Sabotaged truck under labour

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Earlier this week a reader drew our attention to Michael Hansen, a candidate in the recent local elections who drew 423 votes in Christchurch’s Spreydon/Heathcote community board on the Sabotaged truck under labour ticket.

Intrigued, I did a bit of digging, and it just gets better. It turns out Hansen also stood for city council, the local DHB and even Mayor of Christchurch, and his election blurbs didn’t disappoint:


mh cdhb


community board

This wasn’t Hansen’s first foray into politics either. In 1979 he challenged the Christchurch Central by-election for Economic Euthenics (10 votes), and in 2004 stood for council on the Haughty Naughty Nudist ticket.

It’s almost enough to make you want to move to Christchurch.

26 comments on “Sabotaged truck under labour”

  1. deemac 1

    seriously though, there do seem to be a lot of people out there who are not getting the mental health support services they need

  2. Quite a good pisstake really.

    Although he slipped up a bit on the last one – almost sounds reasonable.

    At least it makes a change from the usual bland blather in the candidate blurbs.

  3. Ari 3

    That reminds me, are the McGillicudy Serious party still around?

  4. At the risk of link whoring, Canterbury’s next most ‘fringe’ local body candidate has just given up on the 2008 election.

    [lprent: informative link. Wouldn’t descibe as whoring. How on earth doi you manage in 100 words?]

  5. will 5

    More seriously, making fun of the mentally ill isn’t nice.

  6. randal 6

    it’s his own truth dude…if he wants to mix it then its open slather….p.s. I can feel one of those rays right now but I think its a national party one

  7. James Kearney 7

    This is hilarious. I doubt the guy is seriously mentally ill though – probably a well known local kook. Shows our democracy is open to all I guess.

  8. r0b 8

    I surely hope that Mr Hansen is indulging in cunning satire.

    Anyway – what’s with you all tonight? I think it’s the busiest I’ve ever seen The Standard on a Friday night. I can’t keep up any more…

    (oh no – the captcha – men raging)

  9. Santi 9

    It looks to me as a good fit for a Green Party candidate. I mean, another lunatic.

  10. for the record Michael Hansen stands regularly at every local body election – or at least I do recall him being on most tickets from 1998 onwards. I can’t recall if he ran for mayor last time but I do know he did take a tilt in 2001 and 2004.

  11. Chemist Peter 11

    Any comment on Air NZs low wages for Chinese staff. Even John Key can only dreamn of 75% pay cuts, but Labour makes it reality.

  12. r0b 12

    Labour doesn’t employ these people CP, Air NZ does. The government owns most of Air NZ, but it doesn’t run it, the Board and the Executive does that:

    Go look up the distinction between governance and management.

    So, while I agree that it’s not a good look for Air NZ, it’s nothing to do with Labour.

  13. Chemist Peter 13

    ROB – perception is everything in politics.

  14. Tane 14

    Yeah, we’ll probably do something on Air NZ, but I for one can’t be arsed right now. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Wellington and I have beer to drink.

    Interesting to see increasing number of National supporters saying it’s perception rather than facts that matter – that’s been National’s MO for the last few years.

  15. burt 15


    That reminds me, are the McGillicudy Serious party still around?

    No, once Labour started on the path toward ‘The great leap backward ©” – they gave up politics.

  16. burt 16


    Go look up the distinction between governance and management.

    I’ve studied the HB-DHB and I’m struggling to see where the distinction is, should be, would like to be or could be if it had the chance and endless powers of suppression of information.

  17. burt 17

    I expect the authors of the standard to protest against Air NZ just as they did against Bunnings. The similarities are striking except this time it’s a govt owned company paying lower wages in one economy than in another.

  18. Policy Parrot 18

    Chemist Peter –

    Yup. Awesome effort dude. Why not blame this a government that has raised the minimum wage every year it has been in office, and attempt to put in a government whose leader “would like see to wages fall”.

  19. burt 19

    Policy Parrot

    Good parrot job on the “would like to see wages fall” line. Keep running that line, it’s getting tiring but it’s your right to remind us.

    However this is one of the rare and precious threads on the standard that isn’t about “would like to see wages drop”. I don’t even post about retrospective validation on every thread, and that actually happened.

    How about that govt eh, lifting the wages for employees in their own back yard while paying less overseas, just like Bunnings did.

    So hang on lets sort this out. If the govt has by far the major shareholding in the company then it has complete control of the company. Apparently a 40% share block was enough to give control of the Auckland Airport. So who’s to blame? If it were foreigners it would be them, when it’s govt it’s … somebody else…. Doooh.

  20. lprent 20

    burt – perhaps you’d care to look at the post list on the top right. Just now I see 16 posts, only two have anything to do with Key and his “tongue slips”. It might be in the comments, but I’d say you’re pretty inaccurate about “However this is one of the rare and precious threads on the standard that isn’t about “would like to see wages drop’.”

  21. burt 21


    Yes statistics, truncated graphs and the like. Great things – love them myself. How’s ya day ?

  22. lprent 22

    Cleaning all of the old stuff from the apartment. It appears that I have 10 computers here (5 of them just seemed to have bred somewhere in the dark spaces), a stack of hard drives that I don’t know what is on them, and I don’t know how many 5.35″ and 3.5″ floppies I just dumped.

    The prize find was a 1987 proprinter that I’d stashed in case I ever needed a tractor feed printer.

    I’ll check most of these and then dump them.

    Looks like the book collection has been increasing as well. Had to double the bookshelf space.

    Now I’m contemplating how long it will take a beer to go cold in the freezer.

  23. Santi 23

    lprent, you are not consequent with your “green/socialist” principles. You should dispose of your old computers immediately in a sensible fashion or even better donate them to a poor school in Sudan or South Auckland.

    Has the modern society got the better of you? How could you own five computers without knowing it? It reeks of capitalist consumerism and it’s unacceptable behaviour for a man like yourself.

  24. lprent 24

    That is an interesting set of assumptions – Santi. Quite incorrect, and while it was probably tongue-in-cheek, I think I’ll just correct with more cheek.

    Personally I think of myself as centre-right. People in the centre of the NZLP tend to think of me as being right wing in a lot of traits. What else would you expect from someone who did an MBA, served time in the army voluntarily, and has consistently been in the top five percent of earners pretty much since I started working. But the NZLP is a pretty broad church, they like diversity.

    Of course most of the rabid right tend (including a lot of my friends – for the above reasons) to think of me as crazy left. I say that there are things that the state does significantly more efficently than private enterprise. They are often aghast at my use of my skills for no remuneration when I feel that the cause is worthwhile.

    BTW: The computers come from upgrading computers for other people. Typically helping copy their data and setup to a newer systems. Not everyone wants to completely restart a new system every couple of years. I seem to wind up with the old ones to find a new home for. I usually give them away if they are acceptable, usually to students (helps keep their student debt down), but sometimes to non-profit groups.

    I’m a messy bugger, except of course inside my file systems. If hardware gets trapped in the mess – then they can hang around for a while. I don’t notice them if I don’t trip over them.

    Now looking at my assumptions about you… Personally I’d suggest you look at your rather rigid thinking patterns. I’ve noticed when scanning comments that you get wound up when people don’t fit your preconceptions. People tend to be a complex morass of motivations and traits. I find it easier to accept them as they are – it is more fun.

    Hope that makes your day….

  25. randal 25

    quick…straw poll on those who identify with mark and would vote for him or who are just here to show off? If you are under the influence of a deth ray ‘sic’ or earn less than $2,00999 per anuum or more than $2k then you can’t vote….ok?

  26. Phil 26

    “… and a likely rape – I had to intervene with an axe, but he got his own way in the end.”

    What… The… Fuck… ?!

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