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21 comments on “Open mike 26/04/2010”

  1. National Standards raised its ugly head this morning on Morning Report.

    First some factual comments by some intelligent commentators obviously with considerable background in education. Then to provide some balance by the provision of some stupid comments they went to Lorraine Kerr, head of whatever is left of the Boards of Trustees’ association.

    Then Sean Plunkett got the chance to roast Anne Tolley and … asked some patsy questions.

    I wonder if conditions were put on the questions that could be asked before the Minister agreed to appear?

    • Bright Red 1.1

      Plunkett opend his intereview with Tolley with some smart arse comment attacking the legitimacy of the teachers’ complaints “I suppose you’re not surprised the teachers are complaining?”

      so poor.

  2. Sanctuary 2

    A Labour/Green coalition is now only 10% behind National, according to the latest TV3 poll. Labour (up 4.2% to 33.8%) plus Green (8.2% – a very strong result that probably reflects the environmental vandalism of National) = 42%, National is on 52.1%. More importantly, the trend sixteen months out from the election is now definitely an ongoing slide in support for National.

    The amazing thing about this poll trend is it is conducted against a background of impacably hostile media opinion towards Labour and coverage of Key that is still pretty much simple hagiography.

    • I dreamed a dream 2.1

      I think much of the negative impact of NACT’s policies has yet to really bite. At some stage, there’ll be a more pronounced collapse of their vote.

      And for those who are criticising Labour for being too soft or not doing enough how, I think Labour probably has a strategy of being in a largely holding pattern until closer to Election 2011, when they go in for the kill. They can’t peak too soon. Maybe from 8-12 months out from the Election, they will unleash their persistent attacks.

      • mickysavage 2.1.1

        I agree there is this perceptible shift and it feels like the continuous campaigns are finally finding their target and causing damage to the Government and its morale.

        The Herald comments associated with the article you mention (here contain a number of grumpy statements.

        The only ones that seem to be happy are those that suffer from the misapprehension that the 5th Labour Government was socialist. They need to read up on politics and history.

  3. Peter Johns 3

    Go in for the kill by raising taxes, LOL

    • The Voice of Reason 3.1

      Yeah, Labour will be stuffed next election without the votes of the rich, Peter. Thanks for the warning, I’ll alert the party leadership to their awful mistake. Meanwhile, would you care to read the polls?

  4. prism 4

    I noticed the patsy way that Sean Plunkett greeted Ann Tolley this morning something like “I suppose you aren’t surprised that teachers are complaining”.
    Teachers say it will be confusing when parents get a report under National Standards which only covers part of the curriculum, maths, english and ? Then on the rest of the curriculum they get a report under national NCEA or something. It is suggested that schools should give a report under this rating for the National Standards subjects as well so then there would be two differing reports on those subjects.
    Did someone say National Standards would provide better understanding and transparency to parents? And not involve more work for the teachers?
    That is no matter, the move has been approved by the numerous parents around the country that have communicated with Ann Tolley and appear to be her main focus group/advisory body. An amorphous collection of dinner party contacts I suppose, all perennially discontented about government, the other subject they pursue when not talking about their garden perennials on which they actually will be knowledgable.

  5. Ianmac 5

    I agree with Micky Savage and Prism that Sean Plunkett does give patsy questions to Govt Ministers.
    The point that the experts were making was that most kids will pass the bar for National Standards. But that is different from standardised tests.
    The point is valid.
    It does need careful consideration which Morning Report failed to do. That blessed woman from The School Trustee Assoc does not have a mandate from the vast majority of schools, but it is a bit like seeking the opinion of Garth McVicar on every prison sentence. Opinion from Lorraine Kerr and buddy Anne are unhelful. (Being polite you see.)

  6. andy 6


    The Parliamentary Press Gallery treasurer has stepped down after admitting to using funds for personal use.

    New Zealand Press Association political reporter Ian Llewellyn said he used the money because he was in financial difficulty, and that he has made some repayments but has acknowledged his behaviour was unacceptable.

    In a joint statement, Press Gallery chairwoman Jane Patterson and deputy Vernon Small said they were extremely disappointed at the breach of trust by a longstanding office holder and colleague.

  7. Rex Widerstrom 7

    A little light… err… relief.

    The Chaser boys (or some of them… or maybe just one of them, I’m not sure) are back on radio and about to prioduce “The Blow Party”, a collection of unforgettable hits of the past (not all of which may actually be real) for Triple J.

    I’m sure lefties will appreciate the song “Tory MP”. Just go here and you can listen or download an mp3.

    Definitely NSFW (unless listening through headphones 😉 )

  8. gingercrush 8

    In regards to the speech Goff gave on Auckland. Why did he not mention giving Maori representation on the council. Considering the amount of huff and puff he made at time. How quickly one changes his mind. Mind you this is the same Labour Party that changed their opinion on the Foreshore and Seabed and now don’t even agree with the changes Michael Cullen signified when the debate was first opened up this term. This is the same Labour Party that still sees the signing of the Declaration of Indigenous Rights to be a mistake and its the same party that is always on the attack with the Maori Party.

    And do we see the left here shaking their head at a party increasingly becoming Brash-like? No instead what echoes is mostly cheers. How strange things have become.

    The speech itself seemed mostly good and should have got far better coverage than what it received on TV One.

    • I dreamed a dream 8.1

      I heard Goff on Newstalk telling the talk host (forgot his name) that Maori representation was in his speech.

      • gingercrush 8.1.1

        John Key dropped the Royal Commission’s recommendation of Maori seats after Rodney Hide threatened to resign preempting the select committee which was in the process of public submissions on the issue.

        That is the only time Maori seats are mentioned in his speech. Might pay for you to actually read the speech.

  9. Pascal's bookie 9

    Take a look at these sociopathic bastards.

    The other day there was a wee bit of discussion about why executive pay, particularly in the US, has gotten so high.

    This is why.

    The sort of skill set required to implement and follow through on this sort of thing is quite rare.

    Normal people would not be able sleep at night.

    • NickS 9.1

      Cue “competition for ACC” apologists in 5, 4, 3…

      Also the Pentagon’s being pulling similar bullshit, falsely labelling some injured soldiers as having “pre-existing personality disorders” thus allowing them to get out of paying for care for these poor bastards, and worse, no-one in the US congress etc seems to give a damn:

      Disposable Soldiers

      • Pascal's bookie 9.1.1

        That’s sickening.

        A lot of the costs of the current wars are not accounted for, and this sort of thing is one result of the way they are being funded.

        If you can’t afford to fund a war of choice, and that most definatly includes fulfilling obligations to service personel, then don’t fight it.

  10. NickS 10

    Shocking Fraud from Financial Scum

    If I’m reading this right, the financial bubble was the result of finance traders pushing for and buying bundles of bad/risky loans so they could drive the risk that other bundles of loans, typically the “safer”, more valuable, higher tier, loan bundles, would crash and burn, so they could claim insurance on loan bundles they didn’t even own.

    That’s not say the crash was deliberately engineered to happen, but the shear greed and the fact this is legal boggles the mind, along with the fact people still can’t realise that shit like this is one the reasons why finance markets, and other markets, are and have to have some regulation to avoid selfish douche-nozzles committing fraud, or inducing failure-modes for their own profit.

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