Simon Bridges’ twitter game

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It is not too flash. Liking and retweeting your own tweets is not good form.

David Cormack has tweeted this:

And this:

The day of Whaleoil Crosby Textor designed killer social media is but a faint memory …

39 comments on “Simon Bridges’ twitter game”

  1. NZJester 1

    Someone has to and few others are likely to.
    He has few real mates, just hangers-on that will dump him the moment he is no longer National Party Leader.

    • NZJester 1.1

      I am glad the Click to Edit option is there for a short time. I accidentally put PM instead of National Party Leader in my comment and clicked “Submit Comment”. I turned pale and almost threw up in my mouth when I read back my own comment.

  2. patricia bremner 2

    Yes NZJester, click to edit saves many an embarrassment.

  3. tc 3

    Saving on the CT spend probably till they get a backable team.

    Meanwhile the incumbents prove beyond doubt they’re not up to the job. That’s before you factor in the baggage they carry from their time under shonky as ministers executing the hollow men’s plan.

    It’s not sad it’s just the way it works nowadays.

    • left_forward 3.1

      Yes it is sad.
      Jacinda is working hard on setting a new standard – this is not too difficult to get behind and support.

  4. JohnSelway 4

    It’s because Bridges is a nitwit

  5. Jum 5

    Didn’t some computer model interfere in the US election, using shon-key methods to manipulate voter thinking?

    Google construct??

  6. Chris T 6

    Complete side track, but why did Ardern stop tweeting?

    • Muttonbird 6.1

      She’s busy fixing the country.

    • alwyn 6.2

      Apparently she had a memory problem.
      They gave her, as a password, the name of that famous Queensland beer
      That is XXXX. Unfortunately that wasn’t easy enough and she kept forgetting what the letter was and how many she had to put in.

      • Muttonbird 6.2.1

        I gather this is the new attack line from the Nats and their proxies. That Jacinda Ardern is a dumb woman.

        I’d like to see where this gets them with the voting public.

        My guess is not far.

        • mosa

          I thought that was typical National party behaviour.
          Key , English , Brash when responding to a question when they need to cover up ” I don’t recall “

        • alwyn

          If you are curious I suggest you ask them.
          I am certainly not a member of the National Party and neither am I a “proxy”
          On the other hand, now that you put it that way, your description of Ms Ardern seems very accurate. Have you ever met her or are you past primary school?

          • patricia bremner

            Alwyn or should I say Alose?
            What a twitty statement and question.
            Jacinda is 38, hardly Primary School, Yes I have met her. She is genuine and caring. A real Leader for all New Zealanders, she tries to get consensus because this is a democracy.
            You however come on here with your constant low level dribble, and seldom show a positive thought, let alone an original one.
            You repeat variants of Farrar Hoskings and Soper, so we recognise you.

          • Muttonbird

            Well you just did make a joke about Ardern being a dumb woman and you are heavily right wing so putting two and two together I get that you might be a National Party voter and are clearly using their new attack line that the PM is just a dumb woman.

            Not sure you can dispute that one given the 4X joke you just attempted.

            I just think you need to put the bitterness of defeat aside and start arguing policy rather than making lame jokes. That strategy is not going to get you or your party anywhere near government for a long long time.

            • patricia bremner

              Agreed Muttonbird

            • alwyn

              She happens to be a woman. That is true.
              However I do not regard her as a competent PM because she is lazy and makes no attempt to learn the basic knowledge she needs to be PM. I would think the same of anyone, male, female or any other label you care to offer who was like that and was trying to fill the job of PM.
              I would be even more upset if they were to promote someone like Twyford into the job. Now there is someone who really is useless.

              • Muttonbird

                Weak backtrack attempt there. Much like your backtrack from the lie that Kiwibuild houses are now on the open market.

              • Cinny

                Dude, you’ve changed your story, you were talking about memory, now you’ve changed it round to laziness?! Sharpen up sunshine.

                She’s far from lazy and you know it.

                As for your lame as joke, save that misogynist shite for dirty ole kiwiblog. Such tones here make you look like a bitter grumpy old man. Was going to say… with a microscopic penis…. but thought better of it.

                Get some laughter into your life alwyn. Watch 7 Days on the three plus one at 10pm, crikey they take the piss out of simon bridges, was cracking up laughing.

                • alwyn

                  My , my.
                  The misandrous maidens out to play.

                  • Sabine

                    dude you really aren’t having a good day?

                    i get it, Mr. No Bridges for Northland is pathetic – mind he was pathetic when promising bridges years ago, and never followed up on his words. But that is past, now he is leader of the No Mates party – and sadly for him, he does not have mates, not within the party not outside of the party.

                    So he could try to be a leader and rally the faithful and try to get traction on the issues, but that is the issue innit? they don’t try to get traction on the issues of our days, global warming , homelessness, housing insecurity, low wages, etc ……
                    But maybe that is because the last leader of the No mates Party promised cheap houses, NZ’lers shan’t be tenants in their own country he said, he will get wage parity with OZ!! he said, and in effect all he did was shit the bed pull the ponytails of waiting staff, fondle the hair of little girls on camera and eventually resign with a weeks notice, leaving a Housing Welfare fraud and Mrs. Benefit Queen to run the country. No wonder they lost, out of touch, out of ideas, and rather then being inspirational they were dispirited.

                    And poor old Simon is supposed to be the one ‘cleaning up on aisle 1’ cause the beans are spilled and no one can hide the fact that he National Party – the No mates Party (TM) – is out of touch, out of ideas, out of mates, and full of self absorbed wankers.

                    Here have a snickers. maybe it makes you feel better.

                    • alwyn

                      “But maybe that is because the last leader of the No mates Party”.
                      You can’t even remember the history of the last few years in New Zealand can you?
                      I assume by the “no mates” party you mean National.
                      However the person you describe sounds nothing at all like Bill English. Remember him?
                      Really, if you are going to try and support your harridan mates at the minimum try and get a story that is at least partly correct in its facts.

                      The National led Government was getting tired. They had done three terms and in my view that is enough. They should have been replaced, if only to be able to get rid of schemes that aren’t working very well, but which Governments of any flavor will not scrap.
                      What worried me was the fact that there was no competent Opposition that could take over. The Labor Party in Opposition had simply fluffed around for nine years. The had no plans worked out and no idea about what they wan’t to do. I didn’t think they could possibly form an even halfway competent Government. I was right.
                      They have proved to be completely useless. I presume you have seen today’s story about Health? All the numbers for the DHBs have collapsed. No wonder Clark, the Health Minister, has scrapped the publishing of performance figures for the DHBs. The improvements that the last Government achieved have all been lost.
                      Clark joins the long list of incompetent idiots that is this Government. Oh well Chris Faafoi seems to be turning out OK. Pity he is almost the only one.

                    • left_forward

                      Yes its tough isn’t Alwyn when the ‘No Mates’ party are doing so abysmally. No amount of talking up is going to fill that empty space in the pit of your stomach.
                      It is going to take probably a decade for the health sector to recover from the ‘sinking lid’, ‘do more with less’ bullshit, and strangulation of the dark Gnat years.

                  • Doogs

                    ‘Misandrist’ – no wonder I couldn’t find your spelling in the dictionary.

          • Red Blooded One

            You do however continue to behave like a, completely unethical national toady, so your bullshit lies and attacks on anyone on the left are seen for what they are, BS. You must be sooo proud of Simon and his ilk, haha.

        • AB

          Yeah. Hooten is running the same line. Pretty much the line the Republicans are running against AOC – which is that you don’t believe that predatory capitalism and corruption of the political process by money is necessary and inevitable, you are dumb. Really dumb. And Venezuela!

        • Gabby

          Not from wally, of all people. He can’t even remember which side his bread’s buttered on.

        • woodart

          you got the spelling wrong muttonbird. should have been ; national party and there poxies’…..

      • marty mars 6.2.2

        You are so jealous alwyn lol – it’s a bit childish next you’ll stamp your feet and go, “it’s not fair”.

  7. Richard@DownSouth 7

    If not him, who will?

    • left_forward 7.1

      The Gnats have been completely outplayed politically, it doesn’t matter now who will, whatever you were meaning, they need to change tack and work out how to serve the country’s interests by being a thoughtful and challenging opposition. Coming up with alternatives for example to address our collective issues, as opposed to serving the greed of a few. This is the only way that they can regain respect and support now.
      I am happy to give this advice, knowing full well they will not heed it.

  8. Fireblade 8

    Another post derailed.

    Thanks Alwind.

  9. Cinny 9

    What will simon tweet today?

    Another round of inaccurate info and being owned again.

    Imagine if it was a tweet about him enjoying the vibe at the Eminem concert 🙂 LMAO !!!

    To those going to the gig in Wellywood have an epic night !


    • woodart 9.1

      wonder if the nats get any backstage passes. ???? haha. yet another lose from the nats. pretty legal lol. wouldnt be surprised if eminem has something to say about right wingers stealing things……

  10. Nick 10

    Alwind, your definitely the knight who guards the bridge in the famous Monty Python sketch.

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