Pike River charges laid

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The Department of Labour has laid 25 charges against three individuals related to the Pike River disaster.

However both the nature of the charges and the names of those charged are suppressed.

I’d say this was inevitable given the basic safety failures at Pike. It’s just a pity that it’s taken this tragedy to draw the attention of the DoL.

It would be a small silver lining if the Pike tragedy provoked a greater emphasis on health and safety in Kiwi workplaces and a more proactive approach from DoL and the government. I’m not holding my breath.

Note: I’d imagine the suppression won’t last long but while it’s on I’d ask commenters not to speculate about the identity of the accused.

20 comments on “Pike River charges laid”

  1. Speaking as a bleeding heart liberal who has always tried to see the best in people and understand the fragility of human kind I say lock them up and throw away the key.  When workers lose their lives because someone is trying to maximise the profit something is really wrong.

  2. andy (the other one) 2

    Name suppression. Slithery whale ooze should be on this like butter on a scone.

    • ghostwhowalksnz 2.1

      That was then , this is now.

      Hes now wearing the mantle of the Kiwi Roland Freisler

      • prism 2.1.1

        gwwnz – Referring to Roland Freisler. I hadn’t heard of him and have just been looking him up on google. Got onto a YouTube clip of him raving in a 1944 court and then turned to the pics relating to the White Rose, where they honour with photos and music the group that tried to mount a confronting information campaign against the Nazis. That was quite a journey starting from Pike river and a low integrity internet commentator.

        • ghostwhowalksnz

          The suppression orders are in place so the accused cant be named, this used to be one of the oily orcas rallying cries.
          However his court conviction seems to have led to a backdown and now hes decided to be a full time rabid demagogue with the backing of the National party research unit.
          Fits the Freisler m.o. to a T

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