Open mike 31/07/2010

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14 comments on “Open mike 31/07/2010”

  1. luva 1

    As a righty I am happy for Goff to remain in charge because Labour will not win with him there. I will bet my first born on that. We have daily updates on this site about how John Key is a lazy, hopeless, devious hard rightwing PM that will destroy New Zealand if he gets a second term. Now if the leader of the opposition cannot get any traction with even a quarter of those stories and use them as ammunition then one of two things is happening; either.

    1. The stories we read on here are all bullshit; or
    2. Phil Goff is the wrong man to be leading the opposition.

    Evidence and statistics shows many of the stories on here are reasonably accurate. That leaves number 2.

    Many blame the media. But there is no use crying about that. You need someone who will engage the media in a positive way. Goff is not doing that or can not do that. Isn’t it time to get someone in that can spread the Leftist gospel to those who do not read The Standard.

    • comedy 1.1

      It’s a beautiful day go for a walk on the beach or in the park.

    • Cnr Joe 1.2

      I hear You Lot eat yr first born to satiate your Gods Of Greed, so we’ll make do with yr seconds thanks Luv

      • Tigger 1.2.1

        ” John Key is a lazy, hopeless, devious hard rightwing PM that will destroy New Zealand if he gets a second term”

        Great summation there. But you left out ‘pasty-faced’ not to mention ‘snake-tongued’.

  2. nilats 2

    And union run NZ would be a paradise. General sectary Little, seig Heil.

    • Mac1 2.1

      Nah, you’ve got it all back to front, Joe. You’re on the Left, remember? You love unions. They love you, not that Reltih bloke.

      Get your slander right, at least.

  3. just saying 3

    Labour may select Laila Harre for Carter’s Te Atutu seat!

    One of the most outstanding pollies in a generation IMHO. Please don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity!

    • prism 3.1

      I see that Leila is going to be in Suva for ILO in September. She could perhaps be of even more assistance in NZ helping to prevent a slide into third world conditions. She was so impressive in her understanding of the political situations discussed on RadioNZ last year.

  4. Fisiani 4

    So the rearranging of deckchairs on the Labour Titanic is already underway. Methinks the Greens are licking their chops as voters seek to abandon the losers and even Winston First might pick up scraps from Labour’s corpse. Labour ‘s potential voters always gravitate to Labour if the election looks close. When Labour is acknowledged to have no chance then a vote for Labour is seen as just a wasted vote. This is exactly what happened to National in 2002 when United Future and WF swept up National votes. Any guesses the Labour vote share in 2011. 25%, 20% or even less? Could Labour slump to 3rd position behind the Greens?

    • Armchair Critic 4.1

      The election is at least nine months away, Fisi. National have plenty of time to lose the election, and a crop of ministers who, as individuals, are quite capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
      Meanwhile, the hallucinogenics you have indulged in seem to be providing in some rather dull results, perhaps you could have a word to your dealer about getting something that works better. Or just stay off them.

    • Draco T Bastard 4.2

      More baseless attack of Phil Goff from the right. Those you’re C/T lines are they Fisiani?

    • Anne 4.3

      Fisiani said:
      “So the rearranging of deckchairs on the Labour Titanic is already underway.”

      God, he’s clever that one. Thought it up by himself. What a genius!

  5. SHG 5

    I see that now Carter is out of the Labour Caucus Mallard is making jokes about rainbows and insinuating that Carter is mentally ill.

    Stay classy, Trevor.

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