Saving Peppa’s bacon

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Could the Australian budget sink any lower? – the answer is yes, apparently, with the shock news that the ABC may cut Peppa Pig due to budget restrictions. This awful news appeared in answer to a question in the Australian Senate from Labor Senator Louise Pratt. The outcry was such that Malcolm Turnbull had to declare that Peppa Pig is safe.

I know one three-year-old who would be devastated if Peppa Pig, castigated as a left-wing feminist by Australian right-wingers, was to disappear from the airwaves.

Her parents and grandparents would feel the same.



5 comments on “Saving Peppa’s bacon”

  1. tc 1

    Murdoch wants that pesky free news and other content services gone for his paywall options, all part of the deal for backing tony and the tories.

    Also helps lachlans failing tv interests which is actually his own fault but why pass up an opportunity to reduce competition in your familys favour.

  2. Lanthanide 2

    I’m glad that they have a right wing government that has the guts to actually raise taxes.

    Not to sure about the actual areas of the budget receiving cuts vs those having increased funding, but it’s nice to see some rationality on that side of the spectrum for a change.

    • tc 2.1

      ‘Not to sure about the actual areas of the budget receiving cuts vs those having increased funding..’

      and yet you call it rational, which it is from a right wing perspective.

      From Crikey :
      “News Corp might be desperately trying to prop up the budget, and in the process demonise what’s left of their readership, but the budget has been copping a hiding on social media, both of snark and factual criticism, from the moment of its release. “

      • Lanthanide 2.1.1


        I just haven’t looked into the detail of what’s being cut and what’s not. I believe they’re cutting education and health, which sounds like a bad idea in the long term.

        I’m saying it’s rational to raise taxes, and finally we have a right-wing government doing that, even when it’s incredibly unpopular but the necessary and proper thing to do.

  3. RedLogix 3

    The one thing that is absolutely different between Australian and New Zealand politics is that the Aussies still hang on to a decent public broadcasting service.

    And some newpapers still worthy of the name.

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