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Opening addresses for your convenience

Written By: - Date published: 8:31 am, October 29th, 2011 - 31 comments
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In case you missed them last night, here are the National, Labour and Green election opening addresses, collected for your convenience.

The other parties’ addresses are all on TV1 tonight, starting at 7:30pm…

31 comments on “Opening addresses for your convenience”

  1. felix 1

    We need to get as many people as possible to watch that National Party one fronted by the talking corpse.

  2. just saying 2

    You reckon his minders might be limiting his intake to three or four before camapign appearances?
    If so, all the more reason for the opposition parties to goad goad goad….

  3. John Dalley 3

    Don’t you lover how National claims they are putting millions into transport incluting pt wwhen most if not all of what they claim was instigated by Labour.

  4. ed 4

    jonkey is a monkey who cant even stick a handshake. He is the laughing stock of world politics.

  5. vto 5

    That National one is a pile of shit.

    It makes me think they are blase about their position and taking re-election for granted, given the obvious lack of thought and effort which has gone into that drivel.

    When your opposition is in that frame of mind, in any realm, it is the time to strike.

  6. Banter 6

    Spent my first activities of a drab Saturday watching these. It certainly didn’t brighten much trying to watch the John Key “show”. Wow.

    Any reason why the Greens is only 8 minutes, are they limited to that or is it by choice? Thought it was reasonable given the time.

    Damien O connor wins the best quotes award.

  7. happynz 7

    My first impression was that National was going for that bluish noir CSI look (if Darth Vader was a forensic investigator).

    The Q&A bit — cringeworthy comes to mind. Dear Leader couldn’t even give a straight answer to prepared patsy questions. His pitch for privatisation of state assets, some waffle about a mixed ownership model, found him fumbling along with some silliness about selling assets to buy other unnamed assets.

    • Draco T Bastard 7.1

      My first impression was that National was going for that bluish noir CSI look (if Darth Vader was a forensic investigator).

      I was thinking more like this.

      • seeker 7.1.1

        A strange technical experience earlier today before the Green address was posted:

        I pressed National ‘s address to play to see how bad it was, as I had only caught a glimpse last night. I realised my head phones were not working so I just saw an eery, spectral like Key waving his arms and hands about (usual) in a setting that reminded me of the strange underwaterdarkness of the tunnel at Kelly Tarlton’s. But I had seen a similar video just recently. Where?

        This continued for twenty minutes above Labour’s address which I had now started, remembering how great the whole presentation was last night and wanting to see the historic images again.

        Labour’s address was really absorbing and possible to understand without sound thanks to it’s great images and headings, unlike the flailing unintelligible creature that I had almost forgotten about in the in the vid. above, Then I remembered what National’s videoed address reminded me of. TV3 had shown remarkable footage of the ancient hagfish which repels any opposition by excreting huge amounts of slime……..


        The similar “bluish noir” was remarkable.

  8. deemac 8

    already it is apparent the audience for Key, far from being random members of the public, was Nat supporters/members – Young Nats are on Facebook saying, “look at me, I’m on TV!”.
    BTW Iwas rather worried by the Greens complaining about river water quality then letting the kids jump in…

  9. hoom 9

    Either Key muffed his benefit bashing or there is a big change in their policy.
    He said ‘young person on DPB’ but their announced policy was for the Independent Youth Benefit.
    Its a whole other kettle of fish if DPB is getting the Independent Youth Benefit treatment as well/instead.

    • Dotty 9.1

      His supporters don’t care about the policy details, just so long as he promises to give young people and beneficiaries a hard time.

      I mean, if they cared about the details they would know it is illegal for any retailer to sell anyone under 20 alcohol and anyone under 18 cigarettes. So the food stamps aspect of the policy achieves nothing.

  10. Verity 10

    Poor old Phil, thinking that what really started the Labour/Union party has any significance in todays technological world. Who are the working men in the Labour party now, they all seem to be lawyers, teachers and academics who have never done a working man’s physical job in their lives.

    Their theory is fine but their practicality does not match their idealism.

    After lying and leaving the coffers bare, buying an overpriced rail set whilst knowingly hiding the huge debts of ACC because of buying every vote they could think of (students, muslims at al) you don’t honestly think that anyone is willing to put up with despotic minds like Clark/Cullen – for the sake of NZ’s finances, they and the Labour party had to go..

    And it was that couple who passed the law that the books had to be fully opened so other parties could base their economic proposals on the actuality of NZ’s bank balance. Once again, they lied, cheated and prevaricated and National has to come up and do the hard yards again. So vote Labour and they will bankrupt us again and it will be the same old thing – the ordinary working people being hurt by Labours unseeing blindness. Too many people for too few jobs – why can’t your party see this and stop handing out money to those that produce children that they cannot afford and could care less if they play truant and leave school at sixteen, barely able to cope with the three R’s.

    Uneducated parents (especially women) produce failures whom those that work are forced to support. Their ambitions are ridiculous, leave school early, be a rapper, pop star, All Black or wealthy drug baron in a gang and Labour does not come down hard enough on these youngsters who want it all at sixteen but have absolutely nothing productive to give and who think it is their right to be renumerated at a rate on par with those who have been successful.

    Never again!

    • Draco T Bastard 10.1

      More re-writing of history by a RWNJ.

    • Uturn 10.2

      Your first paragraph has an interesting idea, but by the time you talk about poor uneducated women turning out failures that need to be supported by the workers, I thought you were describing John Key!

      I feel sorry for you if you think the world is how you describe it. Don’t question your stereotypes or your mind might fall apart with the shock of reality.

    • billy fish 10.3

      Thats right, its them Muslim Jihadist solo mum hoodie, lefty, anarcho , bludging, train riding, irrational aspirationist pinkos.

      See? Made it simpler for ya, so just sit in your room and repeat the above mantra

      signed – a working man who is raising two kids and supports the future of his kids

      • Verity 10.3.1

        @ Billy Fish

        Of course I fully support people like you but I know many that I would not put in that category and there are too many of them lolling around in bed till midday then getting up and playing on X boxes they cant afford! And, unlike you, they have no intention of getting up every morning to go to work! That is not you and it must be pretty obvious, I would have thought, that I was only referring to those that have no intention of following the same path as you.

    • Dotty 10.4

      Yep all those no hoper solo teenage mums like Metiria Turei, sitting on their arses at the taxpayers expense, breeding for business. Wot they need is someone to crack down on them.

      (But seriously – the DPB is on a par with those who have been successful? what planet are you on girl?)

      • Verity 10.4.1

        No of course it is not but when I am takling about successful I am not talking about lawyers doctors and neurosurgeons. I am talking about cleaning, retailing and the unfortunate scenario that many of these girls are not qualified for anything other than that level of employment but at least they would be on a par with other women who work in these areas.

    • giovani 10.5

      Never again to that incompetent wana be dictator shonkey john key.
      National supporters are like lemmings.

  11. Tania 11

    Wow the Labour party address is awesome, you could really feel it.! Excellent documentary, made me want to vote for them.
    The other 2 were a bit hard to sit through, and I also wonder about the water the kids jumped into ( i hope it wasn’t the Waikato) The greens just seemed a bit awkward but hey, they have some good ideas.
    As for the National one…

  12. prism 12

    There’s a cute picture on front of newspaper of Jokey Hen peeping out from a hobbit hole. I can’t imagine those feisty principled hobbits would put up with him long. Sigh…

  13. Thanks for posting this sans advertisements (as opposed to the TVNZ website). For some reason it’s more difficult to find the Labour and Greens video on youtube.

  14. M 14

    Great post and Labour’s was an excellent potted history of the party and all the good Labour did in the beginning as well as acknowledging that the path advocated by Douglas was wrong.

    The part from the first Labour government about people mattering more than things needs to be repeated at this election as often as possible.

    Key – what was he thinking? Anyone with half a brain cell could see it was a put up job. The DPB bashing didn’t disappoint – his mother was a sole parent once, of course cloaked with the respectability of widowhood – what a wanker.
    I don’t often get that riled up but for Johnny I’d purchase a stock whip – only trouble is he’d probably love it.

    Hoping for a stiletto of a Labour victory in Key’s arse come the 26th.

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