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Despite the large number of people with terrible stories about homelessness to the Labour/Greens/Maori1 Homelessness Inquiry, this Government of Housing Inaction still thinks the problem should be ignored and the Inquiry ‘not needed’.

Some horrific stories including of burnt out social workers (“I liken it to being a medic in a war zone with no supplies”), families with severely disabled children racking up large debts in hotels, and a mother & 5 children living in their car to escape abuse have come out.  Radio NZ have some good coverage including those links.

This winter’s fabulous #ParkUpForHomes movement did a lot to raise awareness of the how common this plight has become.  Te Puea showed how much Kiwis care, and Manurewa Marae has taken up their mantle.

But still the Million Dollar Minister and his fearless leader insist there is no problem with housing in Auckland.  According to Key & his Housing Ministers people can just buy apartments – although they’re half a million (& up), and if the Reserve Bank introduces loan:income ratios the average family wouldn’t be able to borrow half a million, let alone those poorer.

But according to National we need do nothing but tinker around the edges (purely a co-incidence they were announcing a few million more for social housing today when the $1 million average Auckland house price was announced apparently), and leave it to the Reserve Bank to worry about.

I’m not sure they make a great band, John Key and His Housing Ministers: they’re singing from the same song sheet, but they’re badly out of tune.  Perhaps we need a new #Parkup movement: #ParkupForGovernment, because we can’t afford for John Key’s tour to be a long one.  Instead we need a government that will actually govern.  And build some bloody houses.

1. Interesting that the Maori Party are working well with Labour on this issue – perhaps a sign that National can’t trust their partners to back them if they need them…

10 comments on “#ParkUpForGovernment”

  1. vto 1

    it is truly a poorly village that leaves some to sleep outside the huts

    and an even more poorly chief …

  2. And in Blenheim, a homeless man trespassed from council property for sleeping in empty horse stables says he is only “guilty of poverty”.

    Robert Bray may be homeless, but he’s got a way with words. Guilty of poverty perfectly describes National’s attitude to anyone who doesn’t already own a house.


  3. Chuck 3

    Its called politics and this Lab/Gr/MP roadshow is just that.

    Interesting just the other week Labour called for a “state of emergency” to be declared in housing…fast forward to this week and the Government under urgency are extending the special housing areas time frame…and guess what Lab/Gr are not supporting it.

    That sums up the opposition BS…one week the sky is falling the next week they criticize the Government for using urgency and vote against measures that will help the housing supply.

    I suggest people on this blog read (NBR) what Phil Goff recently said – “He was asked why he is criticising the National government in Parliament when it cuts spending or jobs but is now attacking Auckland Council for not doing the same.”

    Mr Goff effectively says – “in Wellington I am in opposition and you criticise the government no matter what. Now, I am standing for mayor and this is what voters want to hear – an end to waste and a reduced budget for the council.”

    • Bunji 3.1

      Actually they want the urgency bill split in 2 – the special housing areas approval can go through (why did the government only give themselves 3 years? Did they think Auckland’s Housing problem would have gone away by now?). But the attack on liberties of removing the right to buy back compulsorily purchased but unused land that the government is trying to sneak through with it needs to be fought separately, not rushed through.

      You can’t beat a good crisis to get stuff through, but the opposition shouldn’t stop scrutinising and hold to account the government when it tries to sneak things through under the guise of that crisis.

      Labour don’t think there’s any less of a state of emergency in Auckland’s Housing just because they’re scrutinising the Government’s response.

      • Leftie 3.1.1

        +1 Bunji, one wonders what iwi lands does National want to flog off to their developer mates by sneakingly trying to change the law.

    • Leftie 3.2

      Provide citation please Chuck, not sure if National’s David Farrar’s “interpretation” is correct.

  4. whispering kate 4

    One big elephant in the room which the PM and Dr Smith never mention when they say young people and first home buyers need to buy into an apartment to get a step on the ladder is – The Building Corp Fee – and it’s a big elephant. This is on top of the Council rates which is another expense extra on top. It can be very expensive and I just don’t think this Government are factoring in the high mortgage repayments these young people will be paying and then having to set aside the extra BCF, apartment insurance and any extra if anything goes wrong in the building and needs repair.

    What a useless lot they are, if children come along there are no corner parks at regular intervals around the city so the kids can get out and kick a ball. Nothing has ever happened like this before where this city will have to provide for more leisure space for people who will raise kids in these buildings. They have mung beans for brains and that’s being mean to the mung beans.

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