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Petition: It’s Not OK Prime Minister

Written By: - Date published: 10:37 am, November 13th, 2015 - 46 comments
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This petition at ActionStation is closing in on 5,000 signatures:

Dear John Key,

We call on you to stand up, apologise for the offence your comment has caused to survivors of sexual violence throughout New Zealand, and withdraw the statement.

We also call on you to show that you and your Government ‘back’ victims and survivors of sexual violence by committing to fully fund specialist sexual violence agencies to provide core services, especially kaupapa Māori services.

46 comments on “Petition: It’s Not OK Prime Minister ”

  1. Michelle Bunt 1

    I find your comments distasteful particularly after you were the one who closed christchurch’s rape crisis service. Who is supporting rapists now?

  2. weka 2

    That’s a well worded petition.

  3. Stuart Munro 3

    His hubris is costing him now – if he’d done his usual insincere withdraw & apologise he wouldn’t have had an issue – this one won’t make him any political capital.

    • sweetd 3.1

      Costing Key how?

      Haters going to hate, the left isn’t going to vote for him ever and this will push him further up with the right.

      Expect a poll boost from this for Key.

      Just like the ponytail campaign by the left, had no effect with actual NZers as reflected in the polls, but was considered a huge thing in the twittersphere.

      Meanwhile, the rest of the country goes about their business without taking offence and faux outrage.

      • RedLogix 3.1.1

        Expect a poll boost from this for Key.

        You may well be right.

        I note however you don’t defend Key; implicitly you know he’s playing a manipulative and deceptive game here. And that you believe a majority of the electorate will swallow it. Or maybe even approve of it.

        Which is all fine and good … but don’t you find living with such a cynical view of your fellow citizens just a little wearing?

      • weka 3.1.2

        “Just like the ponytail campaign by the left, had no effect with actual NZers as reflected in the polls,”

        Maybe not, but the culture is being changed which is actually more important. It’s probably good you aren’t noticing that.

      • Daniel Cale 3.1.3

        Agreed, and your comment about faux outrage is particularly pertinent. It is this penchant for taking offence at everything that is destroying the left because it is so alien to the way most NZ’ers think.

        • BM

          The left love being offended it’s what gives them purpose.

          • Tracey

            There is a reason you and Daniel ended up talking to and agreeing with each other. Cling onto each other boys so that you can find comfort in your stupidity

        • Paul

          You are rapidly becoming a unwelcome. And unsavoury bore with your ill educated hate speech.

      • Paul 3.1.4

        ‘Haters going to hate’

        Are people standing up for civil rights ‘haters’?
        Are people asking for rape not to be used by the PM ‘haters’?
        Or do you just describe anyone whose views you oppose a ‘hater’?
        Or do you just operate in slogans?

      • Stuart Munro 3.1.5

        There is little or no political capital to be made from this. As many or more people will be turned off Key by his treacherous desertion of New Zealanders in a concentration camp as might do the knee-jerk ‘ah… they’re all crooks anyway’. If he had to choose an issue on which to make an immoral stand, Key could’ve chosen better.

  4. Anne 4

    Michelle Boag adds her opinion:


    If anyone feels like ‘discussing’ the matter her work email is:


    This bitch (no, I don’t resile from calling her a bitch because that is exactly what she is) is attempting to equate low level offending such as inappropriate explicitly language, bottom patting and/or breast touching with the serious high end of the scale where women have been subjected to serial raping as children/teenagers and other horrific sexually related acts.


    • veutoviper 4.1

      I agree with your last paragraph completely, Anne.

      The Stuff article is mild compared to Boag’s performance on RNZ National’s The Panel yesterday afternoon.

      Warning! Dangerous for those with blood pressure problems!


      Discussion on this subject starts at 7.15 in; Boag begins at about 8.15.

      Boag must have watched a different video of what happened in the House to what I saw.

      She starts by trying to defend Carter’s hearing deficit; puts down Marama Davidson suggesting that she does not yet know the rules of the House; goes on to belittle the women who stood up in the House; and totally misleads by implying that they were making personal statements rather than points of order; and also maintains that they all walked out – denying that any of them were thrown out.

      Brian Edwards makes some feeble attempts to intervene and put some differing views, BUT in effect agrees that the women MPs walked out rather than some being ordered out of the House. Mora is useless as usual.

      I am still angry at the complete spin offered up by Boag.

      • Anne 4.1.1

        Yes I heard it veutoviper – an attempt to provide cover for Key by attacking those whom she perceived to be a threat to him. The C/T ‘dead cat on the table’ routine is not confined to just the Nat politicians but their “Dirty Politics” acolytes as well.

        I have never forgotten her reaction 15 plus years ago when I was attending a function in Auckland. I happened to arrive at the bottom of the stairs to the entrance at exactly the same moment as Madam Boag. She gave me the most demeaning and contemptuous look I have ever experienced from anyone even though she had no idea who I was. She is a vain, vicious woman who will stop at nothing to get her own way – something that has been amply demonstrated over many years.

        • RedLogix

          Anne I read this article a few hours ago – and when I came to add a comment on it, I found I had to delete it.

          Like you I found I couldn’t do it without including the b-word; and I didn’t want to start a distraction with that.

          And secondly I was struck by the fact that the Nats have deliberately wheeled a woman out to do this knife work. I can’t quite put words on it – but there is something degenerate going on I can’t quite name properly.

          • Colonial Viper

            Similar rationale to why the NATs put a woman in charge of Social Welfare to do the “knife work” on benes and those on the DPB.

            • weka

              Yes all the way back to Shipley.

              Red, I agree, there is something really off about this whole thing. Seriously off. I felt like that the first time I watched Key in the house the other day. Something very fucked up is going on here, and I think they are playing with fire.

          • BM

            You seem to view women as weak and pathetic creatures, this may come as a shock but women can have their own thought and ideas.

            Boag spoke how she spoke because these women pissed her off, not because she was forced to do so.

            • sabine

              Trigger Warning:

              BM you have absolutely no idea what weak or strong means.
              And it seems this women does not either.

              But you know what, fondling/touching/groping without consent is sexually violating someone, cat calling is harrasment, having your hair pulled without your consent is assault and could be considered to be sexual assault, having someone shove a penis – or any other tool or instrument up your bodily orifices without your consent is rape.

              And survivors of such treatment, by they male or female, young or old, regardless if they reported the crime, regardless if they went to the hospital for a rape kit, regardless of any of what ever you want have mentioned and talked about, are strong.
              They are strong because in most cases they survive without medical attention of any kind, they survive often without any moral or spiritual support, they survive not because society offers help and compassion – and clearly this National Government has been excellent in cutting the funds for help, and for compassion, it could be said that this National Government embodies the lowest common denominator – but despite it, or maybe in spite of what society has to offer.

              You know why these women where thrown out of parliament? Because they stood up, because a long time ago they stopped being afraid. They looked at teh bully and told him that they knew him, they had met him, and he does not frighten them any more. , They made clear that they don’t stand for being accused to ‘support murderers, rapists, and child molesters”, by someone who has more that a shoddy record on dealing with sexual abuse other then shrugging the shoulder and mumbling “Boys will be Boy”

              As for rape not being rape when it is not reported to the family, I was raped at an age I did not even have the vocabulary to voice what had happened to me. By the time i fully understood what was happening to me I believed that this is what happened to all the girls at a certain age, by the time I ran away from home I knew it did not happen to all the girls from a certain age onwards.

              Now at a much different age, I can assure you that many if not most girls of a certain age onwards will encounter sexual harassment (touching of hair, legs, butt, breast – smile baby you be prettier, I’d hit that – to name just a few) to outright rape. They will be raped by their fathers, stepfathers, brothers, cuzzies, oncles, mates, boyfriends, husbands and strangers. It is that fucking normal. And we have a PM, and a spokes person that wants to make it normal, “It is just feel good about that phrase? BM – assuming you are a man? Do you feel good about this particular phrase? Are you a boy that will be a boy? )
              But there is nothing normal about someone forcing another someone into intercourse. Absolutely nothing. Rape is not normal and our PM should know that, and behave accordingly.

              Now, I understand that you support John Key and the national party. Good for you. You know what you like and you stand up for it.

              I just want you to understand that women, men, boys and girls get raped. Every day, while I type this someone somewhere is getting raped. And most will never speak up, because of people like John Key, and Michelle Boag. And one of these boys, girls, women, men could be your spouse, daughter, son, friend, mother, father.

              So, no, rape is never ever a fucking excuse to score political point.
              At long last have you no fucking shame.

              • Tracey

                Bravo. I wonder if BM read my post about the opposition is the enemy… he hadnt read it before he posted to you.

              • BM

                What the hell has any of that have to do with what I wrote?

                My point was , Boag, disagreed with what these women said and voiced her opinion, she wasn’t trotted out to voice the “opinion” of the National party and it is incredibly sexist and demeaning to think that she was.

                • sabine

                  And that is where you are wrong.

                  She was trotted out, and she did ‘voice’ the opinion of the national party.

                  And no it is not. if it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck it is.

                  You know what I find interesting, that you seem to have no issues with a Prime Minister who would accuse the opposition party of being ‘supporters of rapists, murderers, and child molesterers’.
                  It does not offend your good manners or your sense of civility.
                  It does not offend you that instead of answering a straight forward question, the Prime Ministers accuses a group of Men and Women of a certain standing, representing New Zealanders in Parliament, of being ‘supporters of rapists, murderer, and child molesterers”.

                  But then, your support for John Key and the national party makes all this ok.

                  Btw. Do you like being a boy? Cause we all know Boys will be Boys. Have you ever been that “boy”?

                  Ooh, opps, just horsing around and having a bit of fun, ey, no harm done. The Prime Minister does it too.

                  • BM

                    For some reason I always thought you were a man.

                    • sabine

                      i am not, never was, never pretended to be.

                      I am just one of those uppity women that would have walked out of parliament in protest of John Key.

                      and other then that, any comment on what you feel/think about the comments of the Prime Minister? Do you think that he was just horsing around again, and that those women that were offended did over react? Come BM, boy or girl, who cares, got any comment on anything other then National all good, Labour all bad?

                    • RedLogix

                      BM your original comment has merit; women are indeed not weak and helpless creatures. But equally they also experience vulnerability and powerlessness in many situations.

                      And until just the last generation or so, this experience went mostly ignored and suppressed. Now it is getting articulated, and it is not a comfortable nor pleasing voice to listen to.

                      And for many men, no longer having the dominant voice (even for a time) is something we find even less pleasing. Respectful listening does not come naturally to many men.

                      At the same time this does not imply men must always remain silent, and I believe eventually we will find our own voice on this. There is much more to be said, much more to be negotiated before we find our path through this.

                      But what happened in Parliament on Wednesday belongs to those women who had the guts to stand up to the unacceptable. And no man (or woman) has any business diminishing that.

                    • BM

                      I’d say the driver of John Keys comment would have been Kelvin Davis getting in his face.

                      Like any guy, Key would have been really fucked off about that, Davis got in his personal space and disrespected him, so he gave Labour a broadside in return.

                      Personally I thought there was a lot of truth with what Key said, lefties seem to be all about crims.

                    • mickysavage []

                      Kelvin did not get in Key’s face and his tone of voice was quite muted. If Key gets that upset by what Kelvin did then Key needs to be removed from his office ASAP.

                    • RedLogix

                      lefties seem to be all abut crims.

                      Mainly because we believe human rights are universal and inalienable. This was the lesson we learnt largely in the wake of WW2.

                      By contrast righties all too often are happy to divide society into the deserving and undeserving, the insiders and outsiders. It’s an ancient, animal instinct, but regressive.

                    • BM

                      Nah, Righties tend to be more about you’re in purgatory until you’ve proven you’ve made amends and shown you’ve learn’t from whatever you’ve done and won’t do it again.

                      Lefties seem to be all about finding excuses to why someone did what they did, personal responsibility seems to be an anathema to left thinking people.

                    • RedLogix

                      Yet curiously enough, while you believe these things, you never deliver on them.

                      Nations like the USA that run it’s prison’s as purgatory, seem to just keep on needing more of them. Nations like the Netherlands (which try to seek out and fix the root causes of crime) are having to close them.

                      Everywhere you look, the solutions righties insist will work, keep on failing. And yet oddly enough none of you ever seem to want to take any personal responsibility for this.

                • weka

                  My point was , Boag, disagreed with what these women said and voiced her opinion, she wasn’t trotted out to voice the “opinion” of the National party and it is incredibly sexist and demeaning to think that she was.

                  How do you know she wasn’t running NACT’s lines?

                  The idea that she is isn’t a comment about her so much as a comment about how National do dirty politics. Boag fronting for National in the way she did yesterday is exactly what we would expect at this stage of things. Makes sense that people would speculate on that.

              • left for deadshark

                Great post sabine, and as weka said this is very dark.
                Boag lied an deceived on natrad and I will use the links weka put up, an remonstrate will her and complain bitterly every time she re-appears on that show.
                but I have to say, the likes of Boag, Edwards etc have made a lot of money out of political games an that wont be changing any time soon, sadly.
                Best we support those members of Parliament that will stand up for us.

          • Anne

            – but there is something degenerate going on I can’t quite name properly.

            Well, Redlogix I think it has a lot to do with Labour’s very successful conference. I wasn’t there but everything I read about it suggests Andrew Little has shown himself to be a strong and principled person who genuinely cares about this country and the democratic rights of it’s citizens. Even the MSM were impressed with him and were not backward in saying so. I think the Nats and JK in particular were rocked by their response. They didn’t see it coming. Hence the ‘dead cat on the table’ reaction. We can look forward to many more “dead cats” as Andrew’s star begins to rise and I’m certain in due course it is going to happen.

      • Paul 4.1.2

        Edwards has spent too long in Herne Bay.
        The complete failure of ‘liberals’ to stand for anything has been wedlock documented by Chris Hedges.

        • greywarshark

          Edwards is Brian Edwards. And this refers to 4.1 written by veutoviper. (For the benefit of anyone reading from the middle of the comments.)

      • Paul 4.1.3

        Thanks – another reminder never to listen to Mora.
        The invitees to the Panel some dire reactionaries.
        Mora is mediocrity personified.

    • Paul 4.3

      It’s amazing how vicious and degenerate some people can be to defend their privilege

    • veutoviper 4.4

      I have been in ‘time out’ for a few hours and have just come back online a short while ago. I am sad (kia kaha, Sabine) but at the same time hopeful at the reaction that Boag’s response to the brave actions of the Opposition MPs in calling out the actions of Key and Carter has sparked.

      Too tired to say any more tonight, but I wanted to post this excellent and from the heart response by Alison Mau, also on Radio Live, to Boag’s interview on the same radio station.


      The voices will not be silenced.

  5. NZJester 5

    If they want an apology they can change their name to Cameron Slater just like every other person the PM has ever apologized to.

  6. Paul 6

    Our culture is gradually being corrupted.
    A sad time to be living in this once progressive country.

  7. Jenny Kirk 7

    ShonKey has escaped out of the country – for about 10 days. He’ll be hoping the furore will have died down by the time he gets back.

    This petition will help keep it alive, as will Andrew Little’s visit to the Australian select committee meeting.

    By the way, Sabine – terrific statements up above @4.1 – wish I was as articulate as you.

    And Anne – I regret to think you may well be right about why this degeneration from ShonKey is happening : looks like we’re all going to be in for a rough ride to the end of 2017. The Nats will try everything they can think of to retain power. Yuck.

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