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11 comments on “Open mike 26/07/2010”

  1. prism 1

    This is an old NZ school chorus carrying memories of WW2 called The Bold Gendarmes (Les Deux Gendarmes) that Julian Dean might laugh at as there was a mention on the sports news that a French gendarme had wrestled with Dean as he did a warm up. Apparently there was some damage – to him I can’t remember, but to the bike, buckled wheels. He rode well on another bike though.

    We’re public guardians bold yet wary
    And of ourselves we take good care
    To risk our precious lives we’re chary
    When danger threatens we’re not there
    But when we see a helpless woman
    Or little boys who do no harm [on bikes] –
    We run them in, we run them in…
    We show them we’re the bold gendarmes

    I have heard that Le Grand bicycle tour is fraught with fouls which don’t get much general reporting.

  2. joe90 2

    Afghanistan war logs.

    Afghanistan war logs: Story behind biggest leak in intelligence history.


  3. BLiP 3

    The realities of bringing democracy to Iraq. John Key would have had our boys doing this.

  4. Draco T Bastard 4

    BP’s Hayward to get NZ$25m

    BP chief executive Tony Hayward, who is expected to be ousted from his role this week, will collect a pay and pension package worth NZ$25 million, according to a report.

    Proof positive that those at the top take no responsibility for their actions at all.

  5. Pascal's bookie 5

    Quote of the day (Burning stupid edition):

    “It is $29 billion worth of assets and $3.2 billion worth of revenue. It is bigger than a lot of companies in New Zealand, if not most,”

    Hat tip to Scott, @ Imperator fish which could prolly go on the blogroll, no?

    Even if he is lawyer.

    His blog is a good read, and funnier than a lot of companies in New Zealand, if not most.

    [lprent: I thought it was….. Nope you’re right. I wonder how that got missed. I’ve even reproduced one of his posts. Added under ‘Other’ (there aren’t that many places to add lawyers :twisted:) ]

    • Armchair Critic 5.1

      First time I read this I wasn’t that upset – thought it was just JK blah blah blah, mouth moving, saying nothing, as usual. But actually it says a lot about how he sees Auckland City. Note
      It is $29 billion worth of assets“, rather than
      It has $29 billion worth of assets“.
      Does anyone seriously think the Auckland amalgamation is not an asset grab?

    • Scott 5.2

      Maybe you need an “evil” category for lawyers?

      • lprent 5.2.1

        Too many lawyers or would-be ones in the family. Furthermore I had to live through my ex’s law degree a few decades ago with all of the tedious discussions that caused. I was doing a MBA at the time and learning a few new programming languages on the side. It was interesting mix of psuedo-logics, only one of which was practical and led to definite discernible outcomes (which is why I’m a programmer).

        I wouldn’t call family members evil (at least not if I want to live a relatively peaceful existence)… 😈

    • loota 5.3

      The entire value of the NZ Stock Exchange is merely $55B. And the actual realisable asset base of the companies underneath that figure is probably quite a bit less.

      • Draco T Bastard 5.3.1

        The actual realisable figure for the worlds economy is quite a bit less (~1000 times less) than what the stocks, bonds and derivatives say it is. There’s a reason why I call our entire economic system delusional.

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