Senator Alvin Greene?

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Alvin Greene is an unemployed military veteran who received an involuntary discharge and is currently on felony p0rnography charges. He has a degree but seems a bit, um, challenged. He received 60% of the vote in the Democratic Primary for South Carolina senator, despite having no experience, no backing, and no campaign. No-one can explain it (I’m betting it’s the electronic voting machines). See the Daily Show’s take:

29 comments on “Senator Alvin Greene?”

  1. A Post With Me In It 1

    This is completely outrageous.

    How DARE the system of politicians being bought an paid for on the campaign funding free market be undermined in such a way!!

    Why can’t the people who bribed the voting machine administration use the old fashioned way like the rest of us?!

    Outrageous I tell you.

  2. Alvin Greene … received an involuntary discharge

    An involuntary honorable discharge. And a felony obscenity charge.

    But yeah, kinda fucked up. My thought was the open primary…

  3. vto 3

    oh I like that very much.

  4. PK 4

    ***No-one can explain it ***

    Well, no one had heard of Vic Rawls either – his name recognition was no better than Greene’s. Also, of those that had heard of Rawls, more had an unfavourable view of him than favourable. Another suggestion is that Alvin Greene is a black-sounding name:

    “Alvin Greene is a black-sounding name, especially in South Carolina. Vic Rawl is a white-sounding name. The Democratic primary has a lot of black voters, especially black women.”×8537624

  5. Bill 5

    Says a lot for the standard of the other candidate who actually ran a campaign that democrats would rather vote for anything other than.

    And regardless of why Green wound up as their nominee, the ‘staring down the nose’ attitude of ‘educated’ liberals is only going to succeed in another exodus of the democratic voting base. What the fuck is it with these pricks that they judge people, not on their humanity, but on their ability to headwank? And dismiss out of hand any who fail to live up to some arbitrary standard of headwankery…unless they are the ‘lesser fortunates’ who the ‘we know best’ liberals seek to shepherd?

    The snobbery and air of elitism…which is not merely limited to the US, but pervades liberal circles and cliques everywhere…is a major reason why people get sorely fucked off and place their allegiances elsewhere.

    I thought the lesson would have been learned following Reagan and Bush that people identify with leaders who appear a little normal, who make gaffs and slips of the type they themselves could imagine making. But no. The Liberals get all superior and just can’t fucking get it that when they guffaw at some not so educated, not so slick person, (Green) they are guffawing at their natural support and alienating it while in all likely hood the Bushes of the world engage in a little schooling on how to appear as a bit chumpish and thereby appealing.

    Meanwhile, maybe Key is a natural with his sense of awkwardness and imperfect diction…things many people can identify with and who the liberals alienate by indulging in ‘fish in a barrel’ piss rips.

  6. Lindsey 6

    The question is – where did he get the US$10,000 for the nomination fee? For his felony charge, he got a public defender. You have to be broke for that. Then, a short time later, he has $10,000 to plonk down for the fee. Did someone put him up to it?

    • Bill 6.1

      Who cares where he got the 10k from? Let’s say it was the Republicans seeking to throw a wee spanner in the works? Lets say they are doing it all instances where there is currently an uncontested nomination. So what?

      It’s the reaction of the liberals that is telling and damaging, not the shenanigans (if there are any)

    • That’s A question, but as The Daily Show notes, people voted for him, and there don’t appear to have been any serious voting irregularities.

  7. jimmy 7

    I have been missing the daily show since they stopped shoing on C4, any chance you could throw up your link to all the streaming daily show goodness marty?

  8. freedom 8

    and how many knew of Barry Soetoro before 2006?

    what bugs me with is we Antipodeans cant get access to the full episodes anymore. sometimes it is hard to catch a broadcast every day. Waaaaaaaaah, the trials of the modern age continue to weigh on our hearts and leave us strangled in the vagueries of international data contracts

  9. tomfarmer 9

    $10 grand nomination..? Etc..

    like Jimmy Clyburn linked herelooks to be saying aint this the price of GOP plants these days.

    as for Jon Stewart and his pash on S/Carolina (the first link) understand please how much more likely is a Republican senator than a democrat.. all the more so with a ‘no-hoper’ running blindside to Rawls.
    For Jon boy it’s a laugh either way..

  10. Grapethroat 10

    “The University of South Carolina confirms that Greene graduated in 2000 with a degree in political science”

    It’s quite possible the guy is a lot sharper than he comes across as.

    Frankly I’m inclined to believe the similarity of his name with Al Green is the most likely explanation to the votes he won. Perhaps he’s just tired of being alone?

  11. Nick C 11

    The reaction of the democratic establishment to him winning the primary is just so arrogant- they all want him to withdraw. I think the main reason they dont want him is because he isnt part of the elite political clique. Alvin Green is exactly the sort of person the democrats claim to represent.

    God forbid we actually have a poor unemployed person representing the poor unemployed people. I normally would support Republicans (as the avatar indicates) but im backing Alvin Green for senate 2010!

    • God forbid we actually have a poor unemployed person representing the poor unemployed people.

      We tried that once. Her name was Alamein Kopu. Didn’t work out so well.

    • Marty G 11.2

      His name is Greene.

      And it’s not a prejudice about his employment. It’s just that the guy didn’t even campaign and he got 60%, and no-one knew who he is… it doesn’t add up.

  12. Irregardless of what you might think of this Greene guy, it remains possible that to at least Greene himself, he is a genuine candidate.

    Democrats should embrace this guy, not run from him. He is a ready live example of how Republicans are screwing with US electoral politics. I for one would love to see the look on DeMint and his advisers’s faces when this plonker beats him in November (even if it is really unlikely).

    Many Americans, and even more so with tea-party garden variety, do not like politicians manipulating the system for their own ends. Every week Greene is in the race he remains a story. An unconventional Democrat of his type could stand an opportunity to reach out even to tea partiers who have a problem with DeMints actions and his Washington incumbency.

  13. T 13



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