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Shut up and take your medicine

Written By: - Date published: 7:30 am, July 31st, 2015 - 26 comments
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It’s pretty clear that we’re not going to get anything like what the Nats promised us from the TPP.

Gordon Campbell yesterday got an international perspective on the state of negotiations and his conclusion is frank: “New Zealand and Canada are being hung out to dry on dairy access”.

New Zealand Dairy Companies Association (DCANZ) chairman Malcolm Bailey is quoted in a piece by RNZ, “Current TPP deal ‘unthinkable’ for dairy”.

Dairy division chair of Federated Farmers Andrew Hoggard is quoted by Duncan Garner in “Why the TPP has fallen over for New Zealand dairy farmers”. Garner himself writes:

Alarm bells for TPP

The warning bells are ringing loud and clear over the Trans Pacific Partnership. And here’s the central question; what’s in this multi-country free trade deal for us? No one can say.

The costs of medicines will rise. The PM has confirmed that. So what of the benefits?

Supposedly our farmers are about to get mass access to the notoriously protected American, Japanese and Canadian markets. That was the big prize. A multi-billion dollar gain. But if the dairy sector is anything to go by we’ve been told to take a hike by our international mates. They’ve got cold feet.

Federated Farmers head of dairy, Andrew Hoggard, says his sources on the negotiating committee tell him dairy farmers will gain nothing from the TPP. The huge barriers and expensive tariffs will remain in place. He says we have lost this battle.

This is hugely concerning. The TPP was meant to be the back door way into a free trade agreement with the U.S and Japan. But if it’s not a high quality agreement then what’s the point of signing up?

We should not sign a poor deal. We must stay strong to our beliefs. The public deserves the truth. The game is up.

Yes, the public deserves the truth, but we aren’t going to get it:

‘They just want to derail the agreement’

Associate Trade Minister Todd McClay says the people who want to see the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiating text just want it so they can derail the deal.

That is beyond pathetic. The opposition to the TPP arises BECAUSE IT IS SECRET and we the people don’t know what is being done on our behalf. Making it public (which will not “disrupt negotiations” because all the negotiators already know the details) will allow us to assess the deal. If it’s a good deal it cant be derailed. So what are the Nats afraid of? Rhetorical question of course, the Nats are afraid that we’ll learn that its a bad deal.

But as Vernon Small noted yesterday, the Nats are too personally invested to back out. They are going to sign, good deal or bad. We the people are being told to shut up and take your medicine – oh and by the way the price just went up.

26 comments on “Shut up and take your medicine ”

  1. Skinny 1

    National have totally abandoned Kiwi farmers and are hell bent on signing a trade deal that closes out dairy access into many of the players involved in the TPPA. It’s called a bum deal, Key and his cronies negotiating skills are poor at best and couldn’t fight their way out of paper bag. Many a farmer will be cursing in their milk sheds this morning at being duped voting for a political party that is selling them down the toilet.

    After the revelation that Federated Farmers want Key to walk away from the shonky TPPA deal I doubt we will hear from Wayne today as he will go to ground in embarrassment.


    • tc 1.1

      You assume they’re looking after NZ, ditch that assumption and you’ll find their negotiation skills are perfect for the job at hand which is selling out NZ.

    • Draco T Bastard 1.2

      It’s called a bum deal, Key and his cronies negotiating skills are poor at best and couldn’t fight their way out of paper bag.

      I suppose you don’t need good negotiating skills when you agree with everything your masters in the US tell you.

  2. Charles 2

    It’s almost as if everyone with a voice has (purposely) forgotten about how these things go. It’s not just the medicines, or the dairy, or restrictions on SOE operations, or the spectre of law suits, but what stage two will exact from NZ, and then stage 3: At this level, contracts and negotiations favour the stronger party – end of story. No one need know the details to realise commercial reality. There is no good faith. There is no second place. Profit never stops taking another bite of the pie.

    That journalists and politicians think no one knows that this is the thin end of a really large wedge that will affect all aspects of NZ life and society; and that they constantly focus on whether today’s milk deal is good/bad/bearable; as if, if we only can get through this bit, the rest will be fine and everyone will prosper… that no further demands will be made…. that there will be no further costs… that nothing more will come, is plain ludicrous.

    The lies, or naievity, of our negotiators and reporters is astounding.

    (Excluding Gordon Campbell, so far. But who with a functioning brain reads Scoop and votes Right?)

    • Mike S 2.1

      “…but what stage two will exact from NZ, and then stage 3…”

      Yep exactly right. The European Union started out as a simple free trade agreement. Now, unelected bureaucrats make laws which override the laws of sovereign countries.

      • Colonial Rawshark 2.1.1

        And have final approval over what elected politicians can or cannot do in a country.

  3. CnrJoe 3

    Hang on. Todd says blah blah derail it. So that means its highly derailable right?

  4. Penny Bright 4

    How many DECENT National Party members and supporters who believe in putting ‘loyalty’ to New Zealand and New Zealand’s ‘national interest’ first, have contacted Prime Minister John Key, Leader of the National Party, and stated – in no uncertain terms – WALK AWAY FROM THE TPPA – or I/we will WALK AWAY FROM NATIONAL – as was done in the recent Northland by-election?

    Where is the public revolt by DECENT members / supporters of the National Party – in order to defend the ‘national interest’ of New Zealand?

    It’s time to SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT!

    Fellow New Zealanders need YOU to step up to the plate and do the right thing, before our New Zealand sovereignty , NZ people and NZ businesses (especially dairy) are completely sold down the river, in my opinion, for the personal self-interest of the TPPA’s two main advocates, Minister of Trade Tim Groser, and Prime Minister John Key.

    We need you to act NOW – before it is too late!

    Penny Bright

  5. Paul Campbell 5

    So they’re screwing the farmers, they’re screwing IT, they’re screwing pharmac, they’re sellout our sovreignty to US companies … when are they going to explain the upside?

  6. ianmac 6

    But the screwing will not become apparent for 2 reasons.
    1. The details are embargoed for four years. So we are in the dark.
    2. The timeline will mean that any deal will take years to action. “Just wait,” Key will say. “Trust me,” he will say.

  7. Observer (Tokoroa) 7

    To: Penny

    When will New Zealanders realise that John Key is a sick man. His association with the likes of Cameron Slater is just one aspect of his dark character.

    He absolutely wants New Zealanders to be dispossessed and enslaved into the service of foreign wealthy interests.

    He is Machiavelli II . He is the person who fits the following definition perfectly:

    “the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct” Wikipedia

  8. Penny Bright 8

    Don’t you think the best judges of how good is the TPPA ‘deal for dairy’ – are those who directly represent the dairy industry?

    (Like – the NZ Dairy Companies Association, and NZ Federated Farmers?)

    Not , in my opinion, the arguably personally ‘conflicted’ two main advocates for NZ signing the TPPA, the Minister of Trade Tim Groser (who arguably wants the ‘baubles of (Ambassador’s U$) office’, and the Prime Minister John Key, who is a shareholder in the Bank of America?


    The dairy industry does not expect the Government to sign a Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement unless it includes a comprehensive deal for the sector.

    Ministers and officials from the 12 countries involved began meeting yesterday, with the aim of concluding conclude a deal by Saturday.

    New Zealand Dairy Companies Association (DCANZ) chairman Malcolm Bailey, who is observing the TPP talks in Hawaii, says the next 48 hours will be crucial.

    “We know at this stage that the offers that are being made are way below what needs to be offered to New Zealand for us to push on and seek a conclusion of these negotiations.

    “Dairy is the number one export earner for New Zealand. It’s unthinkable that New Zealand could sign up to a deal that doesn’t look after our number one export earner.”


    ”If we go back to the beginning, tariff elimination over time was the goal. We have accepted the fact that we’re not going to get all of that, that we are talking about some quota access into markets.

    “We believe there has to be material, meaningful new commercial trade flows created and we’re not being more specific than that, at this stage.”
    Federated Farmers said New Zealand should walk away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal if there is nothing in it for the industry.



    Penny Bright

  9. Penny Bright 9

    THU, 30 JUL 2015

    AUDIO: Why the TPP has fallen over for New Zealand dairy farmers



    Why on earth would NZ sign up to a ‘sub par’ TPPA agreement – that will effectively do nothing for the NZ dairy industry?

    What’s the point of signing the TPPA?

    Whose ‘national’ interest is being served here?

    Penny Bright

  10. Red Rosa 10

    The signs are not good, and the potential implications just as bad as the comments above. Far from getting better access to currently closed dairy markets, NZ looks like being elbowed out of the access we do have.

    A collapse in the NZ dairy sector, as bad or worse than the wool price crash in 1966, will bankrupt sizable numbers of farmers and many in the farm servicing sector along with them.

    This deal is not about ‘free trade’. It is being dictated by Us corporates and aimed at hobbling China.

    The call should be ‘Reject or Resign’.

  11. Marvellous Bearded Git 11

    There seems to be a consensus building now that TPPA is not a free trade deal that will benefit NZ.

    Peter Dunne can stop this if he votes against it-it will lose 61-60.


  12. Penny Bright 12

    Please be reminded of the National Party Constitution, and that PM John Key is the LEADER of the National Party?


    Constitution and Rules of the NZ National Party

    24th Edition September 2013 Issued by authority of Peter Goodfellow, President, New Zealand National Party.


    (a) Vision The National Party seeks a safe, prosperous and successful New Zealand that creates opportunities for all New Zealanders to reach their personal goals and dreams.

    (b) Values We believe this will be achieved by building a society based on the following values:

    • Loyalty to our country, its democratic principles and our Sovereign as Head of State

    • National and personal security

    • Equal citizenship and equal opportunity

    • Individual freedom and choice

    • Personal responsibility

    • Competitive enterprise and rewards for achievement

    • Limited government

    • Strong families and caring communities

    • Sustainable development of our environment


    How will signing the TPPA comply with the fundamental and underpinning vision and values that the National Party supposedly has for New Zealand?

    How many DECENT National Party members and supporters who believe in putting ‘loyalty’ to OUR country – New Zealand and New Zealand’s ‘national interest’ first, have contacted Prime Minister John Key, Leader of the National Party, and stated – in no uncertain terms – WALK AWAY FROM THE TPPA – or I/we will WALK AWAY FROM NATIONAL – as was done in the recent Northland by-election?

    Where is the public revolt by DECENT members / supporters of the National Party – in order to defend the ‘national interest’ of New Zealand?

    Fellow New Zealanders need YOU to step up to the plate and do the right thing, before our New Zealand sovereignty is sold down the river, in my opinion, for the personal self-interest of the TPPA’s two main advocates, Minister of Trade Tim Groser, and Prime Minister John Key.

    We need you to act NOW – before it is too late!

    Penny Bright

    VERY concerned New Zealander.

  13. ianmac 13

    I believe that just 5 chapters of TPPA are about Trade.
    But 20 chapters are about other things like medicines, being able to sue NZers, being unable to write laws for NZ etc.
    A Trade deal? Not really. But Key keeps on talking up the trade advantages as though that is what it is all about.. Sneaky!

  14. Henry Filth 14

    Good to see the realization that this is not a trade agreement, but an attempt to create a “New Order” for international relations.

  15. Penny Bright 15


    FINALLY got my belated OIA reply -pp’d by Todd McClay, Associate Minister of Trade, dated 30 July 2015.

    (Please don’t bleat about the length? I’ve been working my butt off here ….)

    [Penny, you’ve been asked repeatedly not to cut and paste and, from the comment above, you’re clearly aware of the request. Banned for a week. TRP]

    (cut and paste deleted … TRP)

    OIA reply from the Office of Minister of Trade Time Groser – pp’d by Todd McClay, Associate Minister of Trade, 30 July 2015:

    “The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is still under negotiation.
    The New Zealand government has consistently said it is not prepared to release TPP negotiating documents as it would jeopardise New Zealand’s ability to negotiate a high quality trade agreement that advances the national interest.

    This approach has been agreed by all of the TPP negotiating parties.

    Accordingly the draft text for the TPP is being withheld under the following sections of the OIA:

    * 6(a) to avoid prejudicing the international relations of the Government of New Zealand.

    * 6(e) (vi) to avoid damage to the New Zealand economy by the premature disclosure of decisions relating to the the entering into of overseas trade agreements; and

    * 9(2)(j) to avoid prejudice to negotiations


    I note that the New Zealand Government will not accept an outcome in the TPP that prevents it from regulating in the public interest or for public purposes, including for the stability of the financial sector.



    So – folks – what do YOU make of THAT?

    Can YOU trust the assurances of National Government Ministers on the supposed benefits of the TPPA?

    ( Pharmac / the dairy industry …….. blah blah …..)

    I don’t.

    Penny Bright

  16. Draco T Bastard 16

    The warning bells are ringing loud and clear


    Warning lights are flashing down at Quality Control
    somebody threw a spanner and they threw him in the hole
    there’s rumors in the loading bay and anger in the town
    somebody blew the whistle and the walls came down
    there’s a meeting in the boardroom they’re trying to trace the smell
    there’s leaking in the washroom there’s a sneak in personnel
    somewhere in the corridors someone was heard to sneeze
    ‘goodness me could this be Industrial Disease?


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