Russell Brand’s New Year’s Revolutions!

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I’m rather fond of Russell Brand. Yes, he can be a bit precious and he overuses the word snide, but mostly he’s a good bloke.

This video, released a few minutes ago, is about New Year’s resolutions and how to turn them into personal revolutions.

It’s short, funny and contains some practical advice.

  • Do you really want to change?
  • What does that change look like?
  • Are there people who will help you achieve the change you want?

There’s more, but I’ll leave that for Russell to explain …

35 comments on “Russell Brand’s New Year’s Revolutions!”

  1. Chris T 1

    He is a preachy, slogan yelling, hypocritical twat

    • Nik 1.1

      If you can set aside such empty gleeful ad-hominem character assassination, you might notice a thoughtful soul genuinely advocating humanity and compassion as a more sustainable means of humans interrelating than the current preferred model.

      • Chris T 1.1.1

        He is a hypocrite who doesn’t practice what he preaches.

        Check out his clothing range controversy.

        He is a multi-millionaire, mansion and trendy cafe owning, businessman, whose business is based in a tax haven.

        His last name suits him as that is all he is.

        It would be humorous if so many people didn’t fall for his crap.

        [As far as I can tell, little of what Chris T is claiming is true, relevant or hypocritical. Yes, Brand is a multi-millionaire – that’s fairly common among best selling authors and entertainers. The clothing company ‘controversy’ was that some of the clothes in his line were made by sweat shop labour. On learning of this, Brand immediately dropped that manufacturer and went with a more ethical source. He may still own the mansion in LA he purchased when making movies there, but lately he’s been renting in London. He is currently resident “in the country” (ie somewhere outside London). He does not own a cafe, but he did donate one he used to own to a drug rehab charity. The cafe, when he did own it, was non-profit and set up to help recovering addicts by giving them meaningful work. As far as I can tell, his businesses (he has 3) are all registered in London, which doesn’t really qualify as a tax haven. TRP]

        • joe90

          He is a hypocrite who doesn’t practice what he preaches

          So the wealthy can’t be trusted to practice what the they preach. Righto.

          • Tricledrown

            The wealthy can’t be trusted social status anxiety is real but have listen to the traveling wilburys.

  2. francesca 2

    Ever considered submitting your work to Hello magazine?

    • Thank you for the endorsement of my journalistic chops, fransesca. That’s most unexpected and high praise indeed! Sadly, though, Hello turned me down. Not provocative enough, apparently. And far too nice. I might be reduced to writing about polo matches for Daisycutter Sports if I don’t harden up.

      Now, remind me again, what was it you liked about Russell’s video?

      • francesca 2.1.1

        Pretty much nothing until the last 3 seconds when I knew it was about to end
        A pity, because I enjoy some of Brands stuff. That little piece of fluff just isn’t one of them
        Why do you keep spelling my name wrongly?

        • te reo putake

          Beats me, francesca. I’ve checked previous comments and I’ve spelt it wrong twice and spelt it correctly twice. I suppose it could be argued that you spell it wrong every time by not capitalising the F. However, I’ll do my best to get it correct in future, using your preferred spelling.

          • McFlock

            I suspect you’re spelling it phonetically – I forget the actual linguistic term for it, but the soft “c” in many anglo/french pronunciations is often “s”, while in Italian it’s often “ch” (and in Germanic languages it can just go hard, giggle).

            So we have “see-zar”, Italians have “che-za-ray”, and the Germans have “kai-zer”.

            tldr: might be easier to think of the particular handle as “fran-chess-ka” rather than “fran-sess-ca”

            • te reo putake

              Good point, McFlock, I think you’re on to something there. I’ve also been following the looming transfer of footballer Cesc Fabregas (pronounced ‘sesk’) from Chelsea FC to Monaco and that may have lodged somewhere in the bit of the brain that controls language.

      • Morrissey 2.1.2

        We need to send someone to Clevedon soon, Te Reo. We’ll keep you in mind.

  3. My 13 year old son used to quote Russell Brand a bit, but he’s 20 years old now, so thank god that phase has passed.

  4. infused 4

    He’s a fucking idiot.

  5. Stunned Mullet 5

    John Lydon eloquently sums him up.

    • Morrissey 5.1

      Sex Pistols front man. Jesus, Mullet, you’re pathetic.

      (I’ve read Lydon’s book, and, no, he’s NOT smarter than he looks.)

  6. Naki man 7

    He is a sleazeball who makes pussy grabbing Trump look like a saint.

    • Unlike Trump, Brand has fessed up to his misdemeanors. Unlike most of us, Brand has publicly acknowledged his many, many failings, most of which were in his teens and twenties, over two decades ago.

      He’s been sober for 17 years, has enjoyed a stable relationship for the last few years and, according to the linked video, his major issue at the moment is over reliance on self pleasuring.

      So, a wanker. But at least one who’s honest about it.

    • Tricledrown 7.2

      Good summing up from John lydon.

  7. JohnSelway 8

    How I loathe Brand….

  8. SHG 9

    Anyone who tells young people to not vote needs a punch in the cock.

  9. Ed 10

    Russell Brand is a thoughtful, self-aware and reflective human being.
    We could all learn from him.,

  10. Lucy 11

    When he apologises to Andrew Sachs and does something meaningful about it I might listen to what he says. I think what Lyndon said makes sense – which is rare for him as he normally has his foot in his mouth.

  11. gsays 12

    What an interesting post.
    Less about the content of the video, more about that TRP and Ed have found common ground in a political critter.

    Also in the above link where Brand belatedly apologises for the ‘prank’, there is a link to an article about the US being behind 9/11.

    • Ed 12.1

      I’m with Brand on 9/11.
      If the ‘Dark Overlord’ hackers reveals their sources, we’ll find out more of the truth about the conspiracy.

  12. Brutus Iscariot 13

    Get him to the Greek.

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