Say – anybody remember this guy?

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What became of that guy anyway? We now have a PM whose answers to questions are only accurate to the extent that the questions mean whatever he says they mean.

27 comments on “Say – anybody remember this guy?”

  1. Weepus beard 1

    PM needs to change his phone number again I think.

  2. Richard Christie 2

    It is plainly obvious he was wearing his lying face in that interview anyway.

    • NZJester 2.1

      Key has a non lying face?
      I guess you have to be at one of those meetings when he is talking to the US spy guys that run Waihopai spy base to see his non lying face.

  3. mac1 3

    Any body remember this guy? Good question. Remember him for what?

    Here in order is a list of the 10 longest serving New Zealand prime ministers. As we read down the list, what word does our sense of history accord each of them?

    Stafford (Premier)

    Then, what do we accord now, what will history accord, the PM presently number 11?

    • Barfly 3.1

      Then, what do we accord now, what will history accord, the PM presently number 11?

      He will be remembered as “Dirty John”

      • NZJester 3.1.1

        I don’t know about “Dirty John”.
        I was thinking more along the lines of “The John Key that locks up the dirtiest and most foul smelling toilet in the land”.

    • lprent 3.2

      Two Holyoake? Shudder…

      • mac1 3.2.1

        Holland. Misread my abbreviated note taking of ‘Hol’ as Holyoake.
        3. Holyoake
        8. Holland.
        Well spotted, lprent.

      • Kevin Welsh 3.2.2

        “Kinloch” Keith Holyoake makes the current crop of Nat MP’s look like amateurs when it comes to corruption…

        • lprent

          Kinloch.. That brings back memories. I spent 6 months working on Kinloch station back in 1977

        • mac1

          On a different Kinloch estate on the Banks Peninsula, there was a different story for our family. That was an estate broken up by the anti Big Estate Liberal Government 1891-1906 and three of my mother’s family were balloted farms there, allowing them onto the land as farmers. Contrast that with Kinloch Keith Holyoake story.

        • Murray Rawshark

          I remember hearing about the Holyoake Highway, but I never had any idea of the full story. Looks like the present day NActoids are continuing a proud tradition, and Hepi Te Heu Heu was a dirty kupapa.

          • Descendant Of Sssmith

            Ahhh now Paula Bennett in the National Party makes more sense:

            “The influence of Kinloch has not vanished entirely from our political landscape. In her maiden speech to Parliament in 2005, National MP Paula Bennett explained that:

            Although born in Auckland, I grew up in Kinloch, a beautiful bay on the shores of Lake Taupō where I learnt to fish and hunt and had a relatively carefree and easy childhood. [90]

            Bennett’s father had run the Kinloch Store, a business established by the Whangamata Station partnership. “

  4. Ancient Ruin 4

    I like the little squeak as he promises to be honest. You can almost see the inner turmoil of answering…

  5. cogito 5

    A light finally came on for me today.

    NZ’s JFK – John Frigging Key – is getting increasingly scared that someone might take a shot at him from behind a grassy knoll, and this is the true reason for the need for increased SIS powers pushed through under extreme urgency.

  6. North 6

    Ekshully…….John Key was never that guy and accordingly he does not remember that guy.

  7. seeker 7

    I think this clip is related to that guy Key’s dishonest answer:

    PM John Key is grilled on Fletcher’s GCSB appointment….

    Both Ian Rennie and Key have lost their shine as of the last few weeks. One even more so than the other.
    Why didn’t the journalists make more public key’s lying as shown in this clip from April 2013 and which they witnessed and questioned themselves?

    Thank goodness someone in the form of Andrew Little has said,”Cut the crap” to this inveterate liar.

    I am now thinking in terms of crap wing rather than right wing and anti-crap wing rather than left wing or corruption wing for right and anti- corruption wing for left. Can’t decide, but either are more accurate than right or left.

    • Tracey 7.1

      No media packs trying to question rennie then? Took them months to try and fine ede… So in six months someone will look for rennie or forman

    • North 7.2

      Ekshully Seeker that’s a great clip. Textbook “PM Telling Lies” stuff.

      Tired, apprehensive eyes as the question is put.

      Appearance of discomfort as the mind races.

      Falsetto ‘honesty-squeak’ prefacing the lie.

      Slapping of the lips after the lie is spoken.

      Rapid redirection of said eyes away from the questioner just lied to.

      For the appearance of composure random deployment of cocktail party grimace.

      Purposeful marching off down the corridor.

      Weight of the ever growing nose pulling the head forward and down.

      Tension of the moment broken.

      Ordeal over.

      Ever watched the TeamKey faces behind him in these moments ?

      All listening apprehensively waiting for ‘lie busted’.

      Who’s the middle-aged blonde lady in black at 30 seconds ? See her beside, behind him often. In this clip she has her back fully turned on the questioners, listening, listening, very intently.

      Would she be the ‘Lie-Quality Auditor’ ? “No John we can’t say that ‘cos yesterday we said…….”

      Ekshully Key was always an inept liar what with all the physical giveaways above. That it’s taken so long for anyone in the media to really give it to him straight –
      “Mr Key were you lying when……” – and not be fobbed off – well, just goes to show how heavily he’s been protected.

      When we hear John Armstrong issue forth “Resign !” we shall know that as a collective the media has fallen out of love.

      • seeker 7.2.1

        Excellent description of PM’s lie telling process North. Have seen him do simi;ar time and time again.This was the one clip that really catches him out in a lie (even tho’ he doesn’t seem to realise it) until this week.
        Have no idea who blonde lady is, but love your idea of her job title. Key certainly needs a “Lie-Quality-Auditor” at the moment, as his masters are not going to be to happy with the quality of his lying this week and might be looking for his replacement………

  8. Tracey 8

    the end end of the clip has the question

    So even if a a journalist forgets to ask a question you will answer it…

    Yes, i will do my best

  9. emergency mike 9

    To be fair Key makes 1,000 promises a day, you can’t expect him to remember all of them.

    • cogito 9.1

      “Key makes 1,000 promises a day”

      Key views promises like stocks and shares that go up and down – no reflection on him. He is the ultimate “Moron The Markets” as 3News likes to put it.

  10. Gruntie 10

    Key’s 1000 texts per day
    Assume he gets 7 hours sleep, 1 hour for meals, half an hour in the ablution block and 5 minutes playing with himself and 2 hours in hi-vis jackets on building sites, I calculate he gets 100 texts per hour – no wonder he doesn’t have time to read anything

  11. Inky 11

    How many lies has Key got away with over the years?

    In the “Key is grilled on Fletcher’s GCSB appointment” clip, he says he told Rennie he would contact two candidates for the GCSB job (one of them being Fletcher).

    But the NBR on April 4, 2013 (the day after the clip went up), reported:

    State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie told a midday press conference he was “surprised” to learn about Prime Minister John Key’s phone call to alert Ian Fletcher the director role was open at the GCSB.

    “But it didn’t dissuade me from considering Mr Fletcher because he was a highly credible person who was known professionally to me,” Mr Rennie said.

    Asked if he knew John Key was going to call Mr Fletcher to alert him the GCSB director role was open, Mr Rennie replied. “I don’t believe that I did.”

    He was also surprised when he got a call for Martin Weevers, the head of Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, telling him Mr Fletcher would be in touch about the director position.

    He added, “With the benefit of hindsight, what would have avoided some of the perceptions we have at the moment is if I had contacted Mr Fletcher rather than the Prime Minister.”

    Asked if it would have been normal practice for him to make the call, Mr Rennie replied “Absolutely.”

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