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Paul Henry: “It’s so appropriate coz she’s Indian”

Written By: - Date published: 7:24 am, October 6th, 2010 - 50 comments
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In case you were wondering why Breakfast Bigot Paul Henry has to go – here’s another great example of his work. Watch it all if you can. Maybe this alone wouldn’t be enough for dismissal if it was an uncharacteristic rarity, but it’s characteristic and commonplace for Paul Henry.

I don’t want this person representing my state broadcaster to the rest of the world. Even Brian Edwards, who’s defended Henry in the past, sees it’s time for Henry to go.

He’s been given more chances than Andy Haden. Now it really is time for Paul Henry to go.

Sign the online Fire Paul Henry petition.

Join the Boycott TVNZ until they sack Paul Henry Facebook page.

So far TVNZ have received a record number of complaints (after saying yesterday when we first covered the issue that they’d received “two”), but it’s the formal ones that count. Lodge a formal complaint with the Broadcasting Standards Authority – the more there are, the harder it will be for TVNZ to justify having Henry back.

50 comments on “Paul Henry: “It’s so appropriate coz she’s Indian” ”

  1. BLiP 1

    What else can you expect from a gypo?

  2. The situation needs to be handled properly and Natural Justice needs to be afforded.

    Henry needs the chance to receive legal advice and to be told of the case against him.

    He then needs to have the opportunity to prepare, to be told what TVNZ is thinking of doing and he needs a proper opportunity to answer the allegations and make submissions on what TVNZ should do.

    And he then needs to be sacked.

    • The Voice of Reason 2.1

      Too late, Mickey.

      The outcome has already been decided, agreed between the parties and publicly announced. The punishment is a two week stand down and that can only be an unpaid suspension with Henry’s agreement. TVNZ are not going to do anything more because they have already ended the process, by coming to an agreement with Henry as to the outcome. If pushed, they will say that the matter has already been settled and they cannot legally re-open the disciplinary process.

      • the sprout 2.1.1

        We’ll see about that

      • Pascal's bookie 2.1.2

        I dunno if the agreement included swearing and threatening lawsuits at Teh Grandma Herald, but if not, I’d say his stocks are slowly declining.

        Approached yesterday for comment at his North Shore home, Henry at first declined to comment.

        Minutes later, he drove his car to Herald reporters – who had left his property and were on a shared road – and made his verbal assault.

        “Get off my f*****g land,” he shouted. “Have you got your pictures now? Have you taken photos of my property or any of my neighbours’ properties? If any photos are published I’ll sue the f*****g paper.”

        When he was not given a response, he yelled: “Can you not speak, you there in the car? I will f*****g sue your paper.”


        Oozing contrition. Well it’s sticky and all over the footpath, so I hope it’s contrition.

      • mickysavage 2.1.3

        Noted TVOR.

        I said he needs to be sacked. I am not holding my breath however …

      • toad 2.1.4

        Not being a regular Breakfast viewer, I hadn’t seen the Sheila Dikshit one until now. If anything, that is even more offensive than the remarks about the GG. What does this guy have against Indians?

        I would suggest this one also warrants formal complaints.

        • HitchensFan

          yeah I never watch it either, but was in Auckland last week and couldn’t get Nat Radio in the hotel room so was forced to watch it. It was the first time I had ever seen the show but was disgusted when Paul Henry started spouting off about Indians and burning effigies. I was gobsmacked that the blonde woman next to him just sat there giggling! And, at the time, I couldn’t help thinking if this is what he says on the ONE occasion in my life I watch him, then he must be like it all the time. I was truly repulsed.

          captcha “pairs” – the pair of him and that giggling blonde twit next to him

        • Vicky32

          Much more offensive, I think! I agree with you Toad, as I think he may also have been being sexist there!

          • tea

            Having watched not so much offensive as sad and pathetic. Even sadder if you think we are paying his salary.

  3. Foolsgold 3

    Ugh….. so so puerile. This is supposed to be funny? He can hardly contain himself and you can tell his co-hosts are visibly uncomfortable. I got over different names being funny in primary school.

  4. Craig Glen Eden 4

    The problem I suspect is the employer has been complicit in Henry’s behaviour. While I think that what he has said is terrible and he deserves to go, really how can they fire him when publicly they have pretty much said he gives us what we want.

    Heads should role but sadly I am not sure that it should be Henry’s.

    The other problem I have with Henry and TVNZ is the straight out biased political reporting, that has been going on for some time now and I believe that Henry is not the only one involvedin this and I think it shows a problem of culture in TVNZ. TVNZ in my view will do anything for ratings and they are attempting to be anti political correctness because mistakenly they think that is where the market is at. National/ Key are Governing by polls and TVNZ are operating on a similar way.
    Both result in substandard outcomes but as long as most of the people are happy most of the time the job is done.

  5. ianmac 5

    It is very interesting to note that from a position of power as a TV host, Henry can and does bring ridicule on the heads of victims in his sights. However when it is the other way round, and he is in the sights of others he gets verbally violent. (Ref Pascal’s comment above. 8:18am)

  6. Ron 6

    Just a wee note. The complaints process is as follows: People should make a “formal complaint” to TVNZ in the first instance. If they are disatisfied with the response they should THEN complain to the BSA.

    • M 6.1

      Hi Ron

      Actually you can make a formal complaint via the BSA website and they just pass it on to TVNZ for comment within 20 days. That way you are in the system of both parties.


  7. ianmac 7

    The Dom reports: “Industry observers said Henry was likely to be one of 11 TVNZ staff paid more than $300,000 a year, meaning the two-week suspension without pay would cost him at least $8000 from his annual after-tax salary.”
    Wow! Henry only gets paid $4,000 a week! We do get a bargain don’t we?

  8. ghostwhowalksnz 8

    Isnt there a footy show around where he spray his loathsome comments like some un-neutered cat

  9. Rharn 9

    There is nothing more obscene than making ‘fun’ of someone’s name. It really tells a lot about the intellect of those that do this. They either are complete morons who care for nothing but themselves or devoid of the social mores of acceptable behavour. In Henry’s case it is both.

  10. Anna 10

    Yes he should be fired but the that will only happen when TVNZ realises that those of us with some intellectual sensibilities outweigh the idiotic bullies who enjoy this sort of humour in the guise of news commentary. Boybott TVNZ Breakfast – low ratings will spell the end for PH.

  11. does anyone know the broadcast date for this? I’d like to add this as another separate complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority. This foul mouth racist needs to be gone from our airwaves

  12. I’ve said before, it’s not so much Henry’s ignorance that makes him unsuitable to be a presenter, it’s… his ignorance.

    “Ignorance” in the first sense being his quite deliberate rudeness to people. “Ignorance” in the second sense – and more importantly for a presenter, specially one who does interviews – being the fact he’s thick.

    Take this clip, for instance.

    At the end of a story about a homeless football team (fast forward to about 2’45”) Henry says “they’re intelligent, they’re articulate, why are they homeless? Must be choice”.

    And the bint sitting next to him is equally bereft of a single intelligent thought on the topic.

    This is the level of intelligence, the depth of life experience, that TVNZ thinks is desirable in a presenter?! Have neither one of them ever spoken to someone who isn’t of their silver-spoon media-luvvies clique?! Christ, have they never even watched a documentary about such people?!

    Perhaps instead of fame-whoring with John Key (“see you tonight…”) their news people ought to be kicked out onto the streets of Auckland to talk to some people who exist outside their bubble.

  13. David S. 13

    I hadn’t seen that that video before, it’s painful to watch.

  14. the sprout 14

    Now TVNZ is in an all new bucket of shit over this


    Looks like Rick Ellis really needs to go too

  15. Exile 15

    I’m sorry – but that IS funny. Don’t pretend you didn’t all laugh a little as well.

    The comments about Sir Anand were out of order.

  16. henry olongo 16

    This little ponce needs a desi style kickin innit

  17. bobo 17

    I thought I was watching an episode of the uk office, cringe like awkwardness ….

  18. kriswgtn 18

    What you expect from a failed National Party politician LOL

    It was a well known fact what he thought of people of diff races,sexualitys ie his attempt in the rapa to stir up hatred of Georgina Beyer was disgusting and didnt work

    He is a disgrace to this country

    I say deport the prick back to blighty 🙂

    Ha ha

    Anti span word== die

    How fitting

    • Vicky32 18.1

      “I say deport the prick back to blighty :)”
      Except he doesn’t actually come from there! Please don’t blame him on us…

      • bobo 18.1.1

        yep your right. NZ is stuck with him.

        Paul Henry (born Paul Henry Hopes[1] 4 August 1960, in Auckland) is a New Zealand radio and television presenter. He is currently the co-host of TVNZ’s breakfast television programme Breakfast, and is a backup host for current affairs show Close Up.

  19. Lance 19


    “Cos she’s Indian”
    I could not work this out, how would her being Indian make her name appropriate?

    Then I read the full quote, unmangled and in context.

    “It’s so appropriate, because she’s Indian, so she’d be dick-in-shit wouldn’t she, do you know what I mean? Walking along the street … it’s just so funny.”


    Is that what he is talking about?

  20. cardassian 20

    Done, done and done.

  21. Sri Lankan 21

    In AUS and NZ, racism is a main part of the culture so it is not the problem with Henry. Sacking him from his position would not change the racist culture of NZ. This has to go several generations to get change something toward more civilized society.
    Good on ya Kiwi mates- you all should learn how to be more civilized society but it is very long way mates.

    • Colonial Viper 21.1

      It would help us move to being a more civilised, multicultural society if people in positions of ‘leadership’ in NZ showed some actual frakkin spine around these issues. The senior executives at TVNZ for starters. Then there is the PM…

  22. Ash 22

    For anyone and everyone and for all those who are so much immersed in these broken word thoughts day and night.Please Note Dikshit word emerges from diksha which a guru through his sacred powers transfers to his disciple and IT STANDS AS THE MOST AUSPICIOUS MOMENT OF DISCIPLES LIFE. I am myself a testimony of it.We don’t expect that level of courtesy from you.GOD BLESS YOU – Still

  23. Giarne 23

    I think your header says it all really – the 3 offensive comments I most recall him making were about woman. I think Paul Henry – and TVNZ – didn’t care when he was rude to Stephanie Mills, Susan Boyle and Shelia Dikshit because they were woman. When he says it about the male GG its abhorrent and people have started to get upset.

    I’m glad some people are starting to take notice of what he’s saying though as he needs to be made accountable, finally, for his actions!

  24. NZ Voice 24

    New Zealand is a Multi cultured and beautiful country. We all are contributing to make NZ better. NZ is a very young country. We all know that everyone in this country is migrated from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and America or all over the world. So, nobody claim that only one ethnic group is New Zealander even if they are born in NZ because we all are contributing to NZ Economy and Society. We have to stick with this real fact and need to overcome from these stupid things. We should understand that even if we look different but still we all are human or human race and there is no race exit on this beautiful planet than human.

    Paul Henry’s comment about GG and Delhi CM was very immature to which he and some people gave the name “JOKE”. It is not a NZ style or sense of hummer to make JOKE about person’s ethnicity or where he comes from? Why he came to NZ and strip him into society as per there ethnicity and nationality. These all things are stupid and very inappropriate.

    If we all are think like Paul Hentry, it will only support the racism and pollute the people minds and NZ will look very different next 20 years.

    We have to mould our future generation into Strong Society. Racism is the problem in all over the world not only in NZ. So, think well and believe in human race not where they come from.

    We all are living on this beautiful planet because Mother Nature let us. Race, religion and countries all come after human. So, we have to believe in humanity not all these stupid things.

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