RNZ Auckland Mayoral Debate

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Radio NZ are hosting the first big head to head debate for Auckland mayoral candidates. Hosted by Morning Report’s Guyon Espiner at 8am, it features eventual winner Phil Goff and also rans Vic Crone, previous mayoral runner-up John Palino, and local board member Mark Thomas.

Voters can choose between listening to National Radio, or watching on Freeview Channel 50. The debate will also be livestreamed on rnz.co.nz and on YouTube.

A recent poll, for our mates at The Spinoff, put support for Mr Goff at 32 percent, with big businesses Vic Crone on 8 percent, even bigger businesses John Palino on 4.1 percent, anti rates activist Penny Bright on 2.4 percent, local board member Mark Thomas on 1.7 percent and policy analyst David Hay on 1.4 percent.


14 comments on “RNZ Auckland Mayoral Debate”

  1. Takere 1

    To do list …. Heavy Rail, get rid of the IMSB, sack all those “Consultants” with “Important Titles” to do nothing but conduct talkfests. Start with the Ak Design Office – Ludo Campbell and his useless team. Then sack all the Architectural Company’s that are on the payroll that decide who get what contract for Development & Building/Construction. JayMax ect … Its a scam. That’ll save $50m+ and reduce wages by $1m easy.

  2. Penny Bright 2

    Is this Auckland Mayoral election rigged?

    Why did Radio NZ not interview 4th polling candidate Penny Bright?

    Is it because I’m the ‘Bernie Sanders’ Auckland Mayoral candidate, campaigning against this ‘Supercity – for the 1%’?

    And getting the same Bernie Sanders effective media censorship?


    “In the most recent published poll, a survey by SSI for the website The Spinoff, put support for Mr Goff at 32 percent, with Vic Crone, on 8 percent, Mr Palino on 4.1 percent, activist Penny Bright on 2.4 percent, local board member Mark Thomas on 1.7 percent and policy analyst David Hay on 1.4 percent.”


    This STINKS!

    Penny Bright

    2016 Auckland Mayoral candidate.

    • Perhaps it was restricted to ratepayers only, Penny?

    • Scott 2.2

      I have a campaign idea for you Penny. Since you refuse to pay you share of the rates, perhaps you should say that you’ll refuse to take a the mayoral salary if elected?

      It’s no risk, you’re not going to be elected anyway, but it might help you appear slightly less hypocritical.

    • BM 2.3

      This not getting taken seriously or considered only as a joke candidate, is the direct result of you refusing to pay your rates.

      Actions have consequences, something to remember.

    • eszett 2.4


      This STINKS!

      Perhaps it’s your lack of self-awareness and self-reflection?

      Besides, what have you achieved that would allow you to even attempt a comparison with Bernie?
      Unlike Bernie, nobody takes you seriously.
      Unlike Bernie, you barely register in the vote count.
      Unlike Bernie, you don’t manage to inspire or motivate anyone, let alone crowds.
      Unlike Bernie, you have never managed to be elected to anything resembling a public office.

      • Visubversa 2.4.1

        You are not the Bernie Sanders Penny – you are the Donald Trump but without the $$$. You get publicity by saying and doing outrageous things, but actually contribute nothing positive. Every time I pay my water bill I reflect on the failure of the Water Pressure Group which achieved nothing because of the extremism of its proponents.

  3. Nick 3

    I quite like your stance Penny…… I Don’t care what this lot commented about you today…. Maybe these people like Palino as a preferred candidate… Doesn’t he own a coffee shop or something wtf…

    • alwyn 3.1

      “Doesn’t he own a coffee shop or something”.
      Has Auckland got the same problem as we have? Wellington has 2 coffee shop owners in Justin Lester and Mark Peck. They are the sort of people who vote in favour of the Council paying the “living wage” but refuse to do it for their own employees. Too expensive for them.
      They will both be gone after the election though, if there is any justice in the world.

  4. Brigid 4

    In a real democracy all candidates would be invited to participate in the debate.
    Deciding that those worthy enough to be included are only those that are score highly in the polls, gives polling far too much credence.
    It declares that those of us want to hear the other contenders wont get to because polling statistics say we don’t want to.

    • Visubversa 4.1

      If you include all the nutjobs – people will just turn off. If you want to know their policies and platforms – Google is your friend.

    • Scott 4.2

      Yes, but the problem is that in our style of local body democracy anyone can stand, and they do. You get nutters of all sorts with no hope at all of winning (or even getting remotely close to it). If you lined them all up on stage you would forgo the chance to listen to those that do actually matter.

      In Auckland there are 18 mayoral candidates. 18. Let them speak for 10 minutes each and you’ve wasted three hours of your life. The the three serious contenders speak for an hour each and it may help you decide who to vote for.

    • Incognito 4.3

      Hi Brigid,

      I fully agree with your comment. I’ve posted a response on “Open Mike 11/09/2016”, which you can find here.

  5. adam 5

    I have to say one good thing about Phil Goff, at least he has got honest about his signage.

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