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Police announcement – 1080 threat

Written By: - Date published: 3:43 pm, March 10th, 2015 - 155 comments
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3 News is advertising a special announcement of “national significance” at 3:45.

Live stream here? No, doesn’t seem to be working. http://www.3news.co.nz/Video/3NewsLiveStream.aspx

Will update post:

NZX (the stock exchange) has posted holds on trading for multiple dairy companies including Fonterra – related?

Breaking – Police and Ministry of Primary industries are investigating a threat to contaminate formula with 1080 concentrate. Threats recieved in November last year. Tests have shown no actual contamination. And the story is breaking NOW because…

(End of updates – back to work.)

155 comments on “Police announcement – 1080 threat ”

  1. Ovid 1

    1080 protesters have threatened to contaminate baby formula.

    • cogito 1.1

      But none of the well known 1080 protesters have been contacted or spoken to by police…. and they’ve known about the threat since November!

      This is nothing less than a dirty, cynical and fabricated crisis by NZ’s Prime Minister of Lies and Deception…. which is why it makes the news just when he is under pressure in Northland and losing the argument re surveillance.

      • marty mars 1.1.1

        + 1 Exactly correct. Anti 1080 protesters are well known – why wouldn’t the police go to them if they thought it was a threat – answer they knew it was rubbish and designed to sully anti 1080 people.

        I’m also of the view that it is a direct anti-Green initiative with a longer goal of fucking up the Greens well before the next election.

        • DoublePlusGood

          Except why would anti-Green people risk destroying Fonterra and the government to do that? I’m sure they have better ways of attacking the Greens.

  2. tinfoilhat 2


    This is a very very stupid, counterproductive and potentially dangerous way to make your point.

    Contrast with the protest in the Waitakere’s to protect the Kauri.

    • Ovid 2.1

      Yeah. I have no position on 1080, but put me on the side of people who aren’t threatening to kill babies.

      • Clemgeopin 2.1.1


      • weka 2.1.2

        let’s not assume that this is anti-1080 activists until there is some evidence.

        • Bill

          Well I’d assume, given the circumstantial evidence, that it is a 1080 activist. Evidence to the contrary might emerge, but I doubt it. Mind you, either way (genuine protest or set-up) doesn’t alter my views on 1080 use.

          I get what you’re saying, but there are absolute idiots and nutters in every camp of activism; ones who believe that any publicity is good publicity and that no action is too extreme and that all collateral damage is justifiable.

          I’m more interested in the timing of the public being informed. Why now? Why keep the shit under wraps for three months? Assuming the police are not following up any leads or discounting any suspects, how can it be that no-one has, at the very least, been pulled in for questioning during that three months?

          • weka

            I’d guess it’s pretty hard to trace an anonymous letter, so not sure what leads they would have.

  3. Sookie 3

    The 1080 people are absolute f*cking nutters. Having said that, I guess this is a very excellent distraction technique for the govt.

    • Roflcopter 3.1

      Wondered how long it would take…. 4 posts, well done you.

    • infused 3.2

      I’m pretty sure the govt don’t want this. Good way to fuck up our exports.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 3.2.1

        Yes. Whoever released the info to the media obviously doesn’t care. And such interesting timing.

    • Anne 3.3

      My immediate reaction too Sookie. Very convenient wouldn’t you say?

      How come its taken four months before we have been told anything?

    • HumPrac 3.4

      You only have to ‘actually care’ about animals to realize that killing them in such a slow, painful and torturous manner, is not right. Just read the label on the bottle of 1080, it tells you enough. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, or anything.

  4. Tamati 4

    It’s a macabre irony that they would try kill babies with 1080.

    One of it’s advantages as a poison is that it’s not very toxic to humans.

  5. coaster 5

    i thought 1080 couldnt harm humans if it is disolved in water.

  6. Tautoko Mangō Mata 6

    Some interesting thoughts: Some from the PM’s office has been involved with the investigation. The timing is very interesting in relation to the by-election (more law n order to bring the Nat voters into line). The surveillance system has not been able to stop the threat.

  7. dv 7

    The letter is dated nov 2014

    Really good they moved very quickly to warn us.

  8. Skinny 8

    They knew since last November, geez the wheels turn slow. must have finally figured how to go up several chogs in the last day of so.

  9. weka 9

    Is anyone else having trouble believing that acutal 1080 protestors have done this?

    • Hateatea 9.1

      No, sadly I believe that at the very extreme of any protest movement there are those who think that the end justifies the means. As to whether it is a credible action, I am more doubtful. All that is needed is the threat to get peoples’ attention.

      Still, I am open to being convinced that this is totally a NACT beatup and not genuine. 🙂

      • weka 9.1.1

        It’s not the extremity I have trouble believing, it’s the stupidity.

        It doesn’t have to be NACT, it could be a hoax from someone shit stirring (for any number of reasons).

        • marty mars

          the whole thing seems very contrived

          • weka

            Shall we list the possibles? DP agents, pro-surveillance provocateurs, CIA, industrial sabotage, independent hoaxer, anti-1080 activists…

        • The lost sheep

          “It’s not the extremity I have trouble believing, it’s the stupidity.’

          You obviously haven’t spent as much time ‘interacting’ with the anti 1080 lobby as I have Weka!

          There are always nutters in any activist grouping, but I have never come across any other grouping that has such a high percentage of macho aggressive, completely selfish, and willfully ignorant idiots as the anti 1080 lobby.
          It would not surprise me at all if one of that feral fringe was responsible for this.

          For those of you not up to speed with Conservation politics, the essential context is that the front line in the long running battle over 1080 has shifted significantly over the last couple of years.
          In short, the anti’s have lost the war, and while that is great news for our hopes of restoring our natural heritage, many people in Conservation have been worried that some of the more lunatic element might turn to more sinister tactics. There are many other threats that have been made over the years….

      • felix 9.1.2

        Also at the extremes are police/political operatives such as Rob Gilchrist.

    • felix 9.2

      Murdering babies does seem a bit out of character for your average environmental protester.

      • Pascals bookie 9.2.1

        worth bearing in mind:


        1080 opponents are more hunters than anything else

        • weka

          Still, murdering babies does seem a bit out of character for your average hunter. Or even hoaxing to murder babies.

        • felix

          Noted. Also seems out of character for your average hunter.

        • Chooky

          there are also farmers and scientists who oppose 1080….and Oregon has banned it for years

          • Wynston

            They have many native land mammals that can consume it. We only have two species of bat and they are most unlikely to consume it.

      • McFlock 9.2.2

        There seems to be one or two individuals who like sending white powder to mps, that sort of thing.

        I wonder if the 1080 sender is a bit like I view them – unconnected, a bit thick, who gets a kick out of feeling important when people react to some simple threats. Maybe been to a couple of protests, but with more personal issues than any genuine personal conviction.

        • felix

          Yeah that’s my reading of it too. It’s not really the way people with genuine concerns tend to make their point in NZ.

        • marty mars

          yep it’s not like this action is likely to stop 1080 – as key says…

          “Prime Minister John Key says the Government will not negotiate with the “eco-terrorist” who blackmailed Fonterra with 1080 poison.”


          • weka

            I bet he can’t believe his luck.

            • marty mars

              Yep – hard to know if the non-negotiation bit is enhanced with the ‘eco’ or not

              • weka

                A set up for the next time he needs to undermine the Green Party I expect.

                Have the police released any demands from the alleged poisoner? Or is Key making the negotiation shit up?

    • Is anyone else having trouble believing that acutal 1080 protestors have done this?

      I would have had trouble believing any anti-union nutcase might bomb the Trades Hall, but one of them indeed was that fucked up and did bomb the Trades Hall – the fact that some human action seems ridiculous doesn’t mean there isn’t a human who’ll do it.

      • weka 9.3.1

        I’m not saying it’s too ridiculous to be possible, just that something doesn’t ring true. It would have been more believable if they’d targeted DOC for instance. But baby formula and Fonterra?

        • Clemgeopin

          Two points that interested me in this story is that the threat was not on the whole of the dairy industry which TV3 said on the news, if I heard correctly, was worth $11 billion dollars, while the baby milk powder part of it was only 3% or 0.03 of its value, i.e, $330 million. Have I got those figures correct? So seems like either a dumb move or a well calculated one.

          I also wondered why they did tests on 40,000 tins now when the threat is supposed to take place only after the end of March according to the report.

          I don’t expect any true environmentalists or decent people would think of such an evil blackmailing threat.

          Hope the perpetrators of this evil threat or damaging hoax are caught asap.

  10. mary_a 10

    November last year the letters were received?????

    If this is a genuine threat and not a hoax, then I am appalled that anyone would even contemplate targeting babies through formula.

    However, that said, reading the story in the NZ Herald this afternoon, I’ve come to the conclusion now, this is more likely to be yet another exercise in excuses for even more Kiwis to become targets of Key’s mass surveillance programme!

    I smell a rat here!

  11. Maui 11

    No, that movement has a certain level of insanity. They have placed 1080 baits themselves close to water supplies to get attention. Also a doc ranger on the coast got a kea that had been shot thrown down his driveway.

    • weka 11.1

      It’s a very very long way from throwing a shot kea on a DOC driveway to threatening to kill babies via infant formula.

    • Sookie 11.2

      There was also the incident when a guy from the Animal Health Board had his dog poisoned with 1080 bait when he was sitting on the back of a Ute in Greymouth. They also throw pellets in waterways and on walking tracks and run to the media claiming DOC dropped them there. And so on. I have no trouble believing one of those activists was behind this.

  12. rich the other 12

    Where’s our spy agency when you need them , pity they aren’t keeping an eye on a few locals
    Terror in the hearts of mums and our overseas clients , or is this industrial espionage .

  13. rawshark-yeshe 13

    On the news John Key has just called them terrorists. So, there we have it ! crosby text are surely cunning, stopping at nothing in their stooping so low.

  14. gsays 14

    ok i will take the bait (boom boom).
    i think this is brilliant as a way to link the 1080 in our forests and our reliance on the dairy commodity.

    surely it is only a matter of time before this poson is found in the white gold, not by the hand of a protesters either.

  15. Bill 15

    What’s the odds that the perpetrator or perpetrators are ‘caught’ with much hoo-ha just prior to the Northland By Election vote?

    I say ‘caught’, because I’m picking they are already known and considered to be safe and able to be left at large until a more propitious moment for their arrest comes along.

    • $10 says they’re Chechens 😉

    • Skinny 15.2

      The spin merchants will have down played this internationally and are now over playing it nationally here. If people only knew half the crackpot threats the police deal with week in week out this wouldn’t even make the news.

      Do not fear Northland farmers Winston will revel who is behind trying to blackmail them for a fast buck.

  16. the pigman 16

    This is a little out there, but the timing of the release and the NZ First lead in the Northland byelection is a little coincidental.

    The NZ First party manifesto explicitly opposes the use of 1080: http://nzfirst.org.nz/sites/nzfirst/files/manifesto_2014_final_version_3.pdf

    Northland is an area where 1080 is widely used. Generally its use is supported.

    Anyone else think the release is timed to galvanise the electorate in their support of 1080 use and hatred of the Left in general?

    • Olwyn 16.1

      I didn’t know about NZF’s stance on 1080, but I smelled a rat from the minute I heard this story. Four months old and suddenly a shrieked headline across the media. It is probably already known to be a hoax, and has been trawled up in a search for useful by-election material. We will very likely have similar “news” stories coming at us thick and fast over the next three weeks.

      • Anne 16.1.1

        And the police are being compliant?

        • Olwyn

          As to the compliance of the police Anne, I don’t know how much they conform with the wishes of politicians, but the four month time-lapse between the receipt of the letter and the release of the information seems odd. The political/media response is also odd – a shock-horror headline with a nothing-to-worry-about-probably-a-hoax footnote. It sort of doesn’t add up to me. And the National party under Key certainly has form in the field of news manipulation.

          • Anne

            National party under Key certainly has form in the field of news manipulation.


            I felt some sympathy for the former head of the SIS, Warren Tucker during the storm over the Goff/Ede/Slater OIA/SIS affair. I find it hard to believe that a senior career public servant of the apparent calibre of Tucker (I recall Helen Clark when she was PM making the statement she had total trust in him) could have willingly supplied Slater with… what had been a top secret document denied to MSM journalists. My personal view is that he was, in some way, instructed to de-classify that doc. and release it to Slater.

        • McFlock

          They wouldn’t have to be.

          The police would have informed the government of a serious threat to fonterra. It has major repercussions for the country.

          Stephanie said there are rumours among journos that the excuse for the timing of the announcement was media enquiries. I.e. the case was about to be made public, so they made an official announcement to keep it in perspective.

          So my suspicion is that genuine dirty politics is back on the table- cabinet feeding friendly journos background information that can compromise the country’s economy, so the police get approach and know the case is blown and have to go public.

          And only a couple of days after polling suggested that the nats had a good chance of losing a rural seat unless something came up to forment terror of greenies and re-establish traditional party loyalties. So that’s my suspicion. The police did their job about a crackpot threat that has no realistic chance of being carried out, but the shock of which can seriously damage the economy.

          But in northland, the nats falsely promise bridges then sow a bit of greenie fear to try and hold onto power, and to hell with the effects on rural nz and the country as a whole. That’s my suspicion. Minimal number of corrupt individuals involved, other than the usual suspects in, acquainted with (or formerly of) the department of the prime minister, rather than having to add a couple of tiers of explicitly corrupt police.

      • Wynston 16.1.2

        Mr Prosser MP is an opponent of 1080!

    • weka 16.2

      “Northland is an area where 1080 is widely used. Generally its use is supported.”

      Mostly conservation use, or farming? Many hunters up there?

      • the pigman 16.2.1

        As far as I know conservation use. My sense is that there is a lot of antipathy towards possums there because they have a lot of kauri forests/protected native bush and possums only really got established up there in the 1990s.

        But yeah, a lot of hunters too, and they don’t like 1080 one bit.

        • Murray Rawshark

          I remember possums just outside Whangarei in the second half of the sixties. We made a trap and used to catch them. We didn’t like them, that bit’s true.

  17. Jay 17

    So this is a hoax manufactured by the government, with the complicity of police and over thirty officers many of whom vote for parties other than national, to pretend to work on a threat since November, so they can in March draw attention away from a bi-election that up until a week ago national were sure they were going to win? Come on, think about it for a sec. Is that really plausible?

    This is nothing but what it looks like – a vile threat from 1080 extremists who are prepared to scare hell out of kiwis and cost the country millions simply because others don’t agree with their views

    This is why illegal protest action must be denounced.

    The only real issue is, why do we only find out now? Is the baby formula safe? Both concerns have however been answered satisfactorily in my opinion.

    • weka 17.1

      “So this is a hoax manufactured by the government, with the complicity of police and over thirty officers many of whom vote for parties other than national, to pretend to work on a threat since November, so they can in March draw attention away from a bi-election that up until a week ago national were sure they were going to win? Come on, think about it for a sec. Is that really plausible?”

      No, it’s not, which is probably why no-one other than yourself has suggested it.

    • John 17.2

      It’s a good indicator of the level of delusion of the many conspiracy theorists here.

      No matter how wild or improbable, to some people everything is a conspiracy until proven otherwise, then it’s a covered up conspiracy.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 17.2.1

        Aww! How cute, the wingnuts have made a little echo chamber.

        • John

          That’s drawn out the first comment standing up for the conspiracy nutters.

          So a plan to threaten to mass murder new Zealand’s babies was hatched on the off chance that there would be a by election in Northland, and on the off chance that Winston Peters would stand in that by election, because of the chance he might do well, and his party policy is against 1080, and this would be a distraction.

          You’d have to go a long way to find anything more delusional than that.

          • McFlock

            You’d have to go a long way to find anyone who said anything close to that.

            But keep ranting about something that nobody has said. That’s not delusional at all…

            • John

              You are the one who claims there’s minimal corrupt individuals involved, with the exception of corrupt government and corrupt police.

              • McFlock

                That is my suspicion, based on previous known behaviour documented with stolen slater emails.

                However, I never said:

                So a plan to threaten to mass murder new Zealand’s babies was hatched on the off chance that there would be a by election in Northland, and on the off chance that Winston Peters would stand in that by election, because of the chance he might do well, and his party policy is against 1080, and this would be a distraction.

                My supicion is merely that the nats compromised a police investigation and tried to cause a panic when they found themselves in difficulty in a by-election.

                What I said and your deranged recollection of it are not remotely similar. Which explains why you’re a tory. Nobody with any connection to reality and a good conscience could support those pricks.

                • John

                  McFlock – there are claims here that –
                  – it’s been fabricated by the government
                  – a whole range of perple are responsible but NOT 1080 protestors
                  – it’s all a plan to attack the Greens

                  Yours is not the only nutty conspiracy theory.

                  • One Anonymous Bloke

                    Cognitive dissonance 101.

                    John Key is the consummate politician, a man of the people with razor sharp instincts and the reason the Police contradict his public statements is what?

                  • McFlock


                    Please point out or link to the commenter who claimed anything close to “So a plan to threaten to mass murder new Zealand’s babies was hatched on the off chance that there would be a by election in Northland, and on the off chance that Winston Peters would stand in that by election, because of the chance he might do well, and his party policy is against 1080, and this would be a distraction.”.

                    Otherwise I suspect you’re making shit up based on a semi-literate reading of random comments taken out of context.

                    • John

                      There are several claims that the government is behind the threat – even you say it’s more to do with corrupt government and corrupt police and minimal involvement from any corrupt individuals.

                      And plenty of claims that it’s all because of the Northland bye-election. Again a claim that you have made as well.

                      And your claim that it’s all about the government trying to sow fear about the greens.

                      You are so tunnel visioned, desperate and delusional that when there’s a crime like this, all you can think about it trying to somehow – no matter how ridiculous and absurd – blame it on the government.

                    • weka

                      “There are several claims that the government is behind the threat”

                      Shouldn’t be too hard to link to them then.

                    • McFlock

                      What weka said.

                      even you say it’s more to do with corrupt government and corrupt police and minimal involvement from any corrupt individuals.

                      No. You are incorrect. I did not say that. I said that I merely believed that the nats leaked news of the threat to the media (endangering our economy and potentially compromising an ongoing criminal investigation) in a desperate attempt to get support against winston peters for their no-name replacement.

                      My only speculation about who made the actual 1080 threat was here. If you could read, you’d have read:

                      unconnected, a bit thick, who gets a kick out of feeling important when people react to some simple threats. Maybe been to a couple of protests, but with more personal issues than any genuine personal conviction

                      No national party involvement implied there. Although I suspect that if we replace the word “threats” with “lies” it might well describe you.

                    • John

                      Weke – you’re asking me quotes blaming the government.

                      Try reading your own posts…..quote……..”You couldn’t make the timing up. At this point I don’t trust the govt, I don’t trust the MSM, and I’m not sure I trust the police (at least not all the way up).”

                    • weka

                      Yes, I don’t trust the govt (not that that’s anything new). But I also don’t think that they conspired with many people to create this threat in the way that Jay says above, WHICH IS WHAT THIS WHOLE SUBTHREAD IS ABOUT.

                      It’s blatantly obvious that most people here think the govt’s culpability is around manipulating the timing of the release of information to the press and public and then scaremongering and manipulating the public by calling it a terrorist thread. Some of us also allow for the possibility that in that process the govt influenced the police in ways they shouldn’t have.

                      You’ve been told multiple times to link and back up what you assert. Pretty sure your time just ran out and we get to call you a trole or astroturfer now. I’ve had enough and am just going to keep calling you a liar until you go away.

                    • John

                      Weka- say you don’t believe anti 1080 people made the threat,

                      You say it’s “A set up for the next time he needs to undermine the Green Party I expect.”

                      There’s more than a whiff of desperation in trying to attack and blame the government for the threat, while at the same time trying to shift the blame away from anyone in the anti 1080 camp.

                    • John

                      McFlock now lamely claims that he wasn’t trying to implicate the National Party, despite previously doing exactly that – quote

                      “Minimal number of corrupt individuals involved, other than the usual suspects in, acquainted with (or formerly of) the department of the prime minister, rather than having to add a couple of tiers of explicitly corrupt police.”

                    • weka

                      John, you said “I expect the govt trying to attack the anti-1080 camp”. Wtf?

                      See how this works now?

                      You either lack the reading comprehension to understand what is being discussed here, or you are an out and out trole. I’m going for the later. STOP TELLING LIES.

                    • McFlock


                      McFlock now lamely claims that he wasn’t trying to implicate the National Party, despite previously doing exactly that – quote

                      “Minimal number of corrupt individuals involved, other than the usual suspects in, acquainted with (or formerly of) the department of the prime minister, rather than having to add a couple of tiers of explicitly corrupt police.”

                      You didn’t quote the bit where I stated exactly what I suspect the nats did: “So my suspicion is that genuine dirty politics is back on the table- cabinet feeding friendly journos background information that can compromise the country’s economy, so the police get approach[ed] and know the case is blown and have to go public.

                      Someone threatened fonterra.
                      Someone leaked the existence of that threat to the media.

                      Two different acts.

                      I never implicated the national party in writing the 1080 threats against to fonterra. You’re a liar. You’re not even a particularly good liar.

                    • John

                      If you are not implicating the National Party, perhaps you should stop writing as if you are …
                      ” Minimal number of corrupt individuals involved, other than the usual suspects in, acquainted with (or formerly of) the department of the prime minister, rather than having to add a couple of tiers of explicitly corrupt police.”

                      When there’s a continual attempt from many here to blame anything and everything on the govt, no matter how ludicrous and delusional, your comments look very much like you are desperate to implicate the govt as much as you can, regardless of facts and reality.

                      Ditto with weka.

                    • weka

                      Classic trole behaviour. Spend half a day misquoting and misrepresenting a number of people in the thread and then assign a negative to that group based on the lies you’ve just told.

                    • McFlock

                      john, which act do you think I am implicating the national party of:

                      Act 1: Sending the 1080 letter?
                      Act 2: Leaking the existence of the letter?

          • One Anonymous Bloke

            Why does John think I’m standing up for him?

            • tracey

              cos he did some polling last night which showed a large number of unnamed kiwis want to support him?

          • tracey

            I think it is the bringing forward of the announcement by a week after 3 months of very good secret keeping by a large number of people that has piqued some interest. But you paint it how best to keep you in your mental and emotional level of comfort about what is going on in our nation.

          • Clemgeopin


            Isn’t it extraordinary that even when John Key announces a serious threat, that more and more people imply that he has been a crook and a liar in previous matters and now simply do not trust their Prime Minister anymore?

            • John

              Actually four times the number of people prefer him as PM compared to Andrew Little.

              And if you compare a graph of his approval rates against that of Helen Clark, at any respective time in their terms, he comes out ahead – sometimes well ahead – pretty much the whole time he’s been in power.

              Key could say the year is 2015 and there’d be people here so tunnel visioned that they’d claim it’s not true and that it’s really some kind of National Party conspiracy.

              • McFlock

                So? You might be amiable, even popular. But you’re still a damned liar. My justification for that statement is here.

              • John even you must admit that he does lie a lot though

                • John

                  Isn’t that a prerequisite of being a politician?

                  i.e. Cunliffe’s Trust fund, Shearers overseas bank account, Clarks painting, Goff “not leaking” the SIS report, and Clark “not knowing” she was travelling at light speed across the Canterbury plains, Winston not knowing about big donations, etc etc.

                  • It is good that you can see that he does lie a lot – guess what? Not everybody does and certainly not every or all politicians – he has a lying problem and if you really liked or respected him you’d try to help and support him rather than brushing it under his carpet.

                  • McFlock

                    that would be a yes, he does lie a lot.
                    Just like john.

                    Although there’s a bit of a difference between a charity painting and the illegal mass surveillance of New Zealanders.

                    • John

                      To carry out mass survellance on 4m people you’d need about 8m spies.

                      Survellance means a “close watch” on someone. I have a good friend who does surveillance in Victoria, Aus. They usually have several tag teams following any person they are ever surveilling, along with teams of techies.

                      There is a feeble attempt to try and claim data sieving is “mass survellance”.

                      If that were the case, then google, amazon, facebook, ebay, apple, etc, are all carrying out mass surveillance.

                      Anyway, time for bed, and this should be on another thread.

                    • McFlock

                      I’m sure you could pay a dozen lawyers to agree with you, “john”, but surveillance has moved on from the 1930s. Amazon might use cookies, but they don’t try to read the metadata (at the very least) of all my emails from all my personal amd work email providers.

              • Clemgeopin

                “sometimes well ahead – pretty much the whole time he’s been in power”

                I think even you would know that there are many examples in previous and recent history where dodgy leaders who have managed to fool most of their citizenry with lies, bullshit, spin and smile have been ‘well ahead’ in ratings until the people slowly and steadily and sometimes suddenly realise that their leader is a shameless liar and a cunning crook after all and the hammer falls. So, bugger the graphs you speak of. Not wise to put too much trust in those. Ultimately, it is integrity and being true that matters. Life is short. Not worth losing one’s soul over pride, ego and material shit.

    • tracey 17.3

      I agree that announcing the threat the day it was received, without an opportunity to double check and verify that stock was safe would be counter productive.

      Bringing forward the eventual announcement by a week (see statement by Fed Farmers on RNZ this am) is worthy of scrutiny and who conveniently started leaking about a very well kept secret for 3 months when the PM was under pressure for all the usual stuff… lies u-turns… double speak … lies.

  18. Lloyd 18

    There is 1080 in tea. Is the Dilmah family a terrorist organisation?

  19. Saarbo 19

    Ive already heard farmers blaming “Greenies” because Key/National are calling it “Eco-Terrorism”…except the Greens actually support 1080 poisoning https://home.greens.org.nz/features/more-and-better-pest-control-1080-last-resort …most likely a Hunter Im thinking. Also agree that the timing of this is dodgy…Nats on the ropes on a lot of issues??? Media will say that Key is a brilliant Politician because of the way he has played this though.

  20. Murray Rawshark 20

    Without any information at all, I’d say some moronic hunter had thought this up. Almost anyone can get a gun licence – take Slater for instance. I doubt very much if it’s a serious threat, more likely an attempt at blackmail. If the perpetrators are RWNJ hunters, ngati poaka and the squirrels are unlikely to have files on them. On the other hand, any extreme eco-activists would have files almost the size of Blip’s list of Key lies.

    The timing of the announcement today does make me suspicious. FJK will try to use whatever happens to help Nact in the byelection. No doubt the idiotic Osborne or someone else will soon mention that Winston First is against 1080.

  21. dv 21

    How come the surveillance network has not caught them?

  22. gsays 22

    so, let me get this straight.
    a threat to put 1080 in baby formula was made november ’14, “So a plan to threaten to mass murder new Zealand’s babies” (thanx john priceless!!)

    this morning the news is all about recall of formula, the anticipation of the market (apparently “the market is digesting the information” again brilliant), the newspapers front pages are covered with this, and our dear leader is calling this eco terrorism.

    y’all ever get the feeling y’all being played, like a fiddle.

    from what i understand there are helicoptors flying above our forests dumping loads of the stuff.

    go figure.

    you have to admit in terms of bang for buck, (which to be honest is how the 1080 debate is framed) this ‘threat’, 45c for a stamp, borrow an envelope and put in your letter… wow. what a return on investment.

    • Tracey 22.1

      apparently it took “the markets” only less than an hour to go through all the information and decide there was nothing to it…judging by what happened on resumption of trading

      I also wonder how many threats Fonterra or other supplier/manufacturers get each year… and why this one needed to be announced.

      Fascinating that the main 1080 Opposition group never got contacted by the police in their investigation

      • weka 22.1.1

        “Fascinating that the main 1080 Opposition group never got contacted by the police in their investigation”

        Thanks for that.

        I’m also remembering the last milk/Fonterra scandal and how badly the MSM handled it (scaremongering, sensationalising, and very little good information).

        • tracey

          Chap was interviewed on 3 news last night… in case anyone wonders who my source is. He also said he had spoken to other groups of which none had been contacted by the police.

          I have no problem with it not being made public until Fonterra and others could secure the supply and reassure no such thing could happen BUT the bringing forward of the announcement is very convenient. The “leak” of something that Fed Farmers says has been kept secret for over 3 months by MANY people, is surely worth critiquing.

      • marty mars 22.1.2

        Two anti 1080 people have been spoken to now – it seems strange that they weren’t spoken to when the police were first informed of the threat – I suppose the police set up an undercover operation to infiltrate the organisation to get more incriminating evidence – and got none.


        • weka

          anti-1080 activists coming out this week and saying the police hadn’t spoken to them probably had something to do with it.

  23. National must be desperate. What a crock!

  24. weka 24

    oops, wrong thread.

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    The Government has reprioritised up to $5 million to provide immediate relief to vulnerable whānau Māori and communities during the current COVID-19 outbreak Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson announced today. The COVID-19 2021 Whānau Recovery Fund will support community-driven, local responses to gaps in access and provision of critical ...
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