Rebstock for Judge at ACC

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Announced this morning before Question Time in Parliament that John Judge will be replaced as Chair of ACC on a temporary basis by Paula Rebstock. Judge is going to chair the ANZNational Bank; Rebstock has been chairing the advisory body to WINZ. It will be interesting to see which bits of the culture get changed and if there is any real benefit to ACC claimants from the change.

39 comments on “Rebstock for Judge at ACC”

  1. Hopefully temporary means very temporary. This is not positive news for ACC claimants. I notice Collins states she already has someone in mind for the job? Unless culture change and overhaul of ACC changing the whiteheads at the board table will make little difference IMHO.

  2. tc 2

    Be afraid people….based on her performance as commcomm chair expect a reduction in service/competition and increased charges.

  3. Goes to show the power of money. Fancy getting rid of the chair by giving him the job of chairing ANZ National Bank!

  4. Dr Terry 4

    What would the Nat’s do without calling upon the “magic” of this woman? I guess they can only do worse than ever! What horror will they let us in for next?

  5. Treetop 5

    Culture change I really want to see at ACC is for childhood sexual violation/rape, in particular if the offending occurred prior to 1 April 1974 when ACC started cover.

    It is difficult when a child is asymptomatic (subtle symptoms) then a further trauma occurs at the hand of authority figures (police, being silenced and bullied because of an inquiry involving a politician) and the person develops fully blown PTSD and that clinicians do not put both traumas together because they do not read that you disclosed the sexual assaults and the client is led to believe that they do not have PTSD. 25 years down the track a thick assessing psychiatrist says that you have PTSD due to the sexual assaults, (but does not state when the PTSD first began) and writes in the report that you did not tell the hospital treating team (when you had counselling) and in notes supplied to the assessing psychiatrist the disclosure to the hospital treating team was written down. As well you have to corroborate the second trauma to the psychiatrist (idiot thought he could just ring up the police and this was done in 1991 by a very experienced clinical psychologist) but, the police have misled the last three ministers (not the current one) and you have told them that the police have made defamatory comments.

    There needs to be a clean up of thick assessing clinicians as they are not independent and they get over inflated fees (on the gravy train).

  6. Policy Parrot 6

    This is what happens when you sack public servants of good calibre, such as Ross Wilson, and replace them with politicised flunkies such as John Judge. Paula Rebstock to be the next ex-ACC chair?

  7. Carol 7

    Very good speeches by Green MP Hague and Labour’s Little in the House today on ACC.

    Both were critical of the Policy of “dis-entitlement” since 2009, especially with people who need long-term support and and income replacement.

    Little said the NAct government conned people saying that ACC was in financial trouble. Then recently the stats show ACC made more of a surplus than the amount they spent on claimants in the same period. Little said what was a very good system now has it’s reputation in tatters and this needs to be turned around. (Can’t see that happening under Rebstock, though).

    And RNZ is saying Collins won’t say if Judge jumped or was pushed…. though, I think that may just be a question of semantics anyway.

  8. freedom 8

    It must be nice to be such an expert in so many different fields that you can juggle all those high level responsibilities and still give 100 % to each and every meeting. In what must be an intense diary of daily appointments, it is humbling that this superwoman finds time to read reflect and consider all the diverse information that must swamp her desk in Tsunami-like proportions. What wondrous abilities Paula Rebstock must posses that she can facilitate radical changes in long established systems yet still have time to accommodate new and varied challenges. Reminds me of the omnipotence of King Gerry.

  9. gobsmacked 9

    Anyone see Patrick Gower’s report on TV3 tonight? In the background (in the live cross) there’s a woman hiding behind a pillar. Was it Michelle Boag?

    • Poission 9.1

      That was an interesting report,the CEO is next to the scaffold.The memory loss by Collins viz a viz the Police complaint undoubtedly will come back to bite.The libel case and the privacy commission investigation are still to come,disclosure rules for the former would allow access to the minutes of the discussion.

      We await Robespierre.

      Knit 1,pearl 1 knit 1 pearl 1.

    • Treetop 9.2

      I sometimes channel surf with the 6 pm news. On TV 1 there was footage of Boag walking down the stairs saying an apology will be a long time coming and she said something about question time in the house, that she was present. I have not used quotation marks as I have not directly quoted Boag.

    • Anne 9.3

      Just watched it online gobsmacked. Pretty certain it was Boag. My impression is: when she realised it was Gower talking live on TV3 she did what I would have done in the circumstances – tried to hide behind the pillar. I’m no fan of Michelle Boag, but I do have some empathy for her situation.

      Put it this way, if it was a choice between Collins or Boag, I would go with Boag every time. At least she has some integrity – something Collins lacks.

      • Anne 9.3.1

        This is my idea of a bloody good soap opera. Bit of everything.

      • Jim Nald 9.3.2

        With respect to you, Anne, you are too kind. At least she has some consistency – something Collins lacks.

        Yes, the lady in red seeking shelter behind the pillar in the last 10 seconds or so of the clip bore a high degree of resemblance to the earlier woman who said she enjoyed watching Question Time.

        I won’t watch the clip again but hope someone picked up what Collins could not resist saying in response to the comment that Boag was eyeballing her.

  10. John M 10

    Thought they would’ve wheeled Margaret Bazely in, though guess Rebstock’s capable as anyone of continuing to decimate ACC so they can justify privatising it. Carry on with the good work, Paula.

  11. prism 11

    Sounds like a game of musical chairs. What’s the appropriate tune for the manoeuvre?

    • yeshe 11.1

      In line with Poission’s comment and knitting pattern, perhaps musical chairs should be to the rousing strains of the Marseillaise ! Toujours le tumbril, and all that …

    • freedom 11.2

      or is that wishful thinking?

  12. prism 12


  13. Poission 13

    Whump,donk donk donk

    Whump donk donk donk

    Knit 1,pearl 1 knit 1 pearl 1

  14. tracey 14

    People who are rejected by acc ought to have the right to sue restored. This govt is trying to have it both ways. Acc is not an insurance company and never has been. At the moment they can reject someone who then has to hire a lawyer to fight an appeal. They know most cant afford it. Interesting that it takes a white upper middle class person to be shafted for the light tocshine on acc

  15. gobsmacked 15

    So can I just say here … First with the News! 😉

    Come on Stuff, do keep up.

  16. Robespierre 16

    It would be delicious if – for one moment – anonymity were to fail on this blog and it
    was clear for all time who was commenting on whom.

    [lprent: Not going to happen. ]

  17. Kevin 17

    ACC totally dominate the rehabilitation market, medical practitioners are well aware of this and are careful not to alienate ACC due to the potential risk of being excluded from the gravy train.
    ACC have used their dominance to good effect in downsizing the long term claimants list by pressuring medical practitioners to provide the outcomes ACC wants, which as reported in the many cases published in the Herald, forcing clients off ACC and onto sickness benefits where they are vulnerable to the Welfare reforms that don’t recognise their disabilities.

    • Treetop 17.1

      ACC need to start following their legislation and not allow policy to over ride legislation. Watch the medical clinicians change their tune. Time for claimants to start cracking the whip.

  18. tracey 18

    Kevin the same is true od the allegedly independent assessors of the dbh creating a gravy train of unnecessary reclads

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