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Pillock of the week

Written By: - Date published: 9:30 am, April 24th, 2015 - 48 comments
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This choice is easy.  John Key for the most weird bizarre behaviour which more than hints at personal problems.  But second by a country mile was Mike Hosking, he who is paid huge amounts by the state broadcaster to shove his opinions down our throats.

He recently had a rant on who he thought were the real victims of ponygate.  The video is here but be aware that watching it is likely to induce nausea and an urge to throw things at the screen.  

His take on Ponygate?  That the victim is not the poor waitress who had been subject to degrading treatment by the Prime Minister and who had her identity released publicly by very questionable behaviour by Rachel Glucina but the victims are the cafe owners.  

Get that?

Hosking says that the victim should have consulted with the owners about how she was being treated and not a blogger.  Well she had complained to them and it was happening in their premises in the open so you have to question that conclusion.  

Hosking rightfully characterises Key’s behaviour as “bizarre”.  On this there can be no disagreement.

But his choice of who is the victim speaks volumes about his mindset and shows why he should not be employed by State television.

He criticises left wing bloggers for being “driven by political self interest and nothing more”.  It is funny that wanting to create a better world should be equated with self interest.  And that he does not understand that he has very clear political biases of his own.

He talks about the victim’s selfishness in hanging the Prime Minister out to dry.  A clearer piece of misogynist victim blaming you will never witness.

He relates to the cafe owners and not to the victim.  His class prejudice is very clear.  Why we should be paying him huge amounts of money to broadcast his class prejudices is beyond me.

A solution would be for TV3 and TVNZ to do a swap.  John Campbell has the class and understanding to present news for all of us.  Mike Hosking clearly does not.

48 comments on “Pillock of the week ”

  1. ianmac 1

    The awful thing about that rant is what if Hosking actually believes what he is saying? He looks sincere but what a nasty point of view. The owners, as opposed to the manager, are mean self serving buggers going on TS post “Hip Throw to the Lions.”

    • Sueh 1.1

      Oh he would have believed it alright…..you can’t talk that passionately about something if you didn’t believe it.

  2. dukeofurl 2

    Yes those poor owners of a chain of cafes. It must be terrible for them.

    Setting up the Glucina clusterfuck, What were they thinking ?

    Not even giving any statement of support for their staff and not condemning Keys behavior.

    Hosking obviously has the old boot licking festish

  3. freedom 3

    Then there is his refusal to accept the facts themselves.


  4. greywarshark 4

    Cough. I know it is cowardly and irresponsible of me not to listen to Mike Hosting but I argue that it is injurious to my health. I steer away from all people who rant in favour of the status quo and get enormous salaries as their reward so they can criticise the ‘little

    And while I think about obssessive hair-pulling I wonder is this an example of
    OCD, the touching, straightening, ritually feeling hair? Or is it OCPD below.)

    Wikipedia has this:
    Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder (OCPD), also called anankastic personality disorder, is a personality disorder characterized by a pervasive pattern of preoccupation with orderliness, perfectionism, excessive attention to details, mental and interpersonal control, and a need for power over one’s environment, at the expense of flexibility, openness, and efficiency.

  5. Dialey 5

    “Puffed up pile of political bollocks” describes Hosking and his ilk to a T (his own words)

  6. Adrian 6

    Satire is at its absolute best when it is almost indistinquisable fron
    m the reality.
    Jeremy Wells’ “Like Mike” pisstakes are some of the finest satirical pieces I have ever heard.
    Can’t wait for JW’s riposte to this one, the Poor People Shouldn’t have Kids one is priceless.

  7. greywarbler 7

    I suppose Jeremy Wells is on tv? I don’t have it now. Or is he on commercial radio? He sounds worth listening to, so would you advise where to hear him.

  8. Sabine 8

    Ouch. Ouch. Ouch


  9. wyndham 9

    I have serious questions to ask about our so-called television news media. I exclude RNZ because, all up, they appear to have balance in their coverage of matters with political content. I know some contributors to TS will disagree with that last statement, especially when it comes to Guyon Espiner but he does seem to have settled into a less blatant bias than when he first took over from the incomparable Geoff Robinson.
    No, I refer to Paul Henry, Mike Hosking and Patrick Gower. What is the journalist background of this trio? Have they been to journalism school? Were they selected for their obvious political views? Is their manner of presentation acceptable; Hosking with his singularly gruff pontificating approach, Henry as a self-obsessed clown with strong leanings towards the vulgar and Paddy with wildly buckshot views on whatever appears to pop into his head?
    Henry, who has a “history” in this country and was rejected by Australia has been literally foisted onto us by a massive advertising campaign launched by Mediaworks (TV3). The man is an affront to intelligence.
    Hosking. What can one say about this ego driven mouthpiece for the right-wing? His bias is so blatant as to bring into question his being anywhere near a supposedly “balanced” programme. His manner of presentation is abrasive and his opinions obnoxious to a great many people.
    Gower. Somehow Paddy is a likeable character but as a serious so-called “political commentator” ? I suppose the fact that he is on the Mediaworks team says something.
    This country seriously needs an independent, preferably ad.free TV Channel not subject to the ratings pressures of the commercial sector and most certainly not pressure from politicians. Above all shouldn’t we have journalists that have some semblance of training and skill in the profession?

    • David Harrison 9.1

      I dunno I only watch Campbell live and maybe the 6pm news on TV3. Caught something on the Airhead Brekkie show on TVNZ that incurred my wrath. They had this so called panel just before 8 All they did was to joke and laugh about it all and blame Ms Bailey. 4 Noses firmly up the PM’s Arse there.

      Can’t get link not a member of TVNZ’s on demand

      So you can add Rawdon Criste and his Airhead companion (dunno her name) to the list of pillock of the week

  10. Stickler 10

    The day I watch or listen to Mike Hosking, wherever he is currently polluting the airwaves, is the day Satan calls out the snow ploughs.

  11. lprent 11

    I showed that Mike Hosking clip to Lyn last night when I was running through the TV online.

    Mike Hosking is to be congratulated. He managed to shift her from “why in the hell is this political” to outright hostility towards the Hip owners and to viewing John Key and his dirty politics machine as targeting Amanda Bailey.

    Having such a self-interested parasitical mouthpiece on TV blaming the victim and being sympathetic to the arseholes who betrayed her to the sleaze queen of the Herald has probably shifted more people who viewed it as a political issue than anyone else.

    It did for me as well.

    Mike Hosking will probably be viewed by history as the person who gave ponytails their enduring place in the NZ political debate. What a complete tool. I wonder how much he got for it?

    • David Harrison 11.1

      Yeah I saw that, but the shit on TVNZ this morning, made that look normal.

  12. halfcrown 12

    Tell me when is he not a pillock

  13. Observer (Tokoroa) 13

    Is that the same Hosking who needs a woman with him in the studio to get his peurile words out?

    He fawns over her …. Seems to want to get his rocks off with her there and then. Quite weird.

    • David Harrison 13.1

      I reckon if that skinny streak of weasels piss tried anything with Toni Street, she’d punch him into the middle of next month.

  14. jaymam 14

    The Herald are still publishing this after Glucina ‘s articles:
    “Rachel Glucina is New Zealand’s reigning gossip queen, notorious for breaking celebrity scoops and dishing dirt on the country’s best known personalities. She’s feared. She’s loathed. She’s courted by anyone with skeletons in their closet. Rachel knows where the bodies are buried. Mick Jagger wined and dined her. Mike McRoberts devoted a chapter to her in his memoirs. And John Key has her on speed dial.”

    So why did the cafe owners pretend that Glucina was a reasonable person to write a press release about continual assaults on her by John Key?

    “Ms Bailey said a Herald reporter posed as a public relations person offering to help her, and her employers, draft a press release to send to the media.”

  15. ianmac 15

    Sweet satire from yet again Toby Manhire
    “Leave the Prime Minister alone.”

    …”But it is plainly absurd to ask the Prime Minister to discipline himself. However many hats he may have, he does not have a hat that reads “Prime Minister’s Boss”…..

    …But all of this is predicated on the assumption that the Prime Minister is a grown man. Were he so, such conduct, especially for someone in this unique position of power, would be indefensible. But, as is self-evident to anyone paying attention, he is clearly nothing of the sort….


  16. What do you call a rich powerful old man who seems to get off on fondling the hair of females he does not know, some just little girls?

    A) a loveable doofus who horses around and ‘this time’ went a bit far.

    B) the defendent.

  17. Mooloo magic 17

    The hypocrisy of the Right just astounds me, the far Right apologist Michelle Boag on Radio LIve this morning is outraged that we dare criticises our Prime Minister and just simply refuses to accept he has done anything wrong and in true Tory fashion blames the victim. She just claims he was being friendly. Women like Boag, Collins, Tolley and Adams do untold harm for Kiwi women by adopting such a misogynistic viewpoint
    If the perpetuator of this relentless harassment of a minimum wage hospitality worker had been Andrew Little, Russell Norman or Winston Peters the moral outrage from people like Boag, Hoskings and Henry plus they NZ Herald and the blindly loyal members of the Cult ‘Team Key’ would be a cacophony of hysteria to the point that it would be untenable for that person to remain leader of their party.
    The Right have conveniently overlooked the power play of the Prime Minister over a waitress and the fear and intimidation and utter powerless she’d have felt and how undignified that this so called real Kiwi bloke looks who is the leader of our nation looks.
    I well recall the vitriolic attacks on Helen Clark over the so called ‘Paintergate’ scandal and the speeding ministerial car, the hatred from the Right was there for all to see led by the NZ herald who almost daily called for Clarks resignation. And let’s not forget the innuendo that National and their supporters were always pushing about Clark’s sexuality, they were unrelenting with their viciousness
    Yet the PM commits a far greater error of judgment than Clark ever did and the Right want us to adopt the ‘Nothing to see here folks, move on’ stance. Pure utter bullshit from the Right wing nut jobs.

    • Sueh 17.1

      And you can add Louise Upston’s name to that list, you know our Minister for Women….who did nothing but defend JK. ffs

    • sckiwireddevil 17.2

      Excellent post, Mooloo. Can’t wait for his arrival back here, it will be must see viewing…..and Hoskings’ arse lickin’.

    • John Shears 17.3

      Go Mooloo right on the button.

  18. Sable 18

    Whats the old saying “garbage in garbage out”. I have never watched “Seven Shite” with old Maserati Mike and never will.

  19. david 20

    I love it how things get twisted so the perpetrator of the action suddenly becomes the victim and the harassed person the aggressor.

    This is dangerous.the insinuation is that the allegedly harassed server is the trouble maker because she complained.

    Powerful people these days need to be pulled down a peg and have some of that sense of entitlement taken away. Being powerful also carries responsibility. They forget that.

  20. I encourage everyone to register a complaint.

    TVNZ CEO , Kevin Kenrick:


    The show itself:


    The show’s principal sponsor is Rabobank:



    Ratings matter little, it is sponsors that count, so go after the sponsors as well. Make it clear that you hold Rabobank responsible as well and view the brand as toxic.

    It would be a good idea to explicitly link names with the words “sexual assault” in the email header or main body to drive home the message about how awful Hosking is.

  21. vto 22

    More hosking comedy exposed on nat radio of his rant against social media on the basis that it gave everyone a voice and there was too much noise

    hosking levelled himself with that one and he likely doesn’t even realise it

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