Romney humiliates self, white people everywhere

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s not the first aspiring leader to try and present himself as ‘down with the bros’, but this is truly cringeworthy.

Stephen Colbert asks the question everyone’s been wondering:

More Stephen Colbert over at Comedy Central.

19 comments on “Romney humiliates self, white people everywhere”

  1. Kimble 1

    Yeah, because Romney as the representative of all white people, has the ability to humiliate us all.

    Yet more racism from The Standard? I would have thought that you would learn from IrishBills mistake.

    How would this fly? A video of Barack Obama ballroom dancing under the title “Obama humiliates self, black people everywhere”?

    IrishBill says: Kimble if you continue to slur me you will be banned.

  2. Tane 2

    I think it’s called taking the piss Kimble. You know, humour? Na, I guess you don’t.

    Perhaps you should stop being so PC.

  3. Kimble 3

    Yeah, when a rightie makes a joke with racial overtones he is trying to bring back lynching. But when a leftie does it…

    You said it Bill, you cant unsay it.

    IrishBill says: Kimble I never said it was a joke. I had thought that Craig (probably the most high profile queer blogger in NZ) had come out in support of Clarkson (one of the most high profile homophobes in New Zealand) as far as I was concerned that was uncle tom behaviour. As I have said earlier when I was called on what I had said I re-read Craig’s comment and realised he was not supporting Clarkson so I acknowledged my mistake and removed the comment. I’ve made no attempt to disguise what I said. You however are sticking to your self-confessed aim of disrupting debate:

    I’m loath to ban you Kimble because you have meaningfully contributed to debate in the past but you are pushing your luck.

  4. AncientGeek 4

    It is pretty funny… Where do you get these clips.

  5. AncientGeek 5

    Talking about humour – I did like David Slack’s parody of a vast conspiracy theory starting from a trivial coincidence…

    What’s the frequency, Helen?

    Whats the bet that someone somewhere will think it is real…

  6. Tane 6

    I get quite a few from – they’ve got quite a lot of clips from US TV shows and a bit of commentary about religion (lots of Dawkins, Hitchens etc). is quite good also, but I find it a bit less user-friendly if you’re not deeply versed in US politics.

    And there’s always which has all the Colbert and Daily Show clips pretty quickly after they come out in the US.

  7. westmere 7

    Kimble, I hope you never watch the Daily Show, as the “racist” Jewish presenter is very fond of mocking politicians with stuff like this. It’s very funny.

  8. AncientGeek 8

    Just spent some time looking through those links. Some good material there after I reinstalled Quicktime.


  9. Michele Cabiling 10

    “”Romney humiliates self, white people everywhere” says it all really, doesn’t it?

    Kimble’s point is that your headline is indicative of the collectivist habits of mind that you leftards continually exhibit.

    “Romney humiliates self” is 100% accurate. The rest of it is codswallop.

    “Down with the bros” was Bill Clinton’s forte.

    Bubba took great pride in being known as “America’s first black president.” The title was earned due to Bubba’s inability to keep his cock in his pants — a trait displayed by a sizeable minority of black men in America — hence a black illegitimacy rate of 70%.

    A popular saying in the black community to describe this indiscriminate sexual behavior is: “the big coon walks at night.” This sums up Bubba to a T.

    The defining memory of Bubba’s presidency would have to be of the president walking around the Oval Office masturbating and performig oral and anal sex on a woman barely out of high school and young enough to be his daughter.

    What a loser!

  10. AncientGeek 11

    RS: That is brilliant.

    In fact it is so brilliant I’m not entirely sure if he is taking the piss or now. Did a google on the author, can’t find anything else.

    I did like their About Us page, especially the Team eXile section – I wonder what the Family Planning is about.

    Ummm looks like they are Radicals – which in a russian context I think means liberterian. The author may have meant every word he wrote.

    I think they are from the school of thought that Ayn Rand came from, that she exported to the States.

    I’m not really up to date on russian politics.

  11. AncientGeek 12

    Ahhh, an instant nostalgia link… Spotted a Radical Party in NZ (but it turned out it never formed). Tracked back on Wiki and found that someone has been listing most if not all of the parties that have stood or even not stood candidates.

    Political parties in New_Zealand

    “The National Front was first formed in 1968 out of the New Zealand branch of the League of Empire Loyalists”. Figures…

    “The New Zealand Conservative Party (originally known as Right of Centre)” … “The launch of the new party was carefully planned, and the Prime Minister, Jim Bolger, was well aware of it. Bolger appears to have supported Meurant’s departure, believing that Meurant’s continued presence in the National caucus would be more damaging than allowing him to leave peacefully.”

  12. Robinsod 13

    AG – I think you’ll find they are libertarian (and libertine!) leftists – you should read their piece about Reagan’s death.

  13. Robinsod 14

    You might also like this considering your ancientness:

  14. AncientGeek 15

    What about New Zealand Democratic Coalition. I must have missed that. What an interesting group of people, Mike Moore, Michael Laws, Ron Mark, Clayton Cosgrove, etc…

    It is almost a pity it never went anywhere – sounds like it’d have been quite entertaining if nothing else.

  15. AncientGeek 16

    Oh boy did they have to be so ‘graphic’.

    “All these pain-broadcasts have their bitter stories, most of them reminders of avoidable injuries. The knee — whose fault is that? Yours. Every time you walk more than fifty yards, that knee broadcasts the phrase “bone on bone.” The tissues that were installed at the factory have worn down like old shock absorbers that bang against the frame. Then there’s your heart, and the jaw thing, and your queasy gut. Your fault, your fault, and your fault, respectively.”

    They just described my left knee – these days it makes me wish I’d never played League.

  16. Phil 17

    Hey AG,

    There’s quite a bit in Michael Laws “The Demon Profession” about his attempts to put together a party with those guys and Winston, prior to NZF… actually makes for great reading if you get the chance

  17. AncientGeek 18

    I never read it. But I did notice it as the only source on the wikipedia article.

    Now added to my list of things to search for at the Hard To Find bookstore.

  18. RANDAL 19

    according to David Letterman mittttt romney looks like an american president in a canadian movie!

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