Paul Henry finally gets some balls

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The media is clearly tiring of John Key’s vacuousness. You know the tide is turning when even Paul Henry turns on the Nats.

I’ve embedded a two minute clip to show the tone of the interview. Here’s the link to the full piece.

3 comments on “Paul Henry finally gets some balls”

  1. LFC 1

    I must say – Key handles this unusually well fro him. He’s either had some training on defense interview tactics or has had a pre-interview briefing on question line and response. I’d suspect the latter – it would give Henry the chance to appear less partisan and Key the chance to remedy his burgeoning reputation as a man who can’t think on his feet. Win-win.

  2. all_your_base 2

    You’re right that he’s a little better but I think he still looks pretty squirmy in the full 7 minute clip. He’s definitely getting training – the times he’s really fallen apart lately are when he’s been forced off-script – did you see his face this week during Ryall’s health policy release/trainwreck? My guess is that he’s @#$!ing himself about the prospect of facing Clark in the campaign.

  3. Policy Parrot 3

    TBPH – I think the Peters comment was an off the cuff remark designed to distract attention from the bigger issue:

    That National has moved its foreign policy in response to the view of the bulk of the electorate.

    And deflect questions about why it changed said policy.

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