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The Herald notes that Pete Hodgson, MP for Dunedin North, is stepping down at the next election. There’s much more detail in the Otago Daily Times:

Pete Hodgson, one of Dunedin’s longest-serving MPs announced yesterday he will retire from politics at the next election. His announcement opens the way for what will be a vigorous selection process in one of New Zealand’s safest Labour-held seats – Dunedin North.

Mr Hodgson, who turns 60 on June 13, told the Otago Daily Times that it was time for him to move on while he was still young enough to contemplate a post-political life. “I have mixed feelings. I love my job but it is important to me to leave politics on my own terms. “It has been a hell of a ride so far. Representing the electorate and the city is a privilege, pure and simple.” …

Nominations for Dunedin North will open on July 1 and close on September 1, in line with other electorates around New Zealand. The New Zealand Labour Party Council will then decide when the selection for the seat will take place, but it is likely to be this year. One thing is certain. The next MP for Dunedin North already lives in the electorate. Mr Hodgson has one of the best-organised electorate committees in New Zealand and there will be several candidates from the committee putting their names forward. Labour’s ruling body will bow to local wishes in the selection, just as it did in 1990 when Mr Hodgson was selected to replace retiring MP Stan Rodger.

Labour’s Council is probably wise to leave the selection of the next candidate to the local electorate. From memory the only time Labour has lost Dunedin North was 1975 when an external candidate was imposed, and local Nat Richard Walls took the seat.

Hodgson has been a workhorse, holding some of the most challenging portfolios, such as Health, Tertiary Education, and Research, Science and Technology. He’s been Labour’s campaign strategist, and spearheaded many of its attacks in parliament. A long and varied career, now he gets to be one of the lucky ones that quit politics on their own terms.

15 comments on “Pete Hodgson stepping down”

  1. really 2

    …and leave before the old boys club clean out that must be on the cards.

  2. swimmer 3

    He will be sorely missed. 🙁

  3. Monty 4

    The greatest asset to the National Party is retiring – Bugger.

    I remmeber with foondness his greatest moments including the dance with Trevor, his strategy to show Labour Torturing a baby in the election campaign, and of course the latest disaster – H-fee mk 2.

    I wonder if he wqas pushed as a result of the latest debacle? Good riddance – he will not be missed

    • Tigger 4.1

      You really are a vile little troll Monty. He will be missed. Certainly by the electorate members he’s helped over the years. One such member, the mother of one of my friends, whom he helped in the 1990s when the Nats were busy creating policies that forced people to subsist on foodbanks. Pete helped her negotiate against a rather mean government department. He’s been a good MP.

  4. tsmithfield 5

    The Nats have decided to pull their left-wing plant.

  5. Name 6

    I was in the audience at a Marine Farmer’s Conference in Havelock in, I think 2000, when the new Ministry of Fisheries, Pete Hodgson, gave us an address about the wonderful future he and Labour were going to create for Marine Farming, then one of NZ’s fastest-growing export industries. I had a sinking feeling, watching him then, that he hadn’t a clue.

    To quote the NZ Herald (22 July 2008) reporting on yet another ‘review’ of aquaculture legislation, “The industry has complained about the shambolic state of the industry since the Government first intervened in 2001”.

    Hodgson’s term as Minister of Fisheries was a disaster, and if he has been ‘a workhorse’ holding some of the most challenging portfolios he’s been about as successful in them as a real horse would have been.

    He might be a good constituency MP but as a Minister he was a waste of space.

  6. RedFred 7

    Actually he did a very Good Job in Fisheries he got the Department the resources it needed to do their job something National never did. The policies around Aqua culture became a political football.

  7. Jim Nald 8

    From accounts of Pete I’ve heard, he has served his electorate and the NZ public well.
    He should be congratulated.

  8. Craig Glen Eden 9

    Pete Hodgson is not only a good guy and effective Minister he is a good strategist, the wingnuts hate him for good reason he is way to clever for them.

    Pete has a fantastic ability to relate to all and to pick up the guts of a issue real fast.

    Pete’s crown will be the wingnuts degeneration of him, wear it with pride Pete.

    • comedy 9.1

      Ha ha greatest comedy post ever.

      Captcha garbages … Yes he was a troughing git good riddance only 119 more to go.

      [Blatant trolling. Repetition will attract attention.]

  9. phil you need to get rid of old it the right time to be in china posting postcard pics on twitter.gutted that there are so many issues around which the new generation needs to get their teeth into.

  10. Jum 11

    Pete Hodgson was doing very well in Parliament the other day, showing up Key for the liar and betrayer of New Zealanders he is.

  11. Shazzadude 12

    Metiria Turei should gun for this seat in my opinion.

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