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Trevor Mallard is known for frequent intervention with points of order in Parliament at Question Time. Mind you, I have sometimes felt when watching that he has derailed one of his colleagues who is in the process of asking a carefully constructed forensic set of questions but that is by the by. His latest intervention however notified to the Herald to refuse caucus discipline is out of order.

The whip’s request to caucus members to refrain from expressing their personal views at this early stage of the process is entirely reasonable. No doubt at some time they will all be let off the leash, but right now unity and solidarity is far more important. It is also possible that whoever it is that Trevor wishes to support may prefer if he kept his opinions to himself at the moment – they may not be helpful. Right  now, I think Trevor should consult the caucus rules and maintain the requested  order.

61 comments on “Point of Order”

  1. Puckish Rogue 1

    The more T. Mallard goes off the better it is for the right but and its a pretty big but I would very much like to see this guy gone

  2. ianmac 2

    Quote,”Trevor Mallard has reportedly sent an email to his fellow MPs saying he would not stay silent on the Labour leadership race.”
    That does sound like another dirty trick. Even if Trevor did send such an email to other MPs, how did it get to the Herald or is it another Slater creation? I wonder.

    • Huginn 2.1

      Has anyone confirmed with him that he sent it to the Herald?

      • ianmac 2.1.1

        The Herald just writes: “Trevor Mallard has reportedly sent an email to his fellow MPs saying he would not stay silent on the Labour leadership race.”….. and
        “Mr Mallard sent an email saying he didn’t want to be gagged by Mr Hipkins, and wanted to tell the public who he backed, RadioLIVE reported.”
        I have heard for a long time that Trevor has been leaking but it seems so unlike him. He is more likely to be upfront, punch you on the nose. Does anyone have any proof of his disloyalty? And don’t give me moas. That was a throwaway line to the audience which was blown up by guess who.

        • Karen

          Actually Mallard sent a press release to various media outlets so I think it was a pretty deliberate derailing of Cunliffe’s promotion of the campaign.

          With a bit of luck specials will throw Mallard out of the house. He was once a good MP and an asset to the Labour Party, but these days he seems more interested in mischief making.

  3. Matthew Hooton 3

    But Candidate Cunliffe is giving an interview to Campbell Live tonight. Why shouldn’t Elder Statesman Mallard also give interviews?

    • Paul 3.1

      Still running your smears and innuendoes, Mr Hooton?
      I thought you have sworn to stop the dirty politicking.

      • tc 3.1.1

        Nats comprehensive win can be interpreted as a 3 year ‘extension’ on DP at a minimum so along with DPF and the oily orca it’ll be business as usual.

        As if the last 9 days haven’t made that obvious enough.

        Hagers book actually works as a nice CV for what can be achieved so business is good, real good.

      • Matthew Hooton 3.1.2

        Where’s the smear? What’s the innuendo?

        • Paul

          Splitting hairs as ever.
          You’re still playing the dirty politics game and it’s not pretty.
          Once upon a time, many intelligent educated men had a vision of a fairer, more democratic and more enlightened society.
          Now they just pimp for the rich.

          • lurgee

            I don’t think MH was very involved in the DP thing. He only merited a few references in the index (albeit, one of them being providing information to Cathy Odgers on where Nicky Hager lived). Thats probably why he’s so loudly against it … it suggests he isn’t as important as he’d like everyone to think.

            • tc

              The regular slots with spin and a liberal interpretation of facts are as much a part of DP as the paid for attacks others perform.

              Matthew begun calling for DC’s head on election night and is part of the 2 track strategy, a more publicly saleable one thats all.

            • Tracey

              and yet it mght only be a small mention but he is implicated in assisting someone expressing a desire to harm hager. Speaks volumes.

          • Saarbo

            Spot on Paul!

        • the pigman

          Matthew it was widely reported that the call for discipline in caucus was of the candidates’ colleagues (i.e., don’t form candidate blocs) as opposed to the candidates themselves. The opposite position (that you are trying to fudge as reality) would produce absurd outcomes if the candidates themselves couldn’t promote themselves.

          Now fuck off like you did after Dirty Politics broke. Please.

          • Wayne

            The attacks on Matthew Hooton, or more accurately the tone of them, is the reason why most centre-right (or right) people no longer comment on this site.

            So it has become the left and hard left talking to themselves and being assured they are right, because they don’t have to consider a view that might be different to their own.

            Nothing wrong with that, people can chose to be in their own enclaves. But it might make it hard to understand why your fellow citizens might have have different views (although it seems that many here consider that such views are not sufficiently rigorous, and therefore don’t count)

            • yeshe

              Wayne .. why, it seems to me you have perfectly described the National cabinet …

              ‘So it has become the left and hard left talking to themselves and being assured they are right, because they don’t have to consider a view that might be different to their own.

              Nothing wrong with that, people can chose to be in their own enclaves. But it might make it hard to understand why your fellow citizens might have have different views (although it seems that many here consider that such views are not sufficiently rigorous, and therefore don’t count)’

            • thatguynz

              That “wooshing” sound you heard Wayne was the “Dirty Politics” justification shooting straight over your head. One would assume from your comment that you don’t believe it really occurred and that Nicky Hager is a “left wing conspiracy theorist”?

            • the pigman

              Hi Wayne,

              Notice you didn’t comment on any of the substance of my response and chose to single in on one “naughty word”. Any comeback to the substance? Yeah, thought not.

              Odious shit-stirring by MH deserves to be called for what it is.

              Thanks for the feedback/further derail,


    • quartz 3.2

      Hey Matthew, are you still getting paid to write pro-tobacco attack posts for Slater to publish under his own name?

      • Matthew Hooton 3.2.1

        never have

        • Morrissey

          Matthew Hooton says he’s never written pro-tobacco attack posts for Blubberguts.


          • Gosman

            I clicked on that expecting to see some sort of documentary evidence of Matthew Hooton working for Tobacco companies but no. Just some BS childish cartoon. Bravo. You won that one Mr/Ms cartoon linker.

            • adam

              Gossy I will give you at least can laugh – and for that I thank you. The rest of you right wingers you just won an election – lighten up a bit ah.

            • Morrissey

              As you know, my links usually are more substantial than that one, which was just for a laugh.

              Have you read The Hollow Men or Dirty Politics? If you have, you will be well aware just how closely involved Hooton is in the vicious attack politics of the National Party, and its corporate sponsors—like British American Tobacco.

              • Paul

                Just challenged gos on this matter on Open Mike.
                I got this response.

                “Is that going to be the left’s response to everything this term – ‘Did you not read Dirty Politics?!?’.

                I don’t believe there was anything in that book that specifically stated the right was trying to get people not to vote. If there was, where were people like Cunliffe then highlighting this fact?”

                So I think the answer is no.

              • lurgee

                Have you read The Hollow Men or Dirty Politics? If you have, you will be well aware just how closely involved Hooton is in the vicious attack politics of the National Party, and its corporate sponsors—like British American Tobacco.

                Er … he doesn’t feature very much in DP. Just five listings in the index. One (p17) the disputed sponsorship of the ‘blog bus.’ The rest is similarly peripheral stuff – jumping up and down on the sidelines, trying to seem important.

                I think ‘was involved’ would the correct, not ‘is involved.’ The unavoidable conclusion is someone whose time has past since his period of slight importance in 2003-4.

                Hell, he’s reduced to commenting here to get people to notice him! How he must hate being irrelevant!

        • Richard

          Lying piece of shit too I see.

          • lurgee

            Some people need to watch what they are saying. If you have proof, present. Otherwise, shut up with the fantasies.

            • the pigman

              I think I can hear his screeching (hooting?) laughter all the way from here… Yes, he is lying, yes he is trying to derail the thread, no he doesn’t genuinely believe the candidates are barred from speaking about their candidacy.

              Breathlessly stupid stuff.

        • logie97

          … is this the same Matthew Hooton who at the height of the Dirty Politics discussions on Nine to Noon “just couldn’t believe” John Key’s position on the SIS/OIR – you know the one who said that John Key’s position was untenable – tantamount to calling Key a liar, yet now supports the PM to the hilt, as if nothing ever happened … and now expects us to believe everything he says as gospel.
          Is it the same Matthew?

    • Morrissey 3.3

      Are you still writing attack articles for Blubberguts?

    • adam 3.4

      Back into it I see Matthew, I hope your looking after yourself. Because this game playing seems to bring out demons for you.

      And P.S. – why should you give a stuff about labour? I don’t. It’s not like… oh wait you have some fellow travellers in labour – oh bugger, silly me.

    • Treetop 3.5

      Cunliffe has put his name forward and this entitles him to campaign on the issue. Just like being a member of the Labour party entitles a person to vote for the leader.

    • Tom Gould 3.6

      Simple Matthew, if you bother to pay attention. The Whips have said that candidates for the leadership are free to speak with media. They have asked non-candidate caucus members not to. Let’s know if that’s too tricky for you to get your head around.
      And as for Trevor, better climb down off your high horse, Mike, lest you fall yourself.

    • Vaughan Little 3.7

      Why do you give interviews when you’ve traded in death threats?

      Where the hell is your searching and fearless moral inventory?

      • One Anonymous Bloke 3.7.1

        Well put.

        Hooton would feel much better about himself if he apologised to and compensated all his targets. I can’t see that happening, even in the ashes of the bridges he’s burnt these last few weeks.

  4. greywarbler 4

    @ Matthew H
    I don’t know why Labour bother. Why not funnel all matters through you? The all-knowing.

  5. lurgee 5

    Mallard’s fiendish plot to lose Labour the 2017 election is underway … A ‘deep agent’ of the right, he has been conspiring to bring abut the demise of the left for decades.

    Or so some would have you believe. I tend to think he’s just a loud mouth clown.

    Still, he’s one of the few on the left that has ever managed to rub Slater’s face in it.

  6. Stephen J 6

    Erm, who told the press about the email? Was it Trevor? If so, he deserves a caning. But if it wasn’t, the blame lies elsewhere.

  7. red blooded 7

    Treetop – Fair enough, Cunliffe has every right to speak as a candidate. It’s interesting that people on this site have repeatedly said things about the other declared candidate, Robertson, like that he is “shitting on Party democracy” by speaking to the media, though (see comments in the Between a Rock and a Hard Place line.

  8. ianmac 8

    No one has given evidence that Trevor is disloyal. Funny that.

  9. Saarbo 9

    Mallards actions sum up the heart of the problem for labour…that caucus is an embarrassing mess, Im actually ashamed I campaigned for Labour, Im finding myself apologising to National voters I debated with pre-election.
    Caucus has some talented and clever people including most of Maori MP’s, who hold Labour’s mana up where it should be.
    The fact is David Cunliffe has brains, which is clearly in short supply in the Labour caucus. This whole thing should have been handled so much better.
    One way or another there needs to be a clean-out because if Robinson wins, he’ll be rolled by Nash post election 2017, and so on, and the Labour disaster will continue until they have no fucken supporters left.
    Sadly I have seen some truly talented aspiring Labour MP’s on the list who didn’t make the cut, its tragic for Labour that people like Mallard, Goff, et al are blocking these people out.

    • lurgee 9.1

      What action would that be?

      The article says he ‘reportedly sent an email to his fellow MPs’ – nothing about how the Herald heard of it. There is then some confusion about whether MPs are allowed to discuss the leadership issue with the media, with Hipkins allegedly telling everyone to shut up and Coatsworth saying they could discuss it.

      I don’t see what the Mighty Duck has done (on this occasion) to provoke such ire from so many quarters. Hell, he didn’t even mention extinct fauna!

      I think some people are developing a Pavlovian reaction – whenever they hear the name Mallard, they react with fury.

  10. Sacha 10

    There’s no mallard in team.
    Kick the prat to the kerb.

  11. Not a PS Staffer 11

    When will Standard people learn not to bother engaging with Hooton and Gossman et al. It only encourages them. There is nothing to be gained.

  12. Brian 12

    Why would you do this?

  13. Clean_power 13

    Mallard continues his campaign for one man: Trevor Mallard.
    He knows loyalty to no one, let alone his former leader David Cunliffe.

  14. Richard 14

    I watched parliamentary TV a lot when I was ill. Mallard is worth his weight in gold, when it comes to knowing the rules and in and outs of parliamentary robust debate. He’s pretty damn good. knows the outs well to like how to get out of work by being kicked out. LMAO.

    But all in all he is actually a good debater and skilled at stalling tactics when National were ramming legislation through he warbled on in Moa song for hours. He could bore a dead man to death. A tad more practise, and he’ll put the Nats to sleep and they will miss the vote!

    Not saying he hasn’t made mistakes, but Labour needs his experience. Badly.

    He’s also been targeted by the Herald which shows he has value when they use a ridiculing strategy. They do this because they want him gone, he’s to experienced and holds them up and calls them to account.

    • tc 14.1

      Good points Richard, Trev has been well behaved of late however his rap sheet makes him a target for these tactics but again it shows how owned the MSM are.

    • Blue 14.2

      All the ABC MPs have their good points. They’re experienced old hands with a lot of knowledge and experience. The problem is that their bad points outweigh the good and they haven’t figured this out yet.

      Caucus discipline is a basic of party life. If you can’t get this right, you are a liability no matter what your talents are. It’s that simple.

      If the ABCs had any ability to pull their heads in and behave they could be great assets to the party. The problem is that they have demonstrated time and again that they are incapable of doing this.

  15. J Mex 15

    It’s a weird thing when half of the posters think that Mallard is a useless old has-been, actively trying to sabotage the leader, and the parties chances. While the other half think that Mallard is being targeted by the right wing pet media because of his value to the party and potency in parliament.

    The only thing that is certain, is that paranoia is definitely the winner on the day.

    • ianmac 15.1

      Don’t know J Mex. Is it possible that most of the anti Mallards are Right winged aligned whose job it is to spread rumours in order to take down the stronger Labour MPs? He has always been a thorn in National sides both as an excellent Minister of Ed and an Opposition .

      For example Karen @ above says: “Actually Mallard sent a press release to various media outlets so I think it was a pretty deliberate derailing of Cunliffe’s promotion of the campaign.”
      Is that so Karen or is it just a stir?

  16. Karen 16

    That was said by one of the Morning Report interviewers at the time when they were attacking Cunliffe for leading an ununified party. It wasn’t denied so I assumed it was true. Sorry, I haven’t got the time to check at the moment.

    I agree that Mallard has an unparalleled knowledge of parliamentary rules and is of great value to Labour in the house. My concern is that he gets bored and starts playing games that are not always in the interest of the party.

    I am not right wing.

  17. Karen 17

    Can’t listen to the audio clips that would back up my claim at the moment but here’s a couple of print pieces that support it.



    Cunliffe had just announced the school donations policy and the Wellington congress, with a focus on education policy, was coming up the next weekend. That whole week was taken up with Mallard and the moa.

  18. Bill 18

    “Honest guv, there was no undermining of Cunliffe or fck all over the past year. See – we do this shit all the time. Regardless!”

    And bar the minor detail that nothing will come out of this vacuous ‘rebellion for free speech’ that will in any way damage Beltway Bob…

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  • NZ Government establishes innovative, industry-focused Airspace Integration Trials Programme
    The Government is establishing an Airspace Integration Trials Programme to support the safe testing and development of advanced unmanned aircraft and accelerate their integration into the aviation system, Research, Science and Innovation Minister Megan Woods announced today. The Government will work with leading, innovative aviation industry partners to test and ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Safety upgrades and certainty for Ōtaki highway
    Transport Minister Phil Twyford today welcomed the NZ Transport Agency’s decision to fund urgent safety improvements and confirm the designation of the Ōtaki to North of Levin highway. Safety upgrades will be made along 23.4km of the existing state highway, running along SH1 from the end of the Peka Peka ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Playing our part to support refugees in our region and the world
    New Zealand playing its part in Asia-Pacific and globally are behind changes announced today to the Coalition Government’s three year refugee quota policy, Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says. “We are proud to be a welcoming and inclusive nation committed to supporting some of the world’s most vulnerable people to rebuild ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Supporting thriving inclusive communities
    Creating thriving regions and inclusive local communities is the aim of the Welcoming Communities programme being rolled out across the country, says Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway today. A successful pilot of the scheme ran over the last 2 years led by Immigration New Zealand and involved ten councils across five regions ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Takahē population flying high
    Takahē may be flightless but their population is flying high with the official count reaching 418 after a record breeding season that produced an estimated 65 juveniles, the Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage announced today. “The population reaching a high of 418 is great news for takahē which were considered ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • New Zealand makes further climate commitments
    New Zealand is today taking action to reduce the potent global warming hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) gases, Climate Minister James Shaw and Associate Environment Minister Eugenie Sage announced today. “The global agreement to reduce these potent greenhouse gases is another step in New Zealand’s commitment to reduce global warming. It is estimated ...
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    2 weeks ago