Privatisation N Z Style

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The Government proposes that it will partially sell electricity SOEs if it wins the election. Economist Dr Rhema Vaithianathan from Auckland University will discuss Privatisation New Zealand Style. Her talk will look at the economic logic and evidence on privatisation of utilities and ask whether it will alleviate New Zealand’s current economic problems. St John’s Church, cnr Willis and Dixon, Wellington, Monday 14th 5:30pm all welcome. Register at  Fabian Society

8 comments on “Privatisation N Z Style”

  1. Rodel 1

    Just had a conversation with a long time Tory voter. Nice guy…An ex builder, now a landlord with 8 flats.He’s 86 years old.

    He said he really disagrees with Key’s government wanting to sell OUR assets.
    ” It’s just not right..I helped pay for them.”
    He said he won’t be voting for National this election.

    I felt optimistic! Cheers!!!!

    • Colonial Viper 1.1

      Lots of traditional National voters are cottoning on to the fact that the neo-liberal underbelly of the modern National Party is in charge and taking apart this country bit by bit.

      • Rodel 1.1.1

        Excuse my ignorance but what does neo-liberal mean? I’m sure I agree with you.

        • johnm

          Hi Rodel
          To understand what neoliberism means just look at the U$$$$$$$$$ :
          1 49,000.000 Americans existing on Food Handouts
          2. Tens of thousands of Americans die each year from treatable illnesses because they can’t afford health insurance.
          3. A complete rejection of policies for the “Common Good” replaced by Privatization and the Market rules.
          4. Corporate Government fascism by the effective sidelining of any effective people representation.
          5. The U$$$ has exported 50,000 factories to Asia and American Corporations and shareholders make huge profits and wealth from Asia’s dirt cheap slave labour conditions while their fellow (what a joke! implies a common good which is trashed) Americans rot on Food Handouts.
          6. Huge extremes in wealth distribution such that 1% own something like 40% of the wealth.
          7. Want to rebel about being economically and socially screwed? America has over 2,000,000 fellow Americans in prison no problem paying for them.(American neoliberal version of the common good! Lock em up!)
          8. A fascist police force capable of seriously injuring you if you effectively protest.
          9. The War Criminal Invasion of other countries to access their Oil Resources: Iraq and Libya.
          10. Now the U$$$ Corporate Government wants to remove even the protections of medicaid.
          11. Eventually the privatization of everything even education.
          12. The celebration of robbery from the commons through clever tricks like derivatives and currency speculation.
          13. Could go on and on refer

          John Key represents all this if he’s given full head to do what he wants. He’s made 50,000,000 dollars playing the currency casino: he didn’t do real work for that like: Plumbing, Policing, Building, Agriculture, Administration etc.

          No wonder he looks happy all the time he’s a political playboy appealing to that sector of NZ society which wants to make lots of money of the backs of the working population!

      • Lanthanide 1.1.2

        I’m wondering if Key’s ever-shifting target of the money is coming off as fishy to any National voters.

        First it was going to be used to pay back debt. Now it’s ring-fenced to upgrade schools. Then it’s ring-fenced to offer welfare irrigation to farmers. Just the other day I heard him say something about upgrading hospitals with the money.

        Seems this money is going to do absolutely everything. Fishy – what happens when it runs out or they can’t get enough?

  2. Also be aware that the recent appointment to head the Ministry of Education is an import from the the UK who is an advocate for Free Schools. Free Schools are also one step away from private schools. Privatisation will occur across all sectors under National.

  3. johnm 3

    “Her talk will look at the economic logic and evidence on privatisation of utilities and ask whether it will alleviate New Zealand’s current economic problems.”

    I can tell you the answer to that without going to listen to her! The answer is NO it will make our economic social position worse!

    These economists are full of it!

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