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Open mike 28/01/2011

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, January 28th, 2011 - 56 comments
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56 comments on “Open mike 28/01/2011 ”

  1. just saying 1

    [email protected]#kingbelievable. Maori-corp standing shoulder to shoulder with their elite comrades in the ruling class, singing harmony from the crosby textor songbook.


    Quote herald:

    “The Maori Party and at least one iwi have given a cautious blessing to the National Party’s plans to sell minority stakes in state owned enterprises – but say the assets must remain in New Zealand hands.

    Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia said yesterday that iwi had long been interested in investing in infrastructure, given they had a vested interest in it…

    …Yesterday Waikato Tainui chairman Tukoroirangi Morgan called for iwi to be considered for significant stakes in the companies, saying iwi investment would be long-term, prevent the shares being sold into foreign ownership and help prevent price rises for easy profits…

    …The real benefit of iwi becoming cornerstone shareholders in these companies is that we are not going anywhere. We have nowhere to go. And dividends would stay in this country – not be repatriated overseas to be enjoyed by foreigners.”

    Iwi were also less likely to demand large profits at the expense of the consumer, because their own people would suffer from it

    Doesn’t that warm the cockles of the heart . Kaitiatitanga in practice. The rich and powerful as guardians of the interests of the poor.

    • jcuknz 1.1

      There is a slight warming but I’d be warmer if shares in these enterprises could only be held by New Zealand residents, and that doesn’t include companies whose offices are registered here.

      Who else are in a position to look after the poor but the rich and powerful … a facet of socialism I’d think that the rich and powerful have the means and do look after the poor. Such as the McKenzie Trust to name one while enjoying the fruits of their labour and enterprise..

    • Arto 1.2

      Too right, those fools should not be supporting Key’s big ripoff!

  2. BLiP 2

    Julian Assange, the publisher of the Wikileaks memo, is now considered an enemy of the state. Politicians are calling for drastic punishment and even assassination and, sadly, the majority of the American people seem to support such moves. But why should we so fear the truth? Why should our government’s lies and mistakes be hidden from the American people in the name of “patriotism”?

    Once it becomes acceptable to equate truth with treason we can no longer call ourselves a free society.

    This from American Republican politician and libertarian Ron Paul. (Yes, really!) The memo he is referring to can be found here.

    Fuck You, Big Bruv!! Pay your debt.

  3. jcuknz 4

    Jesus has been evicted … claims a Catholic writer … after Bishop excomunicates a hospital for aborting a child to save the mothers life. Dogma at variance to humanity.

  4. Pascal's bookie 5

    I see the lefty filth at RADIO PRAVDA are at it again:


    Not far enough – Prebble

    Former Labour Party minister Richard Prebble says the Government should go further and sell the power companies outright.

    Mr Prebble says the state has made a mess of the energy sector and despite being blessed with hydro power, customers have faced power shortages and pay too much for electricity.

    He says the Government should go further, and sell the power companies outright.

    Mr Prebble says in New Zealand, and internationally, privately-owned companies do better than state-owned enterprises.

    Always dragging some old irrelevant lefty hasbeen out of the woodwork to comment on issues of the day. They just can’t help themselves. They is bias.

    • Draco T Bastard 5.1

      Ah, the Right Fucken Stupid Prebble saying that we should make ourselves even worse off. Hasn’t the fuckwit checked out how badly his privatisation of Telecom left us yet?

      Yes, the government, specifically the 4th National government, fucked up the power but they did it by putting “competition” into a natural monopoly.

  5. Draco T Bastard 6

    As seen on Twitter

    Matthew Hooton: Finally! John Key outlines a programme http://tinyurl.com/4zwbxfw (paid)

    Although, as it’s behind the pay wall I don’t know which program he’s referring to but best guess is the transfer of NZs wealth to the rich foreigners.

    • QoT 6.1

      Nah, it’s his pitch for a new reality series, “Survivor: Asset Sales”. Critics think that having 4 million contestants and playing out the hopeless starvation and descent into subsistence living over a whole generation may be stretching the audience’s attention a bit, but you have to admit it’s better than any other idea Hollywood’s resurrecting from the 80s.

  6. ak 7

    Heck. Another swat in the mush for the Keyster as his annointed Maggie is dumped for an ugly haemorrhACToidish creep, and now even the Productive Economy Council is putting the boot in:

    the Crown is effectively subsidizing the ability for wealthy individuals to take a private stake in what used to be public assets

    removing wealth creation assets from a future government’s income stream are essentially intergenerational theft.

    the Prime Minster …… is at best mischievous and at worst dishonest.


    Good night Johnboy.

    • Tigger 7.1

      Nice piece by Pellett here – bottom line Key has no idea how to create jobs without hawking off the silver…

      • orange whip? 7.1.1

        With or without actually.

        And it’s not so much that he doesn’t know how, it’s that he has no interest in doing so.

        To guys like Key unemployment isn’t a problem to be solved, it’s how they keep their wage bills down.

  7. Lanthanide 8

    Key was on the start of Nine to Noon this morning with a rather long interview, the likes of which we didn’t get last year. Seems with election year up, he wants to be all over the place.

    I think he’s been studying up on all the topics required, because he was able to answer and deflect all of her questions neatly. He disagreed with her assertion that we’ve gone backwards compared to Australia – right after he said that I told my boyfriend “he’s lying, he’s about to say wages have gone up 8-9% in two years which is a lie”. Sure enough 20 seconds later he trotted the line out – I get the impression Kathryn didn’t believe him, but didn’t know how to challenge his statistics, so she let it go.

    At one point while talking about WFF (which he claims National originally implemented as child tax credits and that Labour just extended) he even said benefits with abatement rates of 100% are “communism by stealth”. My boyfriend remarked that he obviously doesn’t know what communism is.

    I think it would be instructive to take this interview apart section by section and rebut all of his claims.

    • ianmac 8.1

      Amazing that John Key fronted up! Have you noticed? Every time he is asked a searching question that he won’t/can’t answer he says, “Lets back up a moment. If we go back to x, y and z then I won’t have to answer your question and you Katherine are too dumb to notice.”
      Well. That’s what I hear. And the general thrust of his answers were very woolly. Somehow a PM in election year should be more dynamic. Phil Goff uses too many words in his answers but in a proper interview as in today’s effort, John Key is worse! Shows up the reason why he evades interviews.

      • Pete 8.1.1

        Phil Goff uses too many words in his answers

        Yes, he does, and too many of those words are tired old slogans. He needs to try and sound like an ordinary person, and then he may sound like he knows something other than poliwaffle.

        Of course Key works an interview, but he sounds more knowledgable and less evasive than most politicians, that is one reason why he retains an enviable level of popularity.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Ah, maintaining high levels of popularity on lies and deceit…

          WTF has become of our politics?

      • Lanthanide 8.1.2

        When Kathryn started to press him on GST, he diverted and started talking about Labour.

        To be honest I’ve never had a problem with Goff’s ‘wordiness’, but that’s just me personally and I really don’t represent the average NZer at all.

        • Anne

          “To be honest I’ve never had a problem with Goff’s ‘wordiness’,…”

          No I havn’t either Lanthanide, but we belong to that minority group who are reasonably politically informed. Unfortunately, the majority are not well informed and have no interest in detail. Goff loses them before he’s half way through his responses.

          Short, pithy responses that are worded in such a way they attract people’s attention is what he needs to learn to do. Helen Clark was good at it… David Lange was brilliant… even Jim Bolger learn’t the art. Rob Muldoon was a past master at it.

  8. Tigger 9

    Leaky schools keeping Tolley awake at night…

    And apparently it’s all Labour’s fault. Of course. Everything is.

    • ianmac 9.1

      And it wasn’t National in the 90s who relaxed the building laws which lead to leaks? Anne is strange. (By the way treated timber is irrelevant.)

      • Rosy 9.1.1

        That article puts a nice little mental link to needing to find 1.5b to fix leaky schools and the sale of state assets to provide money to improve other state assets like schools etc… The timing is not conincidental methinks.
        (It also give Tolley profile away from the damage on national standards/NCEA).

  9. Draco T Bastard 10

    In the course of some pro-democracy civil insurrections, such as those in Iran and Burma, Washington has strongly condemned the regime and provided strong words of encouragement for the pro-democracy activists challenging their repression. In a couple of cases, such as Serbia and Ukraine, the United States and other Western countries even provided limited amounts of economic assistance to pro-democracy groups. Most of the time, however, and particularly if the dictatorship is a US ally like Egypt, Washington has shown little enthusiasm for such freedom struggles.

    Get rid of that dictator because we don’t like him but keep this one because we do.

    Don’t you just love such blatantly open double-standards?

    • ianmac 10.1

      Robert Fisk wrote about the changes across the Arab world where the people seem to be demanding political change. They want to elect who they want! Strange idea? But this is bad news for the West as they do not want certain groups to gain power. Gaza for instance? Lebanon? (From No Right Turn.)

    • KJT 10.2

      The USA has always supported whatever Government who are willing to sell out their country to US business interests. Iran, Chile and Indonesia are just three of the many places where democratically elected Governments were toppled in favour of murderous dictators more friendly to US business interests.
      The first coup in Fiji was more about the Governments support for minimum wages and employment rights than ethnicity.

    • Anthony C 10.3

      I suppose the problem in some of these countries is fear of an Islamist group using democracy to get elected then abolishing elections and instating a theocracy.

      • Colonial Viper 10.3.1

        In other words, the idea that some western powers hold: we will only respect the democratic will of your people if it happens to be friendly to us.

      • KJT 10.3.2

        Yeah. The democratic Governments of Iran. Chile and Indonesia were so Islamic before they were deposed in favour of ruthless right wing dictators. .

      • Vicky32 10.3.3

        I must ask : exactly what does “Islamist” mean? Muslims who *we* oppose, as opposed to Muslims who keep their heads down and let us take the oil?

  10. Olwyn 11


    Deborah Hill Cone has second thoughts about her former heroes.

    • logie97 11.1

      Was just about to comment on the same issue. Is she including Key in the Wall street wheeling and dealing gang?

  11. Pete 12

    Strange timing?

    Labour bill to ‘Mondayise’ Anzac and Waitangi days

    Mr Goff Labour had not done so in its nine years in power because its focus was on passing through four weeks’ minimum annual leave.

    “We did that, this is something that builds on that progress. I think New Zealanders are feeling particularly aggrieved that this year they miss out on Anzac Day and Waitangi Day. They don’t get the day off to celebrate those days that they normally would.”

    Why did he not think it was important last year, when the same thing happened and he had plenty of spare focus time?

    After this year it isn’t an issue until 2015.

    I’m in favour of Waitangi Day being Mondayised, but I think Anzac Day is such an inconic day for New Zealand that it should remain on 25th April. It is supposed to be for commemorating those who have served and died for our country, that’s far more important than worrying about whether it’s a day off work or not.

    We should be able to sacrifice a day or two off every five or six years to show our respect.

    • Colonial Viper 12.1

      Pete, Labour has finally got with the programme to give NZ’ers the stat days that they are supposed to have.

      Now, when are Bill and John going to do the same?

      We should be able to sacrifice a day or two off every five or six years to show our respect.

      Illogical. How is turning up to work as usual showing respect? That’s a real weird kind of ‘respect’.

      • Pete 12.1.1

        I’m suggesting we shouldn’t turn up to work on the morning (at least) of the 25th April. That’s a strong tradition of respect and I’d like to see it stay that way.

        • orange whip?

          How cute, Pete thinks people have a choice of whether to turn up to work or not.

          You don’t know what “mondayise” means do you Pete?

          • Pete

            I do know what it means – I think we could forego one public holiday every few years. We survived last year without demanding things change. We will survive this year.

            I’m prepared to give up an occasional day off to show a little selflessness and respect for the many who gave up a lot for us. Everything doesn’t have to be driven by insisting we don’t miss out on something.

            Anzac Day is a special day for New Zealand, why not keep giving it a special status?

            • Colonial Viper

              I do know what it means – I think we could forego one public holiday every few years.

              Why? And what compensation should workers receive in return?

              We survived last year without demanding things change. We will survive this year.

              In case you hadn’t noticed, living is about more than trying to survive as the likes of you try and take away workers stat days.

              I’m prepared to give up an occasional day off to show a little selflessness and respect for the many who gave up a lot for us.

              This is pseudo-heroic bullshit.

              It was decided many years ago by people much closer to the situation than us that these days would be statutory holidays. It was decided by lawmakers that statutory holidays would be the best way of honouring these important days.

              And here you are telling us that you know better and its ok to ignore workers’ stat days off every few years.

              • Pete

                Why? And what compensation should workers receive in return?

                In return for what? they’re not giving up anything they had.

                It was decided many years ago by people much closer to the situation than us that these days would be statutory holidays.

                I’m not the one who wants to change it from how it is now.

                I’m not say I know better, I’m just saying I’d be prepared to not get an extra day holiday every now and then.

                As a society we seem to be getting too obsessed with trying to get every possible benefit we can but are not prepared to give any more than we can possibly get away with.

                • Pascal's bookie

                  As a society we seem to be getting too obsessed with trying to get every possible benefit we can but are not prepared to give any more than we can possibly get away with.

                  Tax cuts for the rich!

                  • Pete

                    Not so much the tax cuts, but tax avoidance is rampant. Entitilitis runs right up the socioeconomic groups.

                    Most people alive today haven’t lived through really difficult times, we are the luckiest generations (probably ever) and as a society we pay it back with ever increasing selfishness.

                    • Colonial Viper

                      Its so weird to hear Right Wingers complain about ‘selfishness’ and ‘difficult times’ when they are actually talking about the reluctance of the poor and the working class to give *even more* to the wealthy.

                      For what? So that the rich can step up from their new 6 cylinder BWM X5 to the dual turbo 8 cylinder version?

                      Whats a ‘difficult time’ for a wealthy person on holidays? Having to downgrade from the $9000 first class fare to the $4000 business class fare? Pinching pennies that is.

                      Cry me a frakking river.

            • Pascal's bookie

              But how does ensuring we have a day off diminish its status?

              If it is somehow an insult to mondayise it, then why not just say that if people want to take ANZAC day off, then while they should have the legal right to, they should also have to work a day in lieu out of respect?

    • wtl 12.2

      It appears you think that Mondayising means we’d commerate the Anzac day on the different day. So did you celebrate Christmas on the 27th last year?

      • Pete 12.2.1

        No, I celebrate Christmas on the 25th December every year.
        I celebrate New Years Eve on the 31st December every year.

        And I think Anzac Day is best to be commemorated on the 25th April every year.

        • wtl

          Exactly, just like Christmas and New Year’s Day, Anzac Day will be always commemorated on the 25th of April. However, if it the 25th of April falls on a weekend, there will be an Anzac Day holiday on the following Monday, just like there were holidays on the 27th and 28th of December last year and 3rd and 4th of Jan this year (but we still celebrated the days on the actual dates). That’s what Mondayising means. I don’t see what you point about not turning up to work on the 25th is – the whole point of Mondayising is that the April 25th falls on a weekend, so you don’t turn up for week as per normal, but miss out on a holiday. For those who would normal work on the weekend, Mondayising doesn’t apply.

    • Carol 12.3

      And what will happen to the many people who work one or two of the weekend days, and not the Monday? Will we get less public holidays in the future?

      Sorry, should have read wtl’s comment before I posted.

  12. Deadly_NZ 13

    On the announcement if the Candidates to the Botany bay by election by TV 3 news at 12 the had an interview with Mb and the Nat poli and the end they name the labour candidate almost as an after thought , Also on their news page all i can find are videos to maggie barry and that jami guy. NOTHING for the labour candidate.
    maybe something can be done about the one sided and biased reporting by TV3.

    • Colonial Viper 13.1

      Buy them out. Or start an awareness campaign to sanction them.

      The Left needs its own multimillion dollar mainstream media channels.

  13. Chris73 14

    Maggie Barry not selected means to my mind that National have a 90% chance of winning relection (95 if she goes on the list or to another seat)

    And I’m glad that John Key learnt from Labours mistakes (selling state assets off) and will keep ownership 🙂

  14. Pascal's bookie 15

    Mums and dads etc.

    Treasury reckons ‘pffft’, sez it’s ‘pipe dream snakeoil and anyone repeating the mantra is either a sucker or complicit’. Pretty much.


  15. Colonial Viper 16

    Japan crushes the hopes of its young professionals, drives them offshore

    Terrifying generational inequality favouring the old establishment.


    By failing to get such a job before graduating, Kyoko was forced to join the ranks of the “freeters” — an underclass of young people who hold transient, lower-paying irregular jobs. Since graduating in 2004 she has held six jobs, none of them paying unemployment insurance, pension or a monthly salary of more than 150,000 yen, or about $1,800.

    “I realized that wasn’t who I wanted to be,” recalled Kyoko, now 29. “But why has being myself cost me so dearly?”

    Maybe one of the Right Wingers would like to make a case for young Japanese professionals to work even harder and make all the right choices, so that *maybe* they too can have career success and wealth in Japan *yawn*

  16. ak 17

    You heard it here first, watch it evolve.

    All points: polling alert code Red or above. Action: immediate dump and erase any referent Asset Sales – key response: “needs (deserves, requires) consideration. Will listen to community opinion.
    Operation Hone-gone in immediate full force. Timing of releases strictly controlled from centre All Pita history permanently and comprehensively deleted from all files forthwith. Maximum distraction. Repeat. Maximum distraction. Operation Hone-gone priority One or above with full urgency. S.

  17. aj 18

    Paul Krugman’s take on ratings agencies


    captcha: balance

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  • Alzheimers New Zealand conference – Opening Address
    E nga mana, e nga reo, e nga iwi, tēnā koutou katoa. Talofa lava and thank you Catherine, for the warm welcome. I’m sorry that I can’t be there in person today but it’s great for the opportunity to contribute virtually.  I’d like to start by acknowledging: Alzheimers New Zealand, ...
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    6 days ago
  • Government future-proofs EV charging
    Transport Minister Michael Wood has today launched the first national EV (electric vehicle) charging strategy, Charging Our Future, which includes plans to provide EV charging stations in almost every town in New Zealand. “Our vision is for Aotearoa New Zealand to have world-class EV charging infrastructure that is accessible, affordable, ...
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    7 days ago
  • World-leading family harm prevention campaign supports young NZers
    Associate Minister for Social Development and Employment Priyanca Radhakrishnan has today launched the Love Better campaign in a world-leading approach to family harm prevention. Love Better will initially support young people through their experience of break-ups, developing positive and life-long attitudes to dealing with hurt. “Over 1,200 young kiwis told ...
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    7 days ago
  • First Chief Clinical Advisor welcomed into Coroners Court
    Hon Rino Tirikatene, Minister for Courts, welcomes the Ministry of Justice’s appointment of Dr Garry Clearwater as New Zealand’s first Chief Clinical Advisor working with the Coroners Court. “This appointment is significant for the Coroners Court and New Zealand’s wider coronial system.” Minister Tirikatene said. Through Budget 2022, the Government ...
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  • Next steps for affected properties post Cyclone and floods
    The Government via the Cyclone Taskforce is working with local government and insurance companies to build a picture of high-risk areas following Cyclone Gabrielle and January floods. “The Taskforce, led by Sir Brian Roche, has been working with insurance companies to undertake an assessment of high-risk areas so we can ...
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  • New appointment to Māori Land Court bench
    E te huia kaimanawa, ko Ngāpuhi e whakahari ana i tau aupikinga ki te tihi o te maunga. Ko te Ao Māori hoki e whakanui ana i a koe te whakaihu waka o te reo Māori i roto i te Ao Ture. (To the prized treasure, it is Ngāpuhi who ...
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  • Government focus on jobs sees record number of New Zealanders move from Benefits into work
    113,400 exits into work in the year to June 2022 Young people are moving off Benefit faster than after the Global Financial Crisis Two reports released today by the Ministry of Social Development show the Government’s investment in the COVID-19 response helped drive record numbers of people off Benefits and ...
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  • Vertical farming partnership has upward momentum
    The Government’s priority to keep New Zealand at the cutting edge of food production and lift our sustainability credentials continues by backing the next steps of a hi-tech vertical farming venture that uses up to 95 per cent less water, is climate resilient, and pesticide-free. Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor visited ...
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  • Conference of Pacific Education Ministers – Keynote Address
    E nga mana, e nga iwi, e nga reo, e nga hau e wha, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou kātoa. Warm Pacific greetings to all. It is an honour to host the inaugural Conference of Pacific Education Ministers here in Tāmaki Makaurau. Aotearoa is delighted to be hosting you ...
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    1 week ago
  • New $13m renal unit supports Taranaki patients
    The new renal unit at Taranaki Base Hospital has been officially opened by the Minister of Health Dr Ayesha Verrall this afternoon. Te Huhi Raupō received around $13 million in government funding as part of Project Maunga Stage 2, the redevelopment of the Taranaki Base Hospital campus. “It’s an honour ...
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    1 week ago
  • Second Poseidon aircraft on home soil
    Defence Minister Andrew Little has marked the arrival of the country’s second P-8A Poseidon aircraft alongside personnel at the Royal New Zealand Air Force’s Base at Ohakea today. “With two of the four P-8A Poseidons now on home soil this marks another significant milestone in the Government’s historic investment in ...
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  • Further humanitarian aid for Türkiye and Syria
    Aotearoa New Zealand will provide further humanitarian support to those seriously affected by last month’s deadly earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, says Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta. “The 6 February earthquakes have had devastating consequences, with almost 18 million people affected. More than 53,000 people have died and tens of thousands more ...
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    1 week ago
  • Community voice to help shape immigration policy
    Migrant communities across New Zealand are represented in the new Migrant Community Reference Group that will help shape immigration policy going forward, Immigration Minister Michael Wood announced today.  “Since becoming Minister, a reoccurring message I have heard from migrants is the feeling their voice has often been missing around policy ...
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    1 week ago
  • State Highway 3 project to deliver safer journeys, better travel connections for Taranaki
    Construction has begun on major works that will deliver significant safety improvements on State Highway 3 from Waitara to Bell Block, Associate Minister of Transport Kiri Allan announced today. “This is an important route for communities, freight and visitors to Taranaki but too many people have lost their lives or ...
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