Out of the mouths of babes

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Five-year old Brook Blair gives it to Theresa May about homeless people. Got the right answers too. Brilliant!

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15 comments on “Out of the mouths of babes”

  1. save nz 1

    Well said!!! I like Brook’s policies and her budgeting ideas (spend less on wars and use the money to feed and house citizens).

    If only we had Brook standing for the Auckland Mayoral elections… with her common sense approach, using the public money for good and stop wasting it on crony corporate welfare. It really is that simple.

    She also might have been a better choice for Wellington council CEO, Kevin Lavery who just committed 8 million of rate payers money to Singapore Airlines… yep didn’t tell the councillors because they might lose his competitive edge… Go Kevin, theres a place for you in the National party yet! http://norightturn.blogspot.co.nz

    If any of the Mayoral candidates want to can the wasteful and crony driven CEO structure of councils – now that would have my vote!

    As for the UK, like NZ they went with the ‘gets lots of offshore money to build more houses’, ‘lets open our houses to international investors” and then low and behold crisis after crisis that they take out on the ratepayers, tax payers and the poor, while somehow convincing them that if they just keep it all going eventually the market will somehow fix itself….

    • john 1.1

      Are labour quoting preschoolers, because they have no one with the intellect to come up with adult policy that takes into account ALL the population and circumstances in their respective countries, especially UK, Australia and New Zealand???

      • save nz 1.1.1

        @John. Brook is not a preschooler. She’s 5. Maybe if National supporter’s actually had basic knowledge of the education systems and less knowledge of tax havens and crony schemes they might be able to offer better anti-Labour Troll post comments.

        • john

          Picky picky she is 5 years old the English school year starts in September, so she has been at school a maximum of 4 weeks as of today.

          • seeker

            John- children in England start school in the term in which they are five. Thus Brook could have been at school for much of last school year.

            • john

              Check again…..September of the year they turn 5.
              Besides, how does that change the stupidity of ever listening to a 5 year old talk about adult subjects?

              • AB

                5 year olds have a developing sense of justice and fairness. A faculty that atrophies later on. When the atrophy becomes pathological the sufferer is statistically more likely to join the National Party

              • UncookedSelachimorpha

                Children often understand the concept of sharing, a value lost by the right and neoliberal

      • nzsage 1.1.2

        I think the crux of the story is that a 5 year old has a better grasp on the real world than May.

    • D'Esterre 1.2

      Save nz: ” Wellington council CEO, Kevin Lavery who just committed 8 million of rate payers money to Singapore Airlines…”

      Judging by reaction I’ve heard hereabouts, that should be “iratepayers”. This is just the most recent of his numbnut schemes to waste our money. Past time he was given the old heave-ho: mother England is welcome to take him back.

  2. plumington 2

    Forget what she is talking about and discuss her age ???Really!
    Little people see things in simple and truthful terms adults cloud the waters

  3. james 3

    I find it sad when parents brainwash their kids.

    • Mike Smith 3.1

      Attacking the messenger is a very old tactic but a bit tough on a five-year-old

      • james 3.1.1

        Nope – Im saying that the kid is repeating what her parents are saying as opposed to coming up with this on their own.

        a 5yo would be talking about how sad it is for people living on the streets – not banging on about the new PM.

  4. Gael 4

    I find it sad that adults are letting children die alone on the floors of hospitals in Aleepo.

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