RNZ – Key on Iraq, the remix

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A few people have been asking to hear this again.

Your wish is our command.

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3 comments on “RNZ – Key on Iraq, the remix”

  1. Nick C 1

    How typical of the left, take a true if controversial comment out of context and put stupid music in the backround to fuel a personal attack (the same thing is happening on you-tube). How many times has Helen Clark used the term “post-war” Iraq? Here’s my wish, that the left would stop the personal rubbish and actually conduct debate rather then emotional rubbish.

  2. Nih 2

    Have you ever read the comments at kiwiblog? There will always be a horde of stupid, undeserving fuckwits raving about John Vulture Key and Aunty Hell.

    Works of this calibre however are good humour value, so unfreeze that little heart of yours.

  3. Sam Dixon 3

    Its not the particular form of words that someoe used at one point or antoher but what they meant by them, Nick C – John Key was denying that Iraq is of any importance when formulating a foreign policy, he claimed that the coalition are drawing down their troops because they have been victorious.. that’s a stupid position and evidence he has been ignorantly accepting the triumphalist line coming out of the US right wing following the Petraeus hearing in the Senate…

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