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Who will win Epsom? Will enough people rebel at John Key’s instruction to vote for the ACT candidate or will ACT’s extreme policies and Jaime Whyte’s weirdness mean that the people of Epsom will rebel and vote for Paul Goldsmith?

This seat is one of the most crucial seats to watch this evening.

19:30: These are the smaller booths.

15.1% counted.

  • David (who?) Seymour (ACT) 2887
  • Paul (flourman) Goldsmith (Nat) 1783
  • Christine (heartless) Rankin (Con) 321
  • Michael Wood (Lab) 440


26.4% counted.

  • David Seymour (ACT) 3891
  • Paul Goldsmith (Nat) 2442
  • Christine Rankin (Con) 423
  • Michael Wood (Lab) 605
  • Julie Anne Genter (GP) 485

21:20: Looks like Act have their MP? Still a long way to go.

% counted.

  • David Seymour (ACT) 3969
  • Paul Goldsmith (Nat) 2501
  • Christine Rankin (Con) 434
  • Michael Wood (Lab) 645
  • Julie Anne Genter (GP) 512

Looks like Nationals voters will give their electorate vote away but still not their party vote


11 comments on “Seat Watch – Epsom”

  1. Lanthanide 1

    Please report Labour and Green votes for this important seat – want to see if there was tactical voting or not.

  2. AndrewENZ 2

    TV3 have called Epsom for Seymour.

  3. fdx 3

    It was a forgone conclusion unfortunately , a gnome could win it…..and has in the past.

  4. dumb-arse lab/grn voters..

    ..once again they fail to understand tactical-voting..

    • Ants 4.1

      If you add the Labour/Green vote onto National’s (the supposed tactic) they still wouldn’t be close to ACT…..

      I’d say its more a reflection of there not being enough Green/Labour voters in Epsom to influence things.

      • weka 4.1.1

        Nevertheless the GP and L voters wouldn’t have known that. Have a look at the Ōhāriu results, which before were costing the left a seat.

      • jaymam 4.1.2

        The Labour and Green voters who voted for their own candidate could have got rid of Seymour. Why is that so difficult to do each election?

        Seymour majority=4523
        Labour+Green in Epsom=4968
        All Epsom parties except ACT/Nat/Cons=5670

        There was no valid reason for anyone to vote for anyone but Seymour, Goldsmith or Rankin.

        When ACT and UF eventually disappear, we can go back to voting for the most capable candidate regardless of party. In the meantime, if National use tactical voting, the rest of us have to do so, in our own interests.

  5. Richard McGrath 5

    David Seymour will be a good MP for Epsom, and hopefully will rinse away the stain of John Banks on NZ politics. Please note there is no ‘Jaime’ Whyte in ACT, to my knowledge.

    I voted tactically today, thankfully my electorate vote for National wasn’t needed in Wairarapa. The Labour candidate was soundly thrashed.

    Labour have got some serious soul-searching to do. Image does count, and the shot of Cunliffe leaving his doer-upper multi-million dollar mansion in leafy Herne Bay in a late model BMW just says it all. Some of us can’t afford BMWs, David – I have just replaced my 19 year old Lexus with a $4700 14 year old Nissan Maxima – for a Labour leader you’re sadly out of touch with the common working man.

    Labour won the party vote in just 5 general seats. The leadership and organisation need gutting if Labour is to be relevant in 2017. Please Labour lift your game, we need an effective Opposition!

    I am chuffed to know I received almost three times more electorate votes in Wairarapa at the last election than John Minto got in Mt Roskill today for all his massive media profile (apologies for drifting off-topic).

  6. ianmac 6

    Richard are you suggesting that if David drove a Carola around town that he would be seen as a better person? Madness. David should be proud of his varied and successful career.

  7. Blue 7

    “David should be proud of his varied and successful career.” Then he and many on the left should allow others to do the same with their successes.

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