Porcupine on Key’s office and the SIS

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13 comments on “Porcupine on Key’s office and the SIS”

  1. Weepus beard 1

    Great image. Pigs in shit the lot of them.

    I assume the SIS will now be watching me as someone who Chris Finlayson, as the minister of the SIS, would describe as having a chip on their shoulder and thus worthy of surveillance.

    Who else here has a chip on their shoulder?

    • Colonial Rawshark 1.1

      Oh don’t worry about that; if your selectors have been put on a watchlist, probability is that anyone who interacts with you via those selectors (and also anyone who interacts with them i.e the network of individuals 2 degrees away from you) will also be automatically watched.

    • If you’re not on the list you’re doing something wrong or you’re braindead

  2. B. Adam 2

    What then for key to do?

    Key has never condemned the actions of Slater. Not when Slater mercilessly attacked a Pike River family who lost their fourth child in the aforementioned car crash. Not when he (by his own admission) invented statements and cost a senior Cabinet Minister her job. Not even after it emerged that with the help of a member of the Prime Minister’s staff, Slater mounted vicious and prolonged attacks on political opponents for Key’s gain, but apparently without his knowledge. So there’s a start. While he’s at it, he might publicly confirm that he’s asked Slater to stop texting him, and never reply when he does.

    So why did Key not cut ties with Slater the day Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics was dropped?

    Because like a frothing doberman hitched to a rusty chain on dodgy hinges, after too much snapping at the air Slater invariably finds himself breaking loose.

    It might be unpredictable when Slater chooses to shake his leash, but it’s not exactly unpredictable that he does (if it was ever really on to begin with).

    It’s certainly unpredictable what dirt he’ll decide to kick around, and Key may well be worried that mud will stick to him.


    • mickysavage 2.1

      Yep Key should have cut Slater loose a while ago. But he has not. I wonder why?

      • Weepus beard 2.1.1


      • Tracey 2.1.2

        Because despite the right wing shills who post here that no one cares about DP KEPey knows or believes this is what got and keeps him power. It started when clark was in power, began to escalate 2006/2007 and it has at its hub Slater.

    • Kevin 2.2

      Why would any Prime Minister feel the need to give his mobile number to journalists? Isn’t it the job the the PM’s Press Secretary to deal with the media outisde of interviews etc?

  3. Weepus beard 3

    Love the halo around Ede’s head of Medusa-like greasy locks.

  4. Weepus beard 4

    Who is on the right? Is that the phantom, and secret, Phil de Joux?

  5. North 5

    John Key is the PR construct of Big Money. Charged with doing the bidding of Big Money. Repatriated in the early 2000s and without political provenance or even local profile he was immediately slung into a safe parliamentary seat. From where, assisted by Big Others (the proxies witting or unwitting of Big Money – see below), John Key would rise to become PM and set about answering Big Money’s bidding.

    The stand-out marketable qualities John Key offered in this deal – fabulous self-made wealth and a facility to pose as The Everyman. Big Media and Big Commentators assisted Big National’s marketing of these qualities. The wealth was marketed to the aspirational (wannabe) cargo-cult in the middle. The Everyman was marketed to a broader public down the pecking order. Those whose day-to-day lives while excluding any rational resort to aspiration certainly embraced Big Richie, Big Sport, and a taste for a beer with a good bloke.

    John Key strolled with ease across all stages. Brand Smile & Wave was eagerly and oftentimes risibly advanced. Excruciating gaucheness, patent obfuscation, false narrative, and increasing displays of Big Nasty were either overlooked altogether or perfunctorily dismissed as meaningless.

    So far so good for Big Money. Two elections under the belt, destructive fundamental changes wrought in society, wealth driven upwards like never before, Big Selfie the order of the day. All in only six years

    What then happens ? Official inquiries point up Dodgy/Incompetent/Irresponsible John. Take your pick. John Key increasingly the emperor with no clothes stands in Parliament and issues as it turns out one Big Lie too many. Big Little stands in Parliament, identifies the Big Sleazy and demands an end to the Big Bullshit. That this resonates is attested by Big Media and Big Commentators behaving early in this third term like they have not behaved since late in Helen Clark’s third term. The political landscape and John Key’s place in it is being painted differently now. And crucially it is being painted well beyond The Beltway.

    Big Money will not be pleased. Big Money will require Big National to deal with John Key. Because he has proved unreliable and increasingly embarrassing. It is Big National, sorely troubled by John Key’s now publicly exposed fakery and continued trucking (why ???) with dark side company, will wield the knife. That’s not to forget the role of Big Little in this. “Cut the Crap” appealed to an ever accreting subliminal sentiment and called it to burst forth into consciousness.

    The Everyman might call himself a wag when he’s not and The Everyman might be face-palmingly gauche here and there. The Everyman cannot however repeatedly present as a liar, stubbornly defend his own busted lies, or be provenly involved in or defend stuff which the notional “good fulla you’d have a beer with…..” wouldn’t have a bar of.

    John Key will pay a price and it will be extracted by Big National as proxy for Big Money. In the deal with Big Money he no longer offers one of the two qualities he first offered – the facility to pose as The Everyman. That mud pool is infested with crooks.

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