Really David Farrar?

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Over at Kiwiblog David Farrar has criticised AUSA for not agreeing to endorse and support Pro Life Auckland in its quest to help young mothers.

Apparently Pro-Life Auckland wanted to set up a fund to pay for the child care costs of solo mother students attending university with kids.  So far so good.  They were hoping to be able to support at least one student a term.  Good on them.

They approached the executive of the AUSA seeking support for promotion of their proposal.

AUSA considered the matter, and in a carefully worded response declined to do so on the basis that support was not appropriate because AUSA policy ran counter to Pro-Life Auckland’s views.

Again you would think that this was fair enough.  After all there is no obligation for a union to publicly support another organisation especially when there is concern about the other organisation’s policies.  If the Tally brothers set up a scholarship for apprentices to pay for their fees and asked the Meat Workers Union to promote it the Union would be well within its rights to decline.  Or take it to the extreme.  If the KKK asked the AUSA to promote its annual pillowcase collection and the AUSA declined to do so would this be such a bad thing?

But apparently to decline to publicly endorse the proposal of an entity with rather bizarre views on the rights of women is akin to shutting them down and infringing their freedom of speech.  Farrar’s words were more careful than this but the resulting dog whistle caused comments questioning AUSA’s decision on that basis.

Farrar said that he was pro choice but “AUSA should not be refusing a genuine offer of assistance to students, just because they don’t agree with the views of the group” and “an Auckland student who may have been able to get their childcare costs paid for, now won’t be able to, unless Pro-life can work around AUSA”.  Two slight problems.  AUSA is not refusing to allow Pro-Life Auckland from making the offer to students and AUSA is not stopping Pro-Life Auckland from making the offer.  I know, details, details …

The resulting comments are an eye opener.  My commiserations to mikenmild who seems to spend a lot of time trying to talk sense to the rabid right.

The comment of the thread was one where a commentator without a shred of irony said “you’re a Liberal-Leftist PC idiot who writes women as wimmin, so of course Liberal-Leftist bullying is fine with you”.  Bullying must have a different meaning when the right engage in it.

Of course Pro Life can still offer the sponsorship.  Not having AUSA’s endorsement I am sure will not mean that desperate students will turn down free or subsidised child care.

And you have to wonder.  The right is all about voluntary membership of student unions but insists on compulsion when an unpopular and misguided organisation insists on formal student union support.

The level of weirdness surrounding this is high.  A private entity deciding not to publicly endorse and support another entity is neither discrimination nor a breach of the other entity’s freedom of expression.  That the National Party pollster should choose to stoke these extremist views is concerning.

29 comments on “Really David Farrar?”

  1. Sabine 1

    no its not weird, its so forced birther bullshit.

    No ‘pro-choice’ organisation has the right to ever refuse anything to a ‘pro-life’ organisation. One has only to look at the US of A to see what is being done with Planned Parenthood on the basis of ‘pro-life’ while at the same stage we have governments that shut down to a ‘trickle down’ the benefits and services to single parents, widowed parents, or divorced parents and that includes the option of not having a pregnancy going to term, or on the other side have a pregnancy going to term.

    The question that should be asked is why would an organisation that organises on behalf of many endorse a proposal that would give 1! student the option of having Child Cost Care paid so as to attend university. Would it not make more sense if this “pro-life” organisation had contacted the “pro-choice” Union to lobby the government for free Child Care Services of single Parents (and not single parents) so that they may attend University or other Learning institutions or simply be able to work fulltime? i
    Oh, yeah, i forgot that would be bloomin socialist and we can’t have that….all we can have is ‘charity’ for a selected few, which is more akin to a Lottery by the looks of it.

    Also what i would like to know, what was the criteria to receive the ‘charity package’ in the first place, mandatory abstinence only and whoo me see what having sex did to me in schools to deter the children from having sex before the holy wows of matrimony?

  2. One Anonymous Bloke 2

    The centre-right wants a Tea Party? On the one hand I’m inclined to encourage them – it’s made Republican presidential candidates completely unelectable. On the other, do we really need more hate speech on top of all the other National Party values being inflicted on citizens?

    As for Princess Party Pinko, what else would anyone expect from this wretched creature?

  3. vto 3

    ha, the far right here in NZ is as wacky and out there as the far right in the US

  4. weka 4

    What’s the real reason then? Have AUSA been pissing off the National Party in some particular way?

    • Sacha 4.1

      Farrar has long hated student unions. They oppress his libertarian weiner, or something like that.

      • Gristle 4.1.1

        IMO the libertarian argument is a distraction and the real motivation of anti-student union proponents was that student unions used to run focused and effective political campaigns pushing for better welfare, better education, social justice etc. And that is why they had to be gutted.

      • Stuart Munro 4.1.3

        Student unions, like unions themselves, are traditionally where left representatives can learn skills. Farrar wants to drain the swamps where education, decency and humanity breed.

        • Muttonbird

          “Drain the swamps”. I like it but it does have some negative connotations.

          Farrar and Slater and their paymasters the National Party are indeed attacking any place compassionate social behavior is nurtured .

  5. Tc 5

    DPF works to instructions, you give him far too much credit as an instigator. He probably runs everything past the dirty politics press officer first.

  6. Smilin 6

    Trainee fascists at work again. Democracy is about freedom and voter choice not control of one over another or destroying workable policies of the majority to the gain of a minority .
    Mind control a major bomb thanks Bowie

  7. acrophobic 7

    “A private entity deciding not to publicly endorse and support another entity is neither discrimination nor a breach of the other entity’s freedom of expression.”

    Totally agree. Just as a private cake shop should not have to sell cakes to a same sex couple.

    • mickysavage 7.1

      Let me get this right. Someone refusing to serve someone else in a shop because they are homophobic is the same as someone declining to publicly endorse the shop for its owners’ homophobia?

      • Vaughan Little 7.1.1

        they offered to sell the couple anything in the shop except a wedding cake. so it’s a bit different from the “no jews or irish” scenario.

        it’s not a good idea to conflate these groups with the right. I really hate infanticide but I’m leftist. and the group itself by offering financial support seems to be working from a leftist playbook.

        I remember in 96 a couple of my friends wanted to affiliate a club at Auckland uni whose purpose would have been to encourage women to keep their kids. they were met with an extremely high level of hostility and had their proposal voted down. I remember it vividly. it’s a different case from the current one, but both go to show that those liberal double standards are never too far from the surface.

        you’ve also conflated farrar’s response with the group’s, and it’s not clear exactly what kind of endorsement or support the group was seeking.

        I really hope you can catch a glimpse of your bias here and reflect on it.

        • millsy

          Infanticide and abortion are two different things.

          Right to Life are not only anti-abortion, they are anti-women. The see women as little more than property of their men and vessels to carry babies. They also opposed sex education, sex education in school, homosexuality, sex before marriage, and pretty much any thing to do with sex. Any women who has sex outside of marriage for other than procreation is a dirty harlot in their eyes. They have a whole manifesto on the subject.

          Their goal is the sudjugation and degradation of women. Nothing more, nothing less.

          I would also point out, that before 1989, Poland had one of the most liberal abortion laws in Europe, not to mention avaiblilty of contraception and sex education.

          Then Solidarty came to power and chopped all that. Women are pretty much now the property of their puppet masters in the Catholic Church.

          I would expect when democracy comes to Cuba, which will probably happen not long after Raul Castro steps down in 2018, the free access to abortion in that nation (the only country in that reigon that has it) will be chopped on the best of the Catholic Church.

      • acrophobic 7.1.2

        Since when was opposing same sex marriage homophobic? It is “a private entity deciding not to publicly endorse and support another entity”.

        • millsy

          Do the words ‘consenting adults’ mean anything to you?

          • acrophobic

            Yes, But it has no relevance to this discussion. (Jack, Jane and Bill are consenting adults, but they can’t marry). This is about freedom of expression.

            • millsy

              You mean the freedom of Christians to bash gays?

              Christians like doing 3 things:

              Bashing gays (they have the same attitude to gays as the Nazis had to the jews)
              Burning scientific text books
              Telling women what to do with their bodies.

              That is all they are capable of doing.

              Muslims do it as well.

              • acrophobic

                I wouldn’t know. But I am curious to know how not selling a wedding cake to a gay couple is ‘bashing gays’.

  8. Once was Tim 8

    FFS! (For FUCK’s SAKE!!!!!@#$%^&*()
    Why are we even subscribing to David Fucking Farrar’s POV (elevating his various contributions on soshull meadya, en in the Main Stream Media) to something of importance and credibility – over and above Joseph and Jane Bloggs of Mean Street Temuka?)
    Please explain.!
    I really find it hard at times (as @Paul’s contributions suggest) to indulge these obvious specimens we refer to (politely) as trolls. I know I could come across as arrogant, but really …… there are some pretty obvious, ideologically driven, thick shit contributors (that even appear to be ‘contributing’ on some sort of rota); TWO BOB SHORT of a half Crown and obviously with some sort of hope of rising within Natzidom to some sort of ‘pear in flooince’ [power and influence].

    I expect BM to comment btw. One of the Natzi intelligentsia, and fiercely loyal to a number of the other fukwits that have swallowed NActzi Party cock.
    It’s a shame Beck Benchas has bitten the dust – I could probably even pin labels on them.

    • mickysavage 8.1

      For some time now the right have attempted to neutralise its disadvantage relating to its social conservatism by attempting to appear to be friendly to both sides of these issues. I thought his post was a classic example of this and thought that Kiwiblog should be called on it.

      • Once was Tim 8.1.1

        That sounds like some sort of apology or justification @MS – though I’m sure it wasn’t intended that way.
        Your are correct of course – they need to be called on their BULLSHIT at every opportunity. I wish I had more energy to do so – I don’t, and you’ve probably noticed that there is an obvious agenda this New Year for them to troll in earnest. My biggest fear though is that some people find it all tiresome and therefore can’t be arsed challenging them.
        I guess they’re starting to run a little scared. The BS is now becoming so obvious, I sometimes feel embarrassed for them.
        There are now SO many issues and bullshit that the opposition has an opportunity to take them on, the difficulty will be with prioritising things (BliP’s list; TPPA lies; housing; education; health; their assault on democracy and sovereignty; cronyism that enables corruption and conflicts of interest ……… etc.; etc,; etc.).
        Actually, the most important things to me are to do with the latter (the assault on democracy, cronyism, etc.) because those are the things that have allowed most of the bullshit to happen and to continue. Our public service has been compromised; there is no effective public sphere; the public’s will is being shat on (asset sales, TPPA, etc.); the judiciary is being seen cynically, and being undermined by ministerial appointments and powers usurping what should be functions of the judiciary ; the police are now a joke and obviously partisan and ineffective……
        I wish I had more energy to push shit uphill.

    • Vaughan Little 8.2

      temuka is awesome.

  9. whateva next? 9

    “The level of weirdness surrounding this is high.”
    “Bullying must have a different meaning when the right engage in it.”
    To quote a Dom Post reader quoting David Bowie, a very pertinent quote..

    “Planet Earth is Blue and there’s nothing I can do…” (atm)

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