Over-promise, under-deliver: whaling

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Remember when Key had a super-duper secret plan to end whaling? Turned out the ‘plan’ was to restore commercial whaling as long as they promised to stop some time (the draft ‘phase-out’ plan didn’t actually have any reductions in it). Well, over-promise, under-deliver Key’s made no progress and whaling is resuming.

Flabbergasting that a PM can make such a bold promise and be rewarded for it with so much positive coverage at the time, yet face no media backlash when they fail to deliver. Not one of the articles on the government’s protests over Japan’s resumption of whaling even mentions that Key promised us he had solved this issue with his super secret plan.

But that’s par for the course with Key.

5 comments on “Over-promise, under-deliver: whaling”

  1. Lanthanide 1

    It seems that the whaling being carried out is pure and simple a sop from the government to some select private companies.

    Whale meat is apparently unpopular in Japan and not considered a delicacy and probably only eaten at all because it’s “traditional”. My dad said that whale meat is sold for use as cheap meat in school lunches because no one will actually buy it at the supermarket – not entirely sure if that’s true or where he heard that.

    This makes it clearer why the Japanese government is so eager to prop up a business that actually the Japanese public don’t have much interest in. At the same time, this should eventually make it easier for the practice to stop since it’s just a few companies and probably won’t have massive public support for it to continue.

    • Blighty 1.1

      ah, but it’s become a mater of national pride for the Japanese, just like opposing it has for us. Logic is superceded when issues become part of the national myth.

      • Lanthanide 1.1.1

        The Japanese are now largely against nuclear power.

        Public sentiment can change rapidly given the right stimulus. Japan going down to the southern ocean with military ships to protect them, coming up against Sea Shepard people could potentially be the right stimulus, if someone gets seriously hurt or killed.

  2. johnm 2

    At least the Australian and New Zealand Governments could “tear of a strip” from the Japanese for the criminal violation of the Antarctic Treaty which Japan signed up to. This treaty asserts there must be no commercial activity in the World’s last pristine and “unspoiled” environment. The Japanese show their contempt by saying Black is White and their force means you must accept this: I.E. Blatant commercial killing with floating abatoirs is “RESEARCH” because we’re telling you it is! Key, the political playboy,ex currency speculator from the failed ponzi scheme of Merrill Lynch,our very own Americanised asset stripper who appeals to the conceit and vanity of kiwis just rolls over for the Japanese because money is his value and moral compass.

    “Hoka Hey! All Systems Go For Sea Shepherd’s Operation Divine Wind

    Photo: Gary StokesPhoto: Gary StokesThis will be the season that defines the future for the whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Japan’s Asahi News has confirmed that the Japanese whaling fleet will return to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

    It makes little political or economic sense for the Japanese fleet to return to the coast of Antarctica, but their motivation has now shifted from hunting whales to refusing to surrender to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

    The Japanese government has said that it is not in the national interest of Japan to give in to pressure from Sea Shepherd. To this end, the Japanese government has allocated 27 million Australian dollars to enhance security for the Japanese whaling fleet. Already some 200 million dollars in debt, the whaling fleet continues to be an economic burden on the Japanese people.

    “It is an insult to all the anti-whaling nations that so generously contributed to the relief of the tsunami and earthquake victims,” said Captain Paul Watson. “They have accepted foreign aid to help the victims of that tragedy, and are now shifting funds to perpetuate this illegal and obscene massacre of defenseless whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. It now seems they are simply obsessed with killing whales not for need, and not for profit, but because they believe they have the right to do what they wish and kill whatever they wish in an established international whale sanctuary, just for the sake of defending their misplaced “honor.” It’s a disgrace and a smack in the face to everyone who stepped forward to help in their time of need.”

    Sea Shepherd will return to the remote waters for their 8th Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign with a stronger anti-whaling fleet in early December 2011 to protect the great whales.

    “They will have to kill us to prevent us from intervening once again,” said Captain Watson. “Are the Japanese people ready to take human lives in defense of this horrifically cruel and illegal slaughter of endangered and protected species of whales? Do we have to die to appease Japanese honor? If so, my answer to the Japanese government is “hoka hey” (Lakota for ‘it’s a good day to die’), and we will undertake whatever risks to our lives will be required to stop this invasion of arrogant greed into what is an established sanctuary for the whales.”

    Operation Divine Wind will send over 100 volunteers to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to defend the whales.

    “If we don’t stop them, who will?” said Peter Hammarstedt of Sweden, First Officer on the Bob Barker. “We intend to stop them and we will stop them – that’s a promise.”

    Operation Divine Wind will be the eighth year that Sea Shepherd has sent ships to the coast of Antarctica to frustrate the profits of the Japanese whaling fleet. Each year Sea Shepherd has gotten stronger and more effective, saving over 800 whales during last year’s Operation No Compromise.”

    I have no pride in the pusillanimous response of this Government to the moral and cruel outrage of Japanese Whaling in a protected sanctuary.
    It’s SeaShepherd that restores some respect for my fellow humanity.

  3. mik e 3

    mccully covers all bases pr spin

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