Phoney Charisma

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Emmerson in the Herald has a good take on John Key’s campaign style.  As he continues to fail to front up to debate on actual policy.

12 comments on “Phoney Charisma”

  1. fender 1

    I disliked the way Key asked a cancer patient in an insensitive way “so what sort of cancer have you got?” at a hospital today. It wasn’t so much the question but the way he said it. It was spoken in a manner that one would use when asking say: “how many sugars you want”. I was really surprised at the nonchalant delivery.
    Did anybody else see it on onenews and see it the way I did?

      • Tiger Mountain 1.1.1

        Whew, thats quite some mirror to hold up ev. I scored low, but then a psychopath or even sociopath would say that about an unobserved test…

    • Campbell Larsen 1.2

      Agree fender – Shonkeys intonation was all wrong – it very much sounded like he was on a fishing expedition for a certain type of cancer – possibly looking for a type that has higher public awareness around it/ recognition or perhaps looking for a type that he could make some dodgy claim about like ‘under National treatment times for …. cancer have gone down’
      Either way that article was a fail for Shonkey – he should not be allowed near anything or anyone that is unwell, be it an economy or a person – the man has the bedside manner of the grim reaper.

    • Hami Shearlie 1.3

      Saw it, didn’t like it, intrusive and bad manners at the very least – are we surprised? He is nonchalant because he doesn’t care, wake up NZ!

    • Tiger Mountain 1.4

      Yes fender, I was quite taken aback too. Displayed lack of empathy and was intrusive to boot.

  2. Ordinary_Bloke 2

    Key has been called many things, but he keeps reminding me of the Artful Dodger ..

    “the Artful Dodger, is a character in the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. Dodger is a pickpocket, so called for his skill and cunning in that respect. As a result he has become the leader of the gang of child criminals, trained by the elderly Fagin. He becomes Oliver’s closest friend (although he betrays him when Oliver was mistakenly caught) and he tries to make him a pickpocket, but soon realizes that Oliver won’t, and feels sorry for him saying “What a pity ain’t a prig!”. He also has a close relationship with Charley Bates. Ultimately the Dodger is caught with a stolen silver snuff box and presumably sent to a penal colony in Australia (only alluded to in the novel). The Dodger chooses to consider himself a “victim of society,” roaring in the courtroom “I am an Englishman; where are my rights?” The judge has little patience with the Dodger’s posturing, and orders him out of the courtroom immediately after the jury convicts him of the theft.”

    It fits. His Dickensian background, Christs College (Goff was never going to win in Key’s old school), his rise in the dodgy world of currency trading, hobnobbing with toffs (Cameron, Ashcroft, & others), his rise to Victorian grandeur with known residences in Parnell, Omaha, Hawai’i, and London, involvement in local conservative politics (unscathed by documented links with Exclusive Brethren), Prime Ministership, and now the appointment of Lazard to advise on asset sales before the small matter of winning an election.

  3. g says 3

    in the epsom episode, an act enthusist called key out over not holding nationals end of a deal and that they were to withdraw goldsmith (love that name how appropriate).
    i have heard key deny that there was any deal and yet since then brash has eluded to a deal as well as another act representative.
    so was there a deal and is this another example of a dynamic environment or are the other people lying?

  4. deemac 4

    Key did turn up to the Helensville candidates meeting – unlike many other Nat MPs and candidates who are refusing to front up – but then lost his cool over the (newbie) Labour candidate’s speech. The mask slipped and he sounded rattled – that doesn’t happen too often!

  5. randal 5

    if charisma is phoney then it is not charisma at all.
    appropos kweewee it is just bullsh*t.

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