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Thanks to a reader for sending in these photos from today’s hikoi:



If anyone else has photos or youtube send them in and we’ll put them up.

28 comments on “Reader photos”

  1. Focusing on the “lack” of Maori seats is a distraction as there are no Maori seats in our local councils anyway at the moment, and I would doubt a majority of voters would want them.
    The emphasis should be on the lack of democracy under the unified council proposal, not just for Maori but for everybody. The 20 councillors should be chosen from city-wide lists with a 5 per cent threshold. Plus the 20-30 community boards should get as much subsidiarity as possible, i.e. devolved powers that refer to their area, and let the Council deal with region-wide issues. Not difficult, really.

    • Ngaio 1.1

      Iwi organised this hikoi so it’s natural the focus will be on the Maori seats. If people want to focus on other issues they should get themselves organised!

      • Zetetic 1.1.1

        I bet they will too.

        This was the Maori seats day. There will be more protests over other aspects of the Supercity.

  2. lukas 2

    Why are there school children there?

    • Sweetd 2.1


      You assume they go to school.

    • Draco T Bastard 2.2

      I’d say that they’re learning something important about how our society works and to stand up for what they believe in.

  3. lukas

    Taking a day off school to protest against the loss of local democracy is something I would be happy for my children to do.

    • lukas 3.1

      That is probably why if you have children they will be as unsuccessful as you.

      • Pascal's bookie 3.1.1

        Lordy, a fuckwit of the week and it’s only monday.

      • mickysavage 3.1.2


        I have a university degree and I am a well paid professional. My wife has a university degree. My older two children are at university and my youngest is topping her class.

        And, gasp, we are all left wingers and environmentalists. And we all work for a variety of charities for, gasp, no money.

        Any other prejudices you care to display?

  4. Sweetd 4

    Just heard Pita Sharples being interviewed by Larry Williams (5.20ish pm). Larry demolished all of Pita’s arguments for seats on the super city. If Pita can’t explain why they are needed, who can?

    ha ha captcha tearful critic

  5. mike 5

    It worked for the Forshore protest (yes the one where clark called them all haters and wreckers) but too many mixed messages and not enough people – had a real rent-a-mob look to it. Fail

  6. Michael Over Here 6

    I was at the hikoi today to stand by the Maori organizers. Everyone was smiles as we marched up the streets, we chatted and sang. It was a good day.

    I know that I wasn’t part of some rent-a-mob organization, just someone who happened to be downtown and was willing to take a couple of hours out of my day to stand in solidarity over the mess that is the Nat-Act Supercity.

    I hope that there are more protests, maybe some that focus on the anti-democratic elements of the Supercity’s instigation.

  7. The rent-a-mob meme is well past its used by date. Can someone please point out to me where and for how much I can rent a mob for?

    • Pascal's bookie 7.1

      Like the ‘mixed messages’ line, it’s a cookie cutter* dismissal.

      Which is ironic, given that that is what the complaint amounts to. Doubly ironic when used with the ‘haters and wreckers’ line, because if you read HC’s use of that in context, she was essentially saying that the F&S hikoi was the same old people doing the same old protest, ie rent-a-mob.

      The media coverage seemed to get the message clear enough, so I’m guessing that the ‘mixed messages’ trope is just more cookie cutting.

      If you want an actual example of mixed messages I heard Hide on checkpoint blathering about how he doesn’t think the protest was that meaningful, even though there may well end up being better Maori representation, but that he was opposed to that, talks were ongoing, he’s the minister but Key’s the PM.

      That to me looks like hikoi win. ACTy sulk.

      *df “Cookie cutter,” when used as an adjective, is defined as a “lack of originality or distinction” [1], a reference to the uniformity that results from the use of a cookie cutter.

  8. Sweetd 8

    Looks like you can get Shane Jones and Parekura Horomia for your mob if you buy them lunch.

    “MPs Shane Jones and Parekura Horomia attended the march but stopped off at McDonalds before carrying on their way.”

  9. Murray M 9

    Why weren’t the children at school and the Maori at work?

  10. Murray M 11

    “MPs Shane Jones and Parekura Horomia attended the march but stopped off at McDonalds before carrying on their way.’

    Probably to buy food vouchers to pay the rent-a-mob.
    I was under the impression KFC was a better bribe.

  11. Robert Winter 12

    Experiencing the cynical dumping of the Royal Commission’s report, the gerrymandering of the Select Committee, the placing of Auckland’s short-term future in the hands of a beholden oligarchy, Banks’ expectation of 2700 or so redundancies amongst the Supercity’s staff, and the overweaning certainty of Mr. Hide’s progress, I have been pondering on what, for example, a French, or Ilalian, or Spanish, or pretty much anywhere else’s, take would be on such behaviours. It would, I think, have involved mass action such as we have seen today.The organisers of the hikoi are to be congratulated – for their actions, for smoking out Mr Key’s dismissal of democratic protest, and for showing the way to further protest.

  12. gobsmacked 13

    More pictures of protesting children who should be in school:

    (new instruction for all robots: delete “ordinary Kiwi mums and dads”, replace with “rent-a-mob”).

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