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Shearer Says

Written By: - Date published: 3:28 pm, October 5th, 2012 - 27 comments
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Where’s the brighter future for our families?

The Dotcom debacle has highlighted a fundamental political truth – above all else, governments are based on trust. John Key has failed that most basic test. His continually changing stories and attempts to push the blame to the lowest levels rather than take responsibility is not only unfair but wrong.

I wrote to John Key last week requesting an independent and wide ranging inquiry. That is the minimum needed to restore trust. I will be fighting to hold this government to account.

Meanwhile the latest data on household incomes confirms what every family already knew – Kiwis are working harder than ever, but can’t seem to get ahead.

In the last year, median weekly incomes rose by just $6 a week. That’s not even half a block of cheese at the supermarket. But it’s also less than the rate of inflation, and that means most Kiwi households are going backwards.

John Key doesn’t have a plan for jobs and better wages. National has run out of ideas and is distracted by sideshows and a pig-headed determination to sell our assets.

John Key promised us a brighter future. Instead he’s delivering a low wage economy where the best opportunities often lie on the other side of the Tasman.

That’s not what I want for New Zealand. Labour will take a more hands-on approach than National, and our MPs are leading the economic debate.

We have fresh ideas, from changing the tax system to encourage investment in real businesses instead of real estate, to getting more Kiwis into trade training by paying employers that take on apprentices the equivalent of the dole.

New Zealand should be a smart, innovative country with high wages and secure jobs. Labour will build a fair economy, one that will give everyone the opportunity to make the most of their lives here in New Zealand – rather than on the Gold Coast.

All the best,

David Shearer
Leader of the Labour Party

27 comments on “Shearer Says ”

  1. Bloody well said M8!

  2. Kim Hanning 2

    NBR Online staff | Wednesday October 03, 2012 | 3 comments

    John Key, with Tegel ceo Andrew Stevens, presses the start button today •Tegel to be helped to ‘full potential’, buyer says
    A new $20 million production line for Tegel Foods, opened today by Prime Minister John Key, has created 300 jobs.

    • Te Reo Putake 2.1

      Your news at four. BONG! Employment crisis over, maker of unhealthy foods announces 300 low paid jobs in disease riden and barbaric industry. BONG! Millions weep in gratitude as PM flies out to Disneyland … BONG! PM announces Magic Castle to be built on Planet Key … full story at six!

    • Funny that where jobs are created Key has had a hand in it but when jobs are lost it is all to do with the market …

  3. Draco T Bastard 3

    John Key doesn’t have a plan for jobs and better wages.

    His plan was always to lower wages. Seems that bit’s working well – the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer help by tax cuts for the rich.

    National has run out of ideas and is distracted by sideshows and a pig-headed determination to sell our assets.

    He’s selling state assets for what amounts to one reason – to make us more dependent upon capitalists rather than being an independent society. This dependency and the high unemployment that the NACTs want will lower wages and boost profits even more.

    • Poission 3.1

      There was a good story on the SMH on key and him rejuvenating NZ with the Hobbit.

      Briefly at the time of LOR the nz./usd was 42c
      ROK it was 65c
      When he done the tax tradeoff for warners it was 72c they need a tradeoff for the high nz (25mUS tax credit)

      Today its 82.5c what back room deal was done here?

  4. Rhinocrates 4

    This waffle from Dave the Amazing Psychic Doctor is so banal it’s not even worth parody.

    “All the best,”

    Provided that you’re not bludging sickness beneficiary scum of course.

    • Poission 4.1

      Wafer thin after dinner mint Gerry?

      • Rhinocrates 4.1.1

        I think you miss my point, Poisson. I really, really support the ideals of the Labour party and really want a reason to vote for them and I am outraged that the party’s nominal leader hasn’t the foggiest idea what they are and has betrayed them completely and shows blatant contempt for the people it was founded to represent and I am fed up to the back teeth with this shallow, cliche-ridden patronising, drivel that some hack puts out over his name.

        • Jim Nald

          Yes, it is quite perplexing why the current leadership is making things so difficult for his party supporters to vote for him.

        • Poission

          OK lets look at this portion of the statement.

          We have fresh ideas, from changing the tax system to encourage investment in real businesses instead of real estate,

          [Problem 1],there is a significant problem in the asymmetry of the NZ taxation system that allows for subsidized tax free benefits for investors,this increases debt, and borrowing from the productive sectors etc.

          [Problem 2 ] that there is major problems in NZ tax law and its overuse of pseudo sophistic language that needs to be simplified,and that the word games have serious signalling problems.

          There is a good example at interest.co, where a property investor with 5 rentals claimed Working for families,as a rental property ownership is not a benefit but an investment.


          I have commentated on the information communication problem.Since that buffoon Dunne has been helping redrafting the tax dodges the entropy has increased by a factor of 2.

          [Problem 3] That there is an increased acceptance of a CGT or decrease in interest deductions etc for investment property is clearly seen in commentary in financial literature and blogs etc ( clearly not political hari kari ),the problem is how to communicate this clearly so as interpretation is neither not misdirected,or defensive strategies to mitigate the responses, become bog downed in some quasi macro economic discourse (and drowning the signal)

          .If we look at the AK bubble a lot of this is hot money a number of estimates are 15-20 % of buyers are non resident investors ( permission is not needed for sum under10m)
          What is the size of this problem ? What useful purpose does this investor provide for NZ?

          Maybe they do need to send some better signals,targeting can work.The solutions need to be simplified.

        • David H

          “and shows blatant contempt for the people it was founded to represent and I am fed up to the back teeth with this shallow, cliche-ridden patronising, drivel that some hack puts out over his name.”

          Next time why don’t you really tell us what you think lol. And I agree with every word and I have a few of my own. Key can’t read. And this fools deaf. I despair, any credible opposition, and the questions being asked in LA LA land would have been a lot nastier.

  5. gobsmacked 5

    That’s not even half a block of cheese at the supermarket.

    This is simply aping John Key’s line, when he was in opposition. Also, ordinary Labour voters don’t pay over $12 for a block of cheese at the supermarket. Where does Shearer shop?

    Is there nobody in the leader’s office who (a) remembers, (b) has political antennae and (c) a spark of originality? How many people saw that line and thought: “Hang on, there are at least two things wrong there.” None?

    What is it about Labour’s inner sanctum that produces these basic errors of judgement? It’s time GCSB found the National mole who makes Labour look like incompetent beginners, every week.

  6. QoT 6

    Labour will take a more hands-on approach than National, and our MPs are leading the economic debate.

    It is of course completely innocuous that Shearer’s comms team fail to mention the name of the one MP who’s actually doing most of the thinking/talking/leading in said debate.

    Seriously, the fucking emptiness of his newsletters continues to piss me off. We’ll be more hands-on! We’ll build a better economy! HOW, you utter spoon? HOW? There’s more to policy than “John Key did a bad, we would do a good instead!”

  7. David H 7

    He really has to go it’s now getting urgent. If he gets through this shit unscathed, then he will be able to get away with anything.

    • Dr Terry 7.1

      Key has been getting away with anything for long! Shearer might be OK, but simply not have what it takes and he can hardly help that. He uses political cliche and/or jargon all over the place. And all the time the man who could make a brilliant leader sits endlessly in the wings.

  8. Jokerman 8

    who moved my blue vein?

  9. Bill 9

    I do not want my dole money to be re-allocated to an employer as an employer subsidy!

  10. captain hook 10

    at the moment all David Shearer has to do is to sit back and enjoy the ride.
    Key will get a job offer in Hollywoood and a by election next year in time to catch the uptick in the US economy and we’re away.
    bye bye kweeweeeeee.

    • Tim 10.1

      yep captain – and while he’s away, someone please remove his citizenship!

    • Colonial Viper 10.2

      in time to catch the uptick in the US economy and we’re away.

      An uptick which will last all of 4 weeks,

      Sorry mate, but the hopium is wearing off rather quick these days.

  11. Geeze Louise, he must have Romney speech writers.

  12. Rhinocrates 12

    I can see what the writer is trying to achieve: easy to copy and quote soundbites instead of complete paragraphs, but they’re neither snappy enough to be interesting nor substantial enough to be persuasive. Overall, they’re hopelessly amateurish and forgettable.

  13. xtasy 13

    David Shearer, I am all for a smarter economy, more jobs, intelligent solutions and a sustainable economy benefitting all.

    I am missing from you and Jacinda Ardern sympathy for those on welfare, facing a stern, harsh, intimidating and unjust regime proposed by Bennett and NatACT.

    Sadly Labour is largley so damned quiet on all this.

    Come out and deliver to us what Labour will or would do as an alternative, please, as I feel you are dodging the serious questions.

    For a start, please explain yourself to the last Labour led government’s introduction of Principal Health Advisor and Principal Disability Advisor positions, headed by a Dr David Bratt from Wellington, who clearly has a very biased, unscientific way of viewing and handling the lots of sick and disabled beneficiaries.

    That man even “trained” selected “designated doctors” that MSD and WINZ use for assessments of applicants and reviewed beneficiaries on health related benefits.

    How does this go down with natural justice, my dear David?

    ACC never went as far as “training” the assessors and consultants they hand-picked for biased reporting, but WiNZ went as far as TRAINING their doctors. This happened and was introduced under Labour!

    So how does this go down with you guys? Are you any different to National, or is this not just a lot of distraction, misinformation and clouding of the truth?

    You know, I do NOT trust you and your leadership. While there is talk of a re-shuffle of the Labour rankings and shadow cabinet, maybe you start the “re-shuffle” with removing yourself from the front position?

    I also cannot see you represent workers in general, as I just cannot imagine you with a paint brush in your hands. Sorry, but you went on again and again about a supposed “sickness beneficiary roof painter”. Ar e you perhaps not just “jealous” of the fictitious person you invented? You may not be able to do such work yourself, so it is easy game, to rub it in with a beneficiary.

    Were you anywhere near an activity on the Day of Action against the welfare reforms by the way? I did not see or hear anything of that sorts.

    And while we talk about sickness beneficiaries, do you not know that being on that benefit does NOT mean that a person cannot do any work at all? Yes, not being able to work full time in the ususal job is the criteria. But you nurture the prejudice and bias of the public. And that does make me very suspicious of you, David Shearer.

    Better come clean now, and have a read of the Social Security Act by the way, if you have time while not attending functions at bowling and golf clubs. Thank you so much!

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