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Ross taunts Bridges about mental health system

Written By: - Date published: 8:19 am, February 10th, 2019 - 119 comments
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Jami-Lee Ross is not going to go quietly.

The self titled spokesperson on mental health issues responded to a tweet that Bridges’ account sent criticising the Governments setting up of different committees in an ongoing inquiry into mental health.

Ross’s subsequent comments to the Herald were even more brutal.

Ross told the Herald he wanted to use his voice as an MP to raise important issues, including mental health.

“Sometimes that will involve calling out hypocrisy,” Ross said.

“The Government Simon and I were part of let the [mental health] sector down and let the system reach crisis point. We now owe it to patients and mental health workers to work with the Government constructively.

“I’m happy to work with the Minister and other MPs on any issues in this area.”

Ross is right. The last National Government ran mental health into the ground and let it reach crisis point. Good on him for acknowledging this.

The Waka jumping bill must be looking more and more attractive to National …

119 comments on “Ross taunts Bridges about mental health system ”

  1. Ankerrawshark 1

    Yes National have 0 credibility criticizing the coalition on mental health and many other issues, especially housing. All the criticism building up around tywford and kiwi build needs to be responded to swiftly and harshly. “You (Nats) are largely responsible for the massive deterioration in housing from 2008 onwards”. I am very aware how much worse that housing got under national as from 2004 I let my house out in Auckland (shifted city and thought I would move back). I remember prior to 2008 it was reasonable in terms of tenants in terms of supply, although there was a period where my house was empty for three weeks and I had to drop the rent to get someone. My rent was the going market price back then and was reasonable.

    I could write more on National and the complete neglect of mental health on their watch. A key indicator was that mental health wasn’t made a dhb target, so just got neglected and was really run down.

    • James 1.1

      “All the criticism building up around tywford and kiwi build needs to be responded to swiftly and harshly”


      He’s responsible for KiwiBuild and it’s a complete fuckup.

      Labour’s flagship policy is a laughingstock. They had many years to plan for it. And now they aren’t delivering. At all. It’s laughable.

      He deserves everything he gets.

      • AB 1.1.1

        It’s pretty clear that James has never worked on any project/initiative more complex and challenging than barbecuing a steak. Or two.

      • Ankerrawshark 1.1.2

        It’s convenient for the likes of james to say it’s a complete fuck up. It is a 10 year programme. Come back after 9 years and let’s see if labour have made things better or worse………they haven’t met their targets, so what. What major construction project ever comes in on time.

        James do you want young people to be able to buy their own home? If the answer is no, you need to look inside yourself at your own selfishness. If the answer is yes, then then a suggest a better alternative to kiwi build. Oh wait that’s right the Nats did nothing for 9 years, yes that worked out well.

        • james

          “they haven’t met their targets, so what.”

          The fact that you cannot work that our speaks volumes.

          and its not that they just didnt meet them – they were soooooooo far away it was an international embarrasament.

      • Incognito 1.1.3

        National in Opposition is a laughingstock. They had many years to plan for it. And now they aren’t delivering. At all. It’s laughable.


    • Shadrach 1.2

      “All the criticism building up around tywford and kiwi build needs to be responded to swiftly and harshly.”
      Oh you have no concerns on that score. Kiwibuild is such a festering sore for this government that any criticism is quickly responded to, such is the level of political sensitivity.

  2. patricia bremner 2

    After Dowie returned, obviously supported by National at large, in spite of a Police inquiry into the infamous text, it is apparent there is an elephant hide and an ostrich attitude to mental health in that gnat Party.

    So for Simon Bridges to comment on the area shows complete gall.

    Micky, that picture of Simon with the bull would have been very appropriate, after all his accusation saying JLR leaked Simon’s expenses proved to be pure bull….

    JLR is right to question his credentials. Simon and Paula need a course in mental health.

  3. Ankerrawshark 3

    Jami lee Ross could be very helpful in reminding people of Nationals poor track record on a number of issues.

    What gall they have criticizing the coalition for trying to fix the mess they left. It’s like a flat mate who cooks up large, leave the kitchen with cooking stuff all offer the bench, the dinner table with plates, knifes and forks and half eaten food, wine glasses, bottles etc in the lounge etc, etc and then starts criticizing the other flat mate who had nothing to do with creating the mess for how they are cleaning up.

  4. Blazer 4

    National either don’t have the data,or the data/advice they did have was….wrong!

  5. Tiger Mountain 5

    Grandmother parented Jami Lee reminds in a way of Matt-“raised in an Orphanage”- McCarten, the against the odds persona, ability to persuade others etc.

    But of course Mr Ross chose to become a right winger with some highly dubious associates from the outset, that likely won’t change, but people can reflect on some important matters when forced to. As JLR was, by the National Party internal faction wars, Bridge’s witch hunt, his personal trail of carnage, and a brush with the mental health system.

    He may be a temporary ally in the battle for better mental health services, and on a trajectory out of Parliament, but should not necessarily be rejected by the left on that issue. When mental health gets right to the leader of the opposition’s office, with some public impact, it should be an opportunity, for at the very least a good kicking for Mr Bridges.

  6. JustMe 6

    Simon Bridges deems himself to be an expert on every matter when all in all he knows diddly-squat.

    Due to his actions(or rather lack of actions)of late in regards to the Dowie/Ross event I seriously do consider that Simon Bridges is totally unsuitable for ever be of Prime Minister material. He is too weak and gutless.

    Every time he opens his mouth and makes stupid comments and claims he makes a mockery of the NZ National Party.

    And so my advice to National is to please keep Simon Bridges as their Leader because they will never have a chance to be voted into government whilst he is at the helm.

  7. mosa 7

    Amazing it takes a former disgruntled National MP to finally be honest about the actions and record of the government that he played a major part in.
    And the right wing National party rag the Herald is running with the story.
    None of these National MPs can really speak with any sincerity or honesty when attacking everything this government is doing to fix it because their own record right across the board was dismal.
    Bridges comments on mental health just show that they are not capable in helping to solve a public health mess that they created and has caused so much damage.
    It just took a former MP to point that out.

  8. Observer Tokoroa 8

    The Filth of Trolls

    Of course National never did anything other than sell off assets.
    Never did anything but swamp NZ with immigrants
    Never Supported Youth

    Never put in infra structure that was obviously needed. Just let important Buildings mould away like national shit.

    But the Trolls don’t mind. For the one thing they do is dance and poor their slime on the Poor. they literally hate anything being done for the poor and the needy.

    Which is why the TRolls will go down in history as Vile beyond Vile. The scum of Aoteroa.

    • JustMe 8.1

      And totally agree with you too.

      It makes me think that the Trolls are probably in the NZ National Party pocket as no sane person would want to be within a mile of the current batch of NZ National Party MPs.

      That could well explain why National are constantly seeking donations so as to pay for their trolls.

      Their, the National MPs, holier than thou attitude reeks strongly of hypocrisy.

      • ankerawshark 8.1.1

        Trolls being organised on a flight observed by Tracey Martin…….Was that you James?

        • BM

          Tracy Martin is a dimwit, who lacks the mental horsepower to construct a decent

          Her story was so filled with holes and impossibilities it’s not funny.

          • ankerawsharkP

            Oh look here is BM coming on here again doing what he comes to do

          • Drowsy M. Kram

            Speaking of abusing others about their lack of ‘mental horsepower’:

            If brains were dynamite, BM couldn’t blow his nose.

            Not sure that such a comment is appropriate on a post about mental health issues, so I withdraw and apologise.

    • mary_a 8.2

      100% concur with you there Observer Tokoroa (8) .

  9. Gabby 9

    The mental image of Hootie Blowhard and Mock Horeskin being pursued by a baying mob brandishing pitchforks and torches is not unpleasing.

  10. Cinny 10

    Just heard on the wireless that today’s political panel on magic/radio live is going to be…

    jami-lee ross and Chris Trotter

    It’s on between 12 – 1pm… standby lolz

    Here’s a link to tune in online



    • Incognito 10.1

      How did it go?

      • BM 10.1.1

        Wanked on about what an ambassador for mental health he was, blah blah serve the people of Botany, the guy’s a deluded narcissistical wanker.

        Bridges should flush this turd with the waka jumping bill.

        • Incognito

          Thanks and I do enjoy your metaphorical prose; it’s the colourful characters such as yourself who prevent this site from becoming “a bit of a borefest”.

          • BM

            Thankyou Incognito.

            Would be good if the Standard did more posts around what this current left-wing government is doing.

            We’re almost over halfway through this government first term yet posts discussing policy, objectives, performance etc are as rare as rocking horse shit.

            For a supposedly independent left-wing site that surprises me somewhat.

            • Incognito

              You know, the door here is always open to anybody who would like to write a Guest Post. Just saying.

              Much better than saying what people should or shouldn’t write, which is a bannable offence here as Grantoc has just found out.

        • Psycho Milt

          Bridges should flush this turd with the waka jumping bill.

          How times change! Only a few months ago he was a credit to the team. Personally, I still believe he’s a good representative of the kind of people National has on its parliamentary team, but YMMV.

      • veutoviper 10.1.2

        Snap! Looked at link too late.., Seems it is only Live.

  11. Observer Tokoroa 11

    Yes Gabby

    Hooten is but a Mares Tail – a wisp whisping across a low sky. It does little damage and absolutely no good either. Uesless really. Sailors just lower sails .

    Hosking on the other hand is a Complete Piece of Herald Filth. His scribling is all over the place and the reader has to chase it down the footpath like a McDonalds bag.

    I read a bit of Hosking Trollism yesterday Gabby. I think he must have been scratching the asses of The Editor and Simon. Likes to lick sick Ass. It was about some nonsense of how Jacinda is useless.

    In fact, the ratbag Hosking was so off target that he accused Jacinda of creating a worldwide slow down in the economy. It was a complete Trolls bugger’s muddle.

    Oh yes, and he fired a bunch of below the belt shots at Twyford because Hosking has never been able to look a good man in the eye.

    What shits we have in the herald – and in our now dead Opposition

    • JustMe 11.1

      So agree here.

      I firmly believe that because Hosking and Hawkeby live in Matakana that they are probably immediate neighbours of John Key.

      And I often get the impression John Key has written the articles and Hosking and Hawkesby sign them off as their OWN writings.

      Hosking in particular in obviously in the National Party pocket. Perhaps he is a wannabe National Party MP and thinks writing articles in favour of National will win him brownie points.

      Hosking isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer as I think he is too volatile and unstable. But he thinks the sun shines out of the NZ National Party rectum.

      I don’t bother reading the NZ Herald nowadays as it’s so biased towards National. I think it needs a name change to the NZ National Party Paper.

  12. Shadrach 12

    I suspect this is going to play out in Bridges favour. JLR is increasingly being seen as the villain in all this, and his continued carping is going to be seen for what it is – sour grapes.

    • mickysavage 12.1

      Constant sniping and releasing of information is going to be to Bridges’s favour?? How???

      • JustMe 12.1.1

        Agree with you mickysavage. To Shadrach please do clarify further?

        Events of late will not do Simon Bridges any favours. Due to his actions in regards to Sarah Dowie i.e keeping her on as an MP; shows he is a weakling.

        He is totally unsuitable to ever be Prime Minister of New Zealand. No-one wants a weak and gutless Prime Minister and Bridges is a fine example of one who should never ever be PM.

        Whilst he remains Leader of National he every comment, statement and claim he makes sounds more and more stupid than all his other comments, statements and claims. Still we should compliment National on their choice of Leader because they are obviously not wanting to be in government ever again.

        • Shadrach

          Wow, if keeping on a female MP who had an affair with another MP is weak, then how do you rate a leader who tolerates the incompetence of MP’s such as Clare Curran, Phil Twyford, Kelvin Davis, to say nothing of what she gave away in the Coalition negotiations.

          Edit – not particularly a Bridges fan, but I have to say his dig at Peters (the only Maori leader of a major party comment) was brilliant. Maybe he’s growing into the role.

          • Psycho Milt

            It’s weak by National’s leaders’ own definition. Paula Bennett said she and Bridges dealt to Ross due to “inappropriate behaviour that is unacceptable from a married Member of Parliament.” And yet, apparently it was quite appropriate and acceptable for Dowie to engage in the same behaviour – weak, weak, weak.

            • Shadrach

              Have you considered that the ‘inappropriate behaviour’ extended beyond just the relationship with Dowie? There is plenty in the public domain to back up that it did.

              But worry not. The government have solved the issues around Mental Health in NZ by replacing the current working group with several more. https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/382083/mental-health-working-group-replacement-criticised

              • ankerawshark

                Shadrach, it isn’t weak of Simon to keep Sarah Dowie on because she had an affair with Jamie Lee Ross. It was the text she sent Ross, where she said very nasty things about his personal appearance, told him he deserved to die and doing so would put his wife and children out of their misery. She is being investigated for cyber crime because of this text. Even if no charges are pressed, this is no a fit person to represent our country.

                • Shadrach

                  That’s not what PM said, and I was responding to his comment. As for the text from Dowie, it was totally unprofessional, and she won’t last past the next election. But it pales into insignificance compared to the incompetence JA is accepting, and from Cabinet ministers.

                  • Ankerrawshark

                    Potentially Sarah dories text is a criminal offence.

                    Meka was stood down but no criminal charges pressed, Curren stood down.

                    Bridges treatment of Ross???? No proof Ross leaked, but that cut him loose. Ridiculous holding an enquiry into leak. Dow ie sends a text to someone that might meet criteria for insisting self harm, Barry accused of bullying and nothing. Come on shadrach admit you are on shaky ground

              • Have you considered that the ‘inappropriate behaviour’ extended beyond just the relationship with Dowie?

                Yeah, apparently he was nearly as unpleasant a boss as, er, well, gosh now… oh yes! Maggie Barry! Weak, weak, weak.

                Although, on the subject of the other allegations against him, it seems at least one of them was uncovered via private text messages that a Nat staff member handed over to Bridges and Bennett under duress. (Funny how Paula Bennett and breaches of privacy seem to go together.) So they’re not so weak when dealing with people they have power over, but that isn’t exactly a recommendation either.

                • Shadrach

                  ‘Yeah, apparently he was nearly as unpleasant a boss as, er, well, gosh now… oh yes! Maggie Barry! Weak, weak, weak.”

                  Or, Meka Whaiteri?

                  • Also an unpleasant boss, by all accounts. Good job Labour’s leadership haven’t made a rod for their own backs by wittering on about “inappropriate behaviour unacceptable from a married MP,” I guess.

                    • Shadrach

                      And the sexual assault allegations at the young labour camp? Mmmm.

                    • Are being dealt with by the courts. Relevance to the subject under discussion is…?

                    • Shadrach

                      Labour took ages to do anything about it. And then pretended no-one knew. Or they were ‘asleep’.

                    • So, if I understand the implied argument correctly, Bridges and Bennett aren’t weak because Labour handled a sexual assault at one of its camps in a way that you personally found unsatisfactory.

                      Either I’ve misunderstood your implied argument, or it’s a non sequitur. Hmm… or you just thought up something you consider bad about Labour that you could respond with, which isn’t any kind of argument, implied or otherwise. I wonder which it was?

                    • Shadrach

                      Oh it’s not just that I personally found it unsatisfactory. I would have thought most right thinking people would find the lack of appropriate oversight and the appallingly weak response unsatisfactory.

                  • Ankerrawshark

                    Yes but ardern demoted Meka. Barry was given no consequence. I think you are getting you sides muddled up

              • ankerawshark

                Shadrach, that is one person criticizing it. Means nothing.

          • mary_a

            “Wow, if keeping on a female MP who had an affair with another MP is weak ….. ”

            Come come Shadrach (, you know that’s not the case at all.

            Dowie’s text to Ross contained language which might well have breached the HDCA, when she stated, “You deserve to die.” That’s what the issue is about. Not affairs, which are a dime a dozen this day and age.

            Personally I think Bridges should have stood Dowie aside until the police investigation concluded. That would have proven his leadership credibility. Instead he seems to have skirted around that potentially damaging text, seemingly ignoring it’s harmful contents! A case of “move along now, nothing to see here!”

            That’s weak!

            • Shadrach

              The comment I was responding to was https://thestandard.org.nz/ross-taunts-bridges-about-mental-health-system/#comment-1581386. As of right now Dowie you have no idea whether Dowie has broken the law or not.

              ‘Personally I think Bridges should have stood Dowie aside until the police investigation concluded. ”
              Stood her aside from what? Being MP for Invercargill?

              • Muttonbird

                He should have bumped her down the list to let her know such an incitement to suicide isn’t acceptable from anyone let alone a tax-payer funded MP.

                That he didn’t shows Bridges cares little for those struggling with mental health issues, and shows he supports her text message to Ross.

                A shameful farce.

                • Shadrach

                  Can he actually do that? Isn’t the list chosen by the Party? Maybe that is exactly what will happen.

                  • Muttonbird

                    Until Dowie is reprimanded for her behaviour then Bridges and the National Party is seen by the public to be supporting it.

                    • Shadrach

                      What behaviour? Having an affair? Sending a nasty text? Geez you’d have few MP’s left from any party.

                      And reprimanded how? Mary wants her stood down from something she doesn’t have. You want her taken down the list but don’t even know whether that is even possible.

                      Get over your moral indignation.

                    • Muttonbird

                      Go ahead and list all the texts from other MPs calling for someone to top themself.

                    • Incognito

                      So much nonsense has been written about the sexual escapades of two or more National MPs. It’s not really a moral issue and who are we to judge? It’s not a criminal issue for us to judge either. The main issue, which nobody seems to acknowledge as far as I can tell, is that two or more National MPs were utterly and mutually compromised through their actions. For the same reason as bribery and corruption are bannable offences for MPs being seriously compromised prohibits MPs from being neutral and independent – for argument’s sake I ignore that all MPs are subject to party rules & regulations of which I’d question the legitimacy. If MPs are compromised then Parliament and the parliamentary and democratic process are compromised by extension. Thus, both MPs must go, no question about it. The fact that they think, believe or claim to do some good, for the people, for their electorate, for whatever cause, or for their party is irrelevant. No MP can claim a natural right to be an MP as there’s no such provision for this kind of entitlement here in NZ. There are plenty of other capable people who are equally eligible and equally capable of replacing compromised MPs. They failed in their duty as MP and democratic representatives, it’s that simple. Replace them!

                      Apologies to Micky, please move to OM if this comment derails your OP.

                    • Shadrach

                      “Go ahead and list all the texts from other MPs calling for someone to top themself.”
                      Go ahead and post the contents of the text where Dowie did that.

              • mary_a

                Because Dowie’s text was threatening and quite hostile. Not really the standard of representation we expect from our Parliamentarians.

                For that reason, she should be stood down until police have completed their investigation as to whether she has or has not broken the law.

                • Shadrach

                  “Because Dowie’s text was threatening and quite hostile.”
                  Dowie was a woman scorned. She was stupid to put those emptions into words, but regrettably being stupid does not disqualify a person from being an MP. Just look at Clare Curran.

                  “…she should be stood down…”
                  Stood down from what? The only function she has is as MP for Invercargill.

      • Shadrach 12.1.2

        Since when? The Nat’s stopped that months ago afik. Their current tactic is ignoring him.

        Edit – just checked the NZH website. Their lead article on this, posted yesterday, is no-where to be seen. Gone. That shows just how many clicks this is worth. No-one seems to care about JLR anymore.

        • mickysavage

          In your dreams.

          Ross was in the middle of so much of National’s dirty politics. He knows where the bodies are buried. This steady drip drip drip of information and criticism is not going to stop.

          I hear there is a second parliamentary career that may be in trouble.

        • ankerawshark

          Well interestingly Shadrach its 2.10pm and I just checked the Heralds website, not looking for the article and there it is right under a major story about a fire man in Nelson. Front page news……….so there you go

          • Shadrach

            I call bs on that. Not a single listing just now. The top political story is this https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12201868 .

            It seems a non-story about the PM’s inability to recite the ToW is bigger than JLR.

            • veutoviper


              It is now 4.19pm and a link to the “JLR taunts Simon Bridges over mental health” article is immediately below the first article on the Herald Politics headline page entitled “Fireman fighting Nelson blaze faces unfair deportation” along with another link to “Winston Peters pushes strongly against the deportation of NZers”.


              • Shadrach

                That’s likely to reflect YOUR search activity. (I won’t judge you!) Clear your cache. There is one new political article – featuring a Labour MP – Tamati Coffey is having a baby. Nothing about JLR. Not a sausage.

                • Anne

                  So, the Nat troll links to HDPA’s article.

                  I’ll bet you a thousand bucks HDPA did not know the names of the WoT articles before the question was tossed at JA. I’ll bet the reporter who tossed the question didn’t know until the ‘set-up’ was arranged. I didn’t know, and I bet Shadrach didn’t know either.

                  • alwyn

                    “the names of the WoT articles”.
                    Well I can’t think wot they are.
                    Wot on earth are you talking about?
                    Sorry. I just couldn’t resist it.

                    • Anne

                      OK. Bit of transposing there. Don’t blame me it’s the heat. Does something to the brain. 😳

                      OK I know I’m asking for it.

                  • Shadrach

                    I am not a ‘Nat troll’ and I have posted comments in support of the PM in that issue. If only you had taken the time to read my post.

                • Incognito

                  It still features prominently, in the Politics section; no search required.

                  • mickysavage

                    This may be an interesting topic where the Herald website dishes up news to us depending on who we are.

                    Fascinating …

                  • Shadrach

                    Oh the Politics section now. So I was right. It’s gone from the main thread.

                    • Incognito

                      Yes, you were right; it’s completely gone, vaporised, disappeared into thin air, into oblivion, lost forever to humankind, without a trace. MIB will pay you a visit any moment to erase your memory of it. Why am I even writing this? I lost my train of thought …

            • Ankerrawshark

              Are you accusing me of lying shadrach?

              • mickysavage

                Maybe the Herald is dishing up to us what we are likely to agree with?

                • Muttonbird

                  Perhaps a Herald reporter could shed some light on this practice? 😂

                • Graeme

                  How to sell soap, confirm to the audience’s prejudices. What you see in the Herald will conform to your browser history.

                  People who visit Left leaning sites will see left leaning articles, those who dwell in Kiwiblog or Fox won’t.

                  One of the pleasures of modern advertising funded online media. Although in the bad old days of partisan print media it was the same, lefties didn’t buy the rightwing rags and vice-versa.

    • Incognito 12.2

      The problems with mental health in this country and the mental health system are at risk of becoming secondary to the internal problems of the National Party. Problems entirely of their own making, may I add. For this reason alone, I’m grateful that the collation parties (largely) stay out of this stoush between two former friends and brothers in arms. I don’t think JLR needs to remind us of National hypocrisy as it is already a widely known and accepted fact.

    • patricia bremner 12.3

      People have not forgotten the $100 000 nor what it could buy National, and how it was recorded/not recorded.
      JLR is calling them out when they are clearly hypocritical.
      Now those Police inquiries involving Dowie’s alleged text and the handling of a large donation.?

  13. Incognito 13

    It’s the Waka jumping bill, Micky.

    [I swear that is what I typed! Now fixed – MS]

  14. Fireblade 14

    Jami-Lee Ross’s colleagues ridiculed him and orchestrated a pubic campaign of character assasination, even though they knew of his fragile mental state. National could have told the media that it was not appropriate to comment at this time, but instead they used thier attack dogs. The National Party are very lucky that a life wasn’t lost.

    It will be very interesting to see what happens now. If Simon panics and uses Winston’s waka jumping bill, Simon would be seen as a liar and a hypocrite. Winston would piss himself with laughter and the media would humiliate Simon and his party.

    National spent hours debating and opposing the bill, if they then decide to use it, it would prove that they can’t be trusted to support sensible policy.

    JLR is a product of the National Party machine and as such, he knows how to play dirty. If Simon invokes the waka jumping bill, JLR will be looking for revenge. All hell would break loose.

    If there are dirty National Party secrets and skulduggery, JLR would expose it. Because of Paula’s big mouth and poor judgement, the inappropriate behavior of married MPs would be fair game.

    It’s possible JLR could decide to play nice and just try to be an effective independent MP for Botany, but all it would take is a snide remark from the B team and it’s showtime.

    Whatever happens, Simon will put his fingers in his ears, think happy thoughts and hope it all goes away.

  15. Graeme 15

    “Because of Paula’s big mouth and poor judgement, the inappropriate behavior of married MPs would be fair game.”

    Why, oh why did Paula hit the nuclear button. She would have known that it unleash mutually assured destruction on all concerned. But if that was the best / only option for kicking the can down the road, she must have had a reason.

    *Supposed to be reply to Fireblade above (14)

    • patricia bremner 15.1

      Distracting from the Donation? That is a huge can of worms, affecting democracy.

      • Graeme 15.1.1

        The donation is probably the cute, jucy little morsel on the lid of that can, the contents could have teeth of worse, considering Paula’s response to what was a consensual relationship in the 21st century.

  16. ankerawshark 16

    Grantoc, Labour promised an enquiry into mental health. Many were calling out for that. They also made sure it had a tight time frame on it. Things are progresses from there. Already as someone who works in the area, I am aware of changes afoot at Primary Health care level and if anything its going too fast, but it certainly moving in the right direction. I know, I work in this area.

    Kiwibuild has not failed. It has not meet its targets. Show me one major building project that meets its timeline. Honestly, If you can give me some examples of that your point may have some validity. As I keep saying, remember the Sydney Opera House? Hold ups and budget blow outs are no indication that a project want be successful. And actually my understandig is Kiwibuild is cost neutral. The houses sold in Wanaka will go to people who need housing thus increasing supply and likely add some money to the govt coffers. The slating of Kiwibuild is purely political.

    National allowed the housing situation to grow into the shit place it was in when the govt took power in 2017. You trolls have a bloody cheek opening your mouth about Twyford, Labour and Kiwibuild. Reflect on your own parties track record. Its a disgrace.

    • Shadrach 16.1

      “Labour promised an enquiry into mental health. ”
      Actually they’ve replaced the original work group with a whole bunch more. https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/382083/mental-health-working-group-replacement-criticised. The can just got kicked down the road.

      “Kiwibuild has not failed. It has not meet its targets. ”
      Kiwibuild is a monumental failure. It isn’t only that it has failed to meet ANY of it’s targets to date, but the PM has kicked ALL of the targets down the road 10 years. They won’t even commit to 3,5 or 7 year targets. It’s incompetence writ large.

  17. Ian 17

    I very much doubt Jamie L Ross has fully recovered from his mental illness. You may absolutely hate the National party and Simon Bridges but to use JLR as a weapon against your foes is pretty low.How about a bit of kindness and good old huggy time .

    • McFlock 17.1

      I ain’t hugging Soimon, and he’s the one who needs it.

      But I might actually buy his memoirs when he retires. Shouldn’t have to wait too long. And then we might find out some coherent reason for all this crap to result from one inconsequential leak about transport expenses.

      • peterlepaysan 17.1.1

        Thank you. Love it. Bridges biggest mistake was making a meaningless leak important enough to spend tax payers money on an entirely unnecassary inquiry.

        Egotism is the curse of the ruling class.

      • Incognito 17.1.2

        Either David Slack or Steve Braunias or maybe both would make excellent biographers!

        Simon Bridges: A Portrait of an Opposition Leader.

    • Shadrach 17.2

      Who is using JLR as a weapon? JLR is making his own decisions. Sure he’s getting advice by some other people who are bitter at the National Party, but that’s politics.

  18. Muttonbird 18

    Clearly Jami Lee Ross is a changed man after what he did and what he went through.

    Talking about his experience, coming clean personally and coming clean on the corrupt practices which the National Party uses is a great service to himself, and his family, and to New Zealand.

    He’s had an epiphany. His focus now lies in recanting from the behaviour he once practised, and exposing the behaviour which the National Party continues to practice. This happens all the time to people who want to improve themselves. It’s called self improvement.

    If only Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett managed to have a similar experience…

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    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has officially opened New Zealand Wine Centre–Te Pokapū Wāina o Aotearoa in Blenheim today, saying that investments like these give us cause for optimism for the future. Funding of $3.79 million for the Marlborough Research Centre to build a national wine centre was announced in 2020, ...
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  • Appointment of Judges of the Court Martial Appeal Court
    Attorney-General David Parker today announced the appointment of Colonel Craig Ruane, Commander Robyn Loversidge, and James Wilding KC as Judges of the Court Martial Appeal Court. The Court Martial Appeal Court is a senior court of record established under the Court Martial Appeals Act 1953. It is summoned by the ...
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  • Government strengthens measures to combat migrant worker exploitation
    Offence and penalty regime significantly strengthened New infringement offences for non-compliance Public register of individuals and businesses that are found guilty of migrant exploitation New community-led pilot to educate migrants workers and employers of employment rights Implemented reporting tools successfully brings exploitation out of the shadows Take-up of protective visa ...
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    3500 census workers on the ground, twice as many as last census More forms to be delivered – 44% compared to 3% in 2018 Prioritisation of Māori and other groups and regions with lower response rates in 2018 Major work to ensure the delivery of a successful census in 2023 ...
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    Improved working conditions for workers in the screen industry is now a reality with the Screen Industry Workers Bill passing its third reading today, announced Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Wood. “It’s fantastic to see the Screen Industry Workers Bill progress through Parliament. The new Act will strengthen protections ...
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  • Mental health resources for young people and schools launched
    Associate Minister of Education (School Operations) Jan Tinetti and Associate Minister of Education (Māori Education) Kelvin Davis have today launched two new resources to support wellbeing, and the teaching and learning of mental health education in schools and kura. “Students who are happy and healthy learn better. These resources ...
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  • Progress continues on future-proofing Auckland’s transport infrastructure
    Transport Minister Michael Wood has welcomed the latest progress on Auckland’s two most transformational transport projects in a generation – Auckland Light Rail and the Additional Waitematā Harbour Connections. Auckland Light Rail and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency have named preferred bidders to move each project to their next phase, ...
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  • Government supports local innovation in homelessness prevention
    Ten successful applicants in round two of the Local Innovation and Partnership Fund (LIPF) Close to $6 million allocated as part of the Homelessness Action Plan (HAP) Māori, Pasefika and rangatahi a strong focus Round three opening later this year with up to $6.8 million available. Government is stepping up ...
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  • More medicines for New Zealanders, thanks to Govt’s Budget boost
    Health Minister Andrew Little is welcoming news that two more important medicines are set to be funded, thanks to the Government’s big boost to the country’s medicines budget. “Since coming into Government in 2017, the Labour Government has increased Pharmac’s funding by 43 per cent, including a $71 million boost ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government delivers ACC change to support 28,000 parents
    The Maternal Birth Injury and Other Matters Bill passes Third Reading – the first amendment to ACC legislation of its kind From 1 October 2022, new ACC cover to benefit approximately 28,000 birthing parents Additional maternal birth injuries added alongside new review provision to ensure cover remains comprehensive Greater clarity ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Further cuts for East Coast tarakihi limits to rebuild numbers faster
    Commercial catch limits for East Coast tarakihi will be reduced further to help the stock rebuild faster. “Tarakihi is a popular fish, and this has led to declining levels over time. Many adjustments have been made and the stock is recovering. I have decided on further commercial catch reductions of ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • New Ambassador to Colombia announced
    Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta today announced the appointment of diplomat Nicci Stilwell as the next Ambassador to Colombia. “Aotearoa New Zealand’s relationship with Colombia is fast growing with strong links across education, climate change and indigenous co-operation,” Nanaia Mahuta said.  “Trade is a key part of our relationship with Colombia, ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • 3000 more RSE workers to ease workforce pressures
    The Government continues to respond to global workforce shortages by announcing the largest increase in over a decade to the Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme (RSE), providing 3000 additional places, Immigration Minister Michael Wood and Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor have announced. The new RSE cap will allow access to 19,000 workers ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Sanctions on more of the Russian political elite
    Further sanctions are being imposed on members of President Putin’s inner circle and other representatives of the Russian political elite, as part of the Governments ongoing response to the war in Ukraine, says Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta. “Ukraine has been clear that the most important action we can take to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • New Principal Youth Court Judge appointed
    Judge Ida Malosi, District Court Judge of Wellington, has been appointed as the new Principal Youth Court Judge, Attorney-General David Parker announced today. Born and raised in Southland, Judge Malosi graduated from Victoria University of Wellington and spent her legal career in South Auckland.  She was a founding partner of ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Visitor arrivals highest since pandemic began
    Overseas visitor arrivals exceeded 100,000 in July, for the first time since the borders closed in March 2020 Strong ski season lifts arrivals to Queenstown to at least 90% of the same period in 2019 Australia holiday recovery has continued to trend upwards New Zealand’s tourism recovery is on its ...
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    1 week ago
  • Language provides hope for Tuvalu
    Climate change continues to present a major risk for the island nation of Tuvalu, which means sustaining te gana Tuvalu, both on home soil and in New Zealand Aotearoa, has never been more important, Minister for Pacific Peoples Aupito William Sio said. The Tuvalu Auckland Community Trust and wider Tuvalu ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Minister Sio to attend Asian Development Bank meeting in Manila
    Associate Foreign Affairs Minister Aupito William Sio travels to the Philippines this weekend to represent Aotearoa New Zealand at the 55th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Board of Governors in Manila. “The ADB Annual Meeting provides an opportunity to engage with other ADB member countries, including those ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • United Nations General Assembly National Statement
    E ngā Mana, e ngā Reo, Rau Rangatira mā kua huihui mai nei i tēnei Whare Nui o te Ao Ngā mihi maioha ki a koutou katoa, mai i tōku Whenua o Aotearoa Tuia ki runga, Tuia ki raro, ka Rongo to pō ka rongo te ao Nō reira, tēnā ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago
  • New strategy unifies all-of-Government approach to help Pacific languages thrive
    A united approach across all-of-Government underpins the new Pacific Language Strategy, announced by the Minister for Pacific Peoples Aupito William Sio at Parliament today. “The cornerstone of our Pacific cultures, identities and place in Aotearoa, New Zealand are our Pacific languages. They are at the heart of our wellbeing,” Aupito ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 weeks ago