Privatised Education Strikes Again.

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The problems we have identified many times, with privatisation of essential services, continue.

“If the aims of National/ACT’s education policy were, genuinely, to to improve the learning, education and career choices for our children, including the ones that are failing at present, they would not be following policies which have signally failed to achieve any of these goals, anywhere else they have been tried.
When you realise the real results of the polices that National, and ACT, want to introduce in other countries, you begin to see the real aims”.
Despite the examples of failure with profit driven education, our Governments gifting of our money, to privatised education, continues.

20 comments on “Privatised Education Strikes Again.”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1

    National is always looking for ways for the rich to have a government guaranteed income. Charter schools are just another way to do that. Indications that show that charter schools achieve worse education and cost more are summarily ignored because that’s not the purpose of charter schools anyway.

  2. Skeptic 2

    Unlike the UK and USA, education in NZ is the single most influential area of interaction between families and the state. NZ teachers have a strong and enviable tradition of responding solidly to their community independently from government. The current Minister fails to recognize this and so seeks to undermine the core of the NZ education system – its teachers and their unions by any means possible; charter schools being just the latest in a long line of tactics. Unfortunately for the Minister and her government, and as with health, the vast majority of the public (spun reporting by TV One News notwithstanding) are on the side of those who actually do the work – the teachers, nurses, doctors. I think it’s time to take the big five out of the political arena – let’s have instead independent Corporations with equal governance representation from Union, Community and elected officials for: Education, Health, Housing, Welfare and Employment. That way unhealthy vested interests (like fundamentalism) is kept far away where it can do no damage.

  3. red-blooded 3

    We’ve had systems that advantage the rich in education for a long time. Private schools (believe it or not) don’t have to follow the NZ curriculum. “Independent” schools aren’t independent at all; they take funding from the government (and this government has been very generous to them) and top it up with fees from parents. State schools do their best (and plenty of state schools do a bloody good job) but we all know that there are schools in rich neighbourhoods that can set their “donation” levels high and schools in other areas that can’t. Decile funding is an attempt to make up for this, but it doesn’t close the gap. Plus, there’s the snob-factor of a decile 10 school, and the fact that kids at high decile schools get more support in terms of Special Education funds, not because they have higher needs, but because they and their parents are more empowered, and can afford to pay for assessments for learning needs like dyslexia.

    That’s not to say that charter schools are OK – they’re not; they’re an awful extension of the private school philosophy, taken even further because they can be staffed with unqualified “teachers”, have almost no oversight from the state, aren’t subject to the Freedom of Information Act… They’re an extreme experiment that have failed elsewhere and should never have been imported into NZ.

  4. UncookedSelachimorpha 4

    Privatised education explained:


    [Money for Education] = [Public Money]


    [Money for Education] = [Public Money] – [Private Profit]

  5. Fisiani 5

    The visceral hatred of private education runs strong here. It is just jealousy wrapped up in ideology. Education is for the good of children and not for the good of the teacher unions. No system suits everyone so there is room for a range of education options. Learn some tolerance of others informed beliefs.

    • Skeptic 5.1

      ” It is just jealousy wrapped up in ideology. Education is for the good of children and not for the good of the teacher unions. No system suits everyone so there is room for a range of education options. Learn some tolerance of others informed beliefs.”

      Where is your justification and supporting data for such a bold claim? There are many, many websites and academic findings both here in NZ and overseas that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt just the precise opposite of what you allege. Feel free to cite your sources.

    • Fisiani
      “The visceral hatred of private education runs strong here.”
      There is intense aversion to a practice here, Fisiani, but it’s not “private education” as you claim, but the mechanics of what National is promoting and how they are doing it, coupled with an awareness, born from years of experience witnessing National’s behaviour around both education and privatization.

      ” It is just jealousy wrapped up in ideology”
      No, it’s not. Yours is a shallow comment. It’s a reasoned response to the changes National have made along with their politicking around the education professionals.

      “Education is for the good of children and not for the good of the teacher unions”
      Well, yes, of course. Someone else could just have easily written, “Education is for the good of children, not the businesses involving themselves in it.” and that would have been as pointless a comment as yours.

      “No system suits everyone so there is room for a range of education options”
      Correct, all would agree, however using that statement to defend or promote National’s particular behaviour in the education field is … inane.

      ” Learn some tolerance of others informed beliefs.”

      Here we can only laugh at you, Fisiani.

    • Cinny 5.3

      Education is for the good of children.. and adults too, but it should never be for profit, putting kids before the financial gains of a private school should be paramount to all.

      Yes choice is important, but I think the real issue here is the state using tax dollars to help set up little education businesses, profit driven of course.

      “When it goes into the hands of a private company it becomes about maximising profits and minimising the cost which is not good in a schooling situation.”

      Do you have any shares/investments in the private education sector Fizzy?

      • Fisiani 5.3.1

        Education never for profit Are you serious. Every tutor every music teacher to be sacked due to ideological purity. I despair

        • Cinny

          I despair that you may be missing the point Fizzy. People do not get into teaching to make a profit, they get into teaching because they love it.

          Have yet to meet a teacher that says they are doing it for the money, and I come from generations of teachers and educators.

          I’d say the public are not very happy that the government does things like this with our tax dollars…

          The school, which receives 500% more funding than a state school, spent half its income buying a farm. Doesn’t sound very fair to the state schools does it? 500% more funding than a state school in this instance !

          Dang might have to set up a private school business especially if the outgoing government is going to fund it for me, will keep set up costs to a minimum, no registered teachers required, bring on the money. And they say education is free… more like free money for any wanting to set up a charter school. Bugger the kids, it’s all about the money (sarc)

          Meanwhile over 156 school pools have closed across NZ in the last six years

          Am sure we live on an island nation… is charter school funding more important to the outgoing government (keeps Seymour happy) than NZ school kids having a school pool?

        • Doogs

          You are a raving lunatic and you need to get back in your box.

        • KJT

          Teaching, I earned much less than working for a corporate. Hardly a profitable venture.

          Satisfying, though.

          Especially giving people a second chance through night classes. Now canned by NACT to pay for failing charter schools.

          Of course, you cannot comprehend some one who works for other than personal wealth.

    • Doogs 5.4

      You bastards have a very high level of droit de seigneur, don’t you fizzy. Christ almighty man – get a fucking grip. You spout elitism from every pore. Private schools are fine. Public schools are better. Charter schools are a travesty and a blight on education. You are so far to the right that you’ve left Ghengis Khan in the dust.

      I’m fine with private schools. If rich pricks want to spend their money on making little Johnny into an entitled arse, that’s OK.

      This government wouldn’t know what makes a decent education if it leapt up and gnawed on its goolies. They are determined, by hook or by crook, that teachers should be ground down and toed to the line. Who are the fucking experts here. Clue: not this bunch of pricks trying run the government.

      • michelle 5.4.1

        Agree with you Doogs public education has its faults but its about power, control and money when it should be about quality of education and access for all. The very people in power that benefited from a once prosperous NZ have pulled the ladder up.

      • Fisiani 5.4.2

        Doogs you are so blinkered that you see my centrist postings as Far Right. That is risable and shows that you to the Left of Stalin. Charter schools give a second chance to the state school failures. Do you have the slightest shred of proof that the majority of charter schools are failing to provide high quality education. Of course not. Children come first and that’s why standards are rising and people are happy. The first 3000 days of National were rebuilding The mess left in 2008 The real benefits to nz will be obvious in the next 3000 days. After 9000 days you might realise the truth.

    • michelle 5.5

      Private education is fine Fisiani but why should I pay for it out of my taxes. If people want to send their kids to private schools fine but pay for it yourself and I don’t want to hear we pay taxes because its there personal choice to send their kids to a private school your choice you pay. Visceral hatred sounds like you are being a bit emotive have a whiskey straight might fix your sensitivity

  6. One Two 6

    It’s not about money or profit

    Those are a means to an end….only!

    Time to focus on the true agendas and the power which exists that can maintain ‘progress’ of agendas, despite all and any evidence of failings and failure..

    It’s beyond ideology, and has been since day one

    Time to know the ‘enemy’, so as to formulate the correct response!

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