘Prophets of Doom’ with JHK, MCR, Nate Hagens, John Cronin, Professor Hugo De Garis and Robert Gleason but it’s worth a look.

    John Cronin is the water guy and almost dominated the discussion and of course his views are important but if there is no energy to pump water or it’s dirty, as Robert Gleason the nuke guy pointed out, then if there’s thermo nuclear war it won’t be worth worrying about. Hugo de Garis is the artificial intelligence guy and talked about how robots might be able to overcome humanity but I couldn’t really buy that theory because if there’s no industrial economy to manufacture the circuitry then it’s unlikely and JHK was similarly sceptical.

    Hagen’s comment about the FF windfall being so powerful that for all human intents and purposes it’s indistinguishable from magic was one of the best I’ve heard about our incredible luck.

    • Bored 7.1

      Just watched it, and read the comments. Couple of things stood out:
      1. The whole thing was US centric, the language was that of lament for empire (i.e. it was not only about the collapse of USA as a country but about its role in the world, very few other places got mentioned).
      2. The comments are genuinely concerning, there is a degree of ignorance and denial that would do the usual RWNJs on this site proud.

      All up, whats the most important issue of those mentioned? None specifically, really its the ability of humans to refuse to see the approaching cliff edge whilst worrying about a few more dollars and who should have them.

      • M 7.1.1

        Granted it was US centric but as the population consumes 25% of energy supplies, and have an extroadinary amount of fat in the system that could be culled, it’s a useful tool to spell things out.

        The views expressed would be a good starting point to rev people up from their sleepwalking and as Ruppert said to get people to decide what future they want. His comment about not everyone being able to be saved and him wanting to help as many as possible may cause many to feel uneasy and take steps to prepare even if only mentally for a very uncertain future

  8. jcuknz 8

    I think the thread by Bunji starts with something drastically wrong … $100/week …TV3 last night suggested it was around $10/week. My math without knowing actual figures 5000×15%/52 comes to about $14 a week. Or even at my tax rate of I think 17.5% comes to only $17 a week. Useful to buy four loaves of bread … but? $100/week works out at over 100% tax rate?

    • Olwyn 8.1

      Bunji’s calculation was based on the amount of untaxed income you get a week. This is approximately $100. What you actually gain is whatever tax you would have paid on that $100. Some one who earned $5,000 per year working part time would pay no tax at all.

    • Blighty 8.2

      It’s $100 a week of income tax-free (actually $5000/52.14 = $95.90 a week), which equates to $10 a week less tax because you’re currently paying the 10.5% tax rate on your first $5,000 of income ($96*0.105 = $10.06.

      “Or even at my tax rate of I think 17.5% comes to only $17 a week”

      Um… you realise that your income is taxed at different levels, eh? Your first $14,000 is currently taxed at 10.5%. Your next $34,000 is then taxed at 17.5%. And so on. If your marginal tax rate is 17.5% you aren’t paying 17.5% on every dollar you earn.

    • Bunji 8.3

      $100/week tax free or ~$10/week reduction in tax. Currently first $5000 is taxed at 10.5%, so reducing that to 0 will give everyone earning $5000 and above a $525 tax cut. A big difference to those on median wage, but petty cash to Bill & John.

      • jcuknz 8.3.1

        Thank you all … maybe it was mental telepathy but it hit me as I sat off line … but to me it sounds like misleading advertising. Not that I think it is a bad idea because I would have thought $10 a week will help those on the bottom rung. Talking about $10 seems more honest to me.

        • Bright Red

          Does ‘$5,000 a year tax free’ mislead you?

          Of course not. It’s just what the policy is – 0% tax on the first $5,000 of income

          Then why would ‘$100 a week tax free’ be any different?

          It’s just simple division.

  9. jcuknz 9

    As ex-media I find these accusations of bias rather amusing with the right complaining about the left wing media and the left crying about right wing bias … LOL 🙂
    John Key’s denial “No dye it is just falling out” was a great put down at a silly question.

    • Blighty 9.1

      yeah. that was how to handle it. really weird that goff wasn’t prepared. a simple ‘yep’ would have killed the story.

      • Bunji 9.1.1

        It wouldn’t have though. The story would then just have been: “Goff dyes hair” and would have gone into why he felt it necessary.

        And to be fair, answering those questions does encourage the media to ask more personal questions (look at the intrusive interviews of Helen Clark and Don Brash’s houses in 2005, asking about sex life etc). And the more personal questions they’re asking, the less they focus on policy. Oh but that they would actually think (& talk) about policy…

        • Janice

          At the risk of being trivial, Key says no dye, why then does his hair always get darker when he is overseas at some polly bash where there will be opportunities for photo ops with the big boys?

          • Olwyn

            And no one in the media has picked up the toupee rumour that bubbles way beneath the radar, and run with it, so to speak.

  10. joe90 10

    Industry exec slams “inept” plan to mine parks.

    “They cherry-picked what they thought were areas of interest … if they’d asked the industry they would’ve told them none of them were of interest.”

    • vto 10.1

      Yes joe, very interesting. Makes me think that often-times Ministers are not so much going around doing backroom deals as they are simply bumbling around trying to enjoy their short term in office and making bunged up decisions on the hoof. More incompetent than dastardly. But I aint convinced (except when it comes to Brownlee).

  11. vto 11

    So it transpires that there are bodies intact in Pike River. And pallets and bags of cement and other stuff.

    Egg on face for all those claiming that there would be no bodies and the miners families should believe John Key and David Farrar and give up. And sticky smelly egg at that.

    Yet again, those in authority have got it wrong at Pike River. Key is such a dick, and as for Farrar what a waste of space.

    National will lose the West Coast.

    • The Voice of Reason 11.1

      No bodies, VTO. It was a bit of wishful thinking from one of the relatives, having seen footage of an area unaffected by the explosions and leaping to the conclusion that there might still be intact remains close by.

  12. Joe Bloggs 12

    Just howled with laughter reviewing some of yesterday’s lame comments from the Leftists trying desperately to defend Phil Grecian2k’s financial shortcomings in the numbers.

    Let me see – typical defence of G2k: It’s a speech for fuck’s sake, the numbers are irrelevant.

    Yeah right!

    • orange whip? 12.1

      Artificial memes aren’t really funny. Too forced.

      You’ll probably get Slater on board and a couple of mongs from kiwiblog but it doesn’t rhyme, it has no rhythm, there’s no wordplay and it doesn’t roll off the tongue.

      • Colonial Viper 12.1.1

        Oh, let Bloggs have his fun, it’ll give us ours 😀

        LAB has to make sure that it keeps the broad strokes very clear to the public, values, principles, PHILosophy. We are still at the Big Picture phase. With just sufficient detail that people know that much more is in the pipeline being worked on and coming.

  13. randal 13

    looks like labour is about to hit the lead.
    john key is not the only kwee wee to get a job in a US money firm and we dont really need his brand of expertise.
    new zealand needs policy’s that will allow people to go ahead knowing that the future is safe and not about to be mortgaged so certain people can buy houses in the south of france.

  14. Colonial Viper 14

    UK Economy in Shock Contraction -0.5% in last Quarter

    Must be Tories ruling, they’ve blamed their economic mismanagement on the weather.


    • Draco T Bastard 14.1

      It’s not a shock contraction, a hell of a lot of people said it would happen because of the austerity measures that the Tory government were putting in place.

      • Colonial Viper 14.1.1

        But…but…the private sector was supposed to be picking up the slack right about now.

        You know, the same private companies who used to provide IT services, building services, catering services, recruitment services to Government depts and councils who are not buying any more…whoops.

  15. Draco T Bastard 15

    Key: National plans state asset sales

    Prime Minister John Key has announced plans to sell-off state assets and cut back Government spending.

    Well, he did only promise not to sell them in his first term so it’s no surprise that he’s getting ready to sell them in the second term. This line from Jonkey has all the hallmarks of idiocy that’s characteristic of NACT:

    “The way for New Zealand to get ahead is to sell more to the rest of the world.”

    So, according to Jonkey we’d be better off if we didn’t own any assets.

    EDIT: Move to here please 🙂

  16. ianmac 16

    As an aside and since there was talk of “touch-up photos” how about Maggie’s (supplied) photo?

  17. Fisiani 17

    [Deleted…pure trolling]

  18. big bruv 18

    24 hours on and all the media are talking about is Goff’s new hair.

    I love it!….ha ha ha

    • Draco T Bastard 18.1

      You think that being misinformed is funny? Well, considering that you are psychopath, that shouldn’t surprise me at all.

      • big bruv 18.1.1

        Nah..just proves that Labour are dead under his leadership.

        • The Voice of Reason

          Yeah, real dead, Bruv.The NZH poll on the 5% tax break is running 2 to 1 in favour of Labour’s position and the Stuff poll on privatisation is running 2 to 1 against National’s sell off.

          How are you going to like having Goff as PM, Bruv? Coz that’s whats going to happen if it’s a battle between tax cuts for working Kiwis and privatisation of their assets.

          • big bruv

            Is that the same NZH poll that you were encouraging people to vote on yesterday?

            The real polls tell us that Labour dropped 6%, after Goff’s nightmare yesterday he will have dropped even more.

            The public are just not listening, and, they will continue to ignore Labour until Labour stop acting like arrogant sods, it is time that Goff and the rest acknowledged that 08 was a total rejection of Clark and Labour, they need to admit that and apologise.

            [lprent: He wasn’t “..encouraging people to vote on..” – all he did was say that there was an online poll. Perhaps you should fact-check before bullshitting. ]

            • The Voice of Reason

              Yep, that’s the one, Bludge. I’m not a big fan of either online polls or narrowcasted phone polls, but the NZH and Stuff ones clearly show that privatisation vs tax cuts is a winner for Labour. So stop packing yourself and start preparing for a change of leadership. If this is an indication of the issues the only poll that matters is going to fought on, I’m picking Key is going to be gone by lunchtime the next day.

            • prism

              bb Could you make a note of what Labour should apologise for ? A useful numbered checklist which would put a hard edge on the confused contentions so often under your pseudo.

            • big bruv

              Bit touchy today Iprent?, it’s not as if this site is known for having it’s facts right.

              Guess it has been a tough couple of days for you guys.

              • lprent

                I noticed you being a bit noisy – but that hardly qualifies as anything of much interest. Your ability to waffle in a fact free way without links is about the notable thing about your commenting style – probably why no-one really bothers much about what you say.

                I’ve been busy writing charting code. But I’d happened to click into that link when I was moderating yesterday so I remembered what he’d actually said. It was worth pulling you up on it.

                BTW: Have you sent the money to wikileaks yet?

                • big bruv

                  You really are a nasty, bitter and twisted little lefty Iprent.

                  As for the money, it was paid to the SPCA as per the bet, and as for Wikileaks…well I am amazed that a left wing site would be in support of an alleged rapist.

                  • Big bruv

                    This argument has been rehashed a number of times and it is absolutely clear you had to pay the money to the winner’s choice.

                    Your continued attempted rewriting of history and refusal to accept you are wrong is typical of RWNJ behaviour and only reinforces the left’s collective impression that you are talking through the preverbial.

                    Pay up.

                    • big bruv


                      You of all people should know that one needs to be specific, the moron I made the bet with accepted the bet on the basis that the loser would donate $100 to a CHARITY.

                      Wikileaks (the web site of an alleged rapist) is not a charity.

                      And Micky, the argument has not been “rehashed” at all, I made the bet, I know what happened.
                      The problem is that the moron who made the bet is now trying to rewrite history (a common Labour problem), the bet is well over, debt paid and I have moved on.

                      Perhaps the Dunce who I had the bet with should do the same.

                    • Pascal's bookie

                      Bruv, we all know what happened.

                      BLiP nominated wikileaks at the time of the bet. That was his condition of accepting the bet.

                      Later, you wrongly thought you’d won the bet and sought to get BLiP to pay confirming that you accepted that the bet was legitimate.

                      When it turned out you had lost the bet, you decided, all of a sudden, that you didn’t want to accept BLiP’s choice of charity.

                      If you didn’t think wikileaks was a charity the time to speak up was when the bet was being agreed to.

                  • Lanthanide

                    Provide a scanned or photo’d receipt of your donation and we might let it slide. For maximum authenticity it should have a date of sometime back in 2010, but if you want to make the donation this week, I think we’ll grudgingly accept that too – better late than never.

                    You did get a receipt, right? You know that you can deduct donations from your tax and get a refund, so you’d be missing out on some money from the government if you didn’t.

                    So if you don’t have a receipt, you’re either an idiot (which we know), or lying (which we know).

                    • big bruv

                      Come on now Pascal, I know you struggle in the IQ department but even you know that is not what happened.

                      BliP (I could not remember who the moron was who took the bet) stuffed up, that’s OK, it happens sometimes but his problem (and one you lefties all share) is an inability to admit you are wrong.

                      The bet was clearly offered on the basis that the loser had to pay $100 to a charity of the winners choice, I know this because I am the one who offered the bet.

                      BLiP nominated Wikileaks which is not a charity, and I was NEVER going to pay money to an alleged rapist anyway.
                      The difference between me and you guys is that a real charity got the money, the SPCA were the recipients of my $100, we both know they will make far better use of the money than the alleged rapists website will.

                    • Pascal's bookie

                      But you wanted him to pay up when you thought, being an idiot, that you had won the bet.

                      At that time, BLiP had already said that paying wikileaks, should you lose, was the condition of him accepting the bet. That was the bet that he agreed to.

                      You could argue that the bet itself was therefore invalid, and that no-one owes anyone anything, but you missed the chance to do that when you sought to get him to pay up.

                      Say someone comes into my shop and I offer her a service for $100, and she responds by saying $50 and we’ve got a deal. I then say nothing but provide the service. What was the contracted price?

                      I say it was $50, because I believe contracts should be honoured on the terms that were agreed, not on the terms the loser decides they would, in hindsight, prefer.

                      That’s just one of the differences between us.

                    • Lanthanide

                      Fine, you gave the money to the SPCA. Where’s the receipt of your donation?

                      Surely you’ll want to provide this as proof.

                  • lprent

                    An organisation – wikileaks – is an alleged rapist? I think you have your usual fact check problem surfacing yet again…

                    How exactly is a non-profit organisation meant to do the dirty deed? A person at the head of a organisation is not the organisation. They usually have other people involved.

                    There are no charges against Assange who I suspect you meant. What there is is a extremely dubious interpol warrant (only meant to be used for actual charges) to drag Assange to Sweden for questioning about possible charges – that have already been previously dropped through lack of evidence.

                    However that wasn’t even an issue when you lost and welched on the bet.

          • Pete

            Except that the Stuff poll is worded nothing like Key’s proposals:
            Should the Government sell key state assets?

            They’d get a different response from:
            Should the Government sell key state assets to give you a bigger tax cut?
            Should the Government sell key state assets to avoid going broke?

            Online polls are so generalised and unscientific they can’t be relied on for anything.

            • The Voice of Reason

              Why would Stuff run questions like that, Pete? That’s not what is being proposed and the question is simplicity itself and the results seem to confirm what we’ve known for years anyway. Kiwi’s don’t want the rest of the family silver flogged off and if Key thinks otherwise, he’s going down in history as a bloke who blew a landslide lead.

        • Draco T Bastard

          I’ve decided that I love it to as JK just got caught lying – again. This time about not using hair dye. Wonder of the MSM will do anything about that? Probably not – they’re so used to being lied to from him I suppose it’s just another day on the job.

    • Armchair Critic 18.2

      It’s mostly an indictment on the quality of the media.
      Do you think Maggie Barry has been dying her hair, too? Either way, does it make her a better or worse candidate for National in Botany?

    • – It just goes to show what a lot of Right -Wing plonkers we have running the countries media. Even Morning Report is showing a ACT/NAT bias.
      Its quite anti – democratic and we should all be concerned whatever your political leanings. The only good in this situation is that the Tory Press is going broke. Granny Herald has become a rag and not worth reading , I wonder what how many people now subscribe. I do know that they keep,offering “bargains” a sure sign of falling membership.
      If this tax policy takes on ;as I think it will” well just watch the anti Labour headlines from the Tory press.

      • Vicky32 18.3.1

        “I do know that they keep,offering “bargains” a sure sign of falling membership.”
        And freebies in the street… I got one last Monday! What was so amusing was that the poor guy in the bright yellow DayGlo vest was having a terrible time trying to give it away.. He gave me a look of pure gratitude when I accepted my free Herald.

  19. Draco T Bastard 19

    Top politics story at the NZ herald. It really just enforces the fact that the journalists aren’t there to inform the populace any more.

  20. Now I wonder what the reaction to Key’s announcement regarding the selling of State Assets will be to the Maori Party. Are they going to agree to this?Will Turia smile, cosy up,to Keys and tell us what a good idea this is. If she agrees to this sell up it could be the final nail in the coffin for the Maori Party,

  21. ianmac 21

    This is a rather cunning column in the Herald quoting Peter Simpson NZPF: “NCEA needs to be reviewed”

    “According to Minister Anne Tolley, one of the strengths of national standards is that they are supposed to scaffold to the NCEA qualification. Her stated aim is to lift the number of students leaving school with NCEA qualifications.”

    This aim made little sense in a context of allowing NCEA to be an optional qualification and made even less sense that Ms Tolley would insist that national standards must be compulsory when they are designed to link up with a qualification that was not, he said.”


    • ianmac 21.1

      And now a funny little piece from the Herald:

      “Prime Minister John Key says that while Auckland Grammar might be within the law over its approach to NCEA, it has to be mindful of what parents want.

      The school plans to encourage most students to take the private Cambridge exams.
      Mr Key said yesterday that for the most part, the secondary schools assessment system had “settled down” and for the bulk of children was delivering “good outcomes”.”

      And that was it. No more appeared????

  22. ianmac 22

    John Campbell interviewed John Key tonight. John Key used the phrase “Mum and Dad” as investors or owners umpteen times. Message therefore that it will be OK because good old Mum and Dad will own those Energy entities. Thank goodness then.
    There has been some great training going on there.

  23. The Voice of Reason 23

    Big Bruv at 8.10, in trying to weasel out of honouring a losing bet, claims that Wikilleaks is not a charity. He also acknowledges his contempt for the concept of innocent till proven guilty, but that’s so obviously a spurious reason to not pay up that it’s not worth wasting time on.

    “BLiP nominated Wikileaks which is not a charity, and I was NEVER going to pay money to an alleged rapist anyway.”

    Wikileak’s financial arm is indeed a charity and all donations to Wikileaks, by money transfer or via internet, quite literally go to charity. de Wau Holland Stifting to be precise, a registered and tax exempt German charity. So pay up, bludger, you’ve been done like a kipper, son. Again.


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  • Govt books in good position to respond to coronavirus
    The Crown accounts are in a strong position to weather any economic uncertainty as a result of coronavirus, with the books in surplus and expenses close to forecast, Finance Minister Grant Robertson says. The Treasury today released the Crown accounts for the seven months to January. The operating balance before ...
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    22 hours ago
  • Digital experts to provide advice on technological change
    Supporting New Zealand to make most of digital and data driven technologies will be the focus of a new Digital Council that begins its work today. Minister for Government Digital Services, Kris Faafoi, and Minister of Statistics, James Shaw, have confirmed the group of experts chosen to advise the Government ...
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    22 hours ago
  • NZ Upgrade on South Island roads
    Safety and climate change resilience are behind South Island regional roading projects that are being brought forward as part of the New Zealand Upgrade Programme, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones has announced.  As part of the NZ Upgrade, $300 million was allocated for regional investment opportunities.  “I’m pleased to ...
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    23 hours ago
  • Milford gets connected with NZ Upgrade
    Digital and air connectivity in Fiordland are getting a big boost, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones has announced.  As part of the $12 billion New Zealand Upgrade Programme announced in January, $300 million was allocated for regional investment opportunities, to be administered by the Provincial Development Unit.  “I’m pleased ...
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    23 hours ago
  • NZ Upgrade for West Coast ports and roads
    West Coast ports and roads will benefit from an investment of $18.6 million to improve safety and resilience and enable future economic growth, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones announced today.   The $12 billion NZ Upgrade Programme announced last month allocated $300 million for regional investment opportunities, to be administered ...
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    23 hours ago
  • NZ Upgrade on North Island regional roads
    Regional roading projects that will improve safety and resilience are being brought forward as part of the New Zealand Upgrade Programme, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones has announced. As part of the NZ Upgrade, $300 million was allocated for regional investment opportunities. “I spend a lot of time in ...
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    23 hours ago
  • Ōpōtiki Harbour finally gets green light
    The Eastern Bay of Plenty will finally get the harbour development it has wanted for decades, thanks to a $79.4 million central Government investment, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones announced today. This game-changing project will revitalise the township of Ōpōtiki and the wider Eastern Bay of Plenty, creating hundreds ...
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    23 hours ago
  • Land, air and sea: regions to benefit from NZ Upgrade
    Regional New Zealand will be a hive of activity in the coming months as the New Zealand Upgrade Programme delivers on its promise to modernise our infrastructure, prepare for climate change and help grow our economy. As part of the $12 billion NZ Upgrade Programme announced by the Government last ...
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    23 hours ago
  • Milestones marked with 2,000+ new cops
    A milestone has been reached with the graduation of more than 2,000 new Police officers since the Coalition Government took office in October 2017. Police Minister Stuart Nash says the graduation today of Wing 335 marks a surge of 2,023 new officers, and coincides with some significant breakthroughs against organised ...
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    2 days ago
  • New diploma helps counter cyber security threats
    Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media Minister, Kris Faafoi, and the Minister of Education, Chris Hipkins, have welcomed a new cyber security qualification as a step towards countering cyber threats and keeping New Zealanders safe. Attending the launch of the new Level 6 Diploma of Cyber Security at Auckland’s Unitec Institute ...
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    2 days ago
  • Celebrating 20 years of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park
    Government Ministers today celebrated 20 years of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park/ Ko te Pataka kai o Tikapa Moana/ Te Moananui a Toi, and recognise there is much to celebrate and so much more to do to give nature a helping hand.   Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage said “New Zealanders care deeply about nature.I want to ...
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    2 days ago
  • NZ economy in strong position to respond to coronavirus
    Prepared remarks on coronavirus by Finance Minister Grant Robertson to the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Massey University. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, The topic of this speech is the Budget 2020 priorities. But, given the considerable interest that I imagine is in the room about COVID-19 coronavirus, I do ...
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    2 days ago
  • Speech at opening of Nadi Women’s Crisis Centre
    E ngā mana, e ngā reo, e ngā iwi, e ngā rau rangatira ma. Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa. Ni sa bula vinaka. Namaste Thank you Shamima, Hon. Minister Vuniwaqa, community leaders and Women’s Crisis Centre staff for your warm welcome. It’s an honour and privilege to officially ...
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    2 days ago
  • Govt acts on fuel market competition
    The Government has released a comprehensive response to ensuring New Zealanders get a fairer deal at the petrol pump. This follows the Commerce Commission fuel market study which found motorists were paying more than they should for petrol and includes: Fuel Market Bill drafting, to pass mid-year Industry consultation in ...
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    2 days ago
  • Speech at Lautoka Mosque
    E ngā mana, e ngā reo, e ngā iwi, e ngā rau rangatira ma Tēnā koutou katoa Ni sa bula vinaka As-salaam alaikum It is a privilege to be here today. Thank you for welcoming us to your house of prayer. Thank you for your warmth. Thank you for greeting ...
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    2 days ago
  • Taupō Airport upgrade takes off
    Taupō Airport is to be upgraded and expanded through a $5.9 million Government funding boost, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones has announced. “Taupō Airport is the gateway to the Central North Island. It is essential for both keeping local people and businesses connected, but also to bring more people ...
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    2 days ago
  • Place-based assessment confirmed for Rotorua
    The Minister of Housing Megan Woods has confirmed the Government is working with Rotorua Lakes District Council and Te Arawa for the second place-based assessment to better understand the housing and urban issues affecting the city. “Every New Zealander has a right to a warm, safe and secure place to ...
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    2 days ago
  • More houses opened for New Zealanders
    19 new community homes (in addition to 14 opened in December) delivered in Takanini, Auckland 500 people housed by CORT Housing Trust by end of March 2,290 new public housing homes delivered in Auckland (November 2017 – December 2019). Another nineteen new public housing homes are being delivered in Auckland, ...
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    2 days ago
  • New Zealand and India to strengthen ties
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters and Minister for Trade and Export Growth David Parker met today with Indian External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar to discuss ways to strengthen ties between New Zealand and India.   “India is a priority relationship for New Zealand. We share common democratic traditions, growing two-way trade, extensive people-to-people links, ...
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    2 days ago
  • The Indo-Pacific: from principles to partnerships
    Speech to the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) Delhi, India Wednesday 26 February 2020 [CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY] The Indo-Pacific: from principles to partnerships Distinguished guests, good afternoon and thank you for your invitation.  It is good to be here at a time where New Zealand needs less of an introduction than ...
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    2 days ago
  • Speech to University of the South Pacific students
    Tihei mauri ora Te Whare e tu nei Te Papa e takoto Tēnā korua  No reira tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa Ni sa bula Vinaka It is a real pleasure to be here today, and to have the honour of addressing you all. If you’ll indulge me I’m ...
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    3 days ago
  • Proposed new measures to improve Aotearoa’s air quality
      Improved air quality to support better health and environmental wellbeing is the focus of proposed amendments to air quality regulations, says the Associate Minister for the Environment, Hon Nanaia Mahuta.  “Although our air quality is good in most places, during winter certain places have spikes in air pollution, mainly from ...
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    3 days ago
  • Water investment in Raukokore
    The remote eastern Bay of Plenty community of Raukokere will receive a Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) investment of $10.6 million for a water storage facility, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones says. “This is great news for the rural community. The landowner, Te Whānau a Maruhaeremuri Hapū Trust, will use ...
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    3 days ago
  • Lake Ōkaro lakebed transferred to Te Arawa as final piece of Settlement Act
    The Lake Ōkaro lakebed has transferred to Te Arawa Lakes Trust, Minister for Māori Crown Relations: Te Arawhiti Kelvin Davis announced today. Kelvin Davis joined Te Arawa at Te Papaiōuru Marae in Rotorua to celebrate the reinstatement of Te Arawa Lakes Trust as a key decision maker over the bed ...
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    3 days ago
  • Better protection against late payments
    New legislation is being proposed which aims to reduce the stress and financial hardship caused by late payments to small businesses. The Minister for Small Business Stuart Nash is considering stricter rules around payment practices between businesses. “Late payments from large organisations to smaller suppliers can be crippling for these ...
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    3 days ago
  • Police partnership programme with Fiji launched
    A new partnership programme between the New Zealand Police and Fiji Police will focus on combatting transnational organised crime and enhancing investigative skills, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on the first day of her visit to Fiji. The programme will see: ·       New Zealand Institute of Environmental Science and Research ...
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    4 days ago
  • Joint statement from Prime Minister Ardern and Prime Minister Bainimarama
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama met today in Suva, and renewed their commitment to continue to strengthen Fiji-New Zealand relations on a foundation of shared values and equal partnership. The Prime Ministers acknowledged the kinship between Fijians and New Zealanders, one that has endured over ...
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    4 days ago
  • $19.9 million from PGF for Kawerau
    A $19.9 million investment from the Provincial Growth Fund will help develop essential infrastructure for an industrial hub in the Bay of Plenty town of Kawerau, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones says. “The funding will go to three projects to further develop the Putauaki Trust Industrial Hub, an industrial ...
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    4 days ago
  • PGF funds Mahia roading package
    The Provincial Growth Fund is investing $8.3 million on a roading package for Mahia that will lead to greater and wider economic benefits for the region and beyond, Under Secretary for Regional Economic Development Fletcher Tabuteau announced at an event in Mahia today. The $8.3 million announced consists of: $7 ...
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    4 days ago
  • 18,400 children lifted out of poverty
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has welcomed new reporting showing the Coalition Government is on track to meet its child poverty targets, with 18,400 children lifted out of poverty as a result of the Families Package.   Stats NZ has released the first set of comprehensive child poverty statistics since the Government ...
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    4 days ago
  • 20,000 more Kiwi kids on bikes
    Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter today announced that Bikes in Schools facilities have been rolled out to 20,000 more kiwi kids under this Government. She made the announcement at the opening of a new bike track at Henderson North School in Auckland. “Bikes in Schools facilities give kids ...
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    4 days ago
  • Benefit settings rise in line with wages as of 1 April
    Benefit settings rise in line with wages as of 1 April   Main benefits will increase by over 3 percent, instead of 1.66 percent, on 1 April with the Government’s decision to annually adjust benefit rates to increases in the average wage. The Minister for Social Development, Carmel Sepuloni, said ...
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    5 days ago
  • Foreign and Trade Ministers to lead business delegation to India
    Strengthening New Zealand’s political and business ties with India will be the focus of Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters’ and Trade and Export Growth Minister David Parker’s visit to India this week. The Ministers are co-leading a high level business delegation to India to support increased people and economic engagement ...
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    5 days ago
  • Minister champions more Pacific in STEM – Toloa Awards
    The Minister for Pacific Peoples, Aupito William Sio continues to champion for greater Pacific participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers with the announcement of the Toloa Awards, with 8 recipients of the Toloa Community Fund and 13 Toloa Tertiary Scholarships. “The Toloa Programme encourages more Pacific peoples ...
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    5 days ago
  • Submission period for whitebait consultation extended
    Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage has extended the date for people to have their say on proposed changes to improve management of whitebait across New Zealand.   Submissions were due to close on 2 March 2020 but will now remain open until 9am on Monday 16 March 2020.   “I have ...
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    6 days ago
  • New international protection for frequent fliers
    The endangered toroa/Antipodean albatross has new international protection for its 100,000km annual migration, thanks to collaborative efforts led by New Zealand, Australia and Chile.   Today, 130 countries agreed to strictly protect Antipodean albatross at the Conference of Parties on the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild ...
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    6 days ago
  • Government to regulate vaping
      No sales to under-18-year-olds No advertising and sponsorship of vaping products and e-cigarettes No vaping or smokeless tobacco in smokefree areas Regulates vaping product safety comprehensively, - including devices, flavours and ingredients Ensure vaping products are available for those who want to quit smoking   Vaping regulation that balances ...
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    6 days ago