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The Herald reports that “As many as a thousand people joined a march in Whakatane to complain about children being caught up in the police operation.” The protest is one of many across the country.

These protests make an interesting contrast with Trotter’s piece in the Dom today in which he writes:

“It wasn’t the actions of the police that provoked my fury, but of those who’d forced their hand.”

My guess is that there will be continuing division on this until more facts emerge.

(Photo: Alan Gibson, NZ Herald)

10 comments on “Protests”

  1. rjs131 1

    Good to see that those that complained about the children’s being involved decided it was alright for them to be taken out of school to join a protest…….

  2. Tane 2

    Y’know, having been to school myself once upon a time, I’m strongly of the opinion that kids can learn a lot more at a protest than they ever would sitting in a classroom.

  3. Phil 3

    What would kids learn at a protest, Tane?
    “How to avoid arrest 101”
    “Slogan based political dogma for beginners”
    “Vandalism as a tool for getting your own way”

    I’d rather they stayed in school and understood grammer, language, and basic maths which, sadly, we continue to allow to slip in our young people

  4. Robinsod 4

    Um Phil, I think you mean “grammar”.

  5. Murray M 5

    Look at the fine upstanding individuals protesting. More beneficiary fodder the lot of them. Thank Christ I’ve booked my ticket to Aussie. Kiss goodbye to roughly $50,000 in tax revenue NZ.

  6. Robinsod 6

    Muz – I think I speak for all of us when I say good riddance. Will you whinge over there too?

  7. Murray M 7

    No I will not, it is not my country to criticise. I lived in England for three years and I did not give a shit about the politics of the country. I was netting 400 quid a week in my hand, paying taxes, and I was content to let England be England. That is the same attitude I will have to Australia. I repeat it is not my country to criticise. What the hell are you lot going to do when there are no taxpayers left to pay your benefits?

  8. ak 8

    Bon voyage Muz. Best of luck in your pursuit of gold and don’t worry about us “beneficiaries” back home. If you ever grow enough to recognise the emptiness and ugliness of selfishness and looking down on others you’ll be welcome back to godzone.

  9. Phil 9

    Thanks Robinsod… I proved my own point

  10. Nih 10

    I agree with the conservatives for a change. The people protesting either don’t have all the facts or are ignoring them. This is on top of the outright lies from activists.

    I have news for you, kiddies. Terrorism is not activism. You don’t share anything in common with these assholes.

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