Pauline Hanson declares jihad on Vegemite

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Someone with a terrific sense of humour sent Pauline Hanson a halaal branded container of Vegemite for Christmas.

Originally I thought she accepted the gift in the humour it was intended and was playing along.

And maybe she is having a big deep chuckle at our expense but it looks like she has gone more than a bit weird on the issue.

From the Brisbane Courier Post:

ONE Nation Leader Pauline Hanson has stopped buying Vegemite – the nation’s unofficial breakfast spread – to protest against its Halal certification.

The Federal Senator is angry at Mondelez International, which makes Vegemite, for bowing down to political correctness and paying for Halal certification.

Senator Hanson told The Courier-Mail that the certification was a “rort”, was driving businesses bankrupt because they needed to pay tens of thousands of dollars for the certification and there were beliefs some of the cash for certification was funding terrorism.

“I eat it, I love my Vegemite, but I won’t buy it,’’ Senator Hanson said. “We don’t need it (Halal certification) here. The whole concept is just a tax on businesses and Australians.”

I think all progressives should respond by going out and buying a jar of vegemite.  But be careful.  Maybe Pauline is right. Maybe Australia’s favourite breakfast food is nothing more than a front for the undermining of the Western way of life by forces opposed to the christian way.

37 comments on “Pauline Hanson declares jihad on Vegemite”

  1. adam 1

    Done, brought a jar.

    How bloody stupid, since they have had certification since 2010. Mind you sums up Pauline, she dumb and xenophobic.

    Also it was Sanitarium who saw this yeast product as good vegetarian alternative, and sold it to us a Marmite.

    • Ew…. Marmite….sickly sweet. No thanks.

      Vegemite any day.

      • Draco T Bastard 1.1.1

        Meh, can’t stand either of them.

        • millsy

          I only like Vegemite on Huntly and Palmers cream crackers. Anything else and I cannot stand the stuff. But not as much as I cannot stand Hanson. Like Trump and Farage, they are charlatans who do nothing but the elite’s dirty work.

          After all, I know I am going to go Godwin here, but it was the German establishment that backed Hitler. They saw him as the man who could rally the lower middle classes, they just realised too late that they couldnt control him.

          The One Nation’s manifesto for the 2016 election was essentially an epistle for neo-liberalism. They tack on anti-immigrant and anti-foreigner rhetoric to distract .

        • Wensleydale

          Brown sludge that tastes like… salt. May as well just put salt on your toast, but each to their own.

    • Hanswurst 1.2

      Eh? NZ Marmite predates Vegemite.

    • Siobhan 1.3

      Ah yes, the ‘good’ people of Sanitarium. Shame they don’t pay company tax. Too busy doing good works like investing $13 million into Washington state-based Sweet Green Fields, which has developed a natural, calorie-free food sweetener, Minnesota-based Primordia Seeds and Asklepion Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Baltimore.

  2. mac1 2

    I get my vitamin B from the yeast in my home brew. Cheers!

    • Oooo.. you sound like a fellow stout drinker ! Nice !

      • mac1 2.1.1

        We’re not allowed to make jokes about size here! Stout drinker indeed. Yep, the best use for the word ‘imperial’ is for describing stout, especially when eying the label prior to decapsulation. I brewed two brews for Christmas, an Oranje bock and a Xmas Ale. Both were received well. The best part of it is that I am being visited by an old mate who actually taught me to brew back in the 80s. It was a pleasure to serve him products from the skill he taught me.

  3. Christian Carruthers 3

    It’s not a tax, businesses don’t have to have Halaal certification, it’s not the law.
    It’s just another certificate that opens the product up to another market. They can get it certified Vegan or G.E. free or whatever the hell they like.
    What an idiot Pauline Hanson is

  4. BM 4

    Stupid inbred woman.

    Halal, Kosher who the fuck cares.

  5. The racist old loon does have a point to some extent – halal certification is a rort. But if there are suckers out there who’ll buy food because it has halal certification, that’s a cash-generating opportunity that someone was bound to take up.

    Hmm – I was about to write that it’s no worse than suckers out there buying food because it has organic certification, but actually it is worse because there’s an animal welfare issue with halal that isn’t there with organic. Not likely to be much of a problem for Kraft with the manufacture of vegemite though…

    • BM 5.1

      What about kosher certification.

    • GregJ 5.2

      Halal certification can be a requirement if you are exporting to an Islamic country and in most cases the certification is by bodies recognised by the importing country. The exporting country can still regulate on the operation of those certification bodies within their own countries though. (I think NZ does from memory). There’s usually more than one such organisation recognised in exporting countries so normal rules of competition should keep prices in check.

      It’s not impossible to export non-halal products to some Islamic countries however within the country the local vendor must be able to prove halal or clearly mark that a product is non-halal. I shop in a French owned Hypermarket here and there is a specific section marked as non-halal (aside from the clearly separated and sign-posted pork section!).

      • Psycho Milt 5.2.1

        Good luck finding a non-halal pork section in a Kuwaiti supermarket. I nearly died of bacon deficiency.

        • GregJ

          Yeah Kuwait is still funny about it (although there is pressure as the no. of expats grows). You can buy Pork in Bahrain, Oman, the Emirates and even Qatar now. I think you can also get it in Iraq (not that I have any interest in going to find out!).

          The funniest thing I’ve seen when travelling from here to Europe is 4 Arab guys tucking into Bacon sandwiches at the airport lounge in transit in Rome! (Well that and the ones knocking back Champagne like it was going out of fashion!).

  6. mauī 6

    Is Skippy halal when they put him in the cornflakes?

  7. Richard Christie 7

    The withered hag is growing into her face.

    • greywarshark 7.1

      Yes Richard Christie – the meanness is up to her eyes and the sneer wrinkles around the mouth getting deeper.

  8. Americans ! – can handle real food unless its loaded with sugar !

    LOL !

  9. infused 10

    Vegemite is fucking boss though. marmite is the little bitch.

  10. repateet 11

    All the images on here show the front of the jar. On the back where the small details about the content of the product are listed you will find it’s IQ. 27.

    Much higher than Hanson’s.

  11. Gerald 12

    Please explain.

  12. Guerilla Surgeon 13

    People can actually tell the difference between Vegemite and Marmite? Fuck!

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